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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Gintama 490

Afros of Justice and Betrayal

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Apr 21, 2014 07:14 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 490

Only for use by HWMN

Stupid afros.

[Gintama 490 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Insert Right: With Gintoki he sets off
a bright X of sparks
Rex Boxes: 1st place in the general election!!
Earning the right to appear on the cover!!
Hijikata Toushirou!!
Gold: 10 Years of Serialization!!
Bottom: The 1st Weekly Jump Battle for Appearing on the Cover
All Character General Election Results Opening Color Pages!!

Page 2-3:
Top Left: The Series Breaks into its 10th Year!!
Top: The 1st Weekly Jump Battle for Appearing on the Cover Gintama All Character General Election Results Opening Color Pages!!
Right: Thank you for all of your support! Gintama will keep running on the power of everyone's support!!
Bottom: Total number of votes - 32819!!
Top Center Going Clockwise: [You could just put the names. Put "place" and "vote" just once, you don't need to write it every time]
Yoshida Shoyou 10th- 1145 votes
Sakamoto Tatsuma 14th- 876 votes
Sakata Kintoki 15th- 875 votes
Takasugi Shinsuke 3rd - 3034 votes
Katsura Kotarou 6th 2501-votes
Elizabeth 17th- 725 votes
Okita Sougo 2nd- 3041 votes
Itou Kamotarou 19th- 696 votes
Yamazaki Sagaru 12th- 894 votes
Kondo Isao 20th- 232 votes
Hijikata Toushiro 1st- 4446 votes
Kagura 4th- 3012 votes
SORACHI HIDEAKI 8th- 1149 votes
Hasegawa Taizou 18th- 719 votes
Sadaharu 16th- 749 votes
Shimura Tae 5th- 2774 votes
Shimura Shinpachi 9th- 1146 votes
Kamui 7th- 1179 votes
Sarutobi Ayame 13th- 892 votes
Tsukuyo 11th- 1000 votes

Page 4:
Insert: Planning to overthrow the Shinsengumi, Zura has infiltrated them under the name Hashira Afurou, but...
Title: Lesson 490
Afros of Justice and Betrayal
Someone: The Third Unit is baaack!!
The third unit... Captain Afurou has rounded up
another 36 people recognized as dangerous terrorists in Kabuki-Chou!!
Guys: Aw man... That Third Unit sure is something, ain't it?!!
They just keep pulling one victory after another!!
Nobody can stop that guy!!
Guy: So the Shinsengumi's ace is back, huh?

Page 5:
Kondou: Geez, think about us a little bit, why don'cha, Ace-Dono.
Zura: Chief.
Kondou: With a newcomer being this active, how does that make us look?
At the rate you're going, we won't have anyone left to arrest, Hashira-san.
Hiji: Hmph. You took the Third Unit that had been shouldering the responsibility of internal investigations and reorganized it with a bunch of new recruits.
This is natural given how much work you've done. Don't get too conceited, Hashira.
Zura: Vice Captain.
Okita: Geez, you never let up, do you, Hijikata-san?
Hashira-san's recent activity is even good for the other units' morale.
Zura: Okita-dono.
Okita: Now Hashira-san and the Third Unit are admired by all the men and are a target of envy.
Handwritten: This is a huge one, Hashira-san!!
Where do you get that perm done, Hashira-san?!
Okita: It's instilling them with the idea that even a newcomer can become like Hashira-san if they work hard.
So much so that there are even some guys that say they wanna join the Third Unit in my unit, the First Unit.
Hashira: No, I must insist that all of this is thanks to the Chief for giving a newcomer like me this opportunity.
And most of all, it is because I have reliable comrades like you, Vice Captain and Okita-dono, that I can rest easy placing myself in the danger of naked blades.

Page 6:
Kondou: Hashira-san...
You will continue to join hands with us into the future, won't you?
We may have come into this world on different days
but as loyal and devoted comrades, our dying day and the days we risk our lives will be the same!!
someone like you is...
Okita: With this guy around, even we might have to watch our jobs, Hijikata-san.
Hiji: Keh.
Handwritten: Hashira!
Zura: ...Mm.
And so, the peace of Edo has been preserved for another day.

Page 7:
Gin: I thought you gave up on this infiltration thing a while ago! What the hell are you doiiing?!!
Zura: Aaaaaaugh! My zura! My zura!
Kagura: Here you go, Zura.
Zura: It's not Zura it's Katsura!!
Shin: Why is someone who infiltrated his enemy in order to destroy them from the inside being surrounded by said enemy cheering for his great service?!
T/N: Once again, zura means wig. As does katsura.
Shin: And why has the whole Shinsengumi got afros?!!
Handwritten: I can't even tell who's who anymore!!
Zura: I am a Joui Patriot, a warrior of reformation. So I have reformed the Kyokuchou Hatto as well.
In order to create a better sense of unity throughout the organization, I have united our hairstyles.
Shin: What are you doing fortifying the enemy organization?!! At this point, you're not a Joui Patriot or anything else for that matter!!
Zura: Gintoki, one who purports himself to be a leader should be one regardless of the group he finds himself in.
Enough to lately start to even consider the possibility that he is better suited to this group.
Shin: That's why you're doing so well! You're selling out your own comrades!
Zura: I would never do such a thing!! The only ones my Third Unit has laid their hands on are terrible scoundrels that falsely call themselves Patriots and spread disorder in the world!!
Shin: You're the one spreading the most disorder in the world!
Zura: And I have not lost sight of my morals, far from it!
First, my plan to cause the downfall of the Shinsengumi from within was to gain control of the Third Unit.
But that Captain of the Third Unit, Saitou Shimaru... He's a rather strange man. He never showed a single vulnerability, so I revised my strategy.

Page 8:
I set up a system where the Third Unit would be a double unit of Saitou's secret investigation unit and an Afro Unit led by me.
That way I could thoroughly display my talent as a leader to the Shinsengumi to earn their trust and gain status.
And with that power, I would drive that man, Saitou Shimaru, out of the unit
officially attaining the seat of the Third Unit Captain for myself!!
Shin: Okay, well you've got your goal and your means to reach it backwards. What happened to destroying the Shinsengumi?
Zura: Getting rid of him will come before such trivialities.
Shin: Did you just call that a triviality?!
Zura: That man is dangerous. If I ignore him, I am sure he will become a source of anxiety... And I have already been making arrangements this month.
Tomorrow, that man will be dealt with.
I will be making use of the fact that he is so obstinately tight-lipped.
I've been spreading rumors him neglecting his duties and abusing his authority and I have gotten him indicted.
Af-ro is going to be judged under the Kyokuchuu Hatto.
Shin: !!

Page 9:
Zura: Tomorrow, there will be an inquiry into the truth of those things. A trial within the organization is going to be held.
But not only will that man not give an explanation,
I he will likely not even scream in agony at the time of his death... Kukuku...
Shin: ...I can hardly believe it. In just one month, Saitou-san has gone through this kind of misery?
Kagura: Unless we do something, Af-ro will get purged because of Zura, yes?
Shin: I told you this whole plan was impossible. All that about the Shinsengumi and the Joui Patriots being friends... We're partly responsible for this!
Gin: Hey, Afro, you listenin'?
The way things look, if you don't start yapping, you're gonna get executed.
That's the kind of man the man you tried to make friends with was.
He took advantage of you not talking and set you up.
You understand, right...?
Shimaru: .........

Page 10:
Gin: ...This guy...
really trusted Zura that much...
...I understand how you feel.
But this isn't the situation to be talking about making friends anymore.
The time to break your long silence has come.
You're the only one that can prove your innocence.
Open your mouth, Af-ro.
Unless you speak here, you'll meet your end in silence.
You can do it, right?
SFX: POTA POTA (Drip drip)
Shimaru: Z~~~~

Page 11:
Gin: I'll be lookin' forward to the execution tomorrow.
Shin: Gin-saaaaaan!!
SFX: ZAWA ZAWA (Talking)
Kondou: It's honestly still hard to me to believe
that a day like this has come.
Shimaru? Violating unit protocol...?
He's a comrade in arms that's evaded blades with us since before the Shinsengumi was formed.
This must be some mistake, right, Hashira-san?
Okita: It's easy for Big Bro Shimaru to bring misunderstandings on himself because he's so quiet. Don't you think you could be over-thinking this, Hashira-san?
Zura: I would like to believe that if I could, but I cannot distort the truth which I have seen with my own eyes.

Page 12:
Zura: And while he may be an old comrade, can you say that you really know him?
What are his hobbies? What sort of girls does he like?
Have any of you ever had a conversation with him?
Okita: ......Now that you mention it...
Kon: Hey, now that I think about it, I've never once spoke with him.
Hiji: I've got you beat. I know what his favorite letter of the alphabet is.
Zura: So despite all the time you've been together, no one knows his identity. That's more than enough to be suspicious, isn't it?
Hiji: I know that bastard's nature without having to exchange something like words.
But it's also true that our sense of trust brought about him having perhaps too much power with the ability to freely alter to organization through his investigations.
All we need to do is to hear an explanation straight from his mouth today and that should clear up all suspicion.
Okita: Hijikata-san, have you been listening?
Big Bro Shimaru
never opens his...
Shimaru: Um~~~
Guys: !!

Page 13:
Shimaru: I don't really care all that much, but could we get the show on the road?
You guys've been whispering for kind of a while now.
Shimaru: I'm not gonna run or hide anywhere.
Let's have an open and honest talk.
Kon: Wh-What's going on here, Shimaru?!!
Shimaru: What's going on? Did you think I was gonna just keep my mouth shut when my neck's on the line? You've gotta be fucking with me~~~!!
If you're gonna make me appear on trial like this, I don't give a shit about trying to maintain being some mysterious character or any of that. Like hell I'm that devoted to this character. Seriously, Chief, what the fu~~ck?!!
SFX: PERA PERA PERA (Fast talking)

Page 14:
Guys:HEEEEY!! He's talking up a storm like a damn just broke inside him!!
Shimaru: What, am I not supposed to talk? Didn't you guys call me out here so I would talk? And now you're acting like I shouldn't be?
Then can I go home? My perm is kinda starting to droop. I sorta wanna go redo it.
Guys: That's the way he talks?! That's the sorta character he was?! I'm kinda shocked!!
Zura: Th... This can't be.
He's finally opened his mouth in a situation like this...?
With his desire to save his life, no matter how unsightly it is, he threw his character to the winds?!!
Gin: Got it?
I'll be talking in your place using this mic.
If you don't wanna die, move your body in a way to go along with what I say as if you were talking.
Even if you don't talk, you should be able to do at least that much, right?
Shin: Gin-san, can we really make it through this this way?
Gin: We took his request, so to just let him die now would make me feel guilty.
Happy people's mouths are hidden. And there aren't people that hear them talk often.
Conan's never been found out this way so we should be good to go too.
Shin: Gin-san...... you're talking into the mic.
T/N: This is a reference to the manga Meitantei Conan (Great Detective Conan)

Page 15:
Zura: Saitou-dono!! What was that statement you just made?!! Something about being found out?!!
So you have been hiding something unsavory!!
Gin: N-No, no!!
Kagura: I was talking about the culprit from Conan~~
That is usually pretty obvious every chapter, yes? I meant how in Conan there are those characteristic criminal faces, yes?
Gin: !!
What the hell is with that "yes"?!! He suddenly started speaking in broken language!!
Zura: Heeey! Saitou-dono, There really is something you feel guilty about, isn't there?!
Gin: Oh, you misunderstand. To speak truthfully, I have been keeping this secret, but I am actually from another countryyy.
Sushi, geisha, sumo, Japanimation saikou!! Conan saikou!!
T/N: Saikou means something is great/the best. Gin is talking really stilted like somebody who barely knows Japanese now.
Kon: Is... Is that what it was?!! I never knew!!
So he never spoke because he didn't understand the language?!!
Hiji: Uh, he was speaking pretty fluent Japanese just a minute ago, wasn't he?
Shin: We fooled them!! I think we managed to fool them, but now we've got to do a foreigner character from here on out!
What did you do to us, Kagura-chan?
Zura: So, which country did you come from specifically?

Page 16:
Shin: H... Hey, what country are you making his character from?!
What nationality is thaaat?! His top half and bottom half look like they're from totally different countries!!
Why did you have to go and do that, Saitou-san?!!
Gin: O... ONE MORE TIME, PLEASE. I do not know what you are saying.
Hiji: His hearing suddenly got bad. We're asking what your mother country is.
Gin: I do not know what you are sayiiiing!
Hiji: Ugh, your birthplace. Where is your birthplace?!!
Gin: I do not know what you are sayiiiing!
Hiji: This is the last time. If you don't answer, you're gonna be executed. Now where are you from?!
Gin: I am from the Republic of Idon'tknowwhatyouaresaying.
Hiji: That was the name of a country?! I've never heard of that! The Republic of Idon'tknowwhatyouaresaying?!
Gin: Fundamentally, you won't know what I'm saying even if I say the name of the country, so I don't blame you for not knowing it.
Hiji: What does that mean?!! Are you saying it's a name that I wouldn't understand if it's spoken or that the name is Idon'tknowwhatyouaresaying?
Gin: You really don't give up, do you? I do not know what you are saying, rotten Vice Chief.
Hiji: Hey, that "I do not know what you are saying" was serious, wasn't it?!!
Gin: I aam sorryyy. In my country, "rotten vice captain" is just how we end sentences. I meant no ill will, rotten Vice Chief.
Hiji: I'm not feeling anything but ill will from that!!
Kondou: Then we should speak in a way that is easy to understand, too. Right, rotten Vice Captain?
Hiji: You guys don't need to do it, too!
Okita: Well I suppose we have no choice then, right, rotten Vice Chief?
Hiji: You were totally aiming that at the rotten Vice Chief, weren't you?!!

Page 17:
Zura: Do not play dumb, Saitou-dono! The reason you have kept your mouth shut all this time is not because you're a foreigner, it's because you have things to feel guilty about, isn't that right rotten Vice Chief?!!
Hiji: If he's not a foreigner, then why do you have to use the "rotten Vice Chief"?!
Zura: I saw this man is using the authority of his internal investigations to purge those which would cause problems for him, rotten Vice Captain!
Hiji: I've got it, you can all just be executed!
Zura: In a way, I was!! You all saw it, didn't you?!!
When I entered the unit, he was targeting my life!
This man sensed that I would become someone that would threaten his position! And he's been keeping a watch on me ever since then!
Kon: Y... You did kinda charge at him out of the blue. Isn't that right, Shimaru...?
Shimaru: ...........
Gin: That is riiight.
That is because my job is to purge traitors within our ranks.
I could not let a rat that had snuck its way into our units get away, could I?
Isn't that right, Katsura-san?

Page 18:
Kon: Ka...
We're all wearing katsuras.
Who do you mean?
Gin: That's not what I meaaant!!
Gin: This man has infiltrated our ranks in order to destroy us from within!
He is the terrorist, Katsura Koutarou!!
Okita: Ka...
Big Bro Shimaru,
this one is "katsura" and this one is "hashira".
Paper: (Katsura)
[Leave the kanji on top]
Okita: Understand? Let's all write these kanji with their readings ten times with the each in our notebooks, shall we?
T/N: Okita uses a bunch of English and broken language in his speech. Gin says "fuck you" in English.
Okita: I guess you can't blame him. He's an Idon'tknowwhatyouaretalkingabout-ian. Japanese is pretty complicated.
Shin: HEEEEEY!! Because we're doing this foreigner character, they think all this is is a matter of getting kanji mixed up!!
Saitou-san! You don't have to write it! Seriously, stop!
SFX: KAKI KAKI (Writing)
Gin: Please do not think so lightly of me. I am quite capable of differentiating something like that.
Paper: (Katsura)
Okita: Big Bro Shimaru, those are both katsura.
Shin: What the hell were you copying doooown!!
T/N: That's Ogura Tomoaki. Japanese announcer, talent, radio personality. Widely know for wearing a wig.

Page 19:
Kondou: Hold it, hold it. Calm down, you two.
Both of you have made some very outlandish points. I don't think we can pass judgement.
Hiji: Do either of you have any proof that proves your innocence?
Zura: I think that all the work I've done up to this point should be better proof than any other. If I were a Joui Patriot, do you think I would be capturing Joui Patriots?
Kon: How about you?
You've been accused with abuse of your authority. That you've been spending every day just pooping and sleeping, not really carrying out missions.
Guys: He's not necessarily wrong about that.
Gin: I actually do have proof that I have been fulfilling my tasks of internal investigations.
My internal investigation journal notebook!
My daily work has all been recorded in here!
Let's take some day as an example.
Month ○ Day X
I heard a sound coming from the mess hall in the middle of the night, so I went to investigate Z.
Someone: What's the Z mean? Seriously, what style of talking do you have? Your character really isn't very clear.
Gin: Recently, there have been cases of items going missing from the refrigerator.
Misappropriation of Shinsengumi property, use of the mess hall after hours, this is a target for purging. I cannot overlook this Z.

Page 20:
Guy: I didn't... see anything Z.
Kon: What happeeeeened?!!
You totally saw something, didn't you?!! You saw something you shouldn't have, didn't you?!!
What did you seee?! Who was violating unit rules?!!
Hiji: H-Hey, I think that's enough. It's plan to see that you've been working hard.
Kon: No he hasn't! He let a culprit get away!
Gin: Then here's another day.
Hiji: H... Hey, I said that's enough!
Gin: Month ○ Day X
I heard a sound in the mess hall Z.
Recently there has been an outbreak of the Vice Captain getting diarrhea Z.
Kon: Hey, why did Toshi have diarrhea?! What's going on here?!!
Gin: It seemed like yesterday's mayonnaise had gone bad Z.
Kon: What do you mean, yesterday's mayonnaise?! Toshi, could you have...
Gin: It should have been replaced with a new mayonnaise.
I didn't... see anything Z.
Kin: Seriously, what happeneeeened?!!
Okita: Big Bro Shimaru, I understand.
You're innocent.
Hiji: Yeah, but you sure as hell aren't!!
Insert: The oddness of the Afros continues...!!
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 490
/ End

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