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Nejimaki Kagyu 67

Spiral's Truth.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Mar 25, 2014 00:41 | Go to Nejimaki Kagyu

-> RTS Page for Nejimaki Kagyu 67

If only Japanese knowledge was attracted by my own centripetal force...that I'm too lazy to summon.

Hopefully now that my raw situation has improved I'll have volume 8 out faster than this. The current stuff is really exciting and I'd like to get to it in my lifetime.

Mangaunlimited only.

Chapter 67: Spiral’s truth.


Genko: Your mother and sister have both left huh?
You’ve seen so much hardship for your age…
You might become lonely, but don’t allow yourself to lose your spirit.
???: Ah…
She’s here again.

Boy: For once she’s not crying.
But she still ain’t got no friends! Kyahah!
Kid: Hey Mangirl.
This is where we hang out.
So do us a favor and go home. You’re in the way.

Kagyuu: No way.
You guys can go though.
Dude: What’s with her?
She’s annoying as usual.
Once we slug her one she won’t be so mouthy.
Kid: You might be a girl, but you’re not cute at all.
You’re a dude after all aren’tcha?!
Wearin girls clothes don’t change nothin!!
Lets take em off and make sure!!
Kagyuu: Nh…!!
Boys: Take ‘em off! Take ‘em off!!
???: STOP IT!!

Kid: Who’s he?
Kamo: Nn..
Kid: Shaddup.
Smell ya later! Mangirl! Weaksauce glasses!!
Kamo: Uhh..

Kamo: S—sorry! I guess I wasn’t able to protect you..!
I—I’m Negizawa kamo.
Wh—what should I call you?
Why are you here?
Where’s your house?
Where are your folks?
What school do you go to? Do you go at all?

Kagyuu: What do you want?! I totally like didn’t ask you to save me!!
And quit talking to me!!
You’re just a total weakling!
I would have been totally fine by myself!!
Pity me! You got that?!
Kamo: I—I’m sorry!
I really wanna be a teacher in the future!!
So I just saw you and came to save you without thinking…
I didn’t know what else to do…and being so busy thinking of myself, I didn’t take your feelings into consideration…
(TN- Kagyuu’s talking really girly here so I tried to get that across. It’s different than how she talks in the present.)

Kamo: I didn’t think about you at all…
I apologize!!
Kagyuu: Kagyuu…
My name is….
Totally a boy’s name right?

Kagyuu: Y’know…
When I turn 6 years old I’m gonna go on a trip around the world with my daddy.
Kamo: Will you come back?
Kagyuu: I dunno.
That’s why I decided that while I’m here in Japan I don’t wanna make any friends.
Kamo: That sounds really sad though..
I know..
If you’re okay with it I could be your first friend then?
How about it?
Until you go to China I’ll come here every day to visit.
Kagyuu: You’re being like overly annoying again.
Kamo: Ah! Sorry!!

Kamo: I finally get it!!
Kid: Dude…did we hit him so hard that we broke his brain?
Kamo: You’re here to play!
Kid: Haaah? What did you say?
You guys are irritating so we beat you up—
Kamo: Thank you for wanting to be friends.
Thanks to you, Kagyuu-chan won’t be lonely anymore.
Kagyuu: Eh?
Kid: What kind of gibberish are you spouting?
Kamo: I didn’t get it…
Why on rainy days, windy days, and snowy days…
You kept coming here…

Kamo: But it’s because you guys really like Kagyuu-chan a lot right?
Kids: Eh?!
Don’t be stupid!!
We’ll just leave you alone for today!!
Genko: That’s the first time I’ve seen her with friends…
{It’s mysterious how that little brat…}
{Manages to gather others around him.}
Kamo: Huh?!
Why are they running away?

Kids: Heeey!
We’re here!
That oak tree over there had some huge mushrooms on it!!
We got some for you if ya want ‘em..
Where’s the mangirl?
(Post- I’ll protect Kamo-niichan when he becomes a teacher! –Kagyuu// I’ll become a Teacher! –Kamo)

???: Hmm?
So you love this Kamo boy, Jyuubee-chan?
Is he the sorta guy you’re gonna settle your Spiral’s truth over?
Kagyuu: Spiral’s truth?
Marble: It’s the absolute condition for mastery….
That is..
{The extreme within the Nejimaki ken’s extremity.}

{That’s right…}
{It’s exactly what Mabu-nee said back then…}
Marble: Yeah…
(Panel- Yeah…//But that person has a tight grip on it.)

{Right now your Nejimaki ken is all centrifugal force…}
{Which is basically like the power of rejection.}
{It sends things flyin’ as it pierces forward.}
{Like a drill.}
{Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. It’s plenty strong.}
{But…it can be stronger than that.}
{That you were drawn toward Kamo…}
{Means eventually you’ll understand it.}
{And even light…}
{A power of attraction…}
{That draws in all things.}

{In the center of that point….}
{Is where an infinite power lies.}
{The energy of revolution is the root of the universe.}
{That power is…}
{The spiral’s truth.}

{Centripetal power!!}

(Sfx- Gara *clatter*)

Kyuubee: Mabu-nee..
Thank you all.


{It has been a week since I came to China.}
{Climbing up two mountains with water that I had scooped into a ladle had become a part of my every day life.}
(Bottom text- End of volume omake manga.)
(Mountain- Facing a wall and meditating for nine years.)
(Sfx- Chapuuh *bloorsh*)

(Top text- End of volume omake manga.)
Kagyuu: Hii!!
{Sh—she’s scary!!}
{That Marble person is scary!!}
{I have no idea what she’s thinking either…}
{Just being told out of the blue that such a scary person is my big sister…}
{I just can’t take it!}
{This training is so hard…}
{And I’m so tired…}
{I’m like at my limit here…}
{I want to go back to Japan!!!}
Kamo: Kagyuu-chan~

{For Kamo-niichan I can do this!!}
{I lost sight of Marble-san…}
{Oh no!}
{I have to hurry up and find her or she’ll get mad!}
(Sfx- Gasaaah *ssshft*)
Tiger: Grrrrrr….

(Sfx- Bashaaah *thud*)
Tiger: Grrrrrr…
???: That’s enough.
Don’t get any closer to my kid sister, y’hear?
Or Imma dine on Tiger broth tonight….
Ya striped bastard!
Tiger: Bugyahhh!!

Kagyuu: Nh?
I—I’m sorry!!
I just fainted without realizing it…
I can walk!!
Marble: Ain’t a big thing.
What happened today was that striped dumbass’s fault.
You worked hard.
Kagyuu: Thank you…
Big sister!

Marble: I—I wanna lick her so bad…
I wanna lick Jyuubee-chan full throttle!!
But if I do that sorta thing, she’ll probably think I’m creepy and hate meee…
(Sfx- Hah Hah hah*)
Kagyuu: Hm? Some watery stuff is leaking..
Marble: But I’m so happy I could die right now…
Kagyuu: Eeeeh?! Ma—Mabu-nee! Are you okay?
{After that Marble was still unable to be true to herself for a whole month.}

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