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Nejimaki Kagyu 70

A world riddled with enemies.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Apr 27, 2014 19:04 | Go to Nejimaki Kagyu

-> RTS Page for Nejimaki Kagyu 70

I like this volume. Most of it is characters other than Kagyuu getting to do things. Though it presents the problem of her coming off as a slight Mary sue.

Mangaunlimited only.


Chapter 70: A world riddled with enemies.

Kojika: Choose.
Do you want to be beaten half to death here?
Or dragged in front of the entire campus and beaten half to death before everyone.
{General affairs fourth seat: Kashin Kojika.}

{It happened again.}
{What’s different between this and every time before it?}
{I said I’d change…}
{The way I fight!}
Olufe: Though we’re calling this training…
A way to become stronger in a short amount of time does not exist.
However if you seek change,
Then you must dive deep into yourself….
Your way of thinking..
and bad habits.
Ageha: It’s from Matilda-senpai…
(Sfx- Pii *beep*)

{You have far too much self-confidence.}
(On phone- Ageha, you have far too much self-confidence.)
{On it’s own that’s not exactly a bad thing but…)
{You need to stop moving forward without stopping to think.
{Having some fear of your enemy is important as well.}
{If you can’t manage that much you will never defeat me.}
Ageha: Why is she so mouthy over text?
(Handwritten- And the emoticons are only pissing me off more.)
{Even a hundred battles will present no danger if you know your enemy and yourself. //by Ryuuko.) (*^_’)b
{The enemy….}

Ageha: Ah…
Isn’t that the student council president?
Kojika: Do I look stupid to you?
She’s obviously on the top floor of the tower.

Ageha: That was close.
(Sfx- Gishii *griiind*)
{Three hundred thousand volt wired stun tonfas!!}
(Sfx- Gishiii *grind*)
Ageha: I had to sink some considerable cash into these…
But the destructive power has gone up quite a bit.
I’ll have you become a sandbag for my little darlings.
(Sfx- Hyrurururu *spnnnnn*)
(Sfx- Gishii *Griiind*)
Ageha: That response….
Is she afraid of the president?
Though she seems calm enough..
But I should watch what method I use to get her info and not go overboard.

{First off I need to learn more about my enemy!!}
{To that end…}
{I need to dig up her hidden emotions and have them exposed in clear view!}
Ageha: I’ll rip that mask of yours off your face!!
Kojika: I’m sorta sick of seeing your lame-ass panties you know.
Ageha: I-it’s not like I wanted you to see them you panty idiot!
Consider this fanservice!!
And they’re totally not lame!!
Kojika: Not interested.

Kojika: Karasu! (Crow)
Mukudori!! (Grey starling.)
{I have to dodge these and slowly close in the gap!!}
{Once I find an opening I’ll return fire!}
Ageha: What’s that sound?!

Aghea: Guh!!

Kojika: Oomu (Owl)
{Meessss around with meeeeee!!}
{There’s no way I can take an attack from that thing and live!!}

{She’s the type of opponent who fights straightforwardly like a moron.}
{Is what she’s probably thinking!!}
{But she’s not laughing and doesn’t even appear to be the slightest bit happy!!}
{Are you even human?!}
Ageha: Kuh!!
{I can’t just rush in without thinking!!}
{Got too much self-confidence.}

{It’s totally not like I can help it!}
{I’ve always been number one in everything I do!}
{And influence…!}
{I’ve won them all!}
{I’ve got talent…}
{And the self-confidence to match!}
{I have no idea what fear even means!}
{For the sake of continuing to be number one…}
{To continue to act as one who is perfect would…!}
{I put in the effort!}
{Whether it was my friends…}
{My teacher…}
{Or even my family…}
{I could never let them see anything resembling weakness.}
{The result was…}

{Besides myself…I’m surrounded by enemies!}
{Complete solitude!}
{When I met Kagyuu-chan…}
{I understood!}

{For the first time…}
{That I had no enemies anywhere…}
{My true enemy…}
{Is the weak heart hidden within myself.}
{Kagyuu-chan acknowledged that part of me…}
{And called me a friend.}
{For the first time…}
{I trusted another person.}
{And felt the warmth…}
{Of no longer being alone.}

{For the first time, I wanted to succeed…to win for another’s sake!!}
{I wanted to change my entire world…}
Ageha: Suuhhh…
{For Kagyuu-chan!!}
{I’ll make you understand…}
{How much I want to win this!}

Kojika: Hm?

(TN- 付和雷同 is the kanji, which reads in Japanese ‘Fuwaraidou’ or ‘Following blindly.)
Kojika: Seems you don’t suck as hard as I thought…
But that’s still stu…
(Sfx- PAchiii *zzzt*)
Kojika: Wh..

(TN- This one reads 紫電一閃 in Japanese which reads ‘Shidenissen’ in romanji. The meaning in English is ‘flash of lightning.)
{Hows that for a straightforward attack…}
{Freak woman!!}
(Sfx- Boro boro *rip rip*)

Ageha: Nice to finally see your face.

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Serious Sam, lolman

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