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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Gintama 492

Smoke Rises in Places Without Love

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on May 13, 2014 01:42 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 492

Only for use by HWMN

[Gintama 492 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Someone: Hey,
has anybody told you what sorta place Yoshiwara is?
Insert: A girl talk blooming in the red light district.
Title: "Gintama"
Someone: I've heard it's a place where you're forced
to like men you don't like at all.
I don't mind practicing dancing or playing the koto, but I dunno if I could do that.
But I also heard that for girls that can't make themselves like their customers no matter what,
there's a secret drug well known to a select few in Yoshiwara.
That drug is supposed to make you immediately like somebody no matter how much you couldn't stand them.
A devilish love potion.

Page 2:
Girl: I wonder if people like us, or one of you, Big Sis,
could fall in love with one man after another?
Tsuku: ...I dunno.
I've never fallen in love with a man.
Girl:: Yeah...
I had one in my hometown... But we ended up parting without me ever being able to say anything.
If it's good enough to make you like someone you don't like at a place like this,
then it would probably have been enough for me to tell him my feelings.
If only I had a drug as convenient as that one,
then I could've been honest with him.
Tsuku: Hataru...... Is there any point to conveying feelings you could only convey by relying on something like that?
Girl: You might be right... but it's all so difficult.
Whether it's someone you hate or someone you like,
I'm sure someday you'll understand
what it's like to have strong feelings for a person.
Once you really fall in love,

Page 3:
Girl: Tsuyuko-chan.
Insert: The moon shines on the prostitutes' true emotions---
Title: Lesson 492
Smoke Rises in Places Without Love
Guy: Hurry!!

Page 4:
Guy: !!
Guys: TH...
The Hyakka!!
Tsuku: Even if we sell our bodies, we don't sell our hearts.
Tsuku: Ya'd said that until ya met up with the man from yer hometown
and told him how you felt, you'd never fall in love with anybody.
So what are you doing eloping with this nobody,
become a great courtesan, too.

Page 5:
Guy: P-Please, let us go! W-We're...!!
Tsuku: Ya can do whatcha want. Yoshiwara ain't a cage anymore.
But whatcha got on yer back, you're gonna have ta leave behind.
That ain't just Hotaru's, it's money all tha courtesans worked tirelessly ta earn.
Guy: Guh.
Guy: G-Goddammiiiit!!
Hyakka: Boss!!
Hyakka: H-Hotaru is...
Tsuku: .........
I thought so... He did somethin' to 'er.
Hey, bastard, the hell'd ya do ta Hotaru?
That woman had a man her heart was set on.
She ain't the sorta loose woman that'd be seduced by a good-fer-nothin' bastard like you...

Page 6:
Tsuku: ?
This is...
Hotaru: Tsukuyo...chan...
I'm sorry...
I... whiffed some... strange smell...
that that customer gave to me... And it made me go crazy.
Tsukuyo: A smell?
Hotaru: Yes... He burned something... kind of like incense...
After I smelled that cent... the instant I saw the customer's face...
My heart started beating fast
and I just couldn't help myself.
Tsuku: Incense...?

Page 7:
Hyakka: Boss... Um... That thing...
Boooooosss! You mustn't smell it...!!
Put it ooooout!! Hurry, put that incense oooout!!
People: That incense is most likely
a special kind of incense that enacts a unique effect on the brain.
Tsukuyo: !!
Somone: The first person you lay eyes on
after you get a whiff of that incense,

Page 8:
Hyakka: you'll fall in love with.
It might be a sort of... love potion.
Gin: UI~~~~~ penixtinguishing comple~~~te. Er,
ya know, this really ain't a good place to be playing with fire, you buncha bad girls... Huh? Hey, ain't you guys...
Hyakka: What are you exposing to us, you bastaaaaard!!

Page 9:
Hyakka: B... Boooooss!!
Th... Thank goodness! It doesn't look like there's been any... You managed not to smell the incense, correct?
Tsuku: 'A course. Like hell somethin' like a love potion even exists anyhow.
And besides which, I'm the head of the Hyakka. I discarded my womanhood long ago.
And really, a man like that? Some pervert that publically exposes himself? I could never l... l... l...
love him. ["love" big.]
That's so clicheeeeeee!!
You've been completely affected, haven't you?!! Your eyes! Your eeeeeeeeyes!!
Tsuku: No need to be concerned. If these eyes of mine are led astray, then I need only to remove them.
Hyakka: BOOOSS!!
Tsuku: These vacant eyes will no longer meet with that good-for-nothing's poll any longer. All that will be in my eyes now...

Page 10:
Tsuku: Are two balls. ["two balls" big.]
Hyakka: No, wait,
Gin: HAA
You're sayin' that this "incense"
is a love potion?
Shin: Th-That sorta thing doesn't exist outside of romantic comedies!! That's really out of place!
Kagura: If it really does exist, then it could overturn all of history up to this point!
Hinowa: Exactly. That is why it has been locked away deep within Yoshiwara.

Page 11:
Hinowa: These are a secret drug known as "Aizen Kou".
T/N: Aizenkou is a pun on Aizen Myoo. Another name for Ragaraja, a Buddhist deity of love.
Hinowa: Simply sniffing it will cause the victim to fall into a state of arousal. Their brains will produce an excessive amount of pleasure-enduing substances.
This causes them to feel emotions similar to love a person close to them at that moment.
Long ago, it was an agarwood used in Yoshiwara, but because of its great potency, it became regarded as a "devilish aroma" and was banned.
I never thought that it would still be circulating inside Yoshiwara to this day...
Recently, there have been many courtesans taking the money from shops and eloping.
Many customers have been causing bloodshed with their lovers' hands in theirs. It seems that this was the cause.
In other words, the courtesans have been using it to seduce customers,
and the customers have been using it to make the courtesans fall for them.
Yes. They've indulged in Aizen Kou and lost sight of themselves.
As you can see, even the veteran courtesans have fallen for this venomous aroma.
Gin: Where's the fun in landing a woman with a drug?
Hinowa: My thoughts exactly. There are some things that are only interesting because they don't go the way you expect them to.
But recently, there have been more boorish people that don't know how to play.
Gin: Even conceding that, for the main event there's still Baiagura.
T/N: Here, Gin says "Viagra" in kanji to make it old Edo-like.
Gin: But if you wanna dope up even for the foreplay, then there's nothing erotic or elegant. It's more like a sport at that point.
Tsukuyo: What the hell are you talking about, you bastard?!!

Page 12:
Hinowa: Tsukuyo, how is it going? Have you found the source of the Aizen Kou?
Tsukuyo: We captured the man that was in possession of the incense, but everyone's like Hotaru.
They overdosed on the incense which caused them to lose their sense of self, so they can't give testimony.
B... By the way, Hinowa,
h... how long do the love potion effects of it last?
Hinowa: Well, I don't really know. It depends on how much of it the victim took in.
...By the way, why are you sitting so far away?
Tsuku: N-No reason.
Hinowa: Could you come a bit closer?
Tsuku: N-No. I'm f-f-f-fine right here. Corners are are cool and calm me down.
Hinowa: What are you sweating for? We're not playing Othello. Taking the corner isn't going to mean anything.
Tsuku: Th... This is painful.
My chest hurts.
Just being in the same room as him makes my chest feel like it's going to burst open.
If he gets any closer, I'm certain I'll die.
Why... Why is this happening...?

Page 13:
Tsuku: Something like that...
That snot producing factory...
SFX: HOJI HOJI (Picking)
Tsuku: Looks like a the Earl of Snot!
Gin: You're not still annoyed about that, are you? I couldn't help it, I was dead drunk.
["That" in italics.]
I mean, you're still a woman of Yoshiwara, right? So seeing an eye full of a rod or two or two or three balls is like playing with a cup and ball toy for you.
Tsuku: He's saying these godawful things but I can hear the voice of an earl...
Gin: I'm sorry for showing you something so embarrassing earlier. Seeing you just made me feel so far gone.
I wanted to show you all of me. It was a cute ball-and-cup game, wasn't it?
Tsuku: I can hear the soul of an earl yelling out!
Calm down. Stare up ahead. This is an illusion caused by the Aizen Kou. There's no Earl at all.
Hinowa: If you're all the way over there, we can't talk about the important things we have to discuss. Come on closer.
Tsuku: Like hell I'm gonna get some stupid love potion beat me!!
Hinowa: Isn't that a bit close?!

Page 14:
Gin: Uh, I said you should come closer or you wouldn't be able to hear, but isn't that a little too close?
Tsuku: W... Well this is an important strategy meeting.
Gin: Why is the volume of your voice inversely proportional to how close you are?!!
Kagura: I cannot hear you. Tsukky, what is wrong? You seem a bit off today, yes?
Tsuku: No, I'm perfectly fine.
Gin: Hey, look this way, wouldja?!
You're obstinately not looking this way!
Gin: Hey, what's wrong?
GYAAAAAA! My eyes... my eeeeeyes!!
Kagura: Ah... She is drawing something!
Hinowa: Ah, so you were mumbling ideas so you could write them out in a plan, huh?
Paper: What we should do in order to completely eliminate the Aizen Kou from Yoshiwara
(1) Find the source of the Aizen Kou and cut it off at the root.
(2) To prevent the confiscated Aizen Kou from being used for nefarious purposes, we dispose of it.
Someone: Okay, okay, I see.
Paper: (3) Let's work out a plan together a little more.
(4) We continue working out a plan further.
Someone: Um, excuse me, do you think we might be refining the plan a little too much?
Paper: (5) We continue refining the plan forever. It's okay if it never ends.
Someone: What do you mean okay if it never ends?! Just how much of a plan do you want to concoct?

Page 15:
Someone: Oh, a map of Yoshiwara?
So we have everyone in the Hyakka investigate around here?
Handwritten: Hyakka
[The text on the individual buildings is too small to read, and isn't really meant to be read. That should all be left in]
Someone: And Gin-san and Tsukuyo-san go here, huh?
Why is it in a heart shape?!!
Handwriten: Gin Me
Someone: Oh, I see. So it's not like that, huh?
Someone: Why'd it turn into an umbrella you're shariiing?!!
Someone: Tsukuyo-san?! What exactly has been going on with you this whole time?!
SFX: BIRI BIRI (Ripping)
Tsuku: This isn' working!! My body won' do what I tell it!
Tsuku: If I stay with him, I won' be able ta finish tha mission!

Page 16:
Someone: We should do something with these.
I want ya'll to dispose of these confiscated Aizen Kou so they can never be used again.
And we'll keep on lookin' fer the source of the things.
Got it? We can't let this devilish fragrance that plays with people's hearts run rampant anymore.
We're gonna rid this world of every last Aizen Kou.
I'm countin' on ya.
Gin: Okay, okay, got it.
Just make sure you've got out payment ready.
Tsukuyo: ......This is for the best.
I should be find as long as he's gone.
I can act freely, unfettered by anything, just as I always have.
Yes, as long as he's gone
as long as he's not around...
He's not here?
Huh? He's gone?
......Oh well. I guess I'll just go with him.
Gin: What the hell are you doiiiing?!!

Page 17:
Gin: What about your job over theeere?!!
Tsuku: Th... They've got plenty 'a people over there.
I-I'm way more worried about you guys. I dunno how you guys are plannin' on getting rid 'a this incense.
Gin: Don't worry about that. We're just going to dump this carrier into some magma along with the idiot sitting in it.
Tsuku: Huh? I can stay with you all the way to the magma?
Gin: No, it is not okay! What're you making such a happy face for?! I'm gonna drag you off 'a there, you shitty bitch!!
Get the hell off already!!
Tsukuyo: WAaAAAA
SFX: HYU~~~~
Sign: Grilled Eel
Handwritten: A firrrre!
Insert: You can already expect plenty of chaos...!!
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 492
/ End

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