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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Gintama 492

Smoke doesn’t rise in a place without love.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on May 7, 2014 23:08 | Go to Gintama

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Whoa. I just noticed that this is officially my 301st translation of Gintama. Which means 491 was the 300th. I wonder how many metric tons of text that is? If we melted it down and shaped it into a rocket could I aim it at Sorachi's house?

Hi wa mata noboru only.

???: Hey…..
Would you tell me what kind of place this is?
(Side text- Blooming girls gossip in the red light district…)
???: It’s a forbidden place where men who aren’t loved
Can come and be loved.
???: I can understand practicing the Koto and dancing…but is that kind of thing…loving without loving even possible?
???: Though I heard that if there is a customer that a girl can’t summon any feelings for…
Those in the know talk about a drug here in Yoshiwara…
If one were to take this drug no matter how much they hated someone they’d fall in love with them.
It’s a devilish love drug you see…

???: If we were to take that drug…
Do you think we’d be able to fall in love with the men like the older girls do?
???: I don’t know.
I have no interest in falling for any man.
??? Yeah..
I was alone back at home but I still left without even saying goodbye.
Even if I can’t love a person who loves me in this place…
I’d still like to properly respond to their feelings.
If a useful drug like that really exists…
I’d like to be able to convey myself truthfully.
???: Hotaru…if you rely on something like that is there any meaning of telling anyone your feelings?
Hotaru: I know what you mean but it’s all sorts of difficult to say these things…
People one likes…people one hates..
And of course people who fall for you…
Someday I’ll understand…
If I ever meet someone I really love.

Hotaru: And you will too I hope, Tsukuyo-chan.
(Side text- Even a prostitute’s true feelings come out with the moon…)
Lesson 492: Smoke doesn’t rise in a place without love.
(Sfx- Hah hah hah)
Dude: Hurry!!
(Sfx- Dahh *shfft*)
(Sfx- Hyaaan *wifff*)

(Sfx- Dodododo *thpthptpthp*)
(Sfx- zahhh *sfft*)
Dude: Th—
The Hyakka!!
(Sfx- Fuhhh)
Tsukyo: You might be able to sell bodies, but ya can’t go selling souls.
Returning home to reunite with your man and tell him your feelings…
Is why you said you wouldn’t fall for anyone….
But what are you doin’ runnin off to God knows where with some nobody?
You know…
You are a splendid prostitute too.

Dude: P—please! Just let us pass..!!
We have love…and no need for the cage known as Yoshiwara…
Tsukuyo: Then you wouldn’ mind leavin what you’ve got there on your back yeah?
She’s not just Hotaru…but one of our ladies of pleasure who’s workin’ desperately to be paid.
Dude: D—dammit!!!
(Sfx- Dododododo *thmthmthmthmp*)
Hyakka: Boss!!
H—Hotaru is…
Tsukuyo: I knew it…you’ve done somthin’ to her.
Speak up. What did you do to Hotaru?
She’s already got herself a man that she set her heart on.
She ain’t some cheap floozy who’d be seen with the likes of a bum.

Tsukuyo: Wh—
What’s this?
Hotaru: Tsukyo-chan…
I’m sorry…
I…smelt something strange on that customer…
And started to feel funny…
Tsukuyo: A smell?
(Sfx- Poro *droop*)
Hotaru: Yes…he lit some incense or something like it…
And when I caught a whiff of the smell and then looked at his face…
My heart started racing,
And I stared to feel woozy, so much so I couldn’t even stand.
Tsukuyo: Incense…

(Sfx- Pusu pusu *sssssss*)
Hyakka: Boss…that’s…
Booooosss!! Don’t sniff that!!
Someone put that incense out immediately!!
There’s a good chance that the incense…
Has special properties that alter the thought process!
When one sniffs this incense…
The first thing they lay eyes on…

Hyakka: They fall in love with…
It’s perhaps a love concoction…
Gintoki: Whooa, looks like we’ve got ourselves a fire here…
Hay you delinquent women, playing with fire here is a super big no-no. …oh wait it’s you guys.
(Sfx- Doooooh *fwoooom*)
Tsukuyo: The hell ya doin up there ya fooooool?!

Hyakka: B—booss!!
Th—thank goodness! It doesn’t seem that taking a sniff of the incense had any effect on you!
Tsukuyo: Damn straight. To begin with, there ain’t no such thing as a drug that makes people fall in love.
Besides, assumin’ there were such a thing I’m the leader of the Hyakka and I abandoned my femininity.
And there ain’t no way a drunk, perverted exhibitionist like him…
Is someone I’d fall in love (love is in big letters) with…
Hyakka: Booooooooossss!!!
That’s so hideously old fashioned!!
You’ve completely been ensared haven’t you?! Look at your eyes! Your eyes!!
(Sfx- Zuboooshaaah *blooorsh*)
Hyakka: Boooossss!!
Tsukuyo: Don’t worry none. If these two eyes lead me astray then I’ll get rid of ‘em.
Hyakka: Boss!!
Tsukuyo: These empty holes that were once eyes ain’t no good anyway, now that his filthy pole has been burned into ‘em.

Tsukuyo: All I need is the two balls…(2 balls is written big.)
Hyakka: Wait….
The tes****** are what you see?!
Gintoki: Huh?
So the love drug…
Is this ‘incense’?
Shinpachi: S—something like this actually exists outside of love comedies?! Isn’t it like one of the o-parts or something!?
Kagura: If it really exists history would be overturned, yes?
Hinowa: Exactly. That’s why we’ve had it sealed away in the deepest parts of Yoshiwara…

Hinowa: This is actually called the ‘Aizen incense’. A secret medicine.
Getting just a whiff of this substance overstimulates the pleasure center of the brain causing it to lose rationality and cave in.
It was an item created to illicit a response like true passion from one’s partner while here.
In older times, it was used for it’s aromatic scent of aloes-wood perfume, but it’s effects were far too strong and it became known as a dangerous ‘devil scent’ which was subsequently banned.
I would have never thought that Yoshiwara still had a supply of these…
Lately there have been a rash of cases where prostitutes would take a shop’s money and run away…
And customers having disputes that lead into bloodshed….it would appear that this is the cause.
???: In short in order to take the women from here…
Customers would use this to fool them…
Hinowa(?): That’s right. The Aizen incense, causes one to lose sight of themselves…
After all these escorts who have seen training through hundreds of battles would only be swayed by this poisonous fragrance…
Gintoki: What’s so much fun about drugging a woman and taking her away?
Hinowa: I’d like to know that myself actually. I have no idea how people like you could find this enjoyable.
The amount of parties who lack refinement and choose to enjoy themselves in this repulsive way seems to be growing.
Gintoki: Those sorta guys are the ones who have to give up and use Viagra after the first 100 steps aren’t they?
But dude if you’ve gotta dope up before the game even begins then you’re not in the right situation. Rather than erotic stuff, try going into sports.
(Sfx- SOoon *thok*)
Tsukuyo: What the hell are you even ‘talkin abouuuut?!

Hinowa: Tsukuyo…how is the investigation? Have you been able to find out where the Aizen incense is?
Tsukuyo: Everyone who’s come inta contact with the incense ends up just like Hotaru…
They get over stimulated by the incense and black out. There’s no way we can interrogate ‘em for clues.
B—by the way Hinowa…
Do—do ya know how long this love drug’s effects are supposed to last?
Hinowa: I can’t say I do. I suppose it depends on how much of the incense was absorbed by the body?
…By the way why are you sitting so far away?
Tsukuyo: N—no reason.
Hinowa: Then by all means please join us over here.
Tsukuyo: N—naw, R—right here is fine….I feel calmer when I sit in the corner like this.
(Sfx- Doki doki doki doki *throb throb throb throb*)
{S—so tight…}
{My chest is so tight…}
{Just bein’ in the same room as him might cause my ticker to break…}
{If I get any closer to ‘im, Imma suffocate to death for sure.}
{Wh—why did this sorta thin have to happen to me…}

{That thing…}
{That booger creation plant….}
(Sfx- Hoji hoji *rub rub*)
{Looks like tha earl of boogerland to me…}
(Sfx- Hoje hoje *s'effacer s'effacer*)
GintokI: Dude are you still on what happened before? I’m tellin ya I couldn’t help it. I was stinkin’ drunk.
In any case you’re one of the filthy hookers here in Yoshiwara too yeah? Seeing one or two man poles or a set of two or three balls shouldn’t be a big deal. In fact it should be like playing with a kendama to you chicks.
{He’s sayin some awful things but I’m just hearing the earl’s voice in my heart…}
Gintoki the earl: I allowed you to see something embarrassing haven’t I? But you know your stunning figure causes my own heart to race pitter pat.
If it pleases you I’ll show you my everything…my sweet kendama you.
{I can hear tha earl’s soul screamin’ out to me…}
{I’ve gotta calm down. This is an illusion created by the Aizen incense. There ain’t no earl here.}
Hinowa(?): If you sit so far away you can’t possibly hear the important parts of this conversation. Hurry up and come here.
{I ain’t about to lose to some love drug!!}
Tsukuyo: Ain’t ya’ll kinda close?!

Gintoki: Well I mean if we don’t get nice and close like this we can’t possibly call it a conversation…am I right?
Tsukuyo: This is an important meeting and stuff…
Hinowa: Why is it the closer we get, the quieter you become?!
Kagura: I cannot hear, yes? Tsukky what is wrong? You seem strange today, yes?
Tsukuyo: I—I’m okay.
Kagura: Hey, look at me!
Hinowa: You’re really trying hard to not look this way…
Gintoki: Hey. S’matter with you?
Shinpachi: Gin-saaaan!!
Kagura: Ah, she’s writing something, yes?
Hinowa: Ah, I see. So you’re drafting up the plans for movement from here on in…no wonder you were acting so strange…it was brainstorming?
(Paper- The method to completely purge the Aizen incense from Yoshiwara. 1) Find the location where the incense is coming from and shut it down. 2) Collect all of the incense and keep it from being used for wrongdoing.)
Shinpachi(?): Ah I see. Makes sense.
(Paper- 3) Plan for battle with everyone for a little longer.// 4) More planning for battle with everyone.)
Shinpachi(?): Um…excuse me, but it seems we’re doing a lot of planning but not a lot of…anything else. Is that okay?
(Paper- 4) If we could just keep planning together forever that’d be great wouldn’t it…)
Shinpachi: What would be great?! To what extent are you planning battle strategies?!

Shinpachi: Ah, so this is a map of Yoshiwara?
This is where everyone in tha Hyakka will begin their investigation.
(Circled- Hyakka.)
Shinpachi: And this is where Gin-san and Tsukuyo-san will…
(Heart- Gintoki and Me.)
(Sfx- Kyuuh *reeh*)
Shinpachi: Oh I see, I get it! LIKE HELL I DO!!
(Sfx- Kyuuh *reeh*)
Tsukuyo-san?! What on earth have you been doing this whole time?!
(Sfx- Biri biri *rip rip*)
(Sfx- Zeh heh zeh heh)
{This ain’t no good! My body won’t do what I tell it!!}
{I ain’t gonna be able to complete this mission with him if this keeps up!!}
(Handwritten- Well damn.)

???: It’d be good if we took these somewhere else.
Tsukuyo: Dispose of these Aizen incense somewhere so no one will use ‘em again.
We’ll keep lookin’ around to see if any more turns up.
You hear?
We ain’t gonna let anyone use this devil’s scent to play with anyone else’s hearts.
So I’m dependin’ on you to take the Aizen incense,
And completely erase it from this world.
Gintoki: Yeah yeah. We get it already.
Tsukuyo: I want ya to guarantee that you’ll do tha job.
{This is for tha best.}
{If he ain’t here then there’s no problem.}
{There won’t be anything holdin’ me back like there was up until now and I’ll be able to move around freely.}
{That’s right…if he ain’t here…}
{If he ain’t here…}
{If he ain’t here….}
{Wait…he’s not here?}
{Ain’t no helpin it…I’ll go too.}
Gintoki: What the hell are you dooooing?!

Gintoki: Don’t you have work to do HEEERE?!
Tsukuyo: Th—there are enough people to take care of it.
I—I’m more worried about you guys then them. I wanna make sure you dispose of the incense.
Gintoki: No need to worry. Along with the idiot riding in the carriage we’re going to drop everything into a magma stream somewhere.
Tskuyo: Eh? Well…can I tag along until you get to the magma?
Gintoki: No you can’t tag along dammit! Why are you so happy to be a pain in our ass woman!?
Now hurry up and get off!!
(Sfx- Dokinn *Throbbb*)
Tsukuyo: Aaaaaaahhh!!
(Sfx- Dooon *bump*)
(Sfx- Dooon *thoom*)
(Sfx- Garaan *clatter*)
(Sfx- Buaaah *thod*)
(Sfx- Hiiiiih *fwooop*)
(Sfx- Dododododododo *thothohooom*)
Dude: Gyaaaaah!!!
(Sfx- Zufooohhhh *fwooomp*)
(Sfx- Gyaaaah!!)
(Handwritten- It’s a fiiiireeee!!)
(Side text- And here’s the premonition to chaos…!!)

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