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Nejimaki Kagyu 74

The way things are now.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on May 11, 2014 16:39 | Go to Nejimaki Kagyu

-> RTS Page for Nejimaki Kagyu 74

And so I keep on marching ahead. The volume is almost done and I'm feeling positive in the first time in years....which means something is going to go wrong soon...

Mangaunlimited only.

Ageha: Hey wait a second!
Don’t you think that lil miss Emo is getting far too much attention? Is that gonna be okay?
As long as my panties are showing I’m fine?
My panty flashing has become modern art?
Wait a second! I don’t want people to start expecting me to show them all of the time!!


Kojika: The hell you starin’ at?
Don’t go casually tryin to cop a look at my mouth…
Especially a little turd like you.
Ran: Sharapoaaaaaaaa!!
(TN- No idea. When I googled it I only got the Russian tennis Player Maria Sharapova. I seriously doubt that’s what it means, but I’ll write this note to cover my bases.)
Chapter 74: The way things are now.

Ageha: Ngh..
Ran: Ah! Kojika! Ossu! Ossu!!
Ageha: Wha…
Whaaaat?! What is this?!
Tomie: Huh….were you always right there? Panty brained woman…
Chapter 74: The way things are now.

Tomie: I’ll consider the fact that your panties weren’t already showing…
A minor victory for you…
Ageha: I suppose I’ll give you credit for not getting your butt whupped already too~
And my panties showing now is your fault yanno.
Ran: Ah! Kojika!! Your mask got ripped off huh?!
Don’t worry be happy!!
I think you look better now without the mask anyway!!
Kojika: Shut the hell up, asshead.

Ran: Tomie!! We might have run into a roadblock, but we’re gonna continue our battle!!
Tomie: If that’s what you want…
(Sfx- Parararara *fwippp*)
Ageha: Hey!!
Listen to---
They’re fast!!
When did gloomy sue learn a move like that…?
Kojika: Fheeeew.
Ah whatever.
I’ll tell you…
Why this here is so important to me.
(Sfx- Suhhh)

{It was the day where we were deciding our duties as the student council members…}
Elisa: From now on we’re going to become something akin to a family.
What is it that you want to do?
{Those with overly strong character…}
{Us who could only bear anger towards the world…she was the one who gave us a place of our own.}
{The president was like a compassionate holy mother to us….she gave us salvation.}
{What I could do to…}
{Respond to this was…}
Kojika: I am…
A tool.
I will become your tool madam president.

Kojika: With this…
From here on in I will never spit up these feelings for you…I pledge this.
Elisa: Kojika…
(Sfx- Rehhh *lick*)

Elisa: I will make good use of you.
(Sfx- Roh *slurp*)
Ageha: Oh! Nice work gloomy sue…
You already beat that girl down huh?
Kojika: Ran got beaten?!
That’s impossible!!

{Negative Campaign.}
Ageha: You talk about tool this, tool that but…
But the honest truth is you’re actually worried about that Ran person.
You can’t rid yourself of emotions completely huh?

Ageha: You’re not a tool, but a human.
(Sfx- Buchii *rrip*)
(TN- Actually I guess it might be better to keep the kanji. I dunno. Scantlators can make their own decision I guess. It’s ‘付和雷同’by the way.)

Ageha: Now to end this!
(Sfx-Kachihhh *shfft*)

(Sfx- Chichichichii *zzzzzt*)
(Sfx- Pachihhh *click*)
{Stockpiled hidden explosive blade.}
(TN- Peacock.)
Kojika: I gotta give you props…
You made me use my trump card…!!

Aghea: How long are you going to keep lying to yourself?!
Kojika: What?!
Ageha: I admit some fun in spinning falsehoods..
Kojika: Che..!!
Ageha: Lying to yourself is just painful isn’t it?!
Kojika: ………Ngh…

Tomie: I’d expect no less from a skank.
(Sfx- Hah Hah)
Ageha: Shut your face emo bitch!
(Sfx- Hah hah)
Ran: Are you okay Kojika?!
Aghea: You know we…
Changed when we met Kagyuu-chan!
Tomie: Yes…we matured…
My world broadened….
Ageha: And I was able to trust others.
When we met Kagyuu-chan, we were able to live better than before.
We’re different from the two of you who exist only as tools for your president…
The way things are now…

Both: Is much more fun!!!!

Ageha: Though there’s one person I could do without.
Tomie: That’s my line.
???: Shall we end this…
And find out which one of us is right?


(Sfx- Zuruuhh *sssht*)
Egumi: Olu…
???: Heh…
Now isn’t this a surprise…
She completely scrapped all of the Panser dolls…

Elisa: The camera is over here right?
We shall…
Make this one flashy.

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