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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Majimoji Rurumo 14

Shibaki, traveling alone.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jul 1, 2014 00:57 | Go to Majimoji Rurumo

-> RTS Page for Majimoji Rurumo 14

Interesting place for the last June promotional chapter to lead me. I'm still wishing I could get through this faster and to Makai hen where the series really shines, but I admit that Shibaki and Rurumo have an interesting charm too. Despite Shibaki fitting the 'perverted bastard with a heart of gold' trope, Watanabe-sensei still manages to make it fresh somehow. I just hope the first series (which I'm only reading as I TL for dramatic effect), has a little bit of that tension and the heartfelt scenes that made me fall for Makai hen.

Here's the last Rurumo chapter until probably September. Now to wait for CR to pick up the anime and shame me with their better translations.

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating

Also, this is relevant to your interests.

{I’m going on a trip alone.}
Lady: May I sit beside you?
Shibaki: Sure.
Go right ahead.

Lady: A broken heart…
Shibaki: Yeah, I was pretty messed up….it’s an injury that won’t heal easily.
It’s because of it that I’m headed to Tanima hotsprings.
Lady: Oh. What a coincidence…I’m headed there too.
Shibaki: I was wondering if it’s a good hotspring or not. I came without looking it up beforehand.
Lady: That is…
(Magazines- Popular hotsprings where girls gather// number one with girls!//Special Tanima hotsprings.// Favored by high school girls!)
Lady: May I sit beside you?
(Handwritten- Sure thing.)
Shibaki: Ah! Wait!
{Dammit!! Just one more step and I might have had a chance with her!!}
Shibaki: I was really feeling good about our conversation too!

{Well, whatever. I have plenty of time.}
{This trip has just started after all…}
{And at my destination…}
Shibaki: There will be plenty of chances…!!
{Spying cleavage while playing ping pong in yukatas…}
(Sfx- Ahahah)
{Getting along while standing shoulder to shoulder.}
(Handwritten- Can I take a picture?)
Shibaki: And then there’s this!!
(Handwritten- Don’t look, okay?)
(Handwritten- You can look over here if you want.)
{Mixed bathing.}
Shibaki: My targeted destination is the most popular hotspring gathering area for girls, the Tanima hotsprings!!
The higher stage for me as a man!!


14th spell: Shibaki, traveling alone.

Girl: Whooa!!
This looks like one fun sorta place!!
It’s real good we came out this far!
Ain’t it sis!!
Ah! A stairway!!
???: Ah.
Girl: There’s a temple on top! A temple! It’s red too!
???: Really.
Girl: It’s like super red!

???: Don’t you think..
You’re playing around a little too much little sister?
Girl: Fuwaaah! Issat a hole?
Owah! I wanna go in but my body ain’t gonna fit!!
Howaah! That’s a ropeway ain’t it?! I wanna get on!
I wanna see tha view from a high up place!!
???: Little sister…
Have you forgotten…
Our objective?

Girl: I bought these!!
???: We’re in town to..
Girl: Uwah! They’re super tasty!!
These odango are seriously awesome!
???: Our objective…
They’re good.
Girl: Well…I get what you mean..
I know what yer tryin to say too.
But’cha know..
Doin’ this sorta thing ain’t bad once in a while.

Girl: I ain’t…
Been in this form for 25 years.
???: I suppose that’s right.
Girl: Then…
You should get where I’m comin’ from sis!
I got permission to transform, so Imma use it all I can!!
I’m gonna drink, eat and have all kinds of fun hahahah!!

Chiro: For thirty minutes anyway.
Guess I’ll take a break.
(Handwritten- What was that just now?! Did I hear a person?)
Chiro: That guy absolutely forebade us from comin’…
Shibaki: You guys absolutely better not follow me.
(Handwritten- Why?)
Chiro: So we went and disguised ourselves…
The objective this time is to chase after him!
We’re expectin that guy to be travelin’ to some sorta adventure…
And if so he’s bound to use a ticket, like ‘bam’!!
We sunk our money from the summer part time job to go on this trip, so we can’t lose to that airhead!
But to be careful, we’re supposed to be siblings this time around.
So we gotta watch how we refer to each other.
Rurumo: Understood Chiro.


Chiro: See? He’s just bein’ stupid!
Shibaki: Not a damn encounter at all..
{Was I expecting too much from this trip…?}
{I stopped in front of the station for directions..}
{And it was some old lady who lived in the area who crashed that party…}
{Then I heard a voice calling out to me….}
???: Hey! You there!
Shibaki: Yeah?

{But it was just a storefront doll!!}
Shibaki: Don’t call out to me in that misleading voice dammit!!
I turned around with a big goofy smile on my face to see you!!
(Handwritten- Come on in!~)
{No…I’m bound to meet someone on this trip!!}

{Something’s happening now?!}
Rurumo: Hyaah
Shibaki: Waah!!

Shibaki: Uwaah?! Eh?!
A—are you okay?!
{Uooooh!! At long last a girl showed up!!}
Shibaki: And then I just casually invited them into my room!!

{It should be okay I think…though it’s weird that this girl wasn’t taught not to go with strangers you meet on trips. Then again that’s what I’m doing so…}
{Heheheh….this is an excellent development though.}
{Your chance to step up on the stage of manliness has finally come Kouta. Don’t let it escape! This chance is like a snake…or a scorpion!!}
Shibaki: Um…
{The scorpion wins out.}
(Handwritten- What?)
(Handwritten- Don’t be fooled sis.}
Shibaki: There’s a lake up ahead…would you guys like to go with me?
So you sisters are on a sightseeing trip?
You two sure get along well.

Chiro: He hasn’t noticed at all! He’s a complete idiot!!
(Handwritten- It’s so cold..)
Chiro: Although I was real nervous like at first when he found us..
The way things are lookin he’ll end up doin somethin’ and usin tha ticket!
In tha end…
Shibaki: It’s a boat..
You guys want to ride?
He’s been usin it a considerable amount so he’s bound to eventually..
And who knows, maybe the next magic he uses…
Might be the last one!

(Handwritten- Lets go! Lets go!)
(Handwritten- Something’s behind us..)
(Handwritten- That’s how the boat is.)
{But this chick is really similar to Rurumo…}
Rurumo: It jumped.
Chiro: Them fishes look delish!
{So there are girls like her out there…}
Shibaki: Y’know I’ve been thinking lately…
When we watch TV together…
Rurumo: What’s funny about this?
Shibaki: Or when we meet in the hallway unexpectedly…

Rurumo: What is it?
Did something…
{If she were really a human that’d be great…}
Shibaki: Nah, it’s nothing…
It just looked like you were having trouble organizing your room.

{If that were the case then..}
{We could do something like have a laid back date…}

Shibaki: Ah!
Dude I didn’t come on this trip to start thinking of Rurumo!!
I’ve got two cuties here! I should be trying to get to know them better!!
Sorry for being quiet for so long ladies. I was silently pontificating on philosophy…
Chiro: Kyaah! Someone help! My sister slipped and fell in!
And she can’t swim!
Shibaki: You liar!! You obviously pushed her in!!
What the hell were you thinking?!
I’m coming to save you!! Are you okay?!
Chiro: Ah?! What the heck are you doin?!

Chiro: Are ya actually thinkin’ of divin’ in?!
Shibaki: Idiot!! How else would I save her!! She’s your sister right?!
Don’t worry about me, I’m confident in my swimming ability!
Rurumo: I’m sinking…
Chiro: Ya can’t do that! Ain’t no point!! Just use onna those!
Shibaki: What is ‘one of those?’
Chiro: Ya know! One of those papers…
Shibaki: What are you talking about!?
I have no idea what you’re asking me to do,…
But I’m going to save her!!
Chiro: Ya idiot!!

Chiro: Tha ticket….
Shibaki: Which means….

Shibaki: Rurumo!!

Shibaki: Geeze..
Dude I get that you want me to use the tickets but…
What would have happened if I wasn’t the one you ran into on this trip when that happened?
Rurumo: I can’t swim so…
I would have drowned.
Shibaki: Idiot! Don’t just go and off yourself!
Rurumo: Understood.
Shibaki: Moreover….geez..
Thanks to you two my awesome trip was ruined this time around..
{Well…I guess it wasn’t exactly goin’ well anyway..}

Chiro: Tadaaaah!! Chiro’s on the scene!
Uhyaaah!! A hotspring!! There aren’t that many people around either! Did you reserve this?!
Shibaki: Are you an idiot Chiro?! This is the mens bath…
Chiro: No need to worry!
I’m a cat after all!
Rurumo: Death by blood loss….
14th spell…..END.

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