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Translations: One Piece 839 by cnet128 , Gintama 605 (2)

Peach Pluck Oneshot : Peach Pluck

Peach Pluck

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Mar 20, 2014 22:35 | Go to Peach Pluck

Brought to you by a lack of a life, avoiding other translation obligations and the letter 'P'.

Although the art is reminiscent of Makoto Gash Bell Raiku, and Hiro Fairy Tail Mashima, this actually reminded me more of the first chapter of Anagle Mole more than anything. It was pretty fun and stuff but I don't see it being a serial...especially not in Jump. Still I hope the author refines his skills and keeps drawing.

Aaah~ How long has it been since I translated a WSJ manga other than Gintama...?

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

(Top text- The mysterious transfer student’s true identity is?! This is an extra-extra ordinary action oneshot of 47 pages!!)
(Side flower text- Manga over flowers! A new season and a variety of 5 consecutive one shots!!)
(Black box- #1)
(Side text- The transfer student is…)
(Middling text- Weird.)

(Side text- On an ordinary morning…)
{This is a normal middle school.}
{And I a normal female high school student.}
{However today the boy who joined class is…}
{Anything but normal.}
Teacher: Please wait there a moment.
???: Sure!!
Teacher: As I informed you all yesterday…
The child who is coming today was left in our care by the government.
And for today on he will be..
Joining all of us in our studies here in class.
Please come in!
{This was merely a week before….}

???: Just now the self-defense force took one person into custody!!}
What the…they’re all wearing kimonos!!!
{All too recently, about 100km away from Honshuu right in the middle of the pacific ocean…}
{There is a lone island where people live like they did back in Japan’s olden days.}
{It’s a hot topic since it was just discovered.}
{What’s really mysterious though…}
{Living on the island itself were scores of people, but they were all only young boys and girls.}

{And he’s one of them.}
Dude: I’m Azuki!
And my name is…
Yeah! ‘Mitarai’!! There’s that part too!
You can just call me Mitarai Azuki!! ‘Pleasure to meet you guys!
Girl: Huh.
From the outside he looks completely normal.
Teacher: Now then Azuki-kun…
You see the girl back there with her hand up?
You’ll be in the seat beside her.
Azuki: ‘Kay!
I’m Azuki!
‘Sup! Azuki’s the name!!

Teacher: No! Not there!!
You walk between this gap here!!!
Dude: …Hey!!
You from the boonies or something?
Just cause you don’t know much about the outside world doesn’t give you the right to be a jerk…!!
Now that you’re up in the city, you follow city rules. You feel me!?
Azuki: City rules….
Teacher: Why did you do that Azuki-kun?!
Azuki: Whaaat?!
That’s now how people in the city greet each other?!
The city’s confusin’!!
Girl: He’s a total weirdo!!

Girl: And with that…
I’ll be the one looking after you for a little while.
I’m the class rep Momomoto Akira.
Pleased to meet you.
Azuki: A pleasure.
Akira: Does he not understand what a handshake is?
….You can read right?
Azuki: Yeah.
Akira: Okay, then we can share my textbook together.
Azuki: By the by…
What’re we doin now?
Akira: This is math class.
And don’t be so loud.
Azuki: It’s boring.
Akira: And everyone here is in total agreement with your conclusion.
But just put up with it!
Azuki: That looks fun~
Akira: Eh?

Azuki: Ahahahahaahahah!!!
(Sfx- Hahahaahahahah!!)
Azuki: This is badass man! The paper’s gettin’ all clean and junk!!
Akira: What on earth are you doing?!
Don’t go erasing things for no reason!!
Azuki: See, makin’ things clean is my specialty!!
Akira: Who cares?!
Teacher: Hey you two over there! Shut up!!
You there! The transfer student!! Are you listening to what I’m teaching?!
Azuki: Yup.
Teacher: YOU LIAR!!
Then answer this problem!!
You’re never gonna be able to answer this!!
I haven’t taught this formula to the class yet…
Azuki: 47.
The answer…
Izzat right?
Teacher: C---
Azuki: Heheheh….

Azuki: Haaah! I was nervous for a sec there!
Gotta chill! Relax!!
Akira: Mental math?
You’re kinda awesome.
By the way…
I wanted to ask earlier but what is that?
Azuki: Hm?
Oh I do this when I wanna calm down.
(Sfx- Sara *ssh*)
Azuki: Awwright! That’s 4,876!
Akira: Say what?
Azuki: The amount of sand.
I love counting stuff ya see…
Wanna have a go?
Akira: No thanks.
???: Hey! You boys put your backs into it!!

Coach: That’s today’s lesson!
Boys: Kay!!
Boy: You don’t know what soccer is?
You just hafta get that ball into the goal.
Boy: Not there!!
And you even used your hands!!
Azuki: This is sorta fun.
Coach: Yeah? But you’re doing it wrong.
Go wash your hands!!
Akira: Is this guy for real….

Akira: Ugh..
What a pain..
I even have to accompany him back home…
Azuki: Whoa! What’s this here?
It’s all lit up and stuff!!
Akira: That’s an adult resting area!!
Azuki: Adults?
Akira: Just hand me the map!!
Must be nice living on your own!
Azuki: Yup!
Where I come from we’re all ‘self reliant’.
Them Government guys or whatever already prepared rooms for everyone on the island.
Akira: Oh! I see it’s this mark!
(Handwritten on map- Here!)
Akira: So the other kids from the island are living in this city!
Azuki: Yup, yup.
Azuki: Tho they’re going to different schools.
Akira: Eh?!
Why are you all beaten up?!

Azuki: But maan I had a blast!
Akira: Mm?
Azuki: School!!
It’s totally different than the one on the island!!
I’m hopin’ I can make me some friends too!!
(Sfx- HAhahaahahah)
Akira: I knew it! There was a school on the island!!
What did you learn there?
Azuki: History!!
It’s allllways history!
That stuff’s boringer than math!
Azuki: Ooh…
Though you said you wanted friends just now…
….were you referring to me?
Azuki: Eh?!
‘Course I was!!
You’re the first friend I’ve ever had in my life!!
Akira: Nowaynoway! I just HAVE to tag along with you!!
…And did you say FIRST?!
Azuki: That’s right! Back on the island I was hated and stuff!
Akira: Of course!!
It’s cause you’re weird!
Azuki: EEeh?! What part of me is weird?!
Akira: Aren’t we overly positive?!

Dude: Heeey
Big dude: Makin’ friends awful quick arentcha?
Heh. I’d expect no less from a halfie! He’d probably get along quicker with ‘em than us.
Akira: Hm?
Could they be…
Some of the other kids from the island who are attending a different school?!
Oh you big faker! You do have friends!!
(Handwritten- You tease!)
Akira: They were worried about how you were doing and came to check on you!

Dude: Hey!!
You could at least answer me when I’m talkin’ to you!
Azuki: Ugh….
Dude: Azukiii!!
Akira: Eh?
This is…
Dude: Hahahah! That’s a good look for ya, Azukii!!
But don’t look away man!!
This is your fault!!
Akira: Eh?!

Akira: Nooo!!!
Dude: Hahahaah!!
Heey Azukii! Whats’matter?
If you don’t like this, then say something to me!! C’mon!!
Akira: Wha…
What are you people doing?!
Dude: Huuuh?
You said it yerself didn’tcha?
We’re friends from the island!
I guess you could say it’s more like we mess with this guy on the regular.

Dude: Well look at you makin’ mouthy friends like this!
Did you forget our ‘Homework’?
We ain’t got time to be relaxing like you!!
Akira: Homework?!
Big dude: Hey….!
You’re talking too much Loki!!
Loki: Whoops! That’s right.
I shouldn’t go sayin too much to unrelated peeps….
She’s related all right! In fact she’s got a huge relation to this!!
Check out her bellybutton!!
Big dude: Eh…?
Loki: Hahahaah!!
And thar she blows Azukii!!!
Azuki: You’ve gotta be kidding me…?!

Loki: The time to release…
Our ancestor’s hatred has come…!!!
Akira: What….
Are you?!
Akira: What is this?!!

Officer: Hey you kids!!
What are you doing?!
I’ve got reports from people in this neighborhood of people making a racket.
If you don’t want me to arrest you then make like good middle schoolers and go home!!
Big dude: Yes sir.
Loki: You guys are damn lucky…
Gonna have to let you go for today…!!
Akira: What was that….?!
Explain everything to me now!!

Akira: What are you doing…?!
Azuki: First let me calm down and gather my thoughts..
Azuki: I…
I gotcha!!
Okay, first thing’s first.
You know about the legend of Momotarou right?
Akira: Is there anyone in Japan who doesn’t?

Azuki(?): Momotarou who was born from a peach.
He laid the smackdown on all the evil demons of Onigashima and rose to the top.
Akira: So it’s a story about how he exorcised demons!
So what of it?
Azuki: Well ya know…
There’s a part that history didn’t quite get down.
And that is..
He wasn’t able to completely annihilate all of the demons..
There were a few survivors left…
And they kept living on Onigashima.
It’s the…
Very island that we lived on up until last week…
The place we came from was Onigashima!!

Azuki: The pointy headed guy from earlier is onna their descendants..
Akira: And you are…
Azuki: I’m not a demon though.
(TN- Just a quick note. The ‘Azuki’ that is his name and the ‘Azuki’ that Akira mentions are the same except for the last character ‘ki’. Akira’s has the kanji for ‘demon’ on it.)
Akira: …Eh?
Azuki: See, Momotarou went on to exorcise youkai in Japan with everything he had.
The youkai who were in an inferior position…
Ended up going into hiding with the demons in order to extend their lives.
Akira: No way…
You mean the dwellers of the island…?
Azuki: You catch on quick.
The youkai that had lost their place within the entirety of Japan…
Depended on the demons and went to the island where they are located.
(Sign- Barrier)
(Sign- Onigashima.)
Azuki: And to keep ‘Humans from seeing the island’ they erected a barrier in unison…
And Onigashima became the place where youkai could hide.

Azuki: And I’m the decedent of a youkai that took refuge there…
A demon named ‘Azukiarai’.
(Sfx- Piko *beep*)
Azuki: You really don’t know him?!
{Azukiarai: Azukiarai is excellent at washing. He is always washing azuki beans at riversides. Moreover counting the beans is his specialty! He doesn’t lose track of a single one!!}
Azukiarai: The number of beans is lacking!
(Sfx- Ahahahahaah)
Akira: No WONDER you get made fun of!!
And so!!
The demons who managed to survive Momotarou’s war on youkai…
Like Loki’s grandpa who lived a long time..
Have pounded one lesson into us since we were kids.

Loki’s grandpa(?): Seems I’m the only one still around who knows of the tragedy that befell us in the past!!
(Sign- Momotarou app--)
Loki’s grandpa(?): As if I could ever forget!! But I want you whippersnappers to remember what you and your parents before you inherited!! Our shame!! Our hatred!!
The people have forgotten the fear that is us since that time!!
If we want to return to the land of the son we will need to destroy Momo’s descendant!!
That will signal the fire of a bloody rebellion!!
Azuki: But then a month ago, the old man suddenly croaked.
And one of the humans was able to cross through the barrier and found one of us.
We immediately transformed into human shape when they did though.
And that’s how it is.

Akira: So destroying Momotarou’s descendant…
Is your ‘homework’?
Azuki: Yeah…
Who woulda thought that you…
Momomoto would be that person…?
???: Waaaah!!
They made fun of me again!!
Guy: Hm?
Akira: Why do you and I…
Have a peach on our bellybuttons?
Dad: Do you know about Momotarou Akira?
Akira: That’s the only thing you read to me Papa!!
Dad: No shame in our heritage sweetie.
We are all descendants of Momotarou!!
He was born from a peach..
And it was connected to his umbilical cord.
So in exchange his belly button…
Had the mark of a peach on it.

Dad: That’s why those who remain…all of them..
Have that same peach mark.
Akira: Haah?
What are you talking about?
Dad: Eeeeh?!
I just confessed something momentous to you!!
{So what Papa said is the truth…}
{I am the descendant of Momotarou…}
Dad: You don’t have to believe me Akira….but…!!
For now on you have to carry this blade with you at all times!!
When the time comes, undo the seal and you will be granted great strength!!
Azuki: Hey…
Did you figure something out?
Akira: Basically you…
Are my enemy too right?!
Azuki: Eh?!

Azuki: Uwaaah!!
Azuki: My hourglaaass!!!
Akira: I can’t remove the seal….!!
For now I have to tell Papa..
The time of fate for the Momomoto family to stand up has come!!!
Big dude: Hey Loki…
Are you really gonna let her go?
Loki: Hell no!
I’ll use this smartphone thingy to find her house!!
There’s no reaction!!
Big dude: Obviously because we’re youkai….

Big dude: Hey…lookit that family crest…
Loki: Lookin down on us….!!
This time I’m gonna cleave you in two…
And see what’s inside!!!
Azuki: 4874….
Awwright! 4876!!
This presence is…!!
I knew it!! I can feel ‘em!!
It’s Loki and the other guy!!

Azuki: A peach family seal?!
Which means…no way…
Dude: Ugh..
Azuki: H—
Hey!! Are you okay?!
Are you…Momomoto’s dad?!
Dad: Wh—who is that…?!
It doesn’t matter who you are…
Hurry and take this…
To my daughter…!!

Loki: Hahahahaha!! Hurry up and draw it missy!!
That’s the legendary katana Momotarou handed down isn’t it?!
Akira: Why?!
Why can’t I unsheathe it?!
Loki: Ittan!!
Give the lady a hand wouldja?
Ittan: Sure thing!!

Ittan: I’m Ittanmomen!!
My true form is as thin as a piece of cloth!!
Akira: Ah!!
(TN- It’s as he says. Ittanmomen is a youkai who wraps his body around a person’s face to strangle them to death.)
Loki: Now…
Whatcha gonna do, Momotarou’s daughter?
Azuki: Stop it Loki!!
Loki: Huuuuh?

Azuki: How long are you gonna keep this up?!
The demon’s revenge is crap and you know it!!
It’s been hundreds of years already hasn’t it?!
It has nothing to do with you!!
Akira: Azuki-kun!!
Loki: Nothing to do with me?!
Azuki: Your grandpa isn’t even around anymore!!
Can’t we just leave things as is?!
We can live together with humans!!
It was just a little bit, but I had fun today!!

Loki: …You’re just…
A halfie anyway…..!!
But that’s cool..
I’ll teach you the pain….
Of this katana first hand!!
Akira: You’re kidding…!!
The seal is…!!
Loki: Wha?
What’s this?
Hahahah!! It’s rusted!!
No wonder you couldn’t unsheathe it!!
What are you blabberin’ about a seal for?!
Akira: It couldn’t be…
It just can’t…!!

Loki: That’s it…!!
I’ll just eradicate your bloodline here and now!!
Azuki: I’ll stop him…
Just run for it!!

Loki: That bastaaaaard…..!!!
Azuki: Hah… hah..
What’s up with your yard?!
How far does this wall go?!
Akira: Thank you…!!
Azuki: Huh?
Akira: Thank you for coming back to save me…!!
I’m sorry for doubting you..
Couldn’t do anything on my own!!
Azuki: Of course not, idiot!!

Azuki: Even Momotarou had friends by his side!!
There’s nothing you can do on your own!!
You can depend on me!!
I’m your friend!!!
Akira: Okay…!!!
That’s right!! Kibidango!!
(TN- They’re dumplings made with millet flour. It’s said that Momotarou offered these to his animal companions in exchange for fighting alongside him.)
Azuki: What?!
Akira: Kibidango!!
They’re what made the Dog, Monkey and Pheasant allies!!

Akira: As the name suggests, they’re dumplings prepared by demons!!
Papa told me that they bring out the latent strength in an organism’s cells!!
That’s how the animals were able to fight!!
There should be one more left at the Buddhist altar!
Azuki: Eh?!
Then you mean this thing….
Is it?
Your dad gave it to me when I met him in the entranceway!!
Akira: Papa…!!
Azuki: We ain’t got the time!!
I’ll just eat it!!
Akira: No! Don’t!!

Akira: It’s only has effect on those of the present world…
Youkai shouldn’t eat it!!
Azuki: Izzat all?
There shouldn’t be a problem them….
Because I’m half human.
Akira: …eh?

Loki: Hmph…
A Kibidango huh?
Well maybe it might work for you….who knows?!
But it’s meanlingless anyway!!
Take a gander…!!
You’re nothing but an Azukiarai!!
The only ability you have is rubbin’ your hands together!!
Azuki: But my hands are moving faster than usual…!!!
Loki: And what good does that do fool?!
I won’t forgive ya for all that grindin you’ve been doin up until now…!!
It’s fuckin’ annoying so quit it!!
Azuki: Yeah…
I’ll stop it…

Azuki: When I put this fire out using your face!!
Loki: Wha?!
What the hell are you…
Itten: Hey Loki!!
I’m buuuuuuuuurning!!
Loki: Whaaat?!
Loki: Azukiiiiiiiiiii!!!!

Azuki: Hahahahah!!
My plan was asucess!!
Akira: Frictional heat?!
He rubbed his hands together so fast that they lit on fire!!
Can that sort of thing even be done?!
Loki: You’re a human born within the midst of ‘monsters’!!!
Even with that have you forgotten what you owe to the island that brought you up?!
Akira: Eh?!
Azuki: Yeah…my mom was a human!!
My pops fell in love with one of the women that wash up on the island from time to time!!
Humans and youkai!!!
What’s wrong with them coexisting?!
Loki: Shut up…!!!

Loki: If yer gonna stand up against me then I’ll kill you too!!!
Akira: Azuki-kun!!
Azuki: Don’t worry about me!! Just go back to where the Katana is!!
Loki: Hmph!!

Akira: Why!?
The flames worked earlier…!!
Azuki: That’s Loki’s lineage!!
He’s an metal demon!!
He can change his whole body into a metal like substance!!
His clan managed to keep on living because of that ability!!
They’re youkai that ‘defeat’ has no meaning to!!
Akira: Then what should we do?!
Azuki: That’s exactly why…
We need to get this back!!!
Loki: So now it’s that piece of trash?!
What good is that thing?!

Azuki: How about we hone it so it’s been fixed?!
And now it’s a heated blade…!!

Akira: It’s been opened….
A breakthrough entry!!
Loki: I can’t lose…
A demon like me…to an azukiarai…!!!
Azuki: Don’t you know?!
Demons are weak to beans….!!!

Azuki: ‘The demon’s outer’ that is!!

Both: Hah..

Akira: Demon exorcism…
Azuki: Complete!!
Dad: It’s sure gonna be a mess from here on in.
Azuki: There are lots of guys who’ll be coming for your head.
Akira: Augh…!! My yoooouth!!
Dad: You’ve gotta help her, Azuki-kun..
Fight with my daughter and protect her.

Azuki: ‘Together’?! No way!!
Dad: Eh?
Azuki: I want to protect her as a ‘friend’!!
Akira: He’s one of those sorts of guys…
Dad: Not together…
But as friends?
Oh! I see!
Azuki: Eventually Humans, youkai, and even demons…
Will all be ‘good friends’…!!
And then there won’t be an ‘enemy’ in the world!!
We’ll make an era of Momotarou’s legend where he truly is invincible!!
Both: Eeeeeh?!
Dad: Th—that’s all well and good but…
Akira: Isn’t that being a little too naive?!
Azuki: Being naive is cool with me!!
Because I’m ‘Azuki’!!
Hahah! Did I say something cool just now?!
(TN- The phrase they use is ‘Thinking too sweetly’. Azuki beans are sweet as well, hence the joke that I butchered.)
(Side text- For now, all’s well that ends well!!)
(Side text- Next issue Shinohara Kenta-sensei’s Eternally immortal Devil point’ will be published!!)

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