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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Gintama 507

Steel peashooter.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Aug 29, 2014 00:05 | Go to Gintama

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Gintama, where the phrase 'political pissing contest' takes on a whole new and slightly deadlier meaning.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

(Side text- The Harusame examination…)
???: No mistakin’ it….this is the genuine Shogun.
No tricks or disguises remain…
Even the enemy has confirmed it.
The Shoguns who fled using other routes are just shadows…this guy is the real deal.
Abuto: Gonna take the enemy’s lie as fact huh?
Bet you guys didn’t know did you? This planet has a famous saying…
???: To deceive one’s enemy one must first deceive their allies.
Something like that right?
Are we under the impression that I allowed my buddies to run off with the real Shogun…
And that’s making you suspicious?

Hattori: Seems like you don’t believe in my work to an alarming degree.
Abuto: My bad. It’s not like I don’t believe you or anything…
Just there are a lot of things that aren’t gonna make sense if all we have is a head.
But our other routes of investigation,
Such as the body have disappeared with the ship.
Sorta like they weren’t supposed to be investigated any further.
Hattori: I get it.
And you’re concerned since my people have been paying their respect to the Shogun family for ages.
Abuto: That’s why there isn’t a need for an investigation.
When compared to us Yato…
You earthlings are all peashooters.
Hattori: Is that so? Then if you could…
I’d like you to pull your big cannons out and away from the Iga at once.
Abuto: Lets see…

Abuto: Between our big cannons and you earthling’s pea shooter…
Which one is more fearsome…
Once gathered up.
Shigeshige: This is an order from the Shogun….
Kill the brigaaaaaaaaand!!
(Side text- Shou-chan’s alive…!!)
Lesson 507: Steel peashooter.

Gaimon: B—
(Sfx- Goooh *thooom*)
(Sfx- Dofaaaaah *fwoooom*)
(Sfx- Zuuuhhh *Sffft*)
(Sfx- Dooooon *THOOOM*)

(Sfx- Gakiiiiin *Grrrindd*)
(Sfx- Meri meri *grind grind*)
Rappa: A rotten member of the highest iga ninja..
Has on this occasion become the target…
And now it appears to be over.
The scattered troops who were your allies in the scheme to take the Shogun’s head…
Are no more.
(Sfx-Zazaaahhh *sffshht*)
Gaimon: Momochi…you bastard…
You deceived me..

Gaimon: Having my troops take the lead…
Was so that yours could take the rear and support the enemy in a pincer attack against us wasn’t it?
Kondo: Seems like we saved you from the brink of disaster.
Shinpachi: ---But wait, why is the Shogun…
In the unit that set out to assassinate him….?!
Wasn’t the real Shogun….
I mean Z—zenzou-san ….
Shigeshige: That wasn’t me.
I should say that the Shogun you’ve met over the last few days wasn’t me either.
Since the tea poisoning incident in the palace…
In short last month a certain party kidnapped me and spirited me away from the palace.

Shigeshige: And it was thanks to Momochi’s protection…
That I was able to hide myself within the ranks of the Iga.
Shinpachi: N—No waaaay!
Then that Shogun was a fake?!
Kondo: To kidnap the Shogun from the palace….
Hijikata: Something like that is…
Ayame: ….Possible.
If it’s him, it’s definitely possible.
Gaimon: R—ridiculous…
Then this is…
That brat Hattori’s doing?!

Gaimon: Momochi, you actually conspired with that man…
To fake the Shogun’s death?!
To protect his head you deceived your friends, and enemies….
and the Iga ninja themselves?!
Rappa: You sully the Iga name with your menial words.
You allowed the Iga to fall so easily into the hands of them….the Harusame…
Just so you could secretly get into bed with our enemies right?
You say that you’ll lend a hand to them, but ultimately it’s giving them the reigns to take our power.
Sorry but that brat and I…
Are shinobi down to our roots.
I will decide who I sell…
My abilities to, and who I make an enemy of.

Rappa: As the founder of the Iga ninjutsu style, I will risk my name ‘Momochi’,
And vow to never give the village of Shinobi to the likes of you fools…
(Sfx- Dodoohh *thokthok*)
Gaimon: I’m tired of hearing a feeble doll prattle…..
It’s over.
The Iga, the Shogun, everything….
It’s over now.
(Sfx- Mukuhh *droop*)
(Sfx- Kapoooh *pop*)

Rappa: Fujibayashi…
With that level of ninja skill..
(Sfx- Viiiin *veeeen*)
(Sfx- Vieeeen)
(Sfx- Gashaan *clatter*)
(Sfx- Gashaan *clatter*)
(Sfx- Gashaan *clatter*)
(Sfx- Gakiiiin *claaang*)
Rappa: You’ll never take the Shogun’s head,
Much less…
That of I, Momochi Rappa.

(Sfx- Gaooooon *FWOOOOM*)
(Sfx- Dododoooon *THoooom*)
(Sfx- Gogogogogogo *rmmmmmmmble.*)
Rappa: Your training is lacking.
This is a true…
‘Ninja cannon’
(TN- Ninpou with one set of kanji can be ‘Ninja art’, but the kanji Rappa is using is for ‘Ninja cannon.’)

???: The Shinobi mecca….hidden village Shiranui.
Even though there had been disorder before, it was an impregnable fortress that did not allow entry for any of our enemies.
The God of Shinobi, Marishitten protects these lands..
And the Shogun can be at ease here too.
Have some tea and take your time to rest.
(Sfx- Bicha bicha *bloorp bloorp*)
(Sfx- Bicha Bicha *blorp bloorp*)
(Sfx- Goto *tp*)
Rappa: Drink.
It is the village’s specialty tea… ‘Nincha’.
(TN- ‘Cha’ is tea. Nincha is a horrible, horrible pun.)

Shinpachi: Um…excuse me Momochi-san…
That’s…a weapon right? It’s not actually a person right?
Rappa: Perhaps I was too hasty in serving you youngsters tea? How about this then.
Kagura: Ooh! It is Cocoa, yes?
Shinpachi: Momochi-san, is this really okay? Just which part of you is real?
(Sfx- Bicha bicha *bloorp bloorp*)
Rappa: I am a shinobi who employs the use of a puppet.
Because I control a mechanical doll like this, and are controlled by a mechanical doll, the two of us together are both the real Momochi Rappa.
Shinpachi: Um…I don’t really get it and I hate to sound uncouth but it looks to me that you’re the doll here…
(Sfx-Shaan *shssh*)
(Handwritten- You can’t move at all either..)
(Sfx- Byuuu *fwoof*)
Rappa: There’s no need to worry, Momo-chan is sometimes a weapon, and other times can serve as a teapot. She’s all-purpose machinery.
Kondo: So basically we should be fine, yeah?
Rappa: And sometimes she can be used as a restroom.
(Sfx- Bubaaah *blllorshi*)
(Sfx- Dotadota *thpmthmp*)
(Sfx- Uooeeeeehh *hurrrrrrrrgh*)
Rappa: There’s a bathroom right here you know.
There’s no bathroom over there.
Nor will you keep your lives there.
(Sfx- Gagooon *thooop*)

Rappa: It’s like I said. This is a shinobi fortress.
Rappa: There are mechanical traps employed all over. You shouldn’t make any foolish movements for your own good.
Up until now, including me very few people have returned from looking for the bathroom.
Just after entering the bathroom they suddenly find themselves alone, and I’ve even heard tales of a few ending up as twisted slabs of flesh.
Kondo(?): What is this?! The Dark Continent?!
(TN- Hunter X Hunter joke.)
Gintoki: I get it. Seems the shogun really will be safe here huh?
(Sfx- Gararaa *clatter*)
(Sfx- Yoro Yoro *wobble wobble*)
Someone: The Shogun’s been twisted alreaaaadyyyy!!
Was it down there?! Did someone twist him up down theeere?!
Rappa: You can see the result for yourself.
I guarantee the Shogun’s safety.
So just leave things after this to me. You all can withdraw.
The other enemy factions have been completely annihilated…
And we will transport the Shogun to the capital as according to plan.
Kagura: But that is just it! If we do not protect the Shogun who will do it?

Rappa: The enemy has forces with the strength to take the country.
If you think in such general terms, the Shogun will die again.
Can you all do that?
Just as that Hattori brat did?
To kill the Shogun?
Shinpachi: What do you mean?
Rappa: When we met that man…
It was a month after the Harusame had trampled the Iga.
The iga had split completely into two factions..
In short the faction who was controlled by Fujibayashi and would support the Harusame in their plot to assassinate the Shogun..
The ones who refused this order and fight as a resistance who take the stance of war.
Both of these factions…and the village itself were in a tumultuous state…on the verge of civil war.
If something wasn’t done then our village would only have one of the three higher level ninja to rely on.

Rappa: Hattori Zenzou.
I thought to move to Edo and leave the village in order to acknowledge the superiority of his family…
If I could make him an ally then I may be able to stop Fujibayashi.
However I soon knew that the enemy had managed to worm it’s way into our state of affairs.
The enemies of the Shogun –the Hitotsubashi lord were merely extreme patriots from the beginning.
And that now their sphere of influence had been widening and they have become more powerful and influential.
Moreover if the Shogun remained the Shogun…
His enemies would not stay their hand.
And that protecting him would become impossible.
To protect the Shogun..
And the Iga..
There was only one option and that’s to not allow this fighting to grow anymore than it has. There is but one method to achieve this.
And in short that is..

Rappa: To kill the shogun Tokugawa Shigeshige…
So that he returns to just being Tokugawa Shigeshige.
What he cut down wasn’t the Shogun or one of his stand ins…
But the very vessel known as the shogun itself.
In short, the shogun Tokugawa Shigeshige would fake his death and give up his status…
And erase his social standing.
This is all for the sake of protecting the life of the man Tokugawa Shigeshige.

Rappa: Yes, for that sake that shinobi…
Flung away his own life…
And became the most wanted man in history who’s crime was killing the Shogun. To embark down the path of dishonoring his name, to protect he chose this path.
(Panel- I leave it to you after this Zenzou//I’m the greatest criminal under the heavens, the man who assassinated the Shogun//Hattori Zenzou.)
{Take it. I’m not interested in seeing how it ends.}
{It’ll just water down my resolve.}
Gintoki: That bastard…
He intended to do this from the very beginning huh…
{You really haven’t changed from the old days…}
{You don’t have a sense of teamwork, loyalty, or faith…}
{The only thing you believe in is your own strength…}
{That’s my belief as a shinobi.}
{I see. You really did forget…}

(Sfx- Datsu *dash*)
Shinpachi: Sacchan-san!
Rappa: Do not tell anyone that the Shogun still lives.
That is if you don’t want to see him…
Or anyone else die.
Gintoki: Even if they…
Are on their way to take the Shogun’s head?
Rappa: Do you know something of our enemies…
Ninja: Rappa-sama!
Gintoki: Yeah I do…
To a fuckin’ annoying extent.
(Sfx- Gogogogo *rmmmmble*)
(Side text- The ambition he gazes at is….?)

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#1. by Bloomerwedgies ()
Posted on Aug 31, 2014
thank you again... I'm logging in to thank you, this time, because I want to tell you how much I appreciate your translation work. I've looked forward to it every week, for a long time. Your scripts are the highlight of my manga consumption countdown! Thank you so much for taking the time to work on giving all of us Gintama fans an excellent translation of our favorite manga each and every week.
Even in the blah-est times, I have your work to look forward to. It really means a lot.
See you at Yoruzuya HQ!
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