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Nejimaki Kagyu 62

Minus and Minus.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Mar 1, 2014 23:13 | Go to Nejimaki Kagyu

-> RTS Page for Nejimaki Kagyu 62

Interestingly enough it's the Young Jump series that are getting anime that convinced me to get back to working on this again.

Mangaunlimited only.

Billi: Yo! I’m Billi! They call me Billi the shipper! And I’m No 2 in Team Egumi! Ain’t no one faster than me!
I’m the most punctual person yer ever gonna meet! I ain’t never been late, so I’ve got major respect from Egu-san! Time is wrorth more than money! Major respect!

???: Yamada-senpai’s….
And Marue-senpai’s…
Wills are all connected!! We’ll honor them..
No matter what!!
Chapter 62: Minus and Minus.
Ageha: We’ll get Kamo Sensei and Yoh…
To the healthroom safely!!

Chapter 62: Minus and Minus.
Ageha: What the heck…
They’re so fast! They’re gonna catch up in no time!

Ageha: You said your name is Billi right?
We’ll stop ‘em here!
Yoh and Kamo-sensei are in your hands!
Billi: Ageha!! Tomie!!
Sorry about this!!
Don’t you two die!!

Ran: Shouldn’t you worry about yourself…
{She’s a monster..!!}
{She outran a friggin’ cycle!!}
{Rather than….}
{Getting concerned over others?}
Kojika: It’s finally over.
Runnin all over the fuckin’ place…
{It musta been hard for Egu-san to use others too…}

Billi: Run for it Kamo-sensei!! Yoh!!
Ran: Whooooa!!
No way! She sent ‘em flying before I could kick them…
Just so they could run away?

Ageha: Go Yoh.
Tomie: We’ll stop them…
Yoh: Okay…!
Kojika: Ran…
You go after those two..
I’ll catch up with you after I deal with things here.
Hey…are you listening to me?

To give yourself up as a sacrifice for others…dude I can’t find anything wrong with that!!
This is friendship…
These are your bonds…
I’m friggin moved here!!
We’ll take on you two…and we won’t make light of your effort to buy time!!
Kojika: What?
Let’s do this fair and square!
We’ll decide who goes after Negizawa-sensei after we fight them!

Ran: Hey hairdo! You’re excu---
This ain’t the time for your stupid emotions asshat!
It’s a friggin’ state of emergency dammit!
You’re gonna stay behind,
And I’m gonna go after them!
Do you understand that jackass?!

Ran: Here we are witnessing a hot blooded friendship…
And you aren’t affected at all?! AR eyou even human?!
Kojika: Ah…
I really can’t do this with you.
Mellow out for the rest of your damn life!!
Ran: You’re a demon!!
A deeeemooon!!
{We’ve gotta take this chance to get out of here!}
Billi: Ageha!
Ageha: You blockhead!!
Tomie: Who’s a blockhead…

Ageha: While they’re fighting amongst themselves we could get at least a meter away from them!!
Do you understand that, shitty glasses?!
Tomie: Are you a fool?
Even if we run away from them they’ll just catch up…
We should take this opportunity to beat them once and for all, right…?!
{What the heck are they doing?! This is our chance!!}
{This isn’t the time to argue!!}
(Sfx- Charriii *clink*)

Ran: Location set…
Ageha: Ngh..
Tomie: ah..
{Our enemies…the student council..}
{Are right on the mark…}
{From one glance they look like enemies who can’t work together…}
{But despite that relationship in the end…}
{They are rivals..}
{Who can’t stand the idea of losing!!}
{Ageha and Tomie…}
{They’re completely separated…}
{And their team work…}
{Despite having the chance to work together and use the strife to their advantage, instead…}
{No way…}
{It’s as if…}

{It’s a 3 vs 1 match!!}
{They consider everyone but themselves an enemy!!?!}
{So then…why?!}

{Why are they able to push them back?!}
{It totally looks like…}
{They understand each other doesn’t it?!}
Ran: Ngh!
Ageha: Hmph…you did a good job dodging that.
Tomie: No matter how many times you try it’ll be the same.
I’ve memorized your speed, your angle of attack, and your timing.

Both: You detestable person.
{Rather than their courses meeting at love or hatred, they instead meet at understanding..which is similar.}
{They hate each other…and refuse to acknowledge one another….It’s Minus meets Minus!}
{However rather than erasing one another it’s common knowledge that this creates a plus!}
{In short…}

Kojika: You asshat! You’re holding me back!!
Ran: Kojika you’re the one in my way!!
Aaah!! Geez!
Forget the team battles!!
We’ll just do this…
Mano a mano!!!
Both: Huh?

Both: Weren’t we doing this..
Mano a mano from the start?!

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Serious Sam, vinceled

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#1. by vinceled (Translator)
Posted on Mar 2, 2014
Lol I remember that chapter it was hilarious, the "Infighting?!" P89 cracked me up when I read it. Billi almost looks like a guy though lol
#2. by Bomber D Rufi (Translator)
Posted on Mar 4, 2014
I know right? I wanted to spell it 'Billy' but Billi sounds more feminine since she's supposed to be a chick. :-P Hopefully I can translate more this week.
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