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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Gintama 498

Rain of oil.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 18, 2014 22:49 | Go to Gintama

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Yeah sure, Oda can make one bitch cry over a boat, but Sorachi gets one to bitch cry over a vending machine. after only one chapter. I think it's clear who the winner is here.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Side text- Somber June rainstorms…)
Tama: Pardon me…
I don’t suppose I could share this shelter from the rain with you for a little while?

Tama: This seasonal rain is troublesome for us both isn’t it?
After all moisture is a machine’s arch nemesis.
I can’t even go to work in this weather….
If only…
The rain that falls from the sky were oil…
Then we machines would be free.
Ah. The rain appears to be ending.
With this I hope..
The two of us can do our best at work.
(Side text- What thoughts transpire here at the corner of the city…?)
Lesson 498: Rain of oil.

Tama: Excuse me…
May I have a carton of ‘Seiten’ please?
(TN- Seiten reads ‘Clear skies.’)
Lady: Tama-chan, this is the last time you’ll be able to run errands at our shop…
So take this opportunity to tell that old bat Otose to quit smoking.
As far as the elderly go, she should be enjoying her time watching the seasons pass and not sucking on an ash tray.
Tama: I knew it, you’re intending to close up shop aren’t you?
Lady: I would have thought that old bat would have sucked up her lifespan along with those cancer sticks of hers.
Tama: Whether she’s sick or well, Otose-sama is always waiting for me.
It would be troublesome for her if the place where she gets her seiten –old cigarettes they may be were to disappear. I do hope you’ll return even if it means having to modify to a simple vending machine.
Lady: There’s no one who comes to a rundown place like this to wish it to reopen other than that old bat.
Humans and machines are fated to someday rust. That’s the honest truth.
My partner and I have wiled away too much time here…this is a good opportunity to pack it in.
Tama: Partner?
Lady: Yes. My partner has been here through all of those very long years working alongside me. It’s more of an old fart than I am.
(Sfx- Ban ban *slam slam*)

Lady All it is now is a silent occupant of the rain shelter…
A iron piece of trash.
Hijikata: Hey granny…
I put money in this thing, and I’m getting neither cigarettes nor a refund from it. What gives?
Lady: How many times do you want me to tell you the same thing?!
My rusted piece of junk is no good with calculating extra change! You have to pay the exact amount!
Hijikata: How the hell does a vending machine function if it can’t count change?!
(Sfx- Gann *thok*)
Lady: Not there, here!!
(Sfx- Gon *thok*)
Lady: Ah, something came out.
Hijikata: It’s been smoked…but not by me…
Lady: Hold ooooooon!! Why is a vending machine smoking other people’s cigarettes?!
It’s because you were kicking it in a weird place that my machine’s gone bad!!
HIjikata: The hell is wrong with you crap ass vending machine?! Give me back my smokes and my cash dammit!!
(Sfx- Gaan *thok*)
(Sfx- Gaaan *thok*)
Lady: Stay strong you piece of garbage! Absolutely do NOT give him back his change!
Hijikata: Granny!! Are you guys in cahoots here or what?!
Tama: No more violence, please.

Tama: It isn’t a piece of defective machinery.
Even if it’s body is trusted, it still wants to strive hard to be useful to people through it’s service. A machine’s soul never rusts.
It’s body and soul cannot be allowed to wither….and you, once in a while it’s okay to voice your thoughts.
You’ve done splendid work for such a long time…
There’s no need to fret, if today you have anything you’d like to spit up plese do.
I’ll be glad to hear you out.
Lady: A different thing entirely got vomited up!!
Tama: It appears to have been drunk for the last two days.
Hijikata(?): Heeey!! What vending machine gives a vending machine a cup of booze?!
But hey, this thing really can do what it puts its mind to huh? With this many cigarettes I won’t need to buy any for a while.
(Handwritten- See ya.)
Lady: Waaaaaaaaaait!! Come back here thief!!
Someone call the police!!
Hijikata: That’d be me. What of it?

(Sign- Regrettably due to circumstances beyond our control operations will be closed for a short while.)
Tama: Oh dear…my umbrella suddenly won’t open….
What should I do? The ingredients will get wet…
Pardon me…
I don’t suppose I could share this shelter from the rain with you for a little while?
This is a fine shelter from the rain…
It could even be where one could skip work If they wanted…
No need to worry…
My employer is a woman who won’t die even if she’s killed…
I’m sure that things will take a turn for the better..
And she will return soon.

Tama: So there’s no need to think that you were abandoned…
You aren’t an iron piece of trash at all.
(Sfx- Chariiin *clatter*)
(Sfx- Gataan *tunk*)
Tama: After all…
There are customers who need you to be here for them.
However it seems I over bought these since they were one carton for 500 yen..
If I buy these all at once then I won’t have a reason to come and see you for some time..
Please sell me one box at a time. That way I’ll have to come here and buy one every day.
(Sfx- Bariin *doosh*)
(Sfx- Dohh *thok*)
Tama: Are you listening to what I’m saying? Are those tears?
(Sfx- Poro poro *drip drip*)
Tama: If one box is no good and makes you cry then how does two sound?
(Sfx- Kusuh *teehee*)
Tama: Let’s both…
do our best at work.

Gintoki: Huh?
Tama met a man?
…Do machines even have genders?
Otose: Perhaps you dullard men can’t tell the difference, but a woman has eyes for these things that can’t be fooled.
Gintoki: You’re a woman? Do old bats even have genders…?
Otose: Although if you just take a glance at her it appears she’s still as diligent in her work as ever…
Lately when she goes to buy my cigarettes , she takes a long time to come back and the brand is all wrong..
Gintoki: So what, she’s using every free moment to go out and secretly date a man? C’mon. No matter how you want to rationalize; it has to be the fault of this rainy season.
Otose: That’s not all…lately when she has a break..
She’s been gathering and reading some strange data…
(Books- How to talk to a taciturn person// This is how you converse well…)
Otose: Perhaps she’s seeing a taciturn man of few words…
Gintoki: No matter how much you want to rationalize it she’s obviously trying to brush up on interacting with the customers of the snack shop.
You’re obviously thinking about this too much. If you over think things then wrinkles will start to appear and multiply. Whoops, too late for that advice.
Otose: But I am concerned, what if that pure hearted girl is in company of a good for nothing man?
Moreover don’t you think it’s strange? She’s the type who’s fastidious in everything she does…
Yet she forgot her umbrella.

Gintoki: It’s nothing big…
She’s surely…
Just hanging out somewhere seeking shelter from the rain.
Dude: What? The tobacco store has been shut down?
I’ve no choice then…I’ll have to buy one from this piece of junk machine…
Tama: Ahem…
A box of cigarettes…change, 90 yen.
(Sfx- Gataaan *clatter*)
(Sfx- Charri chaari *tinkle tinkle*)
Dude: Hm? That’s rare!
It came out properly for once!
Tama: Two boxes of cigarettes…
Change 100 yen.
(Sfx- Gataan *clatter*)
(Sfx- Moyari *tinkle*)
Four boxes of Cigarettes …
Change 360 yen.
(Sfx- Gataan *clatter*)
(Sfx- Moyari *tinkle*)

(Handwritten- I finally managed to scrounge enough loose change that people abandoned to get this…)
(Sfx- Pin *thok*)
Tama: One cigarette butt.
(Handwritten- I wonder if I’ll get lucky today…)
Tama: One stroke.
(Sfx- Paan *thok*)
Tama: I know nothing about that.
I’m simply standing here seeking cover from the rain.
(Handwritten- We’ll remember this!)
Dude: And that’s how it usually is…
She stands there in the rain without an umbrella while people buy cigarettes until the weather clears up.
I’m not sure how but it seems like she’s gotten that vending machine to talk.
To the point that people started calling it ‘Tobako’ as a nick name.
Gintoki: Tobako huh…
(TN- Tobacco and ‘ko’ which is a common ending for girls names in Japan….but not this manga oddly enough.)
Gintoki: So this is the guy that the old bat was yammering about….though rather than it being a dating thing, it seems she’s fallen in with a bad friend…
Though that’s a face I’ve not seen on her..
Thanks bro. You were a real help.
Dude: Hey wait sir! What’s the deal with that girl and the vending machine?

Gintoki: You can tell that from a glance.
They’re just friends.
Tama: It appears the rain has stopped.
Well…it’s about time I returned…
(Sfx- Guiii *grab*)
Tama: Tabako-san..
Are you asking me not to leave?
It’s okay Tabako-san…
I’ll be right back here tomorrow to buy cigarettes.
Well…even I don’t require those…
I’ll come here…
From shelter from the rain,
That is until the rain within you stops.
(Sfx- Gatakon *clonk*)
(Sfx- Zuboooh *pop*)

Tama: This is Otose-sama’s…
Tabako-san, you’ve finally started selling the ‘Seiten’…
Could it be that you believed if my job ended that I wouldn’t come here anymore?
There’s no need to worry. With this Otose-sama’s face will surely brighten..
And we will graduate from being just junk.
(Sfx- Piihh *Beep*)
(Sfx- Pihh *beep*)
Tama: Tobako-san…
What’s the matter?
W—wait a moment…
I can see your current state…
(Sfx- Gachaan *clatter*)
(Sfx- Busu busu *ssshhhh*)
(Sfx- Gachaan *clunk*)
Gengai: Sorry but repairing this thing is impossible.
It’s been in service for quite some time. The parts that it requires are no longer available…they’re all necessary parts though..
I could switch out the stuff on the inside and make something even better, but exactly the same is…

Gengai: Tama, face it...this thing’s outlived its usefulness.
It’s all over.
Besides, that old lady isn’t coming back either.
(Sfx- Gogogogo *rmmmmble*)
Gengai: This thing has deteriorated considerably.
One wrong move and it could just collapse.
Guy: Boss! There’s a vending machine here…what do you want to do with it?
Boss: That thing is immovable garbage now ain’t it? Throw it in the truck so we can dispose of it!
Guy: Huh?
Where’s the vending machine? It was here just a moment ago…
(Sfx- Zuzzuuhh *sssssh*)
Tama: No need to worry…
I won’t do anything like abandon you…
(Sfx- Zuushhii *ssshhh*)
Tama: You aren’t iron trash either…
Because there’s a person right here who needs you…
As my friend….I need you.

Tama: Even if you can’t sell cigarettes anymore…
Even if you aren’t useful to others anymore…
Tama: No matter when…
No matter what they say…
(Sign- This thing is defective! Someone carry it to the dump!)
(Sfx- Gara gara *clatter clatter*)
Tama: I always want to be here with you….sheltered from the rain together.
Can’t a machine exist for simply this reason and nothing else?

Tama: I’m sorry..
The real piece of junk is me..
I can neither save…
Or care for a sick friend.
Iron garbage who can’t shelter you from the rain.
Gintoki: I sorta…
Forgot my umbrella…
Even if it’s just a little, give me some shelter from the rain.
Tama: There’s no longer a roof that can…
Endure this downpour.
Gintoki: That’s cool.
I just want to sit under the rain sheltered with you together.
I’m just glad I found a handy machine that can do that for me.
If it’s the rain you’re talking about, that already stopped ages ago.

Gintoki: You’re the piece of junk who’s no longer useful for work after her employer has passed on.
That thing used the last of its strength to thank you.
Tama…you already…
Stopped the downpour it had going on inside long ago.
So you don’t need to worry about being shelter from rain or anything like that.
You can just forget about working too.
At least in the end…
Don’t treat it like a machine.
Just wipe your best friend’s
Rainy tears away.
(Sfx- Poro poro *drip drip*)
Tama: Tabako…
GIntoki: If you don’t knock this off already..
You’ll rust and really will be a useless piece of iron trash.
Tama: Tabako-san..
I already told you…
That crying this much is no good…

Tama: Whether you’re selling them or crying them…
One is enough…
Today I won’t tell anyone.
(Sfx- Poro *drip*)
Tama: Because it’s raining oil…
Otose: What on earth…?
It’s moist….
(Side text- Truly a grown up flavor…)

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