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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Gintama 496

In Both Spring and Winter

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jun 9, 2014 17:17 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 496

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[Gintama 496 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Title: 'Gintama'
Insert: The finishing shot to Yoshiwara...?!
Gin: Enough already.
You bunch 'a premature ejaculators
just plugging away with your artillery at other people's honeys...

Page 2:
Gin:I won't let the petals
of one more flower
of my honeys faaaaal!!

Page 3:
Tsuku: Gintokiii!!

Page 4:
Kagura: Did he stave it off?
That smoke coming from the mansion...!!
It can't be...
Some flames leapt onto the love drug...?!
SFX: PUSU PUSU (SMouldering)
Gin: HUh?
SFX: KUN KUN (Sniff sniff)
Somebody, put it out! Put it out! My butt hairs... even my butt hairs are gonna have a natural peeerm!!

Page 5:
Tsukuyo: Hey, what's gonna happen if ya light these on fire?!!
Th... This ain't good. All that smoke comin' from tha love drug...!!
Tsuku: D... Dangit!
Hotaru: ..........
Hotaru: It's all right.
Now everyone will go back to how they were.
Tsuku: !
Hotaru: THis isn't Aizen Kou.
It's Aidan Kou.
T/N: Aidan Kou = Love Termination Incense.
Hotaru: It's a drug that stops the effects of Aizen Kou.
In other words,
Hotaru: It's not a love drug...

Page 6:
Hotaru: It's a drug that makes you
hate your loved ones.
Insert: A calm----
Author: Sorachi Hideaki
Title: Lesson 496
In Both Spring and Winter
Someone: ...Which means
that girl was planning this from the beginning.
She was going to set this mansion full of a drug that would halt the effects of the Aizen Kou on fire,
bring everyone affected by the drug back to how they were,
and then commit suicide.
She planned to end everything
while she was still loved.
No, maybe...

Page 7:
Hinowa: she couldn't get back her lost love
but she couldn't forget him, either.
Being at such a loss herself, maybe she
wanted someone to stop her.
At the very least, your gudance may really have saved her, Tsukuyo.
Tsuku: ........
I haven' done anythin'.
I'm only about ta start.
Hinowa: I suppose not everything is completely settled...
Tsuku: Somebody's gotta take responsibility for all the ruckus she caused.
Hinowa: B... But everyone's gone back to normal.
And even if some damage was done, deceiving those that'vefallen head over heels in love is Yoshiwara's specialty, in a way...
Shin: Hinowa-san,
you're saying
that that has gone back to normal? ["That" in italics.]
Gin: It's unclean.

Page 8:
Book: Ooedo Publishing
Koujien Dictionary
Gin: To incite illicit sexual relations and to be able to buy such a thing with money...
it's unclean!!
Relationships between males and females should be pure! No... The very concept of girls is nothing but a wicked temptation that block the paths of us boys!!
That goes not only for Miss Hotaru! All of Yoshiwara deserves judgement!
This shameless city should be set afire at once!!
Kagura: Back to normal, you say?
That lady-killer took a 180 and has turned into a woman-hating tight-ass, yes?
Gin: You two! Walking along a major street hand in hand...? What shameless behavior!! That's nothing less than public obscenity! Go consult your dictionaries for the word "shame"!!
Tsuku: Wouldja quit it?
Before ya get ta "shame" maybe you should look up "brains".

Page 9:
Gin: Please do not belittle me. I've practically memorized all of the 'b's'.
Dictionary: Shameful part which
Breast [Highlighted]
The part of female Mammals which
in on order to give
Tsuku: Where the hell're you writing red lines?!!
Someone: How is he a woman-hater?! He's clearly somebody who's interested in women but he's just scared and can't get close to them! He's just a stiff-as-a-board virgin, ain't he?!
Gin: Wh... What are you doing in that shameless outfit, anyhow?!
Y-You're practically naked, aren't you?! That's inexcusable!! It's outrages how the clothing around your bre-
Gin: Y... Yooooou!! Cowgirl-style in the middle of a street...?! What shameless behaviorrr!!
Otae: I told you to stop following me, Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla!!
Someone: Don't use the Latin name!
Shin: When those two are in love isn't actually all that different from when they're fighting.
Kondou: You've got it all wrong, Otae-chan! I... I just wanted the two of us
to hold hands as fellow girls and go shopping together!!
Shin: Though his p*nis is still torn off.
Gin: Yoshiwara truly is a terrible place. There are even rough sexual plays like this running rampant?
Dictionary: Male Homosexuality
A loving relationship between
two men
Shin: Wait, seriously, what the hell are you marking off?!! And who are you calling a man right now/!!

Page 10:
Somebody: UGAaAaAaA
Kyuu:Tae-chan, ruuuun!!
This place is dangerouuuuus!!
Kyuu: Mushroom... Mushroom monsteeeeers!!
GIn: HEEEEY! I think you're seeing something that isn't theeeere!!
Shin: Not one of these guys is any different from before!! Even if their feelings of like and dislike have changed, their actions are still utterly idiotic!!
Someone: GIYAAAA
[The stuff on the right's not relevant. It's just some other definition]
Dictionary: Fresh Start
To enter in a new, pleasant-feeling direction due to some impetus. To change one's mind.
Someone: What exactly got replaaaaced?!
Don't tell me, Gin-san!!

Page 11:
Gin: A misogynist and a gorilla that is neither a man nor a woman. We have truly found where we belong.
Kon: I thought so, but on second thought, no. Even gorillas have bananas they eat and bananas they don't eat.
Gin: Let's just both forget about bananas all together.
Kon: I guess you're right.
Tsuku: Get out.
Yer judgement has been handed down.
Ya've prepared yerself, right?
Hotaru: ...Yes.

Page 12:
Hotaru: How many years has it been
since I've walked next to you like this, Tsukuyo-chan?
Quite a bit has changed since then, though, hasn't it?
Both the city... and us.
But I think you're the one that's changed the most, Tsukuyo-chan.
I can't believe you've actually found someone you like.
Tsuku: Th-That was because of tha love potion... Now I'm completely...
Hotaru: Then why is your face turning red, I wonder?
Sorry. There was quite a lot of confusion because of me.
And quite a lot of troubling things happened to the ones you care about as well, Tsukuyo-chan...
Tsuku: I toldja, tha's not...
Anyhow, no matter what happens now that weak man's not gonna shake his bottom-of-the-barrel status.
That's just how the guy's always been.
He ain't the sort that can make a woman happy.
No matter what enemy's in front 'a him, no matter what situation he ends up in, he'll never belong ta anyone.
And even so, at some point he ends up in yer heart.
He's that sorta shitty man.

Page 13:
Hotaru: ...Is that so?
Sounds like a good-for-nothing just like that man.
SFX: KUSU (Teehee)
Hotaru: They really are quite unwieldy, aren't they?
Even now that the ceiling has opened
the hearts of the women of Yoshiwara cannot be free.
Tsuku: ..........
Open tha gate.
Guy: Where are you taking the prisoner?
Tsuku: She's a courtesan that's devoted herself ta Yoshiwara.
So for her final moments at least,
I want her to see the surface as a normal woman.
Someone: I see.
Hotaru: So you think the surface is a world of suffering just like this place?
As there are women that can't leave here even if they want, there are men that can't enter here even if they want.
Someone: So that person came again?
Yes. Just as always, he's just standing in front of the gate gazing in.
What is that person doing every time? There are tons of courtesans in here. Maybe he doesn't have any money?
With that body, he can't come play.
Haven't you heard?

Page 13:
Guards: That man used to be quite a skilled carpenter, apparently.
But he became engrossed in a courtesan and fell to ruin.
He was even promised a position of leadership, but when he was offered the boss's daughter's hand in marriage
he turned them down, saying that he'd made a promise to a courtesan.
But once I'm able to stand on my own
I'll come back to get you.
Guards: So then he couldn't stay there anymore. So he became independent and worked as hard as he could on his own, but it was too much for him.
As you could see, he got injured and not only could he not stand on his own, he couldn't even walk.
Guy: Can you wait here for me until then...?
Someone: It looks like he wanted to see that courtesan all that time,
but if he came to meet her with a body like that, he'd just be bothering her.
That's why he stands outside the gate like that, staring into Yoshiwara, never even meeting the woman.
I told him not to worry, seeing as the woman's probably forgotten all about him by this point.
Love in Yoshiwara
is an illusion that wilts in one night.
Tsuku: Hey.
Is the elevator still not here?

Page 15:
Someone: Yeah, it sure is taking a while. And it looks like the other elevators aren't in use.
I guess they're out of order.
Someone: Don't guess, go check them!
Sign: Under Suspension
Woman: Boss!!
There's something very troublesome!!
Guys: Something... in Yoshiwara's system of machinery...?!
Is this the work of the insurgents?
Tsuku: ...Sorry, Hotaru.
Wait for be here a bit.
Don't run away.
Hotaru: ...Wait,
Tsuku: ...Even if ya want to, ya can't run away anymore.
Tha illusion ya made's gone.

Page 16:
Tsuku: Now that ya've woken up from yer dream, ya should be able ta see, right?
Tha world outside Yoshiwara is Spring.
Flowers are
already blooming.
Elevator: 1 2 3 4 5

Page 17:
Gin: ...Well, it's finally
I'm seriously sick of it. Everything about falling in love.
And I'm sick of smoke and incense.
Even normally, I'm constantly inhaling some idiot's secondhand smoke.
Tsuku: ..........
Is that right?
Well... that's plenty.
Whether it's Spring or Winter,
once in a while I like just bein' next ta you like this
and blowin' poison gas in yer face. That's enough ta make me happy.
Gin: What the hell're you doin'?!
Is this really cigarette smoke?!
Have you been smoking some some irritating fragrance?! Like DJ Kaori or something?!
T/N: DJ Kaori is a DJ and J-Pop artist. Kaori also means scent/fragrance.
Insert: Smiles bloom in the red-light district (flower city) today as well----!!
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 496
/ End

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