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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Gintama 506

Country of Shinobi.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Aug 20, 2014 23:32 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 506

So much intrigue. Funny that it's a manga about samurai that actually knows how to do ninjas right.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

(Sfx- Zazzazazaaza *sshhhhft*)
(Side text- A serious army draws near!!)
(Sfx- Kuwaaaaah *Roaaaar*)

(Sfx- Zazazazaza *sshhhhffft*)
(Sfx- Dododododo *Thokthokthok*)
(Sfx- Dodothhh *Thoook*)

(Sfx- Doshaaaah *thood*)
Kagura: Gin-chan!
They are…
(Sfx- Gazazaah *shft shft*)
(Sfx- Doth *thok*)
(Sfx- Doth *Thok*)
Shinpachi: Sacchan-san!
Ayame: They killed everyone in order to spy on our surroundings…
With moves like these, there’s no mistaking it…
They’re using the same moves---Iga-ryuu as us…
They’re from the Iga group.

Shinpachi: Iga group?!
Ayame: The shinobi village where the Oniwaban group originated…
A land of Shinobi where the Iga shinobi were born.
Shinpachi: Then they’re your comrades?!
Ayame: We of the Oniwaban were the ‘Igagoe’ who were employed by Lord Ieyasu as he took root in Edo.
Becoming the Iga style faction so to speak.
The remaining Iga have no loyalty to the Shougun or his family.
After all the Iga were selling out and killing each other for the sake of money and the lords who supplied it even before the Sengoku period.
They are a mercenary group who pursues profit before all else.
However they’ve not come to save the Shogun this time…
But to hunt him down and take his head.
Kondo: No…
This is more like…

Kondo: The entirety of the Shinobi country…
Has become the enemy of the Shogun.
{Who could possibly…}
{Get Shinobi of these numbers to move simultaneously?}
{To do something like this means…}
(Sfx- Zuboooooh *blooooop*)
(Sfx- Shyararara *tinktinkl*)
(Sfx- Gashaaan *Clatter*)

{The three high ranking Ninja…}
{Who run the Iga…}
{Leader of the Fujibayashi clan…}
{Fujibayashi Gaimon.}
{Leader of the Momochi Clan…}
{Momochi Rappa}
(Sfx- Basashii *fwaap*)

{Leader of the Hattori Clan…}
{Hattori Zenzou….they’re the only ones who could do this.}
(Side text- So he really has defected..?!}
Lesson 506: Country of Shinobi.
Hattori: This is the end.
Your lord has…
Already died.
The thing that you all strove to protect…
Is no longer here.

Kamui: What’s that?
Abuto: He sure works fast….
He’s on a different level than the other shinobi.
Hattori Zenzou…
He’s the vip who is in control of the Shogun assassination plan…the sole man who governs the Iga group.
Hattori: Hey, don’t go lumping me in with those country bumpkins. I don’t remember saying I’m their leader or the guy who spearheaded this unruly mob in the first place.
If it weren’t for the Iga lead by the three high ranking ninja, my group…the Hattori would have passed as the city faction.
I thought I’d borrow the strength of these hicks so I could slip in quietly on my own…
But they’ve gone and made this a big deal.
Abuto: Someone’s confident.
Hattori: Yeah. Go on, you can inspect it if you want. No skin off my back.
There’s no mistaking it. That’s the head of the shogun, Tokugawa Shigeshige.
I’m the former head of the oniwaban so I don’t make mistakes.
Abuto: It’s cause I heard you’re the former head of the oniwaban…
I wasn’t expecting you to really kill the guy who used to be your lord.

Hattori: The Shogun’s job is to protect his people…
That’s what he said.
So it would have brought him some satisfaction that his head is the only one needed to stop this pointless fight.
And that’s the job of a shinobi.
Okita: A pointless fight huh? Though it looks as if the lord and his friend were fighting together.
But, ultimately aren’t you just running off as a guy who wasn’t able to protect anything?
(Sfx- Tohh *tpp*)
Hattori: Tell all of the squads to knock off this flashy shit. The job’s done.
From here on in…
We’re going to work smarter rather than harder.
Okita: Hold it dammit!!
(Sfx- Dogooohh *Thoooom*)
(Sfx- Ddaan *thok*)
Okita: Gngh!!
(Sfx- Zugogogogo *rmmmmble*)
???: It’s about that time huh?

Abuto: We’re out.
Someyato: What about him?
Abuto: Leave ‘im be.
He’s part of the group who’s lost their reason to fight.
At this rate it’ll be his fate to sink to the depths with this ship.
(Sfx- Hyaaan *fwisssh*)
(Sfx-Zudooooon *thoooom*)
(Sfx- Para para *clatter clatter*)
Abuto: Well damn.
Whether it’s the idiots on this side, or the idiots on that side, the look on your face says you’re still rarin to kill each other huh?

Okita: You guys decide on…
The reason to keep fighting.
I just wanted you to remember a little something for earth’s revenge battle…
Bad guy.
Kamui: Yup, I’ll remember…
(Sfx- Dododooon *thooom*)
(Sfx- Gogaaaah *craaaaah*)
Ayame(?):The three high ranking Iga Ninja…
No way…
That you all would join our enemies…

Ayame: The three famed clans with absolute power and authority over the Iga clan…
And the noble family who was employed by the Shogun…
If you all were to use your authority then moving an entire country wouldn’t be impossible..
When I saw the enemy shinobi, I had a nasty feeling of forboding…
What have all of you…
And Zenzou….been planning?
Rappa: A shinobi should simply complete his mission in silence…
In short all we’re here for is killing these brats who stand for the Shogun.
Gaimon: Momochi, you should just spit it out.
You Oniwaban being around is a hindrance to establishing ourselves and our successes.
(Sfx- Meri meri *Grind grind*)
Gaimon: Or are you saying this too is your way of protecting the Iga?
Rappa: Silence Fujibayashi.

Gaimon: It appears you really have no idea of what happened to the birthplace of the shinobi….
Half a year ago in the skies above Iga…
Shell fire rained down.
The village was attacked by a strange group who bore umbrellas.
They were a fearful group of warriors that shinobi techniques have no effect on.
Soon they had subjugated the village and burnt it to the ground. However they then turned and offered us an allegence.
In short if we assisted them in the assassination of the shogun…
They would establish a new political order and the Bakfu would offer us…the new Oniwaban long term employment. In short they offered us a business proposition.
Ayame: And all it took was some sweet words for you to hop aboard their plot?
Gaimon: If we didn’t kill the Shogun, then the Iga ninja would have been wiped out. Their deal was something that didn’t even require thought.
You damned Oniwaban who were employed by Ieyasu have the same anecdote don’t you?
Just that before with the Igagoe, we were too late to oppose the Hattori clan….this time however it is our turn.

Gaimon: The truly fearsome one here is your leader…that Hattori brat…
Even being the former leader of the oniwaban didn’t stop him from abandoning the current political climate quickly…
And crawl right into their pockets.
He’s the kind of demonic man who would abandon his friends and lord in order to highten his own chances for success.
This time however we won’t let Hattori sip that sweet nectar himself…
As long as the Shogun has his head we’ll….
(Sfx- Gonyo gonyo *cough cough*)
Rappa: You’re already far too late for that Fujibayashi.
Because that Hattori brat…
Has ---by now taken the Shogun’s head.
What a pity Fujibayashi…
It seems once again the Hattori clan has snatched achievement from you.
Gaimon: No…
There’s still a chance for us to achieve…
(Sfx- Dopaaah *tok*)

Gaimon: Men! There is no need for these fools!
We have numbers on our side…we can still take the shogun’s authority from him…that is what we well achieve…
(Sfx- Goro *roool*)
(Sfx-Bushiiiii *blooorsh*)
Gaimon: Wha…
???: I know you finally got around to making your orders and I’m sorry but…

Hijikata: We have no…
Obligation to follow your orders.
Kagura: To—Toshiiiii!!
Hijikata: Who the hell are you calling Toshi?
(Sfx- Sharaan *clatter*)
Kondo: Damn straight.
There’s only one man under the heavens…
Who can use us as he sees fit.

Gaimon: B—bastards!!
When did you sneak into our ranks…!?
What the hell are you doing?!
Hurry up and kill them!! Can’t you see those brigands right before your eyes?!
Momochi…et tu…?!
Rappa: Sorry Fujibayashi.
Loyalty to the Parliamentary system that is the three highest ranked ninja in iga opposes our own standing.
I too…
Have no obligation to follow orders from traitors who have colluded with the enemy.
Gaimon: Mo—Momochi!! No way you….
Rappa: I too am acting under a favor, though it’s a bit different from yours.
I am under the direct orders of a man who has the highest social standing here.
(Sfx- Zahhh *Sfffts*)
Gaimon: N—
No way…
It can’t be…

Shogun: This is my order as the shogun…
Kill that brigand.
(Side text- But of course!!)

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