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Nejimaki Kagyu 78

Reborn Kagyuu

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 28, 2014 22:18 | Go to Nejimaki Kagyu

-> RTS Page for Nejimaki Kagyu 78

No words. Should have sent a competent and more prolific translator.

Mangaunlimited only.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

(Cover flap- I won't let my death go to waste.)
‘I transferred for the sake of protecting Sensei.’ It is with this declaration that the beautiful girl who left for China 10 years ago swore to protect the newbie High School teacher Negizawa Kamo after bonding in during their childhood. This doubly works as a straightforward confession of her feelings toward Kamo. However what stands before the two are the individualistic characters of maidens in love…

The worst older sister Marble and the greatest power on the campus known as the ‘Student council.’ Now as they represent Logic, anticipation, rules and assertion, a battle royal has broken out. Kagyuu has at long last finally arrived and who should she find standing before her but the Student Council President Eliza and her vice presidents Tetori and Atori! Protect Kamo who you love with a love that pierces through all!! Stand firm, Nejimaki Girl!!

New teacher: Negizawa Kamo
School committee chairwoman: Mikado Ageha
Literature girl: Yamazaki Tomie
Nejimaki girl : Kagyuu Jyuubee
'Ladies' Commander Ayanokouji Egumi
Nejimaki older sister: Marble
Mangirl: Nakamura Yoh.
Teacher: Mori.
Secretary: Alice.
Morals Shitennou: Yamada Olfue
Board Chairman
Morals Shitennou: Tougou Matilda Ryuuko.
Morals Shitennou: Gaga Marue
Morals committee chairwoman: Inuzuka Shino
Student Council President: Nichie Elisa
Vice President of student Council: Kogami Tetori
Vice President of student council: Kogami Atori
Student council general affairs manager: Angira Una
Student council general affairs 2nd in command: Ram Pirka
Secritary: Ukibe Riah.
General affairs third seat: Igarashi Ran.
General affairs fourth seat: Kashin Kojika.
General affairs fifth seat: Onidzuka Muumuu

Chapter 78: Reborn Kagyuu
Chapter 79: The strength of a fool's simplicity.
Chapter 80: The shield of the assassin's dagger.
Chapter 81: For oneself.
Chapter 82: Public viewing (Official campus wide death match viewing)
Chapter 83: Beginning bell.
Chapter 84: Expectations and pressure
Chapter 85: The light of one hundred thousand and the romanticism of one.
Chapter 86: Limiter unlock.
Chapter 87: Nocibo effect.

BC: She's heeeeeeeeeeeere!!
Chapter 78: Reborn Kagyuu.
BC: Kagyuu-tan~
You're heeeeeeeeeere!!

Alice: Board Chairman...
What are you planning?
Why did you phone Marble....
Are you interfering in a battle between students?
BC: Nm? Why you ask?
(Sfx- Bririririri bzzzzzt)
(Sfx- Pihh beep)
Marble: The hell you want?
(Phone- Connected to Board Chairman)
BC: Kagyuu-tan will be there pretty soon.

BC: I just wanted to say one thing to her y'know?
I didn't interfere with anything.
But who woulda thought...
That Marble-tan's feelings of expectation to her family are so much..
that she would retreat from the stage in order for her little sister to take over....
It really is a shame for Eliza-tan really...
That she got her throne as the main role in this whole affair usurped...

Eliza: My, what the enemy you are to behold...
That right in the middle of my show...
You'd be able to capture the attention of the audience...stealing them from me completely...
But you know Kagyuu Jyuubee...
I'm sorry to inform you that no matter what you do you cannot take this from me....
Kagyuu: Se—Sensei!!

Kagyuu: Just wait there...
Kamo: Thank you Kagyuu-chan..
Kagyuu: I'll..
Save everyone!!
Kamo: Ah...Kagyuu-cha...
Kagyuu: Because it's been so long I can barely look you in the face...!!
Eliza: I do hate being ignored.
Panser Dolls....

Eliza: Good bye.
Riah: Delete!
(Sfx- Toh tap)

(TN- No text, just nope.avi.)


Marble: Thanks Jyubee-chan~ I've been waiting.
(Sfx- Chuh chuh kiss kiss)
Kagyuu: Mabu-nee, you could easily have broken out of those chains though...?
(Handwritten- You just don't get it! Geez!)
Marble: But I wanted to be saved by you Jyuubee-chan!!
Yoh: Kagyuu...
{So your training is over? Thank goodness.}
{Your body is infused with the Spiral's truth...}
{You're overflowing with confidence...}
{It's like looking into a dazzling brillance...}
{You really are...}

{I always feel...}
{So much relief around you...}

(Sfx- Kon tap)
Ageha: A smoke ball!!

{Taste this from the cell in the middle of your field of vision.}
{Alpha omega linked attack.)
(Sfx- Chiki chiki grind grind)
(Sfx- Meki meki meki grrind ggrrind grrind)

(TN- Kanji reads 'Killer Cage' But 'Torikago' means bird cage.)
Kojika: Guh.?!


Ran: Gah...
Kagyuu: You're in the way...
So I decided to stop you from moving.
(Sfx- Ton tap)


(Sfx-Dogaahuuu thoood)
Both: Fughhh!
(Sfx- Fuhhh sffft)

Kagyuu: Everyone...
Thank you.
Now leave everything to me.

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