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Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun 12

What did I say just now?!

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jul 1, 2014 00:51 | Go to Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun

-> RTS Page for Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun 12

As much as I'd like to take credit for somehow reaching the end of the June promotion and the end of the released material, I really can't. It's just some mutant coincidence. I can't wait for volume three, hell...more of this in general. I genuinely really like TLing this series despite it getting really weird sometimes. Anyway here's the last Ten-Akum (my pet name for it. You know you love it.) For June, until the release of Volume 3 in September or October.

Also, this is relevant to your interests.

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.


Chapter 12
Guy: Then I’ll begin the interview.
Akuma: Yes sir.
Guy: Okay…your name is…
Guy: Aku…

(Paper- Top: July 32nd 20XX Bukirino office// Side box: Not hired.// We had a fine interview today but unfortunately we can’t hire you.// Reason: Your name is a bit…well…frustrating…it sounds like a pain to put up with.)
And that’s…
The dream I had.
(Handwritten- The me in my dreams is kind of a crybaby.)
Ichiro: Yeaah…that sounds like pretty vivid problem with society you’ve got going on there.
Tenshi: I’d just refuse to work.

Ichiro: As of now that’s what I’m beginning to think will be the case.
It’s like having a weird name equals being no good.
Even if at first sight one seems like a good person, that’s all blown out of the window as soon as they hear your name. It’s a crying shame.
Akuma: The impression is zero to begin with huh…
(Side text- It’s like a kid who posts stupid stuff on a forum.)
Akuma: That’s why I’ve gotta live a upstanding life or I feel like everything will go to crap.
Ichiro: Hm..
And…on that note..
What if anything, does it have to do with the physical strength assessment today?
(Sign- First year school physical strength assessment.// THE inner room.)
(Sign on top- Gym.)
Akuma: Ah…

Akuma: Ichiro you idiot, today’s physical strength assessment is for the entire school you know/!
Rather than standing out in a profusely bad way we should just silently stay in the back and let it slip by!
(Handwritten- Especially Tenshi. She shouldn’t do anything…)
Ichiro: Hm? But lately I’ve…
Experienced the pleasure of having people watch me!!
Akuma: Huh?! Dude did your level of annoying evolve?!
For now I guess we should make the rounds….
Tenshi: ‘Kay.
Ichiro: Aye-aye.
???: Hehe..

Chapter 12: What did I say just now?!

Tenshi: Hnnnnghhhh
(Sfx- Pipiii *beep*)
Tenshi: Fuwaaah.
Akuma: Lessee…Tenshi’s reading is…
So your normal power has nothing to do with your grip strength huh…
(Sign- Grip strength station.)
Tenshi: Mnn…
Akuma: She seems frustrated..
I seem to be pretty normal too…
(Paper- Top: Physical strength assessment hotblooded recording sheet.//Tanaka Akuma.//Vertical Jumping//Grip: 39//Upper body strength.//Side recovery//Short Run// 50 meter dash.)

Ichiro: Ah me too.
Akuma: What’s with her?
(Handwritten- My grip is normal too…)
Akuma: Why’s a girl trying so hard to establish her grip?!
What kind of reading will she get?!

Akuma: Whoooa! It’s completely normal!
(Side text- Actually, it’s kind of low!)
???: Heh…
Tachibana Tenshi-san.
I won’t lose to the likes of you..
Akuma: Stop that Tenshi!!
Tenshi: Don’t call me by my first nafuh…
???: A—anyway…

???: I won’t lose to you!!
Akuma: Wha…
Do you know her?
Tenshi: Nope, not at all.
Akuma: Though…I kinda feel like I’ve seen her before somewhere…
Ichiro: Heheheheah, Looks like it’s my time to shine.
Akuma: You know her then? Ichiro.
Ichiro: I’m the school information board. Intel is my specialty….
{His explanations are long and boring so they’re being left on the cutting room floor.}
Ichiro: Eh?!

???: I, Mizutani Yutaka
The assistant clerk of the student council…
Won’t be defeated!
(Handwritten- Chapter two.)
Naruse: Those two…!
Yutaka: Especially not to Tachibana Tenshi…!!
(TN- Yutaka is normally a guy’s name, but it’s fairly normal so no uber fail here.)
Yutaka: Just you watch…
Lady Chiyoko…
Elder sister…
Lately she’s been overly attached to Tachibana Tenshi…
{Even during the student council’s business meetings…}
Naruse: Huh?!
Yutaka: What’s wrong?!

Naruse: ….
(Sfx- tsuhh *drip*)
Naruse: Just an illusion…
(Handwritten- Like usual..)
Yutaka: It’s a higher level than just ‘Oh a dream’!!
(Handwritten- As expected from elder sister!)
{And then another time…}
Naruse: Ufufufufuh..
Yutaka: Her nose is bleeding but she still keeps that picture…!
(Handwritten- As expected from her!)
Naruse: Ufufufu..
Yutaka: Ahh…I want to give her some of my blood…
To have hers and mine mixed together via blood transfusion…
And then elder sister and I would truly be united as one..
(Top of panel- Dangerous.)
Yutaka: Hah…
{Back when I was in middle school and met elder sister, I’ve been charmed by her strength…even when I enrolled in this highschool it was for the purpose of pursuing her.}

{A time ago, elder sister was more refined…}
{But ever since she met Tachibana Tenshi she’s changed.}
{And then she said this…}
Naruse: If sometime you fall in love you’ll understand Yutaka.
You’ll be ensnared by the same feelings that I am…
That is a simple sense of admiration…
(Handwritten- Love will do this to you…)
Yutaka: Even with her nose bleeding and her drooling everywhere, she’s still so coooooool!!
{Even if I am to win our bout in the physical strength assessment, elder sister’s feelings won’t change.}
{I understand that….and as such I’m not doing this for her.}
{This is an issue of my own feelings.}
{I won’t lose to the person who is loved by the person I love…that’s all there is to it.}

(Outside panel- The type of heroine who bends her upper body.)
Tenshi: Nnnh…
Akuma: Wow Tenshi…your body is unexpectedly stiff…
Tenshi: Munhgh..
(Handwritten- Here you go.)
Tenshi: Nuh?
Girl: Whoa!
You’re quite limber!
Akuma: Hm?
Girl: All righty! Good work!

Akuma: She’s from earlier…
Tenshi: Yeah.
Akuma: That Mizutani chick or whatever seems pretty hell bent on opposing you it seems…
Ichiro: Yeah, but my scene explaining Mizutani-san was completely cut though…
There are things I wanted to explain to you guys…
Tenshi: What do you mean ‘cut’?
Even if it’s a girl, if she wants to have a bout with me..
Then I’m gonna bring everything I’ve got.
Akuma: She’s one manly chick, this one.

Akuma: But y’know Tenshi, hitting her is out okay? If you’re gonna have it out with her then you have to do it in the realm of this ‘Physical strength assessment’.
Your response?
Tenshi: Fuaaah.
Akuma: C’mon, yes or no? Which is it?
Haou: Ah! There they are!
Sis! Boss!
Akuma: Haou and his henches!
(Handwritten- This pattern again..)
Tenshi: Don’t call me sis.
Ichiro: Seems like they’ve become completely attached to you guys.
Haou: Sis, what are you and the guys gonna do next?
(Handwritten- We can help.)
Akuma: Hmm….next up is…
The vertical jump.

Haou: For reals?!
Akuma: Whooa?!
Haou: See I’ve got lots of confidence in my vertical jump..
Back when I was in middle school I’d be the guy who held every one else back with my awesomeness.
Akuma: Please don’t hold us back…
Hench1: Yeah. You’re awesome!
Akuma: Well…if you’re that interested I guess we can go there together.
Haou: Heheh, You’re a nice guy Boss Akuma.
Akuma: Well…we’re the same age so we’d be going together anyway…
(Handwritten- Isn’t this great!?)
(Handwritten- I guess?)
Yutaka: The vertical jump….I have quite a bit of confidence in that too…
I won’t lose to you!

Yutaka: Hogyaaah!!
I heard that she was physically adept, but I didn’t think this kind of prowess is possible for a human!

Ichiro: Ah…I know I should be used to this kind of thing already but it stills cares me.
(Handwritten- Akuma)
(Handwritten- Y—yeah.)
Akuma: T—tell me about it. More like how many meters did she jump?
That was a triangular jump too…
(Paper- Tachibana Tenshi// Records// Vertical jump.)
Akuma: How’s this…
(Paper- Two floors.)
Haou: Heheh. You’re really somethin’ sis! But I ain’t gonna lose to you!
Akuma: Haou…
No matter how highly he thinks of himself…
He should be able to see that there’s no way he can pull something like that off! Where’s this confidence coming from?
Haou: Here I come!
AKuma: Eh?! He’s running!?
(Side text- This is a vertical jump!)

Henches: Got it!!
Akuma: Wha?!
Henches: Bring it on Macchan!!
Akuma: What the heck are they doing?!
(Side text- Is this even a vertical jump anymore?)
Ichiro: Wait Akuma! That stance is…
Guys: This is…

Haou: Poweeeeeer!!
Henches: Machaaaan!!
(Handwritten- That was kind of cool.)
(Handwritten- We’re standing out in a bad way again..)
Ichiro: In times past ninjas would use this formation to climb past walls. In all honestly it’s quite fearsome…
Akuma: Why do you even know that?

Yutaka: Wha?!
What are these people?! This is to be expected from a gathering of those with uber fail names!
They’re a troupe of acrobatic weirdos!
Yutaka: Can I even do…
It’s something I have to do!!
Akuma: Hm?
Are you going to jump next Mizutani…san?
Yutaka: You don’t have to call me that.
Akuma: Then…Mizutani.
{Tanaka Akuma…he’s at the center of all the recent gatherings of the weirdos with uber fail names.}
{Elder sister says he’s a gentle person with a good heart but I wonder…}

Akuma: She’s sorta physically amazing and stuff…
Guy: Don’t you think it’s time you got off of there?
Akuma: And I don’t get why you want to oppose her so badly…
But it might be better if you don’t exert yourself too much. You don’t want to do anything dangerous.
(Side text- with the physical stuff.)
{I see…it does seem like he’s the busybody type however…}
Yutaka: Don’t go poking your nose where it doesn’t belong.
Akuma: Well…ah I guess you’re right.
Yutaka: This is my fight.
You have no right to butt into my business.
{This is the correct way to do the vertical jump! 1) You dab your fingers in chalk.}
Yutaka: Here I go.
{2) You don’t approach by running, and instead mark the wall from where you’re jumping by touching a wall at your highest point to keep that in memory.}

Yutaka: I’ll place all my strength into my legs.
Awesome! I jumped pretty high…
Did I push myself too hard to exert strength I don’t have..?!
I’ll fall on my back…

Akuma: Wah…
Are you okay?
Yutaka: Huh? It hurts a lot less than I thought…
Akuma: Geez…
This is what I was telling you…
(Handwritten- Oww…)

Yutaka: …Huh?
Akuma: H—hey…you okay?
Yutaka: Ah…uhh..
Y—yoou…aaand I..
(Handwritten- To each other!)

{Are you feeling okay?!}
(Handwritten- Did you hit your head?!)
Yutaka: What’s with you hugging people all of a sudden!! Is that how you operate?!
That was my first time, and as a man you have to take responsibility!!
Akuma: Hugging you?! I just wanted to save you from hitting the floor!!
Yutaka: Save…that was a dive bomb…
Akuma: Heeey Mizutani…
(Handwritten- Skyyyyy!!)
Akuma: Eh?! Wai…
Just what’s the deal with her…?
(Handwritten- Heheh…I wonder about that…could it be.)
(Handwritten- Macchan!)
(Handwritten- You have to live!)

Yutaka: Hah…
What was that…!?
What did I say just now?!
I don’t understand anything anymore…
(Sfx- Fuhh *shift*)
Yutaka: There is one thing I understand…!!
I want to have a blood fusion with Tanaka Akuma and become one with him..
Yutaka: Hah…

Akuma: Next up is…
Hand ball and marathon training.
What’s up Ichiro?
(Handwritten- Tenshi what’s the deal..?)
Ichiro: Akuma…the marathon training at this school is a bit special..
Each year the number of students who can run the entire course seems to lessen, or at least that’s what I hear.
So you’d better be ready.
(Handwritten- Seriously Tenshi, what is it?)
???: Now..

???: It’s about time..
Naruse: Yes…I appreciate the assistance Taguchi-senpai.
Now shall we be off?
To the end of the physical strength assessment…

And that’s the end of volume two! Thank you so much for reading this far!
I sorta feel like I’m going to draw a bunch of weird stories for volume three…
Tenshi: Look forward to it.
Please do!
Ishizaka Kenta.
I’d like to thank these people.
Makida-kun, Yazawa-kun, Nakamura-kun, Aoki-kun, Kazawa-san, Takayama-san.

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