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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Gintama 503

Expect the unexpected.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jul 23, 2014 22:56 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 503

Rather than anything else, I'm surprised we got Hijikata/Sacchan interaction, and that Gintoki seems to have graduated from Weekly Shounen Jump.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Also, this is relevant to your interests.

(Side text- Mistaken for another, the next in line Shogun had the snot beaten out of him…)
Someone: Nobunobu-samaaaa!!
Open a path!! There’s been an attaaaack!!
Nobunobu-sama has been attacked by an insurgent…!!!
Wh—who on earth….
An—anyway let’s just get him to a doctor!!
Th—this man will someday lead this country to peace….
He’s this country’s last hope!!
We absolutely cannot allow him to die!!
???: So that’s it….
Hitotsubashi Nobunobu.

Kamui: He’s…
He’s your pawn in this country stealing game.
Though is he even useful as a pawn? As weak as he is…
If it were me, I’d forget about those other abilities or whatever and use the military force of 100 pawns to get the job done.
Takasugi: It’s obvious if you look.
Despite people deifying the Shogun…
They still want his seat…
Even going as far as breaking into the palace and attempting murder.
If you make a mistake on the final move…
It won’t be your enemy’s head that flies asunder but your own. Our esteemed pawn doesn’t realize that this changes his bad play.

Takasugi: Well, we’ve already shouldered his shrine this far…
Even if we’re down to our last head…
We’ll find use for it.
Suspicions regarding the assassination attempt on the Shogun will be lifted from Hitotsubashi faction, therefore, averting eyes from what’s at the center of this.
Lord Hitotsubashi and the Shogun will be seen as victims who’s lives are in danger.
Even running a bit wild and gaudy won’t be suspicious either.
Having freedom to overturn the chessboard...this country…
Allows us to take our checkmate, the shogun.
Kamui: Heheh…
And so it’s time for the military force of 100 pawns to appear huh?

(Side text- Separated souls under the Sakura…)
Lesson 503: Expect the unexpected.
(TN- The original title in Japanese is ‘Hyoutan kara koma’ or ‘A horse comes from a gourd’. This is an expression that means something along the lines of ‘Something said in jest actually happening.’)

???: This is our plan.
In order to ensure the Shogun makes it to the capital safely, three body doubles will go with him.
The real Shogun will take to the skies smuggled in a freighter utilized by the Bakfu for cargo,
That’s headed to the capital.
One of the doubles will stay behind in Edo so his escape is concealed.
His duty will to keep our enemy’s eyes on Edo.
The second will take a sea route north.
This is a diversion just in case the enemy should discover he has fled, causing a disturbance in the enemy’s attack and spreading their resources.
And finally the third will go west by land. This is also a diversion but…
It is the most likely route of attack the enemy will take making the likelihood of death quite high.

Matsudaira: What’s more important than being a body double and diversion is being bait for the enemy.
Basically you’re the food that our greedy foes will lunge for and fall into a trap over.
Within the group under my control are handpicked elites with no regard for their official status.
These select few will watch our surroundings.
The Oniwaban group will encircle this group providing a second guard.
Those of our enemies who don’t flee will have their ambitions crushed by them. Feel free to ravage them once they reveal themselves.
We have a group here of mixed standing and social status…
But they’ve overcome their interests and have gathered here for the sake of the Shogun.
As for me, I’ve forgotten my own social status…
I’m simply a bad friend of Shou-chan who’s trying to look out for him.

Matsudaira: Ranks and social status have nothing to do with this.
We’re just a group of people who fight together with one man as he fights for what he loves dearly.
Lords, vassals and the like don’t matter.
We’re just here for the sake of our friend.
And we’ll fight for his sake.
(Sfx- Gogogogo *rmmmmble*)
(Sfx- Gogogogo *rmmmmble*)
Matsudaira: He’ll definitely return…
That man…the shogun….
Will reunite with his country for sure.

Matsudaira: All right guys…I’m relying on you…
You as well doubles…
(Sfx- Gararara *clatter*)
Gintoki: Yeah. Not to be ‘that guy’, but can we get a move on? It’s really very hot in here…
(Sfx- Gagaaah *kacrasssh*)

Ayame: The double’s job is to take on the attacks before they reach this far….it’s a dangerous job.
To think that Gin-san has entrusted me with such a dangerous role…
(Sfx- Garaaah *clatter*)
Gintoki: ‘Ey bitch. I’m done reading Kingdom. If you don’t go and buy me the entirety of Terraformars in three minutes, Imma have you decapitated.
(TN- Kingdom and Terraformars are both manga that run in Weekly Young Jump which is a young men’s magazine compared to jump which is for teenagers. So Gintoki’s sort of graduated from his Shounen roots.)
Ayame: There’s no need to worry. As long as he continues to wear that disguse he looks like the perfect Shogun, right?
(Sfx- Basaaah *fwaaap*)
Gintoki: Goddamn this is hot. Do we have like Shogun sweats or something?
Hijikata: He’s changing into sweats?! That’s an unbelievably rough Shogun!!
Don’t friggin’ mess around dammit!! Why the hell do we have to be the bodyguards for you assheads?!
Kondo: Moreover it’s pretty obvious by now that you’re just a fake!!

Kagura: It is the lot of you that is foolish. Are we not to safely and secretly get to the capital? If this is the case, then disgusting myself a bit is obviously what should be done.
(Sfx- Garara *clatter*)
Hijikata(?): Forget disguising or not disguising!! A completely different Shogun just appeareeeed!!
Shinpachi: If we intend to fool our enemies then you too will need to buy into our performance. Can’t you address me more as vassals would to their lord?
(Sfx- Gararara *clatter*)
Hijikata(?): Heeeeeeeey!! Just how many Shoguns are in that palanquin?! What the hell are you doing in there?!
Gintoki: Dude do you asshats not get it? We’re the Shoguns. The three of us are obviously acting in shifts.
Hijikata: Are you talking about the daimyo having alternating residences?! If so that’s not what you’re doing at all, dumbass!!
(Sfx- Gararaa *clatter*)
(TN- In cases like these the lords in feudal times would have several places to live known as Sankin koutai. The Yorozuya have confused this with Sankin koutai which means ‘Three movement relay.’)
Gintoki: Yo, next time you talk smack to me Imma seriously have you beheaded.
Ayame: Did everyone hear that?

(Sfx- Buwaaah *fwooooom*)
(Sfx- Zugagagagaga *shifshifshifshif*)
(Sfx- Jaaakii jaakkii *clack clatter*)
(Sfx- Zaaaan *doooom*)
Ayame: Could you repeat that one more time?
Start from the part about assassinating the Shogun….
Hijikata: It was a jooooke! A jooooke!! Just a little black comedy!!
Ayame: I’d advise you to be careful…
The Oniwaban group…
And the shogun’s bodyguards…
Are ready to attack immediately if they see any strange movements or actions.

Ayame: Whether you’re a body double or not…
Any slip ups will end with you in a literal hornet’s nest.
Gintoki: Ya hear that? Better watch your damn mouths from here on in, slaves.
{You need to watch out dammit!! The body double ended up in the hornet’s neessst!!}
???: You might be the Shinsengumi’s vice captain or whatever…
But today you’re just another retainer in this mixture of Ninjas and Samurai.
So tighten it up and dedicate your entire being to this.
For now your punishment will be carrying the palanquin.
Oh and if you shake it even a little, it’s off with your heads.

{That the Shinsengumi would be dragged along....}
{To take responsibility for idiots and ninjas!!!}
???: A mission of absolute secrecy?
Yamazaki: So they say. It’s ‘cause the Shinsengumi can’t move out enmasse, and so they say we should just guard the Shogun.
Guy: Hey. That’s just plain rude.
I mean is there any mission more important than protecting the Shogun?
Everyone’s on high alert due to that poison incident, taking these measures just in case.
You never know when an assassin might come to threaten the Shogun’s life.
Yamazaki: I guess. Though I wonder if they really trust us that much?
Eh, I guess with Commander Okita here nothing should happen…
….Wait…on that subject…
Where IS Commander Okita?

???: Nothing abnormal to report leader.
The four guardian escorts have nothing to report as of this time.
Well then…
It seems that we can put an end to this anxiety.
The body double units in various places aren’t meeting with any hindrances from the looks of things.
But of course they wouldn’t.
We’ve got layers upon layers of plans enough that no one could see through them all.
Well, even if someone can see through all of those plans, there’s no way they can get to this ship…
There’s not a single person who can take his head.
After all the Shogun…
Has that man by his side.
And he’s protected the Shogun clan from peril countless times.

???: The strongest shinobi of the official shogunate government’s Oniwaban…
Marishiten Hattori Zenzou.
(TN- Marishiten is the Buddhist God of war.)
Maizou: It’s been quite some time hasn’t it Zenzou-dono.
How many years has it been since you and Shigeshige-sama have met I wonder?
Hattori: Dunno.
If I had to take a guess, I’d say it was back when you still had one arm…
Old man Maizou.
Maizou: Hahaahah!! You’re a man who never changes, as usual!
It appears we’ve both been through a bit haven’t we?
Hattori: Yeah. I honestly forgot how many years and months have gone by…
But the favor you owe me..
Is something I’ll never forget.

Hattori: And I’ve come to collect…
Maizo: With a man of your caliber traveling with us, I’m reassured of our---
(Sfx- Ton *tap*)
(Sfx- Dosaah *thud*)
Maizo: Gah!!
Hattori: You said back then…
That the Oniwaban’s job isn’t to protect the Shogun…
But to protect the Shogun’s job.
And the Shogun’s job is…
To risk his life to protect the citizens of his country.

Shogun: Yes. This is true Zenzou.
I leave the rest to you.

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#1. by moubou ()
Posted on Jul 25, 2014
Shigeshige be killed :'(
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