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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Gintama 490

Afro of righteousness and betrayal.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Apr 17, 2014 21:57 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 490

Keep in mind folks that Shinpachi would still be #10th if Gintoki were ranked.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Side text- The serial bursts into it’s 10th year!!)
(Side text- The manga continues on page 33! Detailed results of the election votes are on page 50!)
(Top text- The first WJ cover appearance election Gintama all star vote!! Here’s a head color page to announce the results!)
(Side text- Thank you for all of your support! We hope to keep right on going with all of you cheering us on!!)
(Top left to right.)
Yoshida Shoyou 10th- 1145 votes.
Tsukuyo 11th- 1000 votes
Sarutobi Ayame 13th- 892 votes
Kamui 7th- 1179 votes.
Shimura Tae 5th- 2774 votes.
Shimura Shinpachi 9th- 1146 votes.
Sadaharu 16th- 749 votes.
Hasegawa Taizou 18th- 719 votes.
SORACHI HIDEAKI 8th- 1149 votes.
Kagura 4th- 3012 votes.

Sakamoto Tatsuma 14th- 876 votes.
Sakata Kintoki 15th- 875 votes.
Katsura Kotarou 6th 2501-votes.
Elizabeth 17th- 725 votes.
Okita Sougo 2nd- 3041 votes.
Kondo Isao 20th- 232 votes
Itou Kamotarou 19th- 696 votes
Yamazaki Sagaru 12th- 894 votes.
Hijikata Toushiro 1st- 4446 votes.
Total number of votes- 32819!!

(Side text- Katsura has remained concealed and overturned the Shinsengumi as Hashira Afurou, but…)
Lesson 490: Afro of righteousness and betrayal.
???: The third unit has returned!!
They’ve managed to arrest 36 extreme radical patriots in one sting operation!
The third unit lead by Commander Afurou has done it again!!!
(Sfx- Zaah zaazh zaah *sffsffsff*)
???: Awesome….that’s the third unit for you!!
They’ve got the driving power to snap bamboo!
There’s not a single person who can stop that man!!
???: So the Shinsengumi’s ace has returned huh?

Kondo: Man! I wish you’d give us some consideration Ace-dono!
Katsura: Chief.
Kondo: I love that you’re getting all this work done but it’s leaving us with no room to spare!
At this rate we’re gonna run out of bad guys to collar, Hashira-san!
Hijikata: Hmph. So the third unit once in charge of internal investigations gets one new recruit and undergoes a complete transformation into a new squad?
I hope you’re gonna keep your stride going like this Hashira.
Katsura: Vice captain.
Okita: Geez, Hijikata-san. Don’t be so harsh on ‘im.
Hashira-san’s work is a good influence on the other soldiers.
Katsura: Okita-dono.
Okita: Right now the other units look upon Hashira-san and his third unit with envy and admiration.
(Handwritten- Hashira-san’s fro is huge!)
(Handwritten- Hashira-san, where’d you get a perm like that?)
Okita: The new entries want to work hard so they’ll be revered like Hashira-san.
There are even guys in my first unit who want to transfer to the third unit.
Katsura: No. I’m sure that all of these newcomers who think they want to be like me simply desire to be more like you chief.
What’s more important to them is having stalwart men like the Vice captian and you Okita dono for them to rely on. I’m just like a naked sword who is swung without thinking.

Kondo: Hashira-san…
From here on how about we join hands and work together?
The worlds and days where we were born might be different…
But the day we die…the day that we lose our lives will be the same! We are partners in loyalty and patriotism!!
A guy like you is…
(Sfx- Hashira! Hashira! Hashira!!)
Okita: We can’t be careless around that guy can we Hijikata-san?
(Sfx- Hashira! Hashira!)
Hijikata: Hmph.
(Sfx- Hashira! Hashira! Hashira! Hashira!!)
Katsura: Whew…
Edo is peaceful today too.
(Sfx- Gohhh *Thok*)
Katsura: Ngho!!

Gintoki: The hell man?! What the hell is wrong with you? I thought you’d give up on that whole infiltration shtick, but now what are you doing?!
Katsura: Aaaaah!! My wig! My wiiiiiiig!!!
Kagura: Here. Zura.
Katsura: Not Zura but Katsura!!
(TN- Zura= Wig. Katsura= Fro. Zura janai, Katsura DA.)
Shinpachi: You infiltrated your enemy’s base in order to destroy them from the inside, yet you’re now making great strides in justice with them!!
Moreover why are all of the Shinsengumi members wearing afros?!
Katsura: I’ll have you know that I am a patriot of reformation. I even reformed their silly little laws.
For the sake of a sense of unity within the unit, even our hair must be unified.
Gintoki: And what does it mean for YOU if your enemy becomes fortified?! You’re not a patriot or anything anymore dammit!
Katsura: Gintoki…a general is a general even if he leaves his faction behind.
I can’t cast aside my qualities as a leader quite so easily.
Moreover I’ve found myself wavering on whether working with these fools might not be for the better.
Shinpachi: That’s the only way you could possibly keep working with them! Otherwise you’d have to face the fact that you’re selling your patriot friends up the river!
Katsura: It’s not like that at all!! We at the third unit only apprehend those foul villians who seek to turn the world upside down with their evil deeds!
Shinpachi: You’re the one who’s turning the world upside down the most.
Katsura: Besides I haven’t lost sight of my goal.
For me to bring about the Shinsengumi’s collapse from the inside, I have to first take control of the third unit. This became my battle strategy.
The commander of the third unit…Saitou Shimaru is a tricky man indeed. It was due to his involvement that I had to change my strategy to this.

Katsura: The third unit that started out as Saitou’s internal affairs group, and the third unit I spearhead which is now an afro battalion, established a system of two commanders.
And with my natural talent as a leader only helped to garner the Shinsengumi’s trust and confidence in me and begin to rise in status and reputation.
And now that I’ve gained this status, that man….Saitou Shimaru is now playing catch up with his own unit!
And soon I will officially sit upon the seat of Third unit commander!!
Shinpachi: Your objective and the means you’re using to achieve it have completely reversed!! What happened to annihilating the Shinsengumi?!
Katsura: Before worrying about such trifling matters, I first must erase that man.
Shinpachi: And now you’re even calling it trifling!!
Katsura: That man is dangerous. If I leave him be I’ll have nothing but anxiety for the future to look forward to. To that end I’ve been making preparations for the last month.
It has been decided that tomorrow that man will be dealt with.
His obstinate mouth will be used against him.
I’ve heard rumors that he’s being accused of dereliction of duties and abuse of his authority are being made public.
AfuRo will be judged under the kyokuchuu hatto.

Katsura: Tomorrow the true significance of internal judgment will be made abundantly clear.
But rather than hearing an apology from him…
Only the screams of his death agony are what we’ll get…heheh…
Shinipachi: What happened…? In only a month’s time Saitou-san has ended up in such a miserable situation…
Kagura: It is no wonder. It is because of Zura that AfuRo will be purged, yes?
(Sfx- Fugigigigi *grnnnd*)
Shinipachi: This is why I said it’s impossible for the Shinsengumi and patriots to become friends…We’re the ones who are responsible for this whole thing happening.
Gintoki: Hey afro.
Listen up bro. If you don’t get talkative and fast you’re gonna lose your tongue with your head attached.
The man you wanted to become friends with is that sorta guy yanno?
You not talking is only giving him the ammo to screw you over.
You understand?

(Sfx- Pota *drip*)
{This guy…}
{He wants to be friends with Zura that bad?}
Gintoki: I get how you feel man.
But this is no longer a situation that you can salvage a friendship out of.
You’ve been granted a chance to break your long silence.
At long last the time has come. Only you can prove your innocence.
Open your mouth AfuRo.
If you don’t speak up now and knock off the silence you’ll forever hold your peace. It’ll be over for you.
Can you do it?
(Sfx- Pota pota *Drip drip*)
Shimaru: Z~~

Gintoki: I’m looking forward to the execution tomorrow.
Shinpachi: Gin-saaaaaaaaaaan!!!
(Sfx- Zaku zaku)
???: To think that this day would ever come…
Even now I’m having trouble believing it.
That Shimaru would violate regulations…
He was with the Shinsengumi before it even formed…a naked blade with no sheathe that was our battle comrade.
This has to be some sort of mistake right Hashira-san?
Okita: Shimaru-nii doesn’t talk so it’s really easy to misunderstand his intentions. Maybe we’re just over thinking this Hashira-san.
Katsura: If possible I would love to believe that…but truth I observed when looking into his eyes cannot be warped.

Katsura: And then there’s this to consider….other than him being an old friend of yours, do you gentleman really know anything about him?
What are his hobbies? Does he fancy any women? His favorite animals?
Are there any topics of which he enjoys conversing upon?
Okita: When you put it that way….
Kondo: Now that I think about it…I don’t remember ever really talking to the guy.
Hijikata: I guess I win in that regard….I at least know his favorite alphabet letter.
Katsura: After being with him for that long and yet knowing nothing about him as a person would obviously provoke doubt.
Or are you trying to suggest that you can really get to know a person who travels with you without having a single conversation with them?
Hijikata: Though he has proven reliable. It’s because we feel like we can trust him that we gave him the job of being in the internal part of our organization. As long as he’s been there we’ve only become stronger and that’s the truth.
That being said, if he can speak up for himself or at least offer an apology we can release some of this doubt.
Okita: Will you talk to him Hijikata-san?
And hear what Shimaru-niisan…
Has to say?
Shimaru: Um…

Shimaru: Not trying to be rude or nothing but….could we speed this along?
All you guys are doing is yammering to yourselves…
I’m not planning to run or hide anywhere.
So lets just have us a nice, leisurely conversation.
Everyone: He taaaaaaaaaaaaaalked!!
Commander Saitou actually said somethiiiiiiiiing!!
Kondo: Wh—what’s the meaning of this Shimaru?!
(Sfx- Pera pera pera *yammer yammer yammer*)
Shimaru: Dude. You expected me to stay quiet so you could just decapitate me? Holy cow!
We’re having this court thing and you guys just want me to stay all mysterious and stuff? I’m not so wedded to my character that I’d keep it up that long! I mean geez louise chief!~

???: Heeey! It’s like a friggin’ damn burst with this guy! He’s going to talk himself to death!!
Shimaru: Hey is talking bad? Now it’s bad? Seriously? I thought we came here to just talk away! But it’s bad huh?
Then can I head back home? My perm’s weaving back and forth and I’d like to go and fix that.
???: What’s with the way he’s talking? Was he always this sorta character?
Katsura: R—ridiculous..
To think he’d shake off his silence and speak now…
He’s the sort of unsightly person who’d toss aside their character to save their life?!
{Listen good….}
{I’ll talk into this mic on your behalf.}
{If you’re not interested in dying then just meet my words halfway and act like you’re saying them.}
{If you can’t speak, you should be able to do this much right?}
Shinpachi: Gin-san…will we really be able to get out of this?
Gintoki: When I take a client I see it through to the end. If this dude dies now It’s going to weigh on my consciousness forever.
We’re lucky that he covers his mouth ordinarily and no one’s ever really heard his voice.
Conan’s never been found out this way so we should be good to go too.
Shinpachi: Gin-san…your words are live on mic too.

Katsura: Saitou-dono! What did you just say?! What do you mean about being found out?
As I thought you’re hiding something from us!!
Shimaru: N—no!!
That was about…uh, the culprit on Conan, yes?
He has always been able to discover the culprit each and every time, yes? Conan’s characteristic is especially the culprit’s face, yes?
Gintoki: What’s with the ‘yes-ing’?! Moreover why are you springing into casual talk all of a sudden?!
Katsura: It’s now obvious that Saitou-dono is up to something complex here.
Shimaru: OH. I was mistaken. The truth is that I am secretly from another country.
Sushi, Geisha, Sumo and Japananimation are all the best! Conan is great too!
Kondo: A—are you serious?! I had no idea!!
You didn’t understand what we were saying and that’s why you never spoke!!
HIjikata: His Japanese was pretty good just a minute ago though.
Shinpachi: We fooled them somehow!! But now we’ve gotta proceed with a foreigner character!!
What on earth were you doing Kagura-chan?
???: Well then, specifically what country did you originate from?

Shinpachi: H—hey! What country is he from?
What kind of person is he supposed to be?! His top half and bottom half are two completely different countries!!
Why are you making things so needlessly complicated Saitou-san?!
Shimaru: One more time please! I did not understand you!
Hijikata: And now all of a sudden he’s hard of hearing. Whatever. I’m asking where is your home country?
Shimaru: What are you saying? I do not understand!
Hijikata: I’m saying your hometown! Where is your hometown?!
Shimaru: What are you saying? I do not understand!!
Hijikata: You say that to me one more time and It’s execution time!! Where the hell did you come from?!
Shimaru: I’m saying I’m from the commonwealth of ‘Naniitteruka Wakarimasen’.
HIjikata: The fuck kind of country is that?! I’ve never heard of it in my life!! What is the commonwealth of Nanitteruka Wakarimasen?
(TN- He sorta smooshed the phrase ‘Nanitteruka Wakarimasen’= What are you saying, I don’t understand’ into one word so it sounds like a country.)
Shimaru: I’ve said the country name though…It’s Nanitteru Wakarimasen. I guess it’s apparent you don’t know of it.
Hijikata: What does that even mean?! I don’t understand what you’re saying!! Are you trying to tell me that this country is actually named Nanitteru wakarimasen?!
Shimaru: You’re really quite persistent. I don’t understand what you’re saying either, rotten vice captian!
Hijikata: He just changed what he said! It’s become ‘Nanitteruka wananee!’
(TN- It’s another way to say the same thing.)
Shimaru: Ah Sorry! In my country ‘Kusare Fukuchou’ and ‘desu’ don’t have the same negative connotations they do here, Kusare Fukuchou.
Hijikata: I have a feeling they DO though!
(TN- Kusare Fukuchou is ‘Rotten vice-captain.’)
Kondo: Then how about we just make this easy for you by speaking the same way? Rotten Vice-captain!
Hijikata: Don’t you guys join in dammit!!
Okita: I guess there’s no helping it then, Rotten Vice-captain?
Hijikata: You just said that and meant every word didn’t you?!

Katsura: Don’t play dumb with us Shimaru-dono! You might try to speak like a foreigner but we all know well that you aren’t! Rotten vice-captain!
Hijikata: If you know he’s not a foreigner than don’t use the ‘Rotten Vice-captain’ copula!
Katsura: This man used his position to purge and harm others!! Rotten Vice-captain!
Hijikata: Okay, how about I execute you all?!
Katsura: You all saw it when he came after me!
Right when I had enrolled as a new recruit he targeted my life!
He feared for his own position and I the man who may take it from him! He sensed he could be in danger and decided to set his sights on me!
Kondo: Th—that is true…he did just suddenly attack you out of the blue…what was the deal with that Shimaru..?
Shimaru: You’re right…
But I did this in accordance to my role as the man who purges internal threats and traitors.
Allowing rats who sneak in our internal affairs to escape isn’t something I can allow….
Right Katsura-san?

Kondo: Ka—
But we’re all wearing wigs…
So who are you talking about?
(Sfx- Zupoooh *poff*)
Shimaru: I don’t mean that!!
That man joined our ranks with the intention of destroying us!
He is the terrorist Katsura Kotarou!!
Okita: Ka…
This is ‘Katsura’ and this is ‘Hashira’.
(On board- Hashira//Katsura.)
Okita: Understand? Lets write this character ten times okay? Thank you.
Shimaru: Ooohh Faaaak *oouuuu!!
I guess being from Nanitteruka wakarimasen makes this difficult….man Japanese is hard.
Shinpachi: It’s because he’s a foreigner character that people think he can’t read kanji or that he can’t pronounce things properly!!
Saitou-san!! Just write it down!! That’ll work!
Shimaru: Don’t underestimate me. If you look at this it should be all too easy to understand.
(On book- Ogura//Katsura.)
Okita: Shimaru-niisan, they’re both Katsura.

Kondo: Hold on both of you…lets just calm down.
You two are going too far and being too hasty in your judgment.
Hijikata: Seems like we’re going to need proof to ascertain whether either one of these guys are innocent.
Katsura: Isn’t my work with you all so far proof enough of my innocence? Would a patriot strive to capture other patriots?
And what about him?
He was derelict on his duty, doesn’t take his missions seriously and spends his days pooping and sleeping. Does he have anything to prove at all?
???: You’re wrong. You’re wrong about that.
Saitou: I actually did do my investigations properly. If you want proof of my work it’s right here.
{Secret investigation diary.}
Saitou: I recorded my daily life in this diary.
For example there was a certain day that went like this.
(Sfx- BIra *fwap*)
{O Month X Day. I heard something in the middle of the night in the meses hall and went to check it outz.}
Hijikata: Z? What the hell is that? In the end just how the hell do you speak normally? Your character is all over the place.
{Lately people had been losing their food in the fridge, and the case of the continuously disappearing food had continued.}
{I had my duty to go in and purge this person who would abscond with a person’s personal effects. I couldn’t allow them quarter to escapez.}
(Sfx- Goso goso *rummage rummage*)

(Sfx- Zuzozozooo *hufffff*)
{I didn’t see anythingz.}
Kondo: What happeneeeed?!
You had to have seen something!! There was something there right?!
What did you see?! Who committed a crime against the unit!?
(Sfx- Buru buru *shake shake*)
HIjikata: H—hey. Why don’t we just stop there? We know you do your work well.
Kondo: Like hell he did! He let the culprit escape!
Shimaru: And then there was another day…
Hijikata: That’s enough I’m telling you!!
{O Month X Day: I heard a noise in the mess hallz.}
{The case of the vice captain’s diarrhea had eruptedz.}
Kondo: Hey! What do you mean by Toshi’s diarrhea?!
{It might be related to the Mayonnaise case from yesterdayz.}
Kondo: Yesterday’s mayonnaise?! Wait…Toshi say it ain’t so….
{So perhaps this is to recover the new mayonnaise…}
(Sfx- Doku doku doku *bloooob*)
{Yet again I saw nothingz.}
Okita: I understand Shimaru-niisan.
You’re innocent.
Hijikata: But you’re not innocent at all!!
(Side text- The Afro absurdity continues…!!!)

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#1. by Goral ()
Posted on Apr 18, 2014
Keep in mind folks that Shinpachi would still be #8th if Gintoki were ranked.
If Gintoki were ranked Shinpachi would be 10th.
#2. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Apr 18, 2014
@ Goral

Right. Stupid me...that's what I meant to write.
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