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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Gintama 496

Whether it’s spring or winter…

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 5, 2014 22:24 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 496

I figured out that I ship Sorachi X low text chapters.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Side text- The finishing shot for Yoshiwara?!)
(Sfx- Doooon *Thooom*)
Gintoki: Knock this crap off.
You bastards with your zukkonbakkon who get off too fast..
Can’t go firing off your cannons on people’s honeys.
(TN- When I searched Zukkon bakkon I just found a lot of porn. Needless to say it’s probably something filthy.)

Gintoki: I won’t let even a single petal…
Of my honeys…

(Sfx- Gakaaahhh *sheeeen*)
(Sfx- Gofuuhhh *thoooom*)
Tsukuyo: Gintokiiiii!!

Kagura: It was stopped, yes?
Shinpachi: No!!
There’s smoke coming from that mansion!
No way..
Is it a flame coming from the love drug?!
(Sfx- Pusuh pusuh *fsssh*)
(Sfx- Kun kun *sniff sniff*)
Gintoki: Huh?
(Sfx- Pachi pachi *zssssht*)
Gintoki: GYAAAAH!!!
Someone put it out!! Put it out!! My ass hairs!! My ass hairs are gonna get permed!!

Tsukuyo: What’dya think’s gonna happen if you run around startin’ fireees?!
(Sfx- Aaaaaaaaaaaughhhhhh!!!)
Tsukuyo: O—oh crap! The massive quantity of tha love drug is startin’ to smoke…!!
(Sfx- Gehoh gohoh *cough cough*)
Tsukuyo: O—oh no…
Hotaru: It’ll be fine.
With this everyone will return to normal.
This isn’t Aizen incense.
It’s Aidan incense.
(TN- Literally; ‘Love severing incense.’)
(Sfx- Hoooooohhh *fwoooooh*)
Hotaru: It contradicts the effect of the aizen incense.
In short…
(Sfx- Gehoh gohoh *cough cough*)
Hotaru: Rather than being a love drug…
(Sfx- Gehoh *cough*)

Hotaru: It’s a drug that turns feelings of love for a person…
Into hatred.
(Side text- Tranquility…)
Lesson 496: Whether it’s spring or winter…
???: Basically…
She had this up her sleeve from the very beginning.
There was a mansion full of the Aizen incense anti-drug that she could burn.
So that those who had ingested the love drug could return to normal.
Upon her suicide.
After being loved….
She intended to end it all.
No…what if…

???: It was more like she couldn’t get back the love she lost…
But couldn’t forget about it either?
In that state of being unable to do anything…
Perhaps what she wanted most was someone to stop her.
I suppose as someone who began here around the same time as herself, she expected you to come in from behind and save her Tsukuyo.
Tsukuyo: I din’ do anything before though…
It’s only now that Imma have to act.
Hinowa: I don’t suppose that we could just let this go? After all everything’s been resolved…
Tsukuyo: She dragged the lot of us into this huge mess. Girl’s gotta take responsibility for that.
Hinowa: B—but everyone’s been returned to normal…
And while there were victims, falling in love and fooling each other is pretty much Yoshiwara’s main stray..
Shinpachi: Hinowa-san…
Is he…
Really back to normal?
Gintoki: How filthy.

(Book- Koujien.)
(TN- A Japanese dictionary published by Iwanami.)
Gintoki: The ghastly practice of encouraging illicit sexual conduct in exchange for monetary gain…
Is filthy!
Relationships between both sexes should be pure! No…in fact it is the mere existence of you women that lead us men down the path of temptation and wickedness!
I’m not simply referring to Lady Hotaru when I say this! All of the city of Yoshiwara shall be judged!
The entirety of this lewd city shall immediately meet with fire and burn to the ground!!
Shinpachi(?): How is this normal?
Kagura: He turned around completely. He went from a lecherous playboy to a stick in the mud who hates women, yes?
Gintoki: You two there! How dare you walk out on the main street of this lecherous city holding hands?! The cost of your crime of public indecency is looking up the kanji for ‘shame’ in the dictionary immediately!
Tsukuyo: Will you stop that?
Before ya go lookin’ for ‘Shame’ in tha dictionary, you should start with ‘intelligence’.

Gintoki: Do not try to lead me astray woman! I’ll have you know I’ve mostly memorized the ‘chi’ part of the dictionary!
(Highlighted- Chibusa //Nipple)
Tsukuyo: Where the hell are you higlightin’?!
(TN- ‘Chisei’ is intelligence, and ‘Chibusa’ is nipple. I’d write out the definition too, but do you guys really care?)
Tsukuyo: Ya act like women are tha worst things in the world, but the fact is yer quite interested in ‘em aren’t ya? In fact seems like you’re a mite bit scared of approchin’ em. Are you some kinda cherry boy virgin?
Gintoki: M---moreover, why on earth are you wearing those highly lecherous clothes?!
A—aren’t you basically naked?! Unacceptable!! Everything about you down to your nipples are unacceptabl---
(Sfx- Dodoohh *thoood*)
(Sfx- Gaaann *tok*)
Gintoki: And you theeeere!! How dare you prostrate yourselves in a sexual position right in the middle of the street! Look at that man lying on his back!! It’s lewdness at it’s worst!!
(Sfx- Gang an *thok thok*)
Tae: I thought I told you not to follow me damn Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla!!
Kondo: Not my scientific name! Anything but that!
Shinpachi: Y’know, when one thinks about it, there’s not really a difference between those two pre or post love drug.
Kondo: That’s not it Otae-chan! I—I just wanted to…
Go shopping with and hold hands as female friends often do!!
Shinpachi: He’s still missing is p*nis though.
Gintoki: Yoshiwara is fierce with this mad play! I have to do something to keep it from spreading!
(Highlighted text- Shudou//Male homosexuality.)
Tae: Why are you highlighting there?! Moreover, who’s a man dammit?!

Kyuubee: Ugaaaaaaaaah!!!
Gintoki: GYAAHHHH!!!
(Sfx- Buoooohh *fwoooof*)
Kyuubee: Tae-chan, run for it!!
(Sfx- Aaaaaghhhhh!!)
Kyuubee: It’s dangerous hereeee!!
There are mushroom monsters everywhere!!
(Sfx- Aaaaaaagh!!)
Kyuubee: Uwaaaaaaaah!!
Shinpachi: Heeeeey!! She’s seeing illusions!!
(Sfx- Gyaaaahhh!!)
Shinpachi: No matter where you look, not a damn thing changed with these people!! Rather than love or hate, the’ve completely devoted themselves to idiocy!!
???: Gyaaaaah!!
(Highlighted text- Shinki iitten// Starting anew.)
No way….Gin-san!!

Gintoki: I dislike girls so I suppose rather than go with them or men for that matter, I’ll settle with a Gorilla here instead.
Kondo: Is what we thought but…yeah it’s a no go. There are bananas that even a Gorilla won’t eat, I guess.
Gintoki(?): Let’s forget this. Forget about bananas.
Kondo: Sure.
(Sfx- Gagoooon *kachunk*)
Tsukuyo: They’ve decided on your judgment.
I assume ya already prepared, yeah?
Hotaru: …Yes.

Hotaru: I wonder how many years it’s been..
Since you and I walked the streets side by side like this, Tsukuyo-chan?
A lot of things have changed since then…
The city….and of course us…
But I believe it’s you who’s changed the most Tsukuyo-chan.
After all, now you have someone that you like.
Tsukuyo: Th—that was the fault of that damn love drug! Now I’m…
Hotaru: If that’s the case why is your face bright red even now?
I’m sorry…it’s because of me that you’ve been through quite a bit..
The same goes for the person who’s most precious to you…I’ve given you great problems haven’t I..
Tsukuyo: I’m tellin’ ya that’s not how it is.
Moreover it’s not like after all this happened that he’s gonna become a useless and listless man of the worst kind…
Cause he was like that from tha start.
It’s not that he brings happiness to women…
It’s that no matter what enemies he’s up against, no matter what kind of situations he finds himself in, he’s never been one to become someone else.
‘Cause of that…at some point he managed to slip into someone’s heart all without them knowin’.
He really is a no good man.

Hotaru: I see…
(Sfx- Kusu *teehee*)
Tsukuyo: That man’s uselessness will never change.
Hotaru: But it’s not all bad is it?
In the end he opened up Yoshiwara’s celing…
And apparently even freed the hearts of the women in Yoshiwara.
Tsukuyo: Open tha gate.
Guard: Where will you take the criminal?
Tsukuyo: She’s a prostitute that Yoshiwara has used up.
At least until the end she should be able to remain just a woman.
So I’d like to escort her to the surface.
(Sfx- Gogogo *rmmmmble*)
Guard: I see.
It doesn’t change whether you’re on the surface or down here…I feel the world is full of suffering.
Even if you leave here, there are women who cannot and never will. Even though men enter here, there are men who cannot and never will.
Did that person come again?
Yes. As usual they simply stood before the gate….an outsider looking in.
I wonder what they’re doing? He seems on the verge of coming in. Despite there being women here could it be he has no money?
They can’t possibly play around with that body though…
Didn’t you know?

Guard: A long time ago Yakko-san was a carpenter with a great deal of skill.
He got mixed up with a prostitute and ended up losing his way though.
His boss made him a promise of his social standing, and even went as far as offering his daughter for marriage.
But he made a promise with a prostitute and refused all of it it seems.
{Once I’m standing on my own two feet…}
{I promise to come back for you.}
Guard: And from there he worked desperately on his own, but found it impossible to get ahead.
And then he ended up getting hurt and worse yet all alone….the poor man couldn’t even walk anymore.
{Will you wait…}
{Here for me until then?}
Guard: He hoped to meet the prostitute woman again…
But with his body was a hindrance, and he couldn’t return for her.
Being unable to meet with the woman he desired he could do nothing but wait outside the gates of Yoshiwara.
There isn’t a point of worrying about it though as a prostitute being forgotten is part of the game.
Love in Yoshiwara…
Is an illusion that scatters after a single night.
Tsukuyo: Hey…
Ain’t the elevator here yet?

Guard: Come to think of it, that thing is pretty slow huh…..and it appears the other elevators are unusable.
Is this one out of order too?
It can’t be out of order. Go and check it out would you?
Hyakka: Boss!
We’ve got trouble!!
Tsukuyo: What? Yoshiwara’s systems are down…?
Is this the work of a insurgent?
Hotaru…I’m sorry.
Just wait here for a second, yeah?
Don’t go runnin’ away now.
Hotaru: Wait…
Tsukuyo: I know you wanna keep runin’ but you can’t no more.
The illusion you created don’t exist anywhere.

Tsukuyo: If you’re gonna wake up from your dream, now’s the time to do it.
It’s spring outside of Yoshiwara.
And the flowers…
Have already bloomed…
(Sfx- Pihh *beep*)

Gintoki: It’s all…
Over at last…
Dude, I’m sick of smoke, smoke that causes love,
Incense and everything related to it.
Though there’s still an idiot standing beside me polluting my air with her second hand smoke.
Tsukuyo: You’re right…
And that’s good enough.
Whether it’s winter or spring..
Bein’ at your side from time to time…
Blowin my second hand smoke at you is a kind of happiness too.
(Sfx- Fuuhhh *wfooosh*)
Gintoki: What the hell are you doing?!
Is that really tobacco?! God, that stench!! What are you smoking? Is that DJ flavor you’re huffing?!
(TN- Apparently that’s a ‘lady brand’ of cigarettes in Japan. I guess sorta like ‘slims’ here in the US.)
(Sfx- Gehoh gehoh *cough cough*)
(Sfx- Kera kera *hack hack*)
(Side text- Smiles bloom in the city of flowers today too!!)

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