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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Gintama 507

Steel Peashooter

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Aug 31, 2014 02:27 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 507

Only for use by HWMN

More mangaa.... shoguns... death and ninjas...

[Gintama 507 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Insert: Under examination by Harusame...
Title: 'Gintama'
Somebody: No doubt about it, it's the real shogun.
There's no sign of a disguise or any tampering.
We got testimony from the enemy, too.
The shoguns that fled via other routes were just body doubles. This guy's the real one.
Abuto: So you want me to swallow the enemy's little prank?
Have you guys heard this adage they've got on this planet?
Hattori: 'To deceive an enemy, you've gotta deceive a friend, first.'
Abu: ?
Hattori: Is that it?
You're thinking they deceived their enemies too in order to allow the real shogun to get away,
so you're suspicious, huh?

Page 2:
Hattori: Looks like you really don't trust me to do my job.
Abuto: Sorry, it's not that I'm doubting you.
It's just that with it being just a head, there's a lot we don't know.
But even if we try to check other stuff,
the body disappeared along with the ship.
Almost as if somebody was afraid we'd check it.
Hattori: I see.
The shogun family has been pretty shabby down there for generations, apparently. I should have taken the chance to gaze upon it.
Abuto: Yeah, then there'd be no need to investigate.
Compared to us Yato,
all earthlings have tiny dicks.
Hattori: Izzat right? Then with those fine cannons of yours,
please get yourselves out of Iga soon.
Abuto: Let's see...

Page 3:
Abuto: between our cannons and you guys' peashooters,
surprisingly, if they're both together
I dunno which is more fearsome.
Shou-chan: In the name of the Shogun, I command you.
Attack the insurgeeeeent!!
Insert: Shou-chan's alive...!!
Title: Lesson 507
Steel Peashooter
Author: Sorachi Hideaki

Page 4:
Fuji: Y-
You bastaaaaards!!

Page 5:
Momochi: Despite your foolish choices, you are still one of Iga's Three Great Jounin.
I am quite impressed you would still target your objective even at this point.
However, that is all over.
Your allies which you have scattered across the land targeting the Shogun's head
are no more.
Fuji: Momochi, you bastard...
you planned it all.

Page 6:
Fuji: The reason you entrusted my unit to be the vanguard
was so you could take the rear and acting in concert with the enemy, trap us in a pincer attack, was it?
Gin: ......!!
Kon: Looks like that's the truth. We got rescued from some tight spots.
Shin: ...Even if that's true, why is it that the unit to assassinate the shogun...
has the Shogun in iiiiit?!!
Wasn't the real shogun
k-killed by Zenzou-san......?
Shou: That was not me.
if you all have met a Shougun in the last few days, it was not me, either.
Directly after the incident where poison was served to me in the palace,
that is, 1 month ago, I was already kidnapped from the castle by a certain someone.
Guys: !!

Page 7:
Shou: And under the protection of Momochi,
I was able to hide my identity and conceal myself in Iga.
Shin: N... No way!
So even that shogun was a fake?!
Kon: Kidnap the shogun from the palace...?
There's no way that could...
Sa: ...It could be done.
If it were that man...
Fuji: C... Could it be?
You're saying that that kid...
It was that blasted Hattori kid's doing?

Page 8:
Fuji: Momochi, you bastard, you conspired with that man
to fake the shogun's death?!!
Momo: Do not speak Iga's name, you swine.
The reason Iga fell into the hands of Harusame so easily
was because you colluded with them in secret and lead them there.
Were you perhaps told that by lending them a hand, you could gain real power in the village?
Sorry, but both me and that youngster
are born shinobi.
The masters we sell these skills to and the enemies we use these techniques on
are decided ourselves.

Page 9:
Momochi: In the name of the founder of the Iga School of Ninjutsu, 'Momochi'
I will never hand over the shinobi village to swine like y...
Guys: !!
Fuji: Nonsense! You decrepit old puppet,
it's all over.
Iga, the shogun, everything
is already over.

Page 10:
Someone: Fujibayashi.
Someone: With that level of ninpou,
T/N: Ninpou = shinobi/ninja arts.
Someone: you cannot take the shogun's head.
Momochi: Nor can you take the head
of me, Momochi Rappa.

Page 11:
Someone: You have not trained enough.
Momochi: This is a real
Somebody: That was the real Momochi's bodyyyyy?!!
T/N: Here, ninpou has the kanji for 'shinobi' and 'cannon'.

Page 12:
Momochi: The Shinobi holy ground, the Hidden Village Shiranui.
T/N: The name Shiranui means phosphorescent light, mysterious lights on the sea, or sea fire.
It is a Shinobi stronghold that never allowed any enemies to infiltrate in previous wars.
In this place protected by the Shinobi god Marici,
even a shogun would be safe.
Now let's drink some tea and relax for a bit.
Momochi: Drink up.
It's a special village tea, Nincha.

Page 13:
Shin: ...Um, excuse me, Momochi-san,
That's... a weapon, right? It's not a person, then?
Momochi: Is it too early for youngster like you to be drinking tea? Then how about this?
Kagura: Waa! It is cocoa, yes?!!
Shin: Momochi-san, is that really okay? You're the main body, right? ["You're" in italics.]
Momochi: I am a shinobi that has mastered the art of puppetry.
I am a being that manipulates a mechanical puppet and am also manipulated by a mechanical puppet. So in other words, both of us together are the real body of Momochi Rappa.
Shin: Um... I'm not sure I understand, but if someone is careless, then you're the one that looks like the puppet.
Handwritten: You're not moving at all.
Momochi: No need to be concerned. Momo-chan sometimes becomes a weapon and sometimes acts as a teapot. She's really an all-purpose instrument.
Kon: So basically, she's saying it's fine to drink.
Momochi: and sometimes she is a toilet.
Somebody: Hey, the privy is over here.
Somebody: There's no privy over there.
Also no life.

Page 14:
Someone: I told you, did I not? This is a shinobi stronghold.
There are mechanical traps laid all over. You had best act with discretion.
Momochi: Even if you include me, only a handful of people have ever left for the privy and made it back.
There are stories of people that have spontaneously become twisted the moment they entered the bathroom.
Shin: What sorta dark continent is this?!
T/N: Hunter X Hunter reference.
Gin: I see. Yeah, I guess even a shogun could be safe here.
Somebody: The shogun was the first one to get twisteeeed!!
SFX: YORO YORO (Unsteady)
Somebody: Down theeere!! I know it, he got twisted down theeere!!
Momochi: As you can see,
Momochi: I can guarantee the shogun's safety.
Leave the rest to me. You all can wash your hands of this affair.
All units besides your own will have been annihilated by the enemy's hands.
The plan to transport the shogun to Kyou has fallen through.
Kagura: But then if we do not do it, who will protect the shogun?

Page 15:
Momochi: The enemy wields the military might to rival an entire nation.
With that kind of commonplace thinking, the shogun will die again.
Can you do it?
Do what that Hattori youngster did
and kill a shogun?
Shin: !!
What do you mean?
Momochi: I met that man
one month after Iga was overrun by Harusame.
Iga was split in two.
That is, the compliant faction which wished to go along with Harusame and cooperate in the assassination of the shogun led by Fujibayashi,
our pro-war faction that rejected their demands and took the position of a do-or-die resistance against them.
The two factions clashed and the village was at a tense state at the brink of civil war.
In an effort to save the village, I called upon the third of the Three Great Jounin.

Page 16:
Momochi: Hattori Zenzou.
Although he changed the base of his operations to Edo, everyone in the village still yields to his family.
I thought that if I could get that man on my side, I could stop Fujibayashi.
But having slipped into the enemy ranks and having started probing for information, he already knew what was going on.
At the beginning, the shogun's enemy was this group of radical Joui ronin which Lord Hitotsubashi possesses.
But it has been swelling into a gigantic power that is difficult to oppose.
And... as long as the shogun remains being the shogun
the enemy will not stop.
And nor could the shogun be protected.
So in order to protect the shogun,
protect iga,
and prevent the damages from the war to expand any further, there was only one thing that could be done.
And that is

Page 17:
Momochi: for Shogun Tokugawa Shigeshige to be killed
and for him to return to being merely Tokugawa Shigeshige.
The one whom he slayed was not the shogun nor was it a body double,
it was the vessel known as the shogun.
In other word, by faking Shogun Tokugawa Shigeshige's death, thereby having him lose the rank of shogun
and be socially erased
he is trying to protect the life of the human Tokugawa Shigeshige.

Page 18:
Momochi: For that end, those shinobi
chose the paths of throwing away their lives
and going down in history for having committed the great crime of killing a shogun.
Shogun: I leave the rest to you.
Zenzou: I'm the culprit that has assassinated a shogun, the greatest crime that can be committed,
Hattori Zenzou.
[Those bubbles are from a couple chapters ago]
Hattori: Take it. I can't have wondering about what's gonna happen next being on my mind right now.
It'll dull my resolve.
Gin: ...That bastard.
So that was what he was gonna do from the beginning?
Sa: You really haven't changed at all since the old days.
You've got no loyalty, cooperativeness, or creed
because all you believe in is your own technique.
Hattori: That's my creed.
Sa: ...Yes. You really have forgotten, haven't you?

Page 19:
Shin: !! Sacchan-san!!
Momochi: Do not let anyone know of the shogun's survival.
If you don't want to cause his death, that is.
And if you don't want to cause anyone else to die.
Gin: ...Do ya really think
that they're the types that'll stop just cause they got the shogun's head?
Momochi: ? You know of the enemy...?
Shinobi: Rappa-sama.
[That bubble just has squiggles in it]
Momochi: !!
Gin: ..........
Yeah, I know 'em.
Gin: Way better than I'd like to.
Insert: What desires is he gazing at----?
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 507
/ End

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