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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Gintama 488

Afro of Life and Death.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Apr 4, 2014 22:28 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 488

Ai kotoba wa....Afuro to Gunsou.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Side text- The owner of this war cry is…?)
(Sign- Shinsengumi new recruits examination.)
???: Uooooooooooooh!!!
(Sfx- Dohhh *Thokkk*)
Shinsengumi: I—ippon!!
That’s it!
(Sfx- Hyuuhhh *whffff*)
Shinsengumi: A—awesome…
Who’s the new guy?

Shinsengumi: That’s the 30th person he’s run through…
He’s got a stance and arm strength that’s war strong.
Even the captains wouldn’t be able to lay a finger on him.
(Sfx- Zahh *Sfft*)
Kondou: Oh?
Seems we’ve got ourselves a lively newbie here don’t we?
(Sfx- Paaan *baaam*)
???: Neeeeext!
Okay, neeeeext!
Kondo: No body’s been able to stand up to that arm of his either. Just who is he Toshi?
Hijikata: Hmm…
Seems like he doesn’t originate from earth at any rate.
Kondo: Eh?! So he’s not a rounin?
Hijikata: Yeah. And then there’s this name. How the hell is this read?
(Text- Katsura Afurou)
Kondo: Naah, it’s probably Afro.
(TN- Yeah, the kanji combination here would phonetically read ‘Afro’ in Japanese.)

Katsura: Not Afro…
But Katsura!!
{Curses!! I messed up…!!}
Hijikata: Not Afro but Katsura?
Kondo: Toshi, just leave it at that. It’s probably that he doesn’t want to go by Afro and would rather be called Katsura.
He’s probably got some complex things going on and we shouldn’t go butting into his business.
Hijikata: But…
Okita: More importantly, I’m gonna take this guy on next. Tis about time someone taught him how rough the Shinsengumi really is.

Hijikata: Oh? Did Professor Sadist forget that inside here is for use of newbie education only?
(Sfx- Zahhh *shfft8)
Hijikata: In any case we’ve already seen more than enough of this guy’s arm skills. I’d really like to interview him and get an idea of his background…
(Sfx- Pon *pat*)
Okita: Oh woow.
This must be a special occasion.
(Sfx- Zathh zatthh *shfft shfft*)
Okita: Seems like a waaay scarier guy than me…
Has had his fuse lit.
Rejoice Newbie…
If you can beat that guy there then we’ll just skip the interview and allow you to join a unit right away.
(Sfx- Pashiiih *patt*)

Okita: Meet the commander of the Shinsengumi’s third unit…
Saitou Shimaru.
(Sfx- Hyakgaaah *Swfffft*)
The man feared as the Afro wolf or ‘AfuRou’…
(Sfx- Dohhh *wiff*)

(Background- Afro of Life and Death.)
Lesson 488: Afro of Life and Death.
(Side text- What is tangled is not limited to their hair.)

Gintoki(?): Wait, whoa. You were serious about what you said last week?
Katsura: Whether he has an afro or long hair, a samurai is serious at all times.
I infiltrated the enemy’s base in order to cause their organization to collapse from the inside…
Gintoki: So basically you got your ass handed to you at the gate. That would explain why you look like a hot mess.
Zura, I’d recommend making sure that you don’t collapse from the inside before you wreck your enemy.
Shinpachi: Even with that, for Katsura-san to come back looking this bad…
I wonder what kind of person the commander of the third unit is?
Kagura: Your makeshift way of infiltrating is what led you to be defeated immediately Zura.
Katsura: Leader…
(Sfx- Pori pori *chew chew*)

Katsura: I’m not Zura..
I’m the special aide of the third unit Hashira Afurou!!
Shinpachi: Ka—Katsura-san..
Katsura: Hmph. I may have found myself at odds against that Bakfu mongrel…
But I would have been able to end it after an hour of trading blows if Kondo hadn’t stopped us.
You see I had already defeated 30 of them when we fought so I was fatigued. Besides that I was fighting away from my base so I felt strangely alienated, and I had to do so under the guise of this afro wig. Being uncertain of my future also threw my senses into disarray and I was filled with doubt that led to stomach ulcers and etc…
Oh, no doubt about it. If all of those different hindrances weren’t present I would have won.
Gintoki: To what extent are you going to make up shit? For all intents and purposes it was a draw right?
Katsura: Though that man is my enemy I have to offer him a fair amount of praise…
Shinsengumi Third Unit commander Saitou Shimaru…
The man known and feared as the ‘AfuRou’…
To think that the Shinsengumi still have men of his caliber hiding in their ranks..
(TN- I’m capitalizing the ‘Rou’ part here because it’s written in kanji. The kanji used is the one for ‘wolf’. Afuwolf. Say it with me. Afuwolf.)

{Even the first unit’s commander Okita praised his prowress….}
Okita: You’re really something. That you’d be Shimaru-niisan’s equal in battle…
You looked like you might have had a chance of winning against him so I deem yiou eligible of being in the class of ‘strongest’ with me.
After all you’ve got an afro hair helmet that water flows through like Shimaru-niisan.
Shinpachi: He involved you for a stupid reason like that?!
{More importantly I’m surprised that they were on the lookout for my talent so soon. For them to entrust the position of aide to a newbie so quickly is extraordinary.)
Okita: This sorta thing is unprecedented though. That you’d suddenly be assigned to the third unit as an aide…
Well anyway it’s not like there’s anyone in the third unit other than Shimaru-nii…
Why is that commander managing himself?!
Katsura: It isn’t so much that he’s all alone as much as it is he was assigned to work on his own.
The shinsengumi’s third unit does not share the same duty as the others…which is to put down insurgents and ensure Edo’s peace.
Rather he has a special mission…
And that is to work as a feared silent unit.

Katsura: From today on I will be joining you in the third unit.
I’m Hashira Afurou.
A pleasure to meet you Commander Saitou.
(Sfx- Kaah kaah kaah)
(Sfx- Riin riin)

(TN- Saitou is my new favorite character.)

{So this is the famed silent unit?!}
Katsura: Since he is always silent, I figure he must be from another country that uses ‘Zett’ as it’s primary language.
Shinpachi: He’s not speaking ‘Zett’, but cutting logs! That’s a ‘Z’! Doesn’t his unit essentially just crap and sleep?! What’s special about that?!
Okita: Don’t think bad of Shimaru-nii. He might have flashy looking hair, but he’s like absurdly shy.
He’s been around since the older formation of the Shinsengumi, but there isn’t a single guy who’s ever heard him say much of anything.
I’m pretty close to him but I haven’t heard him say a word for two years.
Shimaru-niisan ended up bringing an entire convenience line to a halt all because they were trying to figure out if he wanted to have his lunch warmed up at the register.
Okita: Uh, sorry about this everyone.
(Handwritten- What are you doing? You gotta move up in line Shimaru-niisan.)
Okita: Please warm up his lunch.
That’s okay right Shimaru-nii?
Shimaru: Z~
{And that’s what he answered.}

Shinpachi: Why the hell is a guy who can’t doesn’t talk and can’t buy his own boxed lunch the leader of a unit?! I’m pretty sure everyone just couldn’t handle him and ran away!!
Katsura: That’s not the case.
{If I simply pass my days by quietly without doing anything then there was no point of me sneaking in.}
{First I have to observe the third unit and begin amassing my own position by making contact with Commander AfuRou.}
{First thing is first. I decided to talk to him about something, but ‘Z’ is the only thing I got in response.}
Shinpachi: So you started only talking in ‘Z’ as well?!
{Unfortunately I stopped this approach because it is extremely limited and I decided that we are too far off for me to contact him directly.}
{Commander AfuRou doesn’t just spend his days defecating…}
{He always seems to be working on some documents.}
{Taking a chance while he visited the lavatory, I decided to take a look..}
(O Month X Day: Today a new recruit entered my third unit.}
Shinpachi: A diary?! That silent Commander Saitou has a diary?!
{The Shinsengumi have no need for two afro bearers, Z. I’ll have to be rid of him immediately. I am the only necessary member of the third unit, Z.}
Shinpachi: What’s up with the ‘Z’? He uses ‘Z’ at the end of his sentences?! How the hell are you supposed to read those?
{There’s no helping it…I’ll allow him permission to enro---zzzzzzzz}
Shinpachi: He fell asleep! Even in his diary he can’t keep his eyes open!!

{Scanning the document I soon found something I could use.}
Shinpachi: I get it! An interchange diary! You can probably make better contact with Commander Saitou and his inability to speak on paper than with words!!
(Handwritten- You should use more force when writing this here. Afro-sensei.)
Katsura: Well, I had suddenly turned it into a exchange diary right? That’s pretty awe expiring on its own…but most importantly that Z and it’s weak stature bothered me to no end.
{And so I wrote in his diary.}
(Paper- Hashira Afuro.)
Shinpachi: What’s that? What are you doing?
{And I wrote this in response to him.}
(Paper- Zupepero Horomisu Chinkanshi Toherosu Gochimira Torimishi Soberaki Yamichiro Pororosu// Samalutoria data.)
(TN- I Think this is a Dragon quest spell….)

{The next day I found this written there.}
(Paper- Hashira Afuro)
{And then after that…}
(Paper Hashira Afuro Z)
{This is what was written.}
Shinpachi: Whoa. Wait a minute. The character he wrote under your name isn’t complete, Katsura-san…
The ‘Z’ written here is still missing one more stroke…that’s keeping it from being complete. I wonder why that is?
{And after several days the Diary looked a little like this.}
(TN- Those are all different names. I can sort of make some of them out, but rather than be half wrong I’ll just leave them be…)
Katsura: After some more investigation, I found that these names here are all former members of the third unit.
Moreover within these ranks are those who have violated the departmental bans…
And had dyed themselves black in association with the patriots.
In short,
These people in one way or another were working towards betraying the Shinsengumi.

Katsura: And now you can see clearly and understand from the current third unit that all of those names..
Have been disappeared from the Shinsengumi.
Do you understand?
In short the Shinsengumi’s third squad has no soldiers because…
That man…the Commander of the Shisengumi’s third unit, Saitou Shimaru…
Purged them all.
Traitors are transferred to this unit where he acts as judge, jury and executioner, all without people knowing.
This is silent unit where the Shinigami dwells…
Shinsengumi’s third unit.

Shinpachi: …If that’s the case,
Haven’t you been completely found out?!
They totally intend on killing you which is why they transferred you to the third unit!!
You’re the one who’s going to end up taking ‘Z’s forever!!
Katsura: Hmph. If they already know of my identity, why am I not already ‘Z’ing away? Those fools don’t even doubt me.
Gintoki: Zura, if you and your fro want to be together till death does you part, that’s up to you. But dude, don’t bring trouble to our doorstep.
(Handwritten- I’ll kill you for real.)
Katsura: Don’t be like that Gintoki. They’re thorns in your side as well, no?
Yes it is dangerous, but if I can take this situation and utilize it to my gain…
I’ll be able to purge the upper echelon…
Of the Shinsengumi in one go.
(Sfx- Kuwaah)
(Sfx- Pinpon *ding dong*)
Gintoki: Hey….no way…
(Sfx- Pinpon pinpon *ding dong ding dong*)
(Sfx- Pinpon pinpnon pinpon pinpon pinpon *Dingdong ding dong ding dong ding dong*)
Shinpachi: We’re already too laaaaaaaate!?
(Side text- Katsura meets his end on the first part?)
(TN- Shimaru’s name has the kanji for ‘end’. Bad joke! Stop being untranslatable!)

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#1. by NeoSapien ()
Posted on Apr 4, 2014
'Shimaru' instead of 'Hajime', eh? The end rather than the beginning.
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