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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Gintama 498

Oil Rain

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jun 22, 2014 21:05 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 498

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This one's much easier.

[Gintama 498 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Insert: Rain in June is always comber---
Title: 'Gintama'
Tama: Excuse me,
might I take stand next to you for a bit to take shelter from the rain?

Page 2:
Tama: The rainy season is really tough for both of us, isn't it?
Moisture is the great enemy of machines, after all.
In weather like this, we cannot perform our duties.
If only
it rained oil
then we machines could be free.
Ah... it looks like it's letting up.
Well then, I will be taking my leave.
Let us both do our best to perform our duties.
Insert: What is it thinking there in the corner of this city---?
Title: Lesson 498
Oil Rain
Author: Sorachi Hideaki

Page 3:
Sign: Tabacco
Tama: Excuse me,
may I have one carton of "Seiten"?
Woman: Tama-chan, I guess this might be the last time you come here running errands, eh?
So take the opportunity to tell that old bag to quit smoking.
Somebody her age should be enjoying the poetry of the seasons and smoking moss or something.
Tama: So you're closing then, aren't you?
Woman: I never would'a thought that old bag that's always blowing her poison smoke would outlast me.
Tama: Otose-sama will wait as long as it takes for your illness to subside.
She's worried that all of the shops that carry old brands of cigarettes are disappearing. She's told me to make sure to keep bringing them even if I have to be converted into a vending machine.
Woman: Even if a dirty, broken down shop like this stays open, the only ones that'll come are curious old ladies.
It's the fate of humans and machines to eventually rust and rot away in due course.
Me and my partner have both grown too old. It's about time to call it quits.
Tama: Partner?
Woman: Yeah. The one working with me for many years that's even more of a piece of junk than I am.
Tama: ?

Page 4:
Woman: Now, it just stays quiet and takes cover from the rain.
A bunch of scrap iron.
Hiji: Hey, granny.
I put some money in and I didn't get any cigarettes or money back. What the hell?
Woman: Geez, how many times do I gotta say it?!!
Our piece of junk ain't good at calculatin', so you gotta pay with exact change!
Hiji: How the hell can a vending machine be bad at calculating?!!
Woman: Don't kick there, try here!!
SOmeone: Ah, something came out.
Hiji: This is a cigarette butt... one of mine...
Someone: HOLD ON A MINUUUUUTE!! Why the hell is the vending machine smoking people's cigarettes?!!
Woman: You got it in a bad mood because of the weird places you're hitting it!
Hiji: Why the hell is this vending machine sulking?!! Give 'em baaack! Give my cigarettes and my money baaack!!
Woman: Would ya calm down?! Piece of junk, don't you dare give it any change!!
Hiji: So you're in this together, are you, Granny?!!
Tama: Please, stop this violence.
Guys: !

Page 5:
Tama: This is no piece of junk machine.
Tama: Even if its body has rusted, it's machine heart that tries to serve a purpose and perform duties will not rust.
Its body can just no longer keep up with its heart. It's okay if it's only once in a while, but please listen to its voice.
Thank you for working hard for so long.
It's all right. You can let everything out today.
I'll listen to it all.
Someone: It let something else oooooout!!
Tama: It seems it was hungover.
Someone: Heeey! What vending machine did this vending machine buy ONE CUP sake from?!
Hiji: I knew ya could do it if ya tried. Now I won't have to buy any cigarettes for a good while.
Handwritten: See ya!
Woman: HOLD IIIIIT! Thiiiiief!!
Police! Call the police!!
Hiji: I am the police! What is it?!

Page 6:
Paper: While it is truly on our own accord, for certain reasons we will be closing business operations for some time.
Tama: Ah... my umbrella suddenly... won't open.
What shall I do? The food will get wet.
Tama: Excuse me.
Might I
take stand next to you for a bit to take shelter from the rain?
This is nice, isn't it? If we're getting out of the rain
then we're... not slacking off on the job.
...It's all right.
My master says she is a woman that won't die even if you kill her.
[The sign is the same one from the top of the page]
I'm sure she will get well soon.
I'm sure she will be back soon.

Page 7:
Tama: So please, don't think you've been abandoned.
You are not scrap iron.
Tama: After all,
there are customers here that need you.
But one whole carton for 500 yen is too generous.
If I buy this much at once, they won't be able to back for a while.
Please sell one at a time. That way, I'll be able to come every day.
Were you listening properly? Or are you crying?
Tama: Could you perhaps cry only one pack at a time? Right now two are coming out.
SFX: Kusuh (Teehee)
Tama: Let us both do our best to perform our duties.

Page 8:
Sign: Snack Otose
Gin: Huh?
Tama's got a guy?
Gin: A guy, huh...? There are male and female machines, then?
Otose: This is a situation where men are thickheaded and don't see, but a woman's eyes can't be deceived.
Gin: A woman, huh...? Old bats have males and females, then?
Otose: At a glance, he looks like he's working diligently just like always,
but recently when I've been sending her to buy smokes, she's clearly been taking longer to get back and getting the brand wrong.
So she's probably dating a guy during the time she's on errands... And if there's any reason, it's because of this rainy season.
And that's not all. Recently during her free time
she's been reading up on some strange data.
Books: Now You, Too Can be a Good Talker, How to Talk with Poor Talkers - Super-Practical Methods
Otose: It looks like the one she's dating is a man that's rather bad at talking.
Gin: C'mon, she's clearly just studying how to serve customers at the snack bar.
You're thinking into it way too much. You're gonna get wrinkles, granny. Oh, I guess it's kinda too late for that.
Otose: But what if that pure-hearted girl got picked up by some bad man?
And don't you think it's strange that someone as level-headed as her
forgot her umbrella?

Page 9:
Gin: .........
I dunno.
I'll betcha that she's just
hanging around someplace to get out of the rain.
Guy: What's going on? Is the tobacco shop closed?
Ah well. Guess I gotta buy from this piece of junk machine.
Tama: A-hem.
One pack of cigarettes, 90 yen in change.
Guy: Huh? Now that's unusual!!
It actually came out!!
Tama: Two backs of cigarettes.
180 yen in change.
Four backs of cigarettes.
360 yen in change.

Page 10:
Handwriten: It's just a tiny amount of money I managed to find, but...
Tama: One cigarette.
Tama: Ippon.
Handwritten: I wonder if I'll get anything today.
T/N: Ippon is something declared when a point is gotten in kendou. It also means "one cylindrical object" referring to the cigarette.
Guys: Why are we the only ones with weird stuff goin' on?!!
Hey, what're you doing muttering hints on the side over there?!!
Tama: I don't know what you mean.
I am just standing here to get out of the rain.
Handwritten: We won't forget this!!
Guy: She always does that.
She comes to buy cigarettes in the rain without an umbrella and stands there like that until it stops.
What the heck's she talking to a vending machine about?
She's even given it the nickname "Tabako-san".
T/N: A pun on tobacco/cigarettes. The -ko kanji at the end is common for girls' names.
Gin: Tabako, huh...?
Tama: Granny, this looks a lot worse than just some man.
She's making a face I've never seen before.
Thanks man. Ya helped me out.
Guy: Hold on, sir!! Tell me, who the heck is that girl? And what's with that vending machine?

Page 11:
Gin: Just look. Can't you tell?
They're just friends.
Tama: Ah... It looks like the rain has stopped.
Well, I guess I'll be going.
Tama: Tabako-san?
Are you telling me not to go?
I... will be back to buy cigarettes again tomorrow.
No, even if it's not for cigarettes,
I will come... to get in from the rain.
Until your rain ends.
Tama: ?

Page 12:
Tama: These are... Otose-sama's...
Tabako-san... You finally sold them to me. The "Seitens".
Did you maybe think that if you accomplished your task, then I would stop coming here? Is that's why you......
It's all right... Now Otose-sama's face will brighten, too.
We've both graduated from being pieces of junk, huh?
Buttons: Sold Out
Tama: ...Tabako-san?
What's wrong?
Please, wait.
I'll take a look at you right now...
SFX: BUSU BUSU (Smoulder)
Gengai: I'm sorry, but I won't be able to repair it.
It's a rather seasoned model. The broken parts are all pretty hard to find.
If you wanted me to replace all the insides with a newer model, I could do it as many times as you want, but finding one like this is...

Page 13:
Gengai: Tama... This one's finished it's duty.
Ya should let it end.
That old lady... probably won't be coming back anymore.
That tabaco shop isn't ever gonna...
Guys: It's pretty broken down.
If you're careless the whole thing could come down at once. Watch out.
Boss, what should we do with the vending machine?
Well it's just a bunch of non-functioning scrap iron at this point, right? We'll dispose of it. Put it on the truck.
Where's the vending machine?! I was sure it was right here...
Tama: It's all right.
Tama: You will not be thrown away or anything.
You are not scrap iron.
Tama: And the one you need is right here.
I'm here, you know.

Page 14:
Tama: You can't sell cigarettes anymore?
You can't serve a purpose to people anymore?
are you saying?
Paper: Unlawful dumping!! Please remove promptly!
Tama: I want to get out of the rain next to you.
Why can't there be a machine that exists just for that reason?

Page 15:
Tama: ......I'm sorry.
I guess... I'm the real piece of juink.
I couldn't save a friend
nor care for that friend.
am scrap iron that cannot even take refuge from the rain.
Gin: Hold up.
Dang, I forgot my umbrella.
Could you let me just get out of the rain for a bit?
Tama: There is no longer
any roof to keep out the rain.
Gin: It's okay.
I wanted something to be next to to get out of the rain with.
I just found a machine like that.
And also
the rain stopped a while ago now.

Page 16:
Gin: The one that gave a duty to an unneeded piece of junk that outlived its master is you.
And with its last ounce of strength, it fulfilled that duty and said thanks to you.
Yama, that thing's rain
was cleared away by you a long time ago.
So you don't need to take shelter from the rain anymore.
You can forget about duties.
For the end at least,
you're not machines.
Gin: Simply as friends,
go wipe away...
that one's tears.
Tama: Tabako...
Gin: If you don't hurry it up and stop it soon,
it'll rust and really turn into scrap iron.
Tama: ...Tabako-san.
You... really mustn't do that.
Didn't... I tell you over and over?

Page 17:
Tama: When both selling and crying cigarettes...
you must do so one at a time.
for today at least... I won't tell anyone, okay?
SFX: POTA (Drip)
Tama: Because it's raining oil.
Otose: The hell's this?
These're wet.
Insert: An adult taste, I guess.
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 498
/ End

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Thank u guys :)
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