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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Gintama 488

Afros of Life and Death

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Apr 7, 2014 05:05 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 488

Only for use by HWMN

Maybe I'll just start posting these. I dunno.

[Gintama 488 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Insert: Who is the owner of that scream...?!
Title: "Gintama"
Sign: Shinsengumi New Recruit
Employment Exam
Guy: Uoooooo!!
Guy: I... Ippon!!
That's enough!!
Guy: A-Awesome...
Who is that newbie?

Page 2:
Guy: Th... That makes 30 people he's gone though.
Someone that good could immediately become a major fighting force.
He wouldn't even do too bad against the captains.
Hiji: Hoh.
Hiji: Look like we've got a pretty promising new recruit this time around.
Someone: NEEEXT!!
Okay, NEEEXT!!
Kon: I can't believe there was still someone this strong around that hadn't joined up yet. Just who is that guy, Toshi?
Hiji: ......Umm...
It looks like he's not from earth.
Kon: Huh?! So he's not a Ronin?!
Hiji: Yeah, his name is... How do you read this?
Paper: Hashira Afurou
[Leave the original kanji there]
Hiji: No, I don't think it's Afuro, I think it's...

Page 3:
Zura: It's not Afuro,
it's Katsura!!
T/N: This is a double meaning on the name, which can be read as "Afro", the hairstyle. And Katsura of course also means wig.
Guys: ..........
Zura: HAH...!!
Darn it, I slipped..!!
Hiji: It's not an afro, it's a wing?
I kinda... feel like I've heard that phrase somewhere before...
And... you look kinda familiar...
Zura: ..........!!
Kon: Quit it, Toshi. I think it's pretty clear. His name is Afuro, but that's not an afro, it's a wig.
I'm sure there are a lot of complicated circumstances around it, so how about we enquire?
Hiji: But...
Okita: Never mind that. Is it okay if I go next? I think we'd aught ta teach this guy how rigorous the Shinsengumi is.

Page 4:
Hiji: Did you forget? Oh, Total Sadist Instructor? How just a few days ago when you were talking about training newcomers and then they ended up not being usable newcomers anymore?
And I've already seen plenty of that newcomer's skill. So rather than more fighting, let's switch to an interview and get to know his background a little...
Okita: My, my,
this is a rare treat.
It looks like the flame has been lit
under somebody much scarier than somebody like me.
Guys: !!
Okita: You should be elated, newcomer-san.
If you beat that guy, you can skip the interview and join straight-away.

Page 5:
Okita: The Third Unit Captain of the Shinsengumi
Saitou Shimaru.
T/N: Modeled after Saitou Hajime, famed third unit captain of the historical Shinsengumi. Though "hajime" means "beginning" and this guy's name means "end".
Okita: He is feared far and wide as the Afro Wolf, or "Af-ro".
Big Bro Shimaru.
T/N: The "Ro" in "Af-ro" is a way to read the kanji for "wolf".

Page 6:
Center Text: Afros of Life and Death
[Leave the text in the background, obviously. Write this on top somewhere.]
Insert: It is not only their hair that is tangled----
Title: Lesson 488
Afros of Life and Death
Author: Sorachi Hideaki

Page 7:
Gin: Huh? That stuff you said last week was serious?
Zura: A samurai is always serious, whether he has an afro or long hair.
I will infiltrate the enemy's interior and bring about their collapse from the inside out...
Gin: Or rather that was your plan until you got your ass handed to you and they slammed the door in your face.
Zura, maybe you need to think about the collapsing of the interior of your own head, rather than the enemy's.
Shin: But anyhow, to be able to corner someone like you, Katsura-san,
just who is this Third Unit Captain person?
Kagura: Honestly, you had already lost when you started pulling a makeshift tactic like infiltration, yes, Zura?
Zura: Leader.

Page 8:
Zura: It's not Zura...
It's It's the Special Lieutenant of the Third Unit, Hashira Afurou!!
Shin: Ka-Katsura-san...
Zura: Hmph. Did you think I was beaten by some Bakufu dog?
We exchanged blows for an hour, but if Kondou had not intervened, it would not have ended in a draw...
I had exhausted my stamina from beating 30 men in succession. I had a feeling of alienation from it being an away-fight. The afro wig gave this pricking feeling. I had vague feelings of anxiety over the future. My canker sores were were rupturing, etc...
If it weren't for those hindrances, I would have undoubtedly won.
Gin: Just how the hell many excuses are you gonna give?! It was just a super-close fight and ended in a draw, didn't it?!
Zura: Though I must say, although he is my enemy, that man was praiseworthy.
Third Unit Captain of the Shinsengumi, Saitou Shimaru.
The man feared as the "Afu-ro"...
I never expected for someone of that caliber to still be hidden within the Shinsengumi.

Page 9:
Zura: That guy is so strong that even the First Unit Captain Okita shows him due respect.
Okita: That was really something, fighting on par with Big Bro Shimaru.
Zura: And while I you didn't win, you've proven that you have the strength of the strongest class, mine.
It also looks like Big Bro Shimaru is saying the sticking an afro on your head thing is water under the bridge.
Shin: He picked that fight with a stupid reason like that?!
Zura: But what I'm most surprised at is that their eyes were able to discern my talent and suddenly promote me from newcomer to lieutenant... I must say I'm impressed.
Okita: This is an exceptional assignment. You got placed as lieutenant of the Third Unit all of a sudden.
Course, Big Bro Shimaru is the only one in the Third Unit.
Signs: Third Unit
Saitou Shimaru
Hashira Afurou
Shin: You two are the only ones friggin' in theeeere!!
Why is that captain managing the unit all on his own?!
Zura: He is not the only one. There had only been one person fit for the job.
The Shinsengumi Third Unit does not have the duty of cracking down on outlaw ronin and protecting the peace of Edo.
It is because of their secret mission
that they are feared as the silent unit.

Page 10:
Zura: Starting today, I have enlisted in the third unit.
My name is Hashira Afurou.
I look forward to working with you, Captain Saitou.

Page 11:
Sign: Toilet

Page 12:
Zura: Th-This is the Silent Unit!!
Shin: You're not even doing anything, are yoooou?!!
Zura: Not only is he quite taciturn, I think it's likely that he is a foreigner. He hasn't said anything but "Z".
Gin: That's not "Z", it's "Z~~"!! He's done nothing but poop and sleep! What sorta special missions are these?!!
Okita: Don't think badly of him. Big Bro Shimaru has quite an ostentatious head, but he's an extraordinarily shy person.
He used to hang out with us before the Shinsengumi formed, but barely anybody's seen him talk.
I'm pretty close with him, too, but the last time I heard him talk was 2 years ago.
It was when Big Bro Shimaru stood still for two hours when he was asked if he'd like his bentou heated up at a convenience store.
Ah, sorry, everyone.
Handwritten: What are you doing? A line is forming, Big Bro Shimaru.
Please heat up his bentou.
That's okay, right, Big Bro Shimaru?
Shimaru: Z~~~~~
Okita: He answered only with Z.
Shin: So in the end, he just didn't say anything at all, did he?!!

Page 13:
Shin: How the hell can there be a captain so silent that he can't buy a single bentou?!! Everyone must've left because they were bothered by all that!
Zura: Not the case.
I haven't been spending these silent days to spy.
First I need to build my status in the Third Unit of the Shinsengumi. So I started to make contact with Captain Afu-ro, but...
First of all, no matter what I talked to him about, he only answered with Z.
Shin: You weren't saying anything but Z either!!
Zura: I didn't seem to be making any progress, so I halted my attempts to make direct contact.
Captain Afu-ro does not spend all day pooping.
It's always facing some sort of documents.
I went to examine them when he has gotten up to go to the bathroom.
Paper: Moth ○ Day ×
A new recruit entered my Third Unit today.
Shin It's a diary?! That taciturn Captain Saitou has been writing a diary?!
Zura: The Shinsengumi does not need two afroZ. I thought about removing him, but it's also true that the Third Unit could use some more handZ.
Shin: What're with these Z's? Does this guy end every sentence with Z?! How the hell is that supposed to be read?!
Zura: Left with no choice, I allowed him to ender the unitZZZZZZZ...
Shin: He fell asleeeep!! So he even ends his diary with Z's!!

Page 14:
Zura: I knew in an instant that I could use this.
Shin: I see! Like an exchange diary! If Captain Saitou isn't much of a talker, then maybe you can contact him on paper.
Text: Let's try putting a little more energy into writing these.
[Then the big Z here]
Shin: What are you, a teacher with a red peeeeen?!!
Why are you negatively evaluating his Z's?!!
ZUra: Suddenly starting an exchange diary would be pretty awe-inspiring. And I was very concerned about the frailty of his Z's.
Shin: I think being a teacher with a red pen would be a bit more awe-inspiring!!
Zura: Then, I found this entry written.
Hashira Afurou _
Shin: What is this... what's it mean?
Zura: I then wrote this in return.
Zupepero horomisu chinkashi
toherosu gochimira torimishi
zoberaki yamichiro pororosu
Samatoria Castle Data
Shin: What the hell are you jotting down in other people's diaries?!!
T/N: This is a save code for Dragon Quest. They're written out in nonsense-words like this.

Page 15:
Zura: The next day, this was written.
Paper: Hashira Afurou 7
Zura: And the next day
Paper: Hashira
Afuro Z
Zura: it was like this.
Shin: Hold on... It kinda looks like a certain letter is being written under your name little by little, Katsura-san.
[Same as previous panel]
Shin: He's... writing "Z", isn't he? He just needs the line in the middle and he'll finish the "Z". What's gonna happen then?
Zura: When I took a closer look at the diary, I saw things like this in it.
T/N: Everything crossed out is a name.
Shin: What is thiiiiiis?!! Now something really scary's shown up!!
Zura: I went to investigate. It seems that those names written there are all former men of the Third Unit.
And they were all found to be in violation of the Kokuchuu Hatto.
They were all under suspicion of having dark connections with the Joui Patriots.
In other words
they were all people that committed some form of betrayal on the Shinsengumi.

Page 16:
Zura: And as you can tell by looking at the current Third Unit, all of those names
have disappeared from the Shinsengumi's name register.
You understand, don't you?
Essentially, the reason there are no soldiers in the Third Unit of the Shinsengumi
is because that man, Third Unit Captain of the Shinsengumi Saitou Shimaru,
purged them all.
He brings the traitors within their ranks into his unit and secretly observes and judges them.
That is the unit made of corpses, the Silent Unit,
the Shinsengumi Third Unit.

Page 17:
Shin: ......So, then...
they've already figured out who you are, havn't theeeeeeey?!!
They clearly put you in the Third Unit planning to kill you!!
When he finishes that "Z", you're done for!!
Zura: Hmph. If my identity's been exposed, then the Z would already be complete. I think I'm still merely under suspicion.
Gin: Zura, you're free to get purged or become an afro or whatever, but please don't bring dangerous things into my house.
Handwritten: I'll kill you, seriously.
Zura: What are you talking about, Gintoki? Those people have been a hindrance to you as well, right?
It's certainly dangerous, but if I can use this situation to my advantage...
Perhaps I can use the Third Unit to
purge the entire Shinsengumi headquarters?
GIn: ........
Hey... Is that, uh...
Guy: It was already too laaaaaate?!
Insert: Is this the 'shumaru' for Katsura?!
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 488
/ End

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There can only be one shifu.

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