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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Gintama 489

Afro of love and hate.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Apr 9, 2014 23:24 | Go to Gintama

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So in this case, is shifu the afro of love and I the Afro of hate? He the afro of life, I the afro of death? His the afro of good translations, and mine the afro of bad ones? Only you can decide....only you.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Side text- The purger sounds the bell time and time again.)
Lesson 489: Afro of love and hate.
(Sfx- Piponn *dingdong*)
(Sfx- Pinpo pinpo pinpo pinpo *ding dong ding dong ding dong*)
(Sfx- Pinpo pinop pinpo pinpo *ding dong ding dong ding dong*)
(Sfx- Pinpon pinpon *ding dong ding dong*)
Katsura: That human shaped master of rapid doorbell ringing….
It is without a doubt Commander Afro.
I didn’t think there was anyone who could successfully trail I, Runaway Kotaro…!!
Kagura: He must have realized Zura’s identity. He realized it and came here, yes?
Gintoki: Dude, go out there and say something to him. If this keeps up we’re going to be mistakenly identified as accomplishes to a terrorist.
Katsura: What nonsense is this Gintoki?! Our frayed hairs have already been connected! Are we not Afro brothers?!
(Sfx- Gishii gishii *Grind grind*)
Gintoki: Who the hell’s got an Afro?

Someone: Huh?
The shadow of an afro has disappeared…
(Sfx- Fuhhh *Sfft*)
(Sfx- Gashaaaaan *Craaaaaaaaash*)
Shinpachi: GYAAAAAH!!!
He forcefully came in through the back?!
(Sfx- Pataan *thuk*)
Gintoki: Quick! Hide Zura!!
W-w-w-w-what did we do wrong?!
Afroing’ into someone’s house is pretty rude ain’t it buddy?!
H-hey! What are you doing?!
(Sfx- Gararara *clatter*)
(Sfx- Kyoro kyoro *wiffle wiffle*)
(Sfx- Garaah *clatter*)
Gintoki: For one thing, take that dang Afro off…
We’re not hiding any suspicious afros in our house!! So knock it off!!
(Sfx- Gararara *clatter*)

Gintoki: Hey you!!
(Sfx- Zun zun *tp tmp*)
(Sfx- Shagaah *clack*)
Gintoki: That’s far enough.
Shinpachi: Gin-san!!
Gintoki: I dunno if you’re supposed to be some sorta cop or whatever, but here in the Sakata household, we’ve got rules that have to be followed.
So if you’re gonna keep dirtying someone else’s house with your afro frizz dropping everywhere..
Don’t think I’m gonna let you off with just a pai*n, champ.
(Sfx- Dokun *throb*)
(Sfx- Dokun *Throb*)
(Sfx- Dokun *throb*)
(Sfx- Dokun *Throb*)
(Sfx- dokun *throb*)
(Sfx- dokun *Throb*)
(Sfx- Dokun *throb*)
(Sfx- Dokun *throb*)

(Sfx- Hyagagagahh *Sffft*)
(Sfx- gachaah *clack*)
(Sfx- Jaaah *sszsh*)
(Sfx- Gachaa *cack*)
(Sfx- Peko *Bow*)
(Sfx- Pishaah *clamp*)
Shinpachi: What did he come here to do anyway?!
Kagura: He does not talk. Since he does not talk it is hard to understand. He seems to have come to use the bathroom and then leave, yes?

Gintoki: Guess they weren’t kidding about his extreme lack of words. So…what’s his deal? He didn’t come here looking for Zura, but for a restroom?
Shinpachi: Looking at this you’d think he was about to explode or something!! What kind of police officer goes on a rampage like this just to silently break in, take a dump and then leave?!
Kagura: Um. It does not look like he left just poop. Nope.
(Paper- Written request// To the Yorozuya.)
{He came to request our servicessss?!}
Gintoki: H—hey Zura this is…
Where’s Zura?
Katsura: Hmm…it seems that Gintoki and the others were able to successfully ward off his attention…
But there’s no doubting it…that man is slowly approaching the truth of my identity.

Katsura: The commander of the third unit designated for secret investigations….Saitou Shimaru…
His terseness makes it difficult to read him or understand his thoughts…
He truly is a contemptible man..
If I do not act first he’ll find out my true identity and I will meet my end by purging for sure.
Before I am killed it seems I must kill…
{To the Yorozuya.}
{Please forgive me for suddenly leaving this letter. I am a public employee who recently moved to the capital…My name is Z.}
{It seems that after spending so many years being as terse as I am that I’ve become someone who is all alone. In order to solve my problem I’m writing you this letter under a pseudonymz.}
Shinpachi: Um…that’s nice and all that you have a pseudonym, but we pretty much know exactly who you are in many ways.
{For a long time now I’ve been known around less taciturn individuals as a person who is calm, collected and without words….}
{But that is truly not the case.}

{What if I slip up during conversation? What if I bite my tongue? What if I they think I have a strange sounding voice? What if after all this time of being silent I only seem arrogant to them by talking now?}
{Before I can even say a word my mind is filed with negative thoughts and I become too afraid to say a word. In all honesty I would love nothing more than to have a conversation with others like a normal gentlemanz.}
Shinpachi: He’s got anxiety?! Commander AfuRo is surprisingly timid isn’t he?!
{To make matters worse, even the notion of having to speak to others makes me frightfully nervous and induces stomach pains that send me running to the lavatoryz.}
{What if they think badly of me for always pooping like I do? One hole of mine seems to always be shut, but the other less refined hole seems to be open quite often…I’m unsure of what to do. My name is Shimaru but what should I do if they see me as someone who’s too lax? I think of these things and can barely move my lips, much less converse with otherz.}
(TN- Shimaru is his name but he made a joke using the phrase ‘Shimari ga warui’ Which is like saying ‘too relaxed.’)
{Because of my bereft of speech, I soon was assigned the duty of secret investigation within the unit.}
{I only became more taciturn at this point and eventually the only conversations I was able to have were those between myself and my diary.}
{It is during this opportunity that I secretly wrote the names of people in the diary that I named ‘The log of personage that I would like to become friends with.’ Better known as the ‘Z log’ for short. I would follow new soldiers using this log.}
(TN- In Japanese it’s the ZEHI tomodachi ni naritai hitochou’. The ‘Z’ in Zehi is what he’s referring to.)
{Sadly there were many soldiers who read too deeply into what this meant and had to be judged before we could have a proper conversationz.}
Shinpachi: So you basically lured the guys around you to their deaths without even realizing it?! I feel bad for you, but despite being an airhead you’re actually really good at secret investigations!!

{Even if they commit crimes, I do not desire to cut down any more of my friends.}
{If this is my fate, then I will never make another friend again.}
{I resigned myself to a quiet, taciturn and most of all solitary way of life until someone appeared before me.}
{A certain man appeared..Z}
{That man started up a conversation with me…the tacturn and secluded person who had never spoken.}
{That man looked past my cowardly heart and tried over and over again to open my soul so he may step inz.}
{I may have been without shame in my lack of words but he was indomitable, and believed in mez.}
{He isn’t just a man I can converse with…but the only person I may be able to share a friendship with…}
{I can only be friends with Hashira Afurouz.}
{But of course I haven’t the foggiest idea of which topic would be most suitable to conversez.}
{Unfortunately I am unable to meet you in person, so I am asking you for any sort of advice you may find prudent via correspondence….}
Shinpachi: This can’t be happening!! This person doesn’t want to purge Katsura-san…
In fact he hasn’t even realized they’re enemies!! He wants to be friends!!

Kagura: This is sad. He finally found a friend. But it is Zura, his enemy. I feel bad for AfuRo, yes?
We should tell him. It is for the best. Zura is a fool who will infiltrate again if we do not.
Shinpachi: B—but if we do that, Katsura-san will be purged for sure!!
Kagura: If we do not, AfuRO will be killed by Zura, yes?
Shinpachi: What should we do Gin-san?
Gintoki: For pete’s sake. This crap has gotten really complicated.
(Handwritten- He’s even got cash in here…)
Gintoki: I mean he’s already said he doesn’t want to go slaying his chums…
So basically AfuRO isn’t gonna cut Zura down at this point anyway.
In fact I think we should even find a way to speed up this whole friendship process between those two.
Shinpachi: Eh?
Gintoki: Yeah they’re enemies and all that jazz, but if Zura gets emotionally attached to the guy,
Annoying things won’t have to happen, and he’ll probably just give up on his own.
Shinpachi: I—is that even possible? They’re the Shinsengumi and Patriots…
Moreover one of them lacks the ability to converse and the other guy wants to bring down the other side’s entire organization.
Gintoki: Who the hell do you think I am? I’m a guy who was born out of a pair of lips….and I’m talking about down below if you know what I mean.
Shinpachi: I do, and everyone was born like that!
Gintoki: Besides, I’m more or less familiar with how Zura ticks. I’ll figure something out.
Hand me that paper and brush wouldya?

{We’ve read your letter…and the pain of all the years you’ve spent alone was brilliantly conveyed.}
{But you might have bitten off more than you can chew don’t you think? After many years of remaining silent, for you to suddenly become eloquent enough to hold a conversation might be impossible.}
{Moreover (Zura is X’d out.) Speaking to others isn’t a matter that should be over thought.}
{Rather than consider what you would like to express to others through conversation, you should find out first what it is others may want say to you.}
Katsura: Commander Saitou.
I’ve brought you your tea.
How about taking a minor break?
No matter what I must do it is urgent that I remove this man and seize the power of the third unit.
I have poisoned his tea. I admit this method is reprehensible but…
In a time of importance like this I do not have the luxury of being choosy.
I’m sure even he wouldn’t expect a threat on his life right here in headquarters.
There’s no need to worry, by the time this takes effect I would have already been long gone, and traces of the poison would already be undetectable.
So rest in peace AfuRooo!!

{Even without the use of words…}
(Sfx- Patan *shut*)
{A person’s conversation can begin from a simple nod and smile.}
{Really, that is all that is required for a conversation to be born.}
{The smile is essential above all. No matter what the situation is, this will surpass all difficulties in communication.}
{When you’re troubled, just smile.}
{Please never forget this.}
(Sfx- Kuwaaaah)
Katsura: Wh—what’s the meaning of that smiiiillleeee?!
Co—could it be that he’s already figured it out?!
Th—that’s impossible!! It just has to be!!
That poison is colorless and odorless!! It should be impossible to identify by the naked eye…
B—but that smile of his…
He knows….he knows everything!!

(Sfx- Gahh *grab*)
Katsura: To prove that I won’t escape his sights…
He’s going to drink it while smiliinnnngg?!
No…Of course not!! It’s just my imagination!
To begin with there’s no way that man could be smiling!! That awkward smile can’t possibly exist on his face!!
That’s it!! He’s probably just tired! That face has to be one of a man who is utterly exhausted!!
This is the end of you AfuRoooooo!!
{Even when a conversation proceeds smoothly there’s bound to be a time where there’s a break and things to say run out.}
{When this time comes there’s no need to forcefully create a topic of discussion…}
(Sfx- Goooohhhh *thooom*)
{Just allow for an accident to happen.}
{When there’s trouble…}
{No matter what words you use there will always be further conversation.}
(Sfx- Teheh *Tee. Hee.*)

Katsura: S—s-s-s—s—sorry about that!!
I suppose the tea was too hot!! I’ll go prepare some more!!
(Sfx- dodododo *Tmtpmtmp*)
Shinpachi: It failed completely!! Rather than bringing them closer, now they’ve only got more reasons to be on guard against each other!!
Gintoki: I mean I figured if he’s got no experience using words that this would be fine…but dude doesn’t even know how to smile right.
Kagura: What should we do? He has sent another letter of dissatisfaction.
Shinpachi: This isn’t good. With a smile like that he’s only bound to find himself even more isolated than before.
Gintoki: Damn. No helping it then.
(Letter- Since then I’ve tried smiling like usual but it seems the space between or hearts has only grown wider than before, and he doesn’t even come close to me anymore. My diarrhea also won’t stop. Did I do something wrong? Is there something wrong with my asshole?)
{Let’s try moving to the next step.}
{Perhaps thinking of conversational topics to chat upon might be difficult, but realize that most conversations are spontaneous in nature.}
{Bearing this in mind perhaps you should try discussing work. Since he is a new recruit and you his supervisor, you should perhaps engage him in conversation about the job.}
{Why not take him along with you on a job? This may be the answer to your question.}
{There’s no need to stir things up. First just think up any questions that he may want to have answered.}

Shinpachi: Gin-san, I agree that going on a job together is a good idea, but Katsura-san is overly anxious in regards to his surroundings.
If he’s that worried there won’t be a chance for him to ask anything.
Kagura: More over. What kinds of work does he do? Is there anything besides secret investigation?
Gintoki: It’ll be fine. Even if there’s nothing to discuss in regards to the job, I’m sure there will be something they can talk about.
(Sfx- Gachaan *clatter*)
Shinpachi: This is the worst case scenario!! Elizabeth got captured while we weren’t paying attention!!
Moreover, it looks as if Saitou-san wields two posts….one of which is interrogator!
Gintoki: Moreover why the hell is that thing in a Shinsengumi uniform?
Did it really think it wouldn’t be caught? Why is it infiltrating too?
Shinpachi: Forget conversations!! Katsura-san’s about to blow his top!!

Katsura: This is a fine punching bag!!
(Sfx- Gohuuuh *thook*)
Shinpachi: He just casually tossed Elizabeth aside!!
Elizabeth: Ka—Katsura-san!!
Katsura: Where did you find this?
I want one too.
{Damned AfuRO! Was this a trap of your making?}
{Did you believe that if you brought Elizabeth before me I’d choke?}
{You’re too naiieve! I won’t lose sight of my cause!!}
{Elizabeth just bear this patiently for now!! I promise you that I will get revenge for your--}
(Sfx- Gohh *Thoook*)
Katsura: Ungh!!
(Sfx- Sugaaaah *thoood*)
{This is…}

(Turns for feeding Zabeth.)
(Mon: Saito// Tues: Hashira// Wed: Saitou// Thurs: Saitou// Fri: Hashira// Sat: Hashira// Sun: Ha)
(SFX- Mogu mogu *chew chew*)
Shinpachi: Here we’re thinking he captured it to ask questions but instead he’s keeping it as a pet!!
(Shimaru’s sign: Good boy.)
Elizabeth: Puuuuuurrrr.
Shinpachi: And they’re getting along great!!
The taciturn duo are perfect for each other!!
{In such a short amount of time he was able to win over Elizabeth better than I have?}
{S—say it isn’t so Elizabe---}
(Sfx- Pichaah *plish*)
{It’s a lieeeeeeeeeee!!!}

Shinpachi: What the hell is he dooooing?!
He came to cause unrest in the Shinsengumi’s ranks, but you’re the one who’s the most unrested here!!
Gintoki: Well…I guess this was for the best….maybe.
In the first place the Shinsengumi and Patriots really have no reason to become buddies. We were asking for the impossible from the start.
With this Zura will probably give up on the Shinsengumi and withdraw.
And AfuRo will give up on being AfuRo.
This is fine as is…
(Sfx- Faan faan faan *wweeoo weeooo weeoo*)
Gintoki: What’s the ruckus?
Shinpachi: Oh, it’s the Shinsengumi.
Seems like there’s an incident or something.
Gintoki: Maybe they caught a stupid patriot in their ranks?
Shinpachi: It’s been a whole month since then. I’m pretty sure he high tailed it out of there.
Did the Shinsengumi always have afros like that?
(Sfx- Zazazaahhh *tmptmptmp*)
Katsura: The Shinsengumi third unit…
The afro battalion is busting in!!
(Sfx- Oraaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!)
(Side text- Next week the Weekly Jump all star character election result winner will appear on the cover!!)
(Side text- Who will appear on Jump’s cover?!

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