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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 14

Synchronized Love.


-> RTS Page for Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 14

Even on vacation, I work hard. If one equates 'working hard' as looking at pictures and writing down what's written on them.

The next chapter might be a bit late, so rather than the 15th expect it more like the 20th or so. See you then.

Psylocke scans only.

Also this is relevant to your interests.

Chapter 14: Synchronized Love.

Ayla: This feeling of success….it’s kind of amazing…
Nozomi: We did it Ayla-chan! It was a huge success!!
Ayla: Thank you! You did a good job too!!

Someone: Ootori-san!!
Girl: Ootori-san…how worn out are you?!
Girl2: I’m sorry! The truth is I did notice that Ootori-san seemed a bit off…
Nozomi: Brighter…
More fun…
Girl2: But the light known as Ootori-san’s talent was so bright and dazzing that I couldn’t look away…
Everyone saw it though…it reached them…the way you lived your life….
The girls of 2-6 will live on forever!!
Someone: Leader!!

Ayla: Hey…are you okay?
Nozomi: Yeah…
Ayla: Oh great…it noticed us..
It’s already this close too…
What should I do…?!

Ayla: You’ve noticed it too?!
What are you looking at?!
Out with it already!

Koga: Um…
I probably should have said this sooner but I…

Kid: What was with that deafening sound?!
My ears hurt…
Kouichi: Are you okay Koga-san?
Kouichi: That sound…
Someone’s up on stage!

(Balloon fragment- 30 yen.)
Someone(?): What the heck is it trying to point out?
Wait, is that it’s ‘come and get some of this’ fighting pose?
Dude: What’s with that thing? Suddenly hijacking the stage like that! Someone close the curtain!
Dude2: Th—that’s…
They’ve been trying to do that the whole time but the mechanism is busted. Same for the building’s lighting….
Dude: What kind of freaky sideshow is this?
Moreover, how long is it going to continue?
Kouichi: That’s the one who…
Ran away from us before!

Kouichi: Senpai!
Ayla: So she’s just going to fight it head on in pubic huh…
Now that it’s ended up like this do you think you’re going to be able to hide and fight it in secret? That’s going to be impossible!
Moreover this is the perfect situation for it to take a student hostage!

Ayla: It’s normally in your nature to avoid defeating enemies with the students around! That’s why you normally fight them in secret….but this is the complete opposite..
You’re thoroughly exposing yourself!! They’ll see you for sure!

Ayla: So it took advantage of possessing that thing so it could use numerous avatars did it?
But I didn’t think it was strong enough to use various solid forms like that…
Someone: Whoaa. This is…
Stuffed doll army VS Mysterious flying girl?!
Nah, can’t be. Blue box high’s never had something this high level out before.
Someoneeelse: Hey! Something amazing’s apparently starting in the gymnasium!
It’s a hero show.
They’ve actually got something like that?
Let’s go check it out!



Ayla: There are many enemies, but the stage is narrow….
And with the students watching, she has to restrain her movements….all while the enemy slowly draws in. She’s not going to have a chance to close in and target the core at this rate…

Announcer: So who’s going to win? The Stuffed doll army?
Or the Mysterious flying girl?!
Kids: Go for it!!
Don’t give those stuffed animals an inch! Do ‘em in!
Nozomi: Thi—
This isn’t fun…
It’s not like I particularly like fighting…

Nozomi: I just wanted to…
Go to school, and read my favorite books after classes were over,
Then say ‘see you tomorrow’…
To me that’s the greatest….
I just want these days to continue slowly drifting by…!!
Ayla: Ugh, what’s with that?
(Handwritten- Why is she talking about being satisfied with those kind of days?)

Nozomi: You don’t need the strength to fight Hirose-kun, because I’ll protect you. So please…
Kouichi: So that’s the reason why you were angry with me Senpai?
But I’m really happy you shared your power with me senpai….
I just don’t think you should fight alone anymore…


Nozomi: You’re showing off and acting cool again…
Girl: Ah!

Student: Again?
She had just managed to repel them too..
Just now she jumped in on her own?



Kouichi: Ugh…






Kouichi: Rico, weren’t you with Nagi?
Rico: Nagi went off somewhere after some girl!
Ayla: Hirose Kouichi…
Just what are you?!
I thought you were merely a child, but aren’t you just Ootori Nozomi’s puppet?
Koga Tokio…
I had no intention of looking into you but…

Ayla: This is a memory of the previous winter…
{Here you go, freshly picked.}
{Thank you…so much.}
{He's so short…It’s hard to think we're the same age.}

{Look how many of these I have in my soaked scarf.}
{Despite knowing how cold I am…}
(On paper- Notice of eligibility.)
{I wonder if that child will take it? I hope he will…that would be great.}
{Go—Good morning!}

{‘Nice to meet you.’}
{It was…}
{Just that trivial.}
{That’s all it was…}

Lady: The gymnasium sure is noisy..
Sensei! Come and see our display!
Lady: I’d love to, but I have an emergency case.
(Sign- Health room.)
Lady: I had to chip some ice and bring it to you.
Since you are sweating profusely…

Nozomi: Here.
We were third place in the polls, but it’s dasly because we didn’t follow the normal routine it seems, what a pitty.
The festival board chairman gave me this juice.

Kouichi: I want to become a coffee brewer…
Nothing more and nothing less.
Nozomi: Yeah…
Kouichi: But this time around you weren’t quite the calm and collected person I took you for senpai….were preparations for the culture fest that tiring?
Nozomi: Eh? T—that is…um..
That’s right…
Kouichi: Oh? Making the clothes and practice must have been hard work then huh?
But y’know….
I think you were better the way you were before.
Nozomi: Hmn?

Kouichi: Man, wouldn’t having an ability to see into other’s hearts like Ayla-san’s be really useful.
Ayla: Don’t get the wrong idea. Being able to do that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be seeing good things.
Kouichi: Wah!
Ayla: That whole act of yours was shameful!
Your ability to plan and resistance to stress is no good!
And you think if you keep this up you’ll really be able to take over the planet? Don’t make me laugh!
For goodness sake…I merely wanted to remain a spectator to your whole farce but…
The facts are the facts and I have seen them with my own eyes…
I have to acknowledge what I’ve seen and make judgment.
It doesn’t appear that the two of you are enemies to this planet…
Well…at least a little bit it doesn’t.

Nozomi: Isn’t that nice Hirose-kun? We’ve been acknowledged.
Kouichi: Th—thanks a lot.
Ayla: Teeheehee…
That’s right…Hirose Kouichi…could you turn your back this way?
Kouichi: Ow!

Ayla: Ah! That was relieving.
Kouichi: A relief?!
Eh? That was a whim?!
Rico: Kouichi…girls are scary beings…
Kouichi: Y—yeah…they’re fearsome, bro.

Rico: Ah it’s Nagi!
He sure is shewd with the ladies…he’ getting on great with them.
Kouichi: He’s always having a great time….that looks fun…
Rico: Nagi gave me lots of snacks today! He’s a great guy!
Kouchi: Yeah…he happens to like animals so…
Rico: Animals?!
(Handwritten- That’s how it is…)

Ayla: Grandmother is…
It seems Grandmother would like to meet you two.
Kouichi: Ayla-san’s ‘grandmother’ then this person is..
Ayla: That’s right…
But don’t compare her with the alien you saw this time…
She’s an important person with deep connections to the orbelians you see…

Ayla: Grandmother was separated from a planet quite a long time ago in the past called Eramera.
It is the one star older than even that of the orbelians…

To be continued in volume 4!

A low dimension’s battle.
Nagi: Here is your coffee.
Nozomi: You brewed this? How rare…
This is lukewarm!
Do you really think I can drink something like this?!
Nagi: Hii!! I’m sorry!!
Nozomi: Ahh..you’re so useless!
Nagi: I’m sorry! I’ll call Kouichi at once!
Nozomi: Don’t you dare casually call his name again!
Nagi: That’s no fair mother dear!
Ayla: What the…
Nozomi: Playing house.
Nagi: Yup.
{I can’t see what’s in their hearts, but perhaps that’s a good thing.}
(My senpai is an alien and a second year student and very straight lasted, so I don’t get to see her panties.)
{V.S bones.}
Nozomi: Rico-kun! Hirose-kun!
This marks the occasion where we bury the name of the past war gods!!
Our name which will rumble through the heavens now…
Our instructor war God..
Kouichi: Eh?!
Nozomi: I—I’m sorry….
(handwritten- It disappeared…)
(Handwritten below- Light novels are great.)

(That’s terrible.)
{This is no good…}
Nozomi: Guh…they’re so small but they’ve got so many little legs..
I’ve got no choice but to jump….haaaah!!
(Handwritten- That’s right, I’ve never drawn her in pants for the main story…)
(Bottom- As always, thank you so much Arata Iri-chan.)

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