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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Gintama 497

Steel and the demon king can be beaten back with heat.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 12, 2014 04:38 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 497

I won't lie and say that I enjoyed going through this wall of text, but I also can't lie and say that it wasn't funny. A bit of quid pro quo with myself is exactly what keeps me sharp and mentally dexterous at midnight, when I must be up for servitude in exactly five hours.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Sign- Blacksmith.)
???: Apparently a metal that no one has ever seen before was discovered on a planet in some remote region.
A metal that’s amazingly light, doesn’t rust and has the toughness of diamond.
If someone were to beat this metal into the shape of a sword, what kind of sword would it be?
As a blacksmith my interest in this is endless. I’d really like to get my hands on the metal itself.
So while I’m away, I’d like to entrust you all with my business.
Don’t worry you won’t have to forge anything.
The only work I’m asking you all to do is to mind the storefront, and if customers do come to either return their swords or take them in for safekeeping. That’s it.
I’m leaving it to you…
(Side text- The Yorozuya house sits for the first time!!)

Gintoki: She’s sure got some strange tastes.
Looking for stuff like Orichalcum during an age like this where swords are prohibited essentially guarantees that all one is gonna find is horse manure.
Shinpachi: But wow…look how many swords she’s keeping for customers here. They’re sure to show up for them.
Gintoki: What kind of era and what kind of people are going to show up?
Lemmie see..
This sword looks pretty decent but there are no markings to indicate it was used.
It was probably nothing more than a decoration on it’s owner’s side. I’d say this is owned by a Bakfu official.
This one reeks of blood. It’s got no name attached but it looks like it’s been repaired a lot.
More likely than not this is the specialized weapon of a patriot.
The Bakfu guys and the terrorists are enemies but they still come to the same place to get their swords. Blacksmithing is tough work hu?
Shinpachi: Moreover, Gin-san..you can look at a sword and generally get an idea of what kind of person used it?
Gintoki: Yeah. It’s sorta like how when you see a car you can tell what kind of dude drives it.
Cars with their frames lowered to the ground are usually driven by hoods, and when they’re passengers they take their shoes off before entering.
You can also tell that it’s the brats with long hair at the nape of their neck who sit at the back of the car who are hoods as well.
Shinpachi: Um it seems pretty obvious that somewhere along the line this conversation got sidetracked from cars and detoured into hoodlums.

Gintoki: You can tell all kinds of things about a samurai’s status from his sword, watch and car.
Kagura: Then Gin-chan. This sword…
What kind of owner did it have,?
Gintoki: Looks like a cursed one to me. I guess he tried equipping it and ended up doing it wrong. The sword ended up destroying him as a result.
Kagura: Ooooh.
Shinpachi: Why is the owner included with the swoooooord?!
Kagura: Eh? This is a strap, yes?
Shinpachi: What kind of strap has a warrior’s corpse hanging from it?!
What the heck is this?! Tetsuko-san who asked you to take care of this for them?!
???: Excuse uuuuus~!!
(Sfx- Zahh *shfft*)

Guy: The sword we entrusted to you…
I hope it is finished now Tetsuko-dono.
(Side text- Heroes have appeared!)
Lesson 497: Steel and the demon king can be beaten back with heat.
{A literally out of this world customer came…!!}
Guy: I see..
So Tetsuko-dono is out, huh?
I’ll introduce myself. I am the hero Roto Sixs.
I am a fresh talent from Hero star who was raised to defend the peace of the galaxy.
Gintoki: Planet Hero?
Roto: It’s a place where heroes born to put a stop to the demon king’s disorder of peace throughout the galaxy are raised. I heard that the galaxy demon king Theramis had been born on Demon king star so I made haste to travel out here.
Shinpachi: Demon king star? I wonder if there’s a thing like courtesy there?

Roto: However during our journey Takeshi who is a warrior in our party equipped a cursed weapon and ended up like this.
It was at this point that we heard of an excellent blacksmith on this planet and entrusted her with the sword so that something can be done with its current condition.
Shinpachi: Um…are you sure you didn’t come to the wrong place?
I don’t quite get what’s going on here but normally going to a Church is how curses are removed…
{I will remove the curse and revive you.}
Roto: This sword of destruction is an extremely powerful weapon but it is also cursed.
We’d like to be able to use the sword, but something would have to be done about the corpse.
Shinpachi: That’s your request?! You’re just going to ignore the fact that your party member got killed?! Are you seriously a hero?
Gintoki: Can’t you just use the sword of destruction as is?
Shinpachi: What?
Gintoki: Let’s say you do get that corpse off the sword. The fact that it’s curse still remains which renders the sword unusable.
So then you shouldn’t use the sword directly and instead use Takeshi here as an intermediary…a handle to grip like so.
(Handwritten- Using it this way you won’t be cursed right?)
Roto: I see. So there’s that option huh? And I’m sure that Takeshi would be overjoyed as well.
Shinpachi: But poor Takeshi can’t do much of anything anymore!!
(Sfx- Buuun *wfft*)
Roto: I knew it was right to visit this craftsman as her name is known all around the galaxy.
Can I entrust you with another favor?

Roto: The galaxy demon king Theramis can only be defeated by a warrior of legend who can pull the galaxy god blade Cosmos
Out of this pedestal. It’s said that the Galaxy God sword is essential to defeating the demon king.
We finally managed to get our hands on this legendary sword but sadly it’s been damaged considerably during its long slumber.
We would like you to repair this sword so that it can once again be used.
(Sfx- Gotoon *thud*)
It’s fairly obvious that it doesn’t recognize you as a hero at all! You should have the power to take it out of the stone!!
Roto: It won’t be long till the demon king draws close to this place…there’s no time to waste…we must make haste to Shobelka.
Shinpachi: What kind of hero are you?! Shouldn’t you just go to Shobelka to defeat the demon king?!
Roto: The decisive battle with the demon king draws close. You must act in haste for the sake of peace in the galaxy.
Shinpachi: Drawing the legendary sword from the stone isn’t the job of the blacksmith but the hero, right?!
Roto: We’ll leave this to you while we rest at the in for a spell.
Shinpachi: Hey wait!! Take Takeshi with you!
How did this happen? Tetsuko-san has customers like these?
What should we do Gin-san? We’ve been charged to take care of a sword like this…

Kagura: Tetsuko just told us to serve customers, yes? But we cannot leave this as is.
It is a matter of the fate of the universe.
Gintoki: Yeah. I mean if it’s just pulling this sword from the pedestal, we can figure something out.
Shinpachi: But that’s a legendary sword. Only a hero can pull that out.
Gintoki: Even if we don’t have legendary heroes we’ve got legendary hookers who can pull it off.
Shinpachi: What the hell are you plotting to pull up?!
Ugh, I knew it…it’s not budging an inch.
(Sfx- Guu guuu *pull pull*)
Shinpachi: We’re never gonna get this out.
Gintoki: There’s no real need to pull it out in the first place.
Those guys didn’t say one thing about pulling it out did they?
They just said they wanted the sword to be usable. Which means in short that as long as it can stab things like a sword should then all’s good.
Shinpachi: Huh? How would one use a sword in this situation?
Gintoki: Basically the problem with this sword is that it can’t stab right? So if we craft the rock it’s stuck in…
Sort of like this then it becomes the perfect sword.
(TN- The word they’re using for sword is ‘Ken’. I’m assuming this guy here is a comedian named Ken or something so the pun is that it is a perfect ‘Ken’. Just not a ‘sword’ Ken.)
Gintoki: It’s the legendary sword Ken right?
Shinpachi: Whether it’s legendary or not doesn’t matter here!! It’s not the kind of Ken that can be used to stab right?
Gintoki: Fine then, we’ll have a Ken who’s sword stabs Ken. Hows that?
Shinpachi: It’s not that sort of problem!!
Gintoki: Then we have Ken and Ken popping out to stab the legendary Ken.
(Handwritten- It’s cause I’m awkward…)
Shinpachi: We don’t need more than one ken popping out to begin with!! How is this even awkward!? It looks like a perfect example of sleight of hand right?!

Kagura: Then there is no choice but to pull it out, yes?
Shinpachi: Listen Kagura-chan, even if it’s you pulling that out by force is impossible.
Kagura: I understand that, uh-huh. It is impossible to pull it out of the rock, yes?
I will remove the stone from the sword then!!
(Sfx- Gosahaaah *thoooom*)
You broke iiiiiiiiit!!
The legendary sword has been broken!! What kind of legend is this?! Of idiocy?! Of death?!
Kagura: This is the legendary jack knife…
Shinpachi: What the hell is the legendary jack knife?! Does that sorta thing even exist?! The sword’s basically just a base now!!
Kagura: No matter what kind of sword it is if it cannot be drawn then it is just blunt, yes? But this jack knife can cut the throat of the demon king.
Shinpachi: I’ve never heard of a hero challenging the demon king with a jack knife!! That’s one demonic hero!!
Kagura: What should we do? At this rate the hero will be defeated by the demon king.
???: Excuse meeeee!
Anyone theeeere?

(Sfx- Babaaaan *doooom*)
Shinpachi: Wh..
Who are all of you!?
???: Heheh…
So it’s you people who have the title of the galaxy’s best blacksmith..
(Sfx- Zahhh *sfft*)
???: I’ve found it…
At long last.
Excuse me….I’m the galaxy demon king Theramis and I made an appointment in advance…
Would you please have a look at the sword I intend to leave with you?

{What in the word was Tetsuko-san thinking?! Does she know that each swing of her hammer influences the fate of the universe?!}
Theramis: Um…I did give you some of the details on the phone but…
In all honesty I had it in mind to seize control of the universe, but these pesky things known as heroes have made that such an inconvenience.
The single best method of burying these heroes in ruble would be the galaxy demon blade Mahinas…
A legendary sword that only the true demon king should be able to pull out of it’s pedestal and claim for himself.
As it has been in slumber for the past ten thousand years, it has unfortunately become rather rusted…
{Just where has the legendary demon sword been stuck in?!}
{That’s a can of peaches isn’t it?! The demon sword has been stabbed into a can and they can’t get it out?!}
Theramis: This demon sword traditionally is the mark of the ruler of all that is evil. I can’t possibly go into a decisive battle with the heroes with it in this state.
{So whether they be hero or villain, it’s basically a case of the swords not acknowledging them?}
Theramis: It’s my hope that before the heroes show up that you could put haste into repairing this problem.
Though I do understand that there’s no such thing as a sword that can be forged in a day.
So to give you a bit of assistance I’ll leave one of my underlings, rotting Kyoshi to help you.
Kyoshi here will continue to assist you with this endeavor until he rots.
Shinpachi: What kind of assistance is this?! It’s just creepy dammit!!

Shinpachi: Now what will we do?
We’re still in the midst of working on the hero’s sword and now the demon king has left his too…
(Sfx- gokiii *snap*)
(Sfx- Bokiii *crackle*)
Shinpachi: You brooooke iiiit?! Why’d you break this one too?!
Gintoki: It’s obviously the only thing to do. If the demon king and hero mix it up and only one of their swords is short then it’ll be obvious that it was broken.
However if both of them use tiny swords of the same length, then they’ll just figure ‘This is what the legend stacks up to be, huh?’ And go with that.
Those are legendary swords!! If they find out that we broke them we’re going to have to pay reparations for sure!!
Gintoki: Which is exactly why they can’t find out. Hey hold on, doesn’t the hero’s sword look a little longer to you?
Kagura: Leaving it that way means that the hero will have the advantage, yes? That is good.
Gintoki: Don’t be stupid. As blacksmiths we’re not supposed to pick sides, and such know nothing about the demon king as an enemy or the heroes as our allies. We just pick up a hammer and slam it into the metal with all of our strength. That’s what a blacksmith is all about.
(Handwritten- Don’t you watch Tetsuko when she works?)
Shinpachi: Yeah, I feel really uncomfortable when people who broke the swords with their full strength say that kind of thing…
Gintoki: Lets scale the hero’s sword back some.
(Sfx- Gang an *thok thok*)
Kagura: Huh? Now it is the demon king’s sword which is longer, yes?
(Sfx- Gang an *thok thok*)
Gintoki: Now it’s the hero’s again.
Ugh, now the demon king’s…
this is hard to do properly.
(Sfx- gang an *THok thok*)
(Sfx- gang an *Thok thok*)
Both: Is this the legendary beam saber…?

Shinpachi: The blades of both swords have practically vanished!!
Gintoki: No, the beams can only be seen by the true demon king and hero. They’d come out right about here.
Shinpachi: This is horrible!! Things were actually better when they were stuck in a rock and peach can!!
Gintoki: That’s it.
The problem here is the length. All we need to do is stab them into something to fool those guys into thinking they’re still pretty long.
How about this?
If the legendary swords were stuck in a stone and a peach can and then removed…
Then there should be no problem if they’re inside hero and demon king like objects.
Shinpachi: That’s Takeshi and Kyoshiiiiii!!
Gintoki: Now it looks as if they killed their rivals.
Shinpachi: Well they certainly were dead but not from what you’re doing!!
Gintoki: With this Takeshi and Kiyoshi will be rewarded for stopping what could have been a long and pointless battle.
I’m sure Takeshi and Kiyoshi don’t’ want to see their friends hurt anymore either so it works out.
Shinpachi: But they’re the one’s who have been hurt the most!
Kagura: All right. Now we will give the demon king corpse to the heroes, and the heroes corpse to the demon king, and all will be settled.
Gintoki: There’s a teensy little problem here…
Which one is the demon king’s sword…
And which one is the hero’s sword again?

Roto: How many times must I say it so you’ll understand you fools?!
Are you purposely trying to mock me?!
For now on we’re not going to move vertically but horizontally!!
{One hero appeared//One magician appeared//One fighter appeared.}
(Handwritten- Like this!)
Roto: And when we gather with our comrades it’s not going to be with one or two people but one or two beings!! Do you understand?!
Cleric: Ever since he equipped the legendary sword he’s been like this…
He’s like a completely different person from before…he’s become belligerent, referring to himself as supreme and saying things like he’s actually ten thousand and eighteen years old…
Even his breathing has become different…sometimes he breathes ice, and other times beams…
Earlier I saw him in the forest speaking to the monsters in their language…
Theramis: How many times must I tell you all before you’ll understand?!
For now on we’re not going to move horizontally but vertically!!
And this is how we’ll walk with our allies no matter how many of them there are! Single file line everyone! Anyone who ruins the line will be sent to the carrage!
(Sfx- Zoro zoro *shift shfft*)
Theramis: And don’t forget to save and take medicines immediately after taking damage!!
Monster: Ever since he got that sword he’s been acting weird…
His majesty seems like a different person…he’s so…gentle now.
He’s even taken to calling us a ‘party’ lately, and going into people’s houses and rifling through their things.
Earlier I saw him having a casual conversation with a slime for godssake.
Shinpachi: Giving them those swords has completely changed them!!
Thanks to putting the demon sword into the hero and putting the god sword into the demon king their evolution into each other’s paths as a hero and demon king have begun!!
We have to hurry and return them to normal or…
Kagura: Does it really matter which way we do it? They are still like a demon king and hero, yes?
Gintoki: People never know where they’re going to end up. Whether you’re a granny or granpa or a man or a woman. This is sort of the same thing.
Shinpachi: Oh C’mon! It is not!!

Shinpachi: For now, we should focus on returning the swords back to their original places….that should revert them for sure.
Gintoki: Fine…I mean it’s like whatever but can I ask one thing?
So we’ve got Takeshi and Kiyoshi right
Which side is Takeshi with and which side is Kiyoshi with? I sorta can’t tell who’s with who now.
(Sfx- Nurihh *tppp*)
???: Hey hero..
Get your ass back to the carriage.
You’ve forgotten your role as the hero who will overthrow the demon king. You don’t have the right to spearhead our party anymore. Get lost.
(Sfx- Kyaaah!!)
Cleric: It’s the grand hero Kiyoshi-sama!!
I’m no hero.
At one point I was just a man killed by the demon king and then allowed to continue on as a puppet he controlled. Nothing more than a filthy marionette.
I was nothing more than rotting Kiyoshi.
However I have been reborn using the power within the god sword….and now I understand…
Who is really rotten….and who is really filthy…
It’s the heart of the accursed demon king!!
Just you wait…once my sword has been forged you’ll be the one who’s no more than a stinking corpse!!
???: What’s the matter Theramis?
Theramis: Nothing….
???: Hmph…have your old wounds started throbbing?

???: Me too…
(Sfx- Kata kata *shiver shiver*)
???: The curse within me and this sword of destruction….
The Church left me aside to die…
So I in turn…
Will kill them.
The time for our decisive battle draws near…so do not forget to obtain a weapon of your own.
Theramis: Yes, Exaulted demon king Takeshi-sama!
Both: We’ve returned.
Why are the two swords the ones who returned here on their own?!
Why have the swords of the hero and demon king the ones who lord over their masters?!
The power of the legendary swords actually managed to revive them Gin-san!!
Gintoki: Which one of them is Takeshi and which one is Kiyoshi?
In any case we have to do something about the god sword and demon sword or else the seeds of a new war between the grand hero and exalted demon king will be planted…
Gintoki: Dude, you guys got a little bigger since the last time I saw you.
Kagura: It has been some time but it appears this one is bigger yes?
That is not fair, yes?
(Sfx- Gohhhh *thoook*)
Shinpachi: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!

Gintoki: That’s no good. Now he’s slightly bigger.
(Sfx- Gaaan *thoood*)
(Sfx- Gyaaaaaah*)
Shinpachi: Um…Gin-san…
Kagura: Now this one is a little bigger, yes?
(Sfx- Dogooohh *thoooom*)
(Sfx- GYaaaaahhhh!!)
Shinpachi: TH—that’s the exalted demon ki—
Both: These are the legendary beam sabers…
Shinpachi: WE’RE BACK TO THIS?!
You guys keep hitting the blade until there’s practically nothing left!! Are you even paying attention!?
Gintoki: I said it before, a blacksmith is only concerned with putting his full strength into hitting the iron.
Shinpachi: I think I get it now!! YOU GUYS ARE NEVER TO BE BLACKSMITHS!!
(Sfx- kusu kusu *hee hee*)
Tetsuko: No…
I’d say they’re unexpectedly qualified for it.
Shinpachi: Tetsuko-san?
Tetsuko: Thank you for minding the place while I was gone for a while…
Sadly I wasn’t able to find the illusionary metal….
But thanks to that I was able to find an even better iron.
A sword which is really light, doesn’t rust and has a toughness that matches diamond..
A sword hammered out not because of battle but to prevent battle from being born.
This sword will usher in a peace that people wish for from the bottom of their hearts.
A truly legendary sword.

Tetsuko: I think if you give it to them….
Everyone’s feelings will be conveyed perfectly.
And this will…
Certainly put an end to their fight.
Theramis: This isn’t the place for us to wage war.
Roto: Yes…there are other more important things for us to do.
Theramis: Change of plans everyone.
Roto: Yes. The party of heroes will support the demon king’s army in an effort to ‘Steadily gain reparations’
(Sfx- Gyaaaaaah!!)
(Sfx- Kuwaaah *roaaaaar*)
{Of course I can’t say…}
{They won’t wage war against you.}
(Side text- The Yorozuya ran away….)

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Yeah, that's a lot of text.
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'Hi wa mata noboru only' I'm truly thank you for working on gintama
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