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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Gintama 506

Shinobi Country

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Aug 21, 2014 05:23 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 506

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When the series isn't nightmarishly wordy, it's a lot more fun to work on.

[Gintama 506 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Insert: This is no joke!! A great army approaches---!
Title: 'Gintama'

Page 2:

Page 3:

Page 4:
Kagura: Gin-chan,
these guys...
Shin: Sacchan-san.
Sa: The patrol unit we fortified our circumference with was beaten entirely.
Those techniques are without question
the same as ours.
These guys are Igashuu.

Page 5:
Shin: Igashuu?!
Sacchan: That's the group that gave birth to us, the Oniwabanshuu.
Shinobi of the country of shinobi, Iga.
Shin: Then your compatriots did this?!
Sa: We, the Oniwaban became employed by Lord Ieyasu because of a service called "The Crossing of Iga" and we then took root in Edo.
In other words, we are a branch of the Iga Style.
The ones left in Iga have no loyalty or anything of the sort to the Shogun family.
The people of Iga have been owned by money ever since the Warring States Era. Depending on their employers, they'll even kill their own brethren.
They act only in the pursuit of profits. They're a group of career mercenaries.
Those people aren't saving the shogun this time,
they're on the move to take his head.
Kon: No.
This is utterly...

Page 6:
Kon: the Country of Shinobi itself
has become an enemy of the Shogun.
Who in the world would
employ all these shinobi?!
The only ones that could do such a thing...

Page 7:
Sa: The ones that manage Iga,
The Three Great Jounin.
T/N: A jounin is a high ranking ninja that represents a group and hires out mercenaries.
Sa: The head of the Fujibayashi Family
Fujibayashi Gaimon
The head of the Momochi Family
Momochi Rappa

Page 8:
Sa: The head of the Hattori Family
Hattori Zenzou.
Insert: So he really has defected...?!
Title: Lesson 506
Shinobi Country
Author: Sorachi Hideaki
Hattori: It's over.
You guys' master
is already dead.
You no longer have
anything to protect.

Page 9:
Kamui: Huh?
I knew this would be a quick job.
He really is a cut above the other shinobi.
Hattori Zenzou.
The cornerstone of the plan to assassinate the shogun and one of the leaders that bind together the Igashuu.
Hattori: Don't lump me in with those country hicks. I don't ever remember leading this pack of mutts.
Even if I'm called one of the Three Great Jounin that rule the Iga, we, that Hattoris, have been city people for a while now.
This whole affair could've been settled on my own without the aid of those hicks.
Man, they weren't too subtle, were they?
Abuto: You sure are confident.
Hattori: Yeah. I don't mind if you examine it.
This is undoubtedly the head of the Shogun Tokugawa Shigeshige.
I can say that with certainty as former Oniwaban.
Abuto: It's because you're former Oniwaban that I'm asking.
I'm not so sure you could really have killed your former master.

Page 10:
Hattori: The duty of a shogun is to protect his people and his country.
This is the guy that told me that...
If one head could stop such a pointless war, then that's what he'd want.
Okita: Are you saying that that's what you shinobi's job is?
Pointless war? Is that really something for a guy who wouldn't even fight with his master and his comrades
and couldn't protect a single thing in the end to say?
Hattori: .........
Let all units know that all this fooling around is over. The job's done.
Hattori: And then
that work is something that should be done stylishly.
Somebody: Don't you go anywhere!!
Okita: GUH!!
Guys: Guess it's about time.

Page 11:
Guys: Let's go.
What about him?
Leave 'im.
Those guys no longer even have a reason to fight.
It's his fate to go down with this ship.
Abuto: Hey... Captain?
Okita: Geez.
Looks like that idiot and this idiot are still totally ready to kill.

Page 12:
Okita: You can pick your own
reason to fight.
Make sure you learn the fact that on earth, we have what're called battles for revenge,
Kamui: Okay, got it,
Somebody: The Iga Three Great Jounin.
I never thought
we'd end up with you guys as our enemies.

Page 13:
Somebody: The three families that boast absolute power and strength.
the Momochis,
the Fujibayashis,
and the noted family that is employed by the Shogun as the Oniwaban.
the Hattoris.
Sa: Using your powers, it would not be impossible to move the entire country.
I had a bad feeling from the moment we learned that the enemy had employed shinobi.
What in the world are you...
what is Zenzou planning?
Momochi: Shinobi simply silently carry out their mission.
All we can say is that if you do not surrender the shogun, these youngsters will die. That is all.
Fujibayashi: Momochi, you'd better say it clearly.
You Oniwaban being here is a hindrance to our success in the world.
Fuji: Or are you saying that this is also for the sake of protecting Iga?
Somebody: Fujibayashi, be quiet.
Sa: !?

Page 14:
Fujibayashi: I'm not surprised you don't know what's going on in the Shinobis' hometown right now.
Half a year ago, a rain of cannon fire
poured down from the skies of Iga.
The ones attacking the village were an oddly dressed lot carrying umbrellas.
Kagura: !?
Fujibayashi: Our techniques did nothing against them. They were terrifying warriors.
They said that if we did not go along with what they said, they would reduce the village to ashes. But if we allied ourselves with them, we wouldn't regret it.
In other words, they approached us with a deal wherein if we lent a hand in assassinating the shogun
after the new administration was established, we would be employed by the Bakufu as a new Oniwaban.
Sa: You were won over by such cheap cajolery?!
Fujibayashi: If we do not kill the shogun, Iga would be eradicated. There wasn't anything to think about.
This is no different from the story of you Oniwaban helping Ieyasu and being employed by him, is it?
We fell behind the Hattori family during the Crossing of Iga, but now it is our turn.

Page 15:
Fuji: What is truly terrifying is your head, the Hattori youngster.
Even though he's former Oniwaban, he quickly gave up on the current administration.
He's already infiltrated their bosom.
For the sake of his own success, he will sacrifice his own master and comrades. Truly a goblin of a man.
But this time, we won't let Hattori have it all for himself.
We will be the ones to hand over the Shogun's head...
Momichi: It looks like we're too late, Fujibayashi.
SFX: GOYNO GONYO (Whispering)
Momochi: We just received word
that the Hattori brat has taken the shogun's head.
It's too bad, Fujibayashi.
It seems that the Hattori Family has stolen the glory yet again.
Fuji: No.
Kagura: !!
Fuji: There is still glory to be had.

Page 16:
Fuji: Men, we no longer have any use for these people!!
We will take the glory of slaying every man we can and reducing the shogun's power as much as...
Fuji: Wha...
Hiji: Sorry for ruining the moment where you gave the big order,

Page 17:
Hiji: But we
have no obligation to listen to you.
Kagura: TO-Toshiiii!!
Hiji: Who're you callin' Toshi?!
Kon: He's right about that.
There's only one person in the world
that can order us around.

Page 18:
Fuji: Y-You bastards!!
When did you infiltrate our men...?!!
What are you doing?!!
Hurry, kill theeem!! Can't you see the insurgents right in front of your eyes?!!
Momochi, you, too...
Momo: ......?!
Sorry, Fujibayashi.
In the Iga's Three Great Jounin, the core council system, we are of equal status.
So we
have no obligation to oblige the orders of a traitor that colluded with the enemy and made the Iga accompany him either.
Fuji: Mo... MomochI!! You bastard, you're saying you...
Momochi: If it's a favor you're asking, that is different. But we have already undertaken one.
Please take a look. There is the person who has the highest status here and the one we are receiving commands from.
Fuji: Im...
It can't be...
Y... You.

Page 19:
Shou-chan: In the name of the shogun, I give this command.
Attack the insurgent.
Fuji: The... The...
The friggin' Shogunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Insert: Way to go!!
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 506
/ End

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#1. by moubou ()
Posted on Aug 21, 2014
Thank you :)
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