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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Gintama 631

Acceptance is vital.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Apr 13, 2017 14:02 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 631

Listening to the Ninja Gaiden II (NES/Famicom) intro for the last four pages really fit for some reason.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

(Side text- A negotiation with Earth’s fate in the balance…)
(Sfx- pihh *beep*)
Old Yato: I see…
Admittedly that prince has come up with some…
Interesting ideas.
Unless something is done about the nanomachine virus…
By dawn earth will be erased.

Old Yato: So this is no longer a threat to just you…
But to us as well.
Tell this to the Liberation Front members still on earth…
We have been abandoned by headquarters.
If dying a lover’s suicide with earth is not what you want, there are but two ways out of this.
Do something about the nanomachine virus…
Or bring this country down by dawn.
Another Yato: Master, How do we do that?
(Sfx- Doommu *thook*)
Old Yato: That is obvious.
We survive and then kill that royal brat.

Old Yato: I am well aware you are not the sort of man who would yield to torture.
So do not consider this a threat –but I will only say it once so listen well.
If you have some sort of means of dealing with this then get to it immediately.
However, if you really are nothing more than a useless senile fool, we’ll kill you immediately.
I understand it well…
That there is no way to stop the nanomachine virus…
What if we were to rephrase it? To change our viewpoint to that of killing that prince?

Lesson 631: Acceptance is vital.
(Sfx- Kuwaaaaahhh!!)
(Side text- Break into a mad dash to stop Enshou…!!)
(Bottom text- Volume 68 of the manga is in stores everywhere!!)
Enshou: A pitiful bunch they are…
Is this group really Earth’s last hope?
That they really believe that is the only way left to stop the hinokagutsuchi….
Dude: Th—this has to be some kind of accident…!
Enshou: What is it?

Dude: The radar has picked up several objects coming from behind the Ame no torifune!
B—but for a huge fleet like this to be here is ridiculous…!!
???: This is no accident…
Gentlemen of the Liberation Front..
Your actions as of late –opposing Earth in the name of “liberation” is merely the undisguised actions of invaders and nothing else.
(Sfx- Gogogogogogogo *rmmmmmble*)
???: You are not a liberation army, but ruthless invaders.
Even if the universe forgives you for your barbaric actions…
Midland Star’s…

Hata: Jiiya cannot forgive you…is what he said.
Jii: Why you little piglet, are you still trying to hoist responsibilities on others to save your deep-fried ass?!
Hata: But I didn’t do anything! They thrust this paper in my hand and then told me to read it!
Jii: On that note, you haven’t done a damn thing at all have you? All you’ve done is sit there and grow hair, you friggin’ walking corpse!
Hata: How about you get off your ass and do some work then?!
Moreover why did things turn out this way?! Who were the ones who said they wanted to fight?! Why not let them make this speech then?!
Jii: Hey! Who was the one who wanted to fight? Raise your hand, and I promise I won’t get mad!
Hata: Okay, how about this! Everyone close their eyes…I will too, naturally, so the only one who’ll know is the Liberation front!
Jii: Don’t have your eyes half open because that’s not fair! Just be honest and admit who stole his school lunch money…
Hata: Who in the world is talking about school lunch money?!
Hasegawa: Ah? That’s screwed up guys, you faked me out! You said everyone’s gonna close their eyes…
Hata: There’s a guy here who stole school lunch moneeey?
Hasegawa: You talk about lunch money, but honestly you only feed us dog food so when I had a peek in the fridge and saw some pudding, I mightaa borrowed some…
(Sfx- Gashiii *Grab*)
Jii: My liege, let me be the one to execute him!!
You bastard, that was my one and only job!! Give me back my pudding!!

(Sfx- Dogagoshaaa *crasssh*)
(Sfx- Gashhinnn *dsshhh*)
Someone: Continue the prince’s chaaaarge!!
(Sfx- Woohhhh *shooooom*)
(Sfx- Gakaaahhh *Sheeeen*)

(Sfx- Dodooooh *fhooooom*)
???: Has it started?
It’d be good if they managed to escape…
Then shall we be going?
I hope you’re all prepared…
Patriot: Katsura-san, what are you saying at a time like this..
From the moment we accompanied you we’ve been ready..
So there’s no need to be prepared.
Katsura: We came to space…
Prepared to do one thing, and one thing only.
To protect our land from foreign enemies and drive off those who would dare to invade it.
That is what it is to be a patriot.

Katsura: That is the core of my being –I am the patriot Katsura Kotarou!!
And I swear on my name that I will deliver divine punishment upon the Liberation front!
(Sfx- Bishiiihh *sheen*)
(Sfx- Dooouuuu *fwhooooom*)
Enshou: Go ahead and let it burn…
Hatred, sadness…
Dreams, hope…
Devote the entirety of your being as it is engulfed by flames….
Make no mistake, that untarnished innocent light burn is beautiful.

Enshou: That is what a holy war is.
(Sfx- Kuwaaahhh *roaaaarh*)

Hijikata(?): The Earth has six hours before it’s blown away?!
(Sfx- Doothsh *dssshhh*)
Hijikata: So that’s why these guys of the Liberation front have started making moves again?!
(Sfx- Kuwaaahhh *raaaar*)
Okita: They don’t wanna end up losing despite the earth ending and their lives being nothing more than sacrificial fodder, I guess.
???: Maaaan who’da thunk that this is the means they’d use to whoop these guys back into fightin’ shape after having their asses whupped once…
Hijikata: Do you got some sorta means of handling this, pops?
Matsudaira: I dunno…I was thinkin of maybe seeing if there’s a cabaret club I could hang out at…
Matsudaira: Who said anything about giving up? Even if the earth is on the brink of destruction, I’m sure there’s a fighting cabaret girl out there.
Hijikata: That’s not what I’m talking about!?
Matsudaira: Toshi, giving up ain’t as bad as you make it out to be.
There are times where unless you’re willin’ to let go of your little raft…..
You won’t be able to grab the boat floatin’ beside you.
So for now, you assholes should just forget about savin’ the Earth, and go rescue Gengai instead.
Gintoki: We’re not giving up on a place where there isn’t anyone around anymore…
Beats me if we’re up to the task of having the planet left in our hands but…
But it’s for real that there are folks worse at giving up than us.

Gintoki: It’s for real that there’s someone still here who hates this world and wants to destroy it…
More than we do.
(Sfx- Dododooon *boobooom*)
Katsura: What was that?
W—we’re being shot at!!
Katsura: There’s a stealth ship that the radar didn’t pick up?!
Why are they aiming for us?!
N—No way…
Could it be the enemy had a ship capable of stealth that far exceeds our own?
Ngh!! We’ve come this far, so we have no choice but to force our way in!!
Don’t hesitate and chaaaaaaarrgeee!!

Shijaku: Hurry, this way!!
(Sfx- Gagagaaga *dsshstddh*)
Shijaku: Dammitall, the enemy has already surrounded this place too?!
(Sfx- Kuwaaah *roaaaar*)
Shijaku: Fall back!
To a different location..
(Sfx- Gashhii *dssh*)
(Sfx- Gashii gasshiin gashiin *dssh sddsh dssh*)

(Sfx- Dodododododooon Gooohhh *fwoom fwooom booooom*)
Patriot: The control unit’s been destroyed!!
The rudder isn’t responding!!
(Sfx- Gagagaaa *dhoooom*)
Sakamoto: Guh…one after another…!!
At this rate it ain’t never gonna---

Enshou: And now you will burn…
Until you are but ash.
(Sfx- Dododooooh *fhwooooom*)
(Sfx- Gooohhh *booooom*)

Amanto: We’ve taken a hit in our right flank!!
That fleet is…
(Sfx- DOdododododo *fwhoooooom*)
(Sfx- Doooooonn *boooooom*)
(Sfx- Gogogogogogo *rmmmmmble*)

???: What are you dawdling around there for?
(Sfx- Oooooooohhh *fwhoooooom*)
???: I’ll leave you behind…
(Sfx- Dooooooon *Booooom*)

(Sfx- Gogogogogo *Rmmmmmble*)
(Sfx- Gara gara *clatter*)
(Sfx- Gogogogogo *Rmmmble*)
???: Now this is a problem…
(Sfx- Bushiii *veeeen*)
???: I don’t know about this liberation front nonsense or whatever…
But doing whatever you want when a guy isn’t around….
Especially when you know we have business with them.
An army hellbent on destroying the earth?
Sorry, but there’s no need for you fools to show up.
(Sfx- Gauuuhh *sffft*)

Takasugi: Because I am the one…
Who will destroy this world.
(Side text- He grasps the fate of dawn…)

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