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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Nejimaki Kagyu 63

A painful joy.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Mar 4, 2014 17:53 | Go to Nejimaki Kagyu

-> RTS Page for Nejimaki Kagyu 63

Come with me and chase away those winter blues with a Nejimaki translation!

Mangaunlimited only.

???: So the word’s out everywhere huh?
The student council…
Kagyuu’s group and the former morals committee.
Chapter 63: A painful joy.
Alice: And which one will you be watching sir?
BC: Hmmm. Eeenie meeny miny moe…
Catch a tiger by his toe~
Will Kamo-sense make it back safely…?
Protected by his friends until he reaches the health room?
Will Kagyuu-tan and Marble-tan…
Make it in time?
Will there be any other intruders?

BC: To be honest I really don’t care who it is…
I just want to see who’s got the strongest character…
We’ve gone a little too far!!
Back! Back!
Something’s about to happen back there!!
Alice: Huh?

Alice: But it appears things there have already ended…
Chapter 63: A painful joy.

Una: Now Pirika-chan….
We should pursue those who escaped ahead too
Can Epetamu-chan carry this too?
We’ll take Olufe-chan to the student council’s room..
Olufe: Heh…

Olufe: Ahaahah…
This feels….
(Sfx- Hah)
(Sfx- Hah)
(Sfx- Hah)
Olufe: Eheh…really…
This pain…
Is the best…
(Sfx- Hah)
Una: Oh dear…
I think I may have hit her too much….

Olufe: I truly consider myself blessed right now…
Because I finally..
{Feel the same pain as m’lady….}
Olufe: I also feel simultaneous relief…
{That even if this pain is wrought onto me a hundred times over it’s meaningless…}
{M’lady’s importance will not be overcome.}

(TN- Long bite yellow fang.)
{I’ll give you the honor of experiencing my two battle axes..}
{That will leave you speechless!}

{After all you’ll be too busy…}
{Vomiting up eeeevvverything in your stomach!!}
(TN- Red bow Dragon)

{The pain…}
{Soon faded.}
{Olufe was soon overwhelmed…}
{With the same pain her master Shino felt. A joy beyond measure.}
{Unequaled ecstasy.}
{It flowed into her entire being.}
{Upon each strike she received, dopamine flooded into her being.}
{Polishing her…}
{With all of her senses acting as a mediator.}

{Angira’s consciousness…}
{Was like a thick soup..}
{And it flowed into Olufe’s head.}
{She’s that worried about..}
{Her pathetic little lord?}
{Well…I suppose it can’t be helped..}
{We got just a little bit serious with her while playing..}
{And before long she was like a tattered rug before me..}
{She surprised me…}
{By still being able to move after that.}
{She dared to belittle…}
{The level of my fists…}

{While crying out for…}
{Kamo-niichan over and over.}
{That’s your pathetic lord…}
{The shabby little morals committee chairman.}
{Oh dear me…I forgot to add the ‘former’ part.}
{That’s all she is now isn’t she? Teehee…}

{But you know…}
{Our lord and master is different.}
{When I was younger I admired…}
{Celebrities and movie stars.}
{People who are strong, beautiful…}
{And possess charisma.}
{I am unable to become a protagonist in this script…}
{But I am fine as long as there is a role for me.}
{A place for me beside the true star Elisa-sama.}

{That’s right…two years ago..}
{On a day where the cherry blossoms gracefully danced in the air…}

{I and Eli---}
Olufe: Orion…

Olufe: Rigel!!
Sorry but I have no interest…
In your backstory.

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Serious Sam

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