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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Gintama 632

Beings that work toward good while doing evil.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Apr 20, 2017 13:40 | Go to Gintama

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???: Won’t you please….
Take me with you?
(Side text- A young lady’s request…)
???: I know who you are.
And probably what you’re going to do.
I’m the same…
Due to the war I’ve lost everything.
My father who sorrowfully fought for the sake of his country was imprisoned and killed by that every same country.
My mother died while being persecuted as the wife of a criminal.
The only thing I can do now
Is to seek revenge for my family with the gun my father left behind.

???: Ah! Please wait!
Everything was taken from you too, right?
By the Bakufu and Amanto…
Please allow me to seek revenge with you…
Revenge for everyone!
Takasugi: With me?
If our thirst for vengeance is the same…
Use that gun to blow your brains out.
Because that’s essentially…
What I’m doing.
That’s what it is to destroy a country.
It’s not too late for you to find a smarter way to live.

{That’s what that man said…}
{And in his eyes…}
{I could see it wasn’t the country he was destroying..}
{But himself.}
{His eyes were full of sadness.}
Takasugi: An army hell-bent on destroying earth?
Sorry, but there’s no need for you fools to show up.
Because I am the one…
Who will destroy this world.

Takasugi: I can’t hand that planet—Earth,
To the likes of bastards like you.
(Side text- A smile full of wicked intentions.)
(Side text- Volume 68 of the manga is now out in stores!!)
Lesson 632: Beings that work toward good while doing evil.
{Saying that, his eyes were…}
{Filled with a resignation to never yield to anything.}

Someone: Th—this is…
Who is…
That man?
(Sfx- Zatshhh *dsshfft*)
Someone: D---
Don’t move!
(Sfx- Zaath zaatshh *dsst sddt*)
Takasugi: You’re that terrified of me?
You have nothing to worry about.
I didn’t come here as anyone’s ally.
Nor did I come here with the intent to become anyone’s ally.
Simply put I am..

Takasugi: The enemy of the entire universe.
(Sfx- Katsuhh *dsssshh*)
(Sfx- Dododododododo *thooooooom*)

Someone: Hunting patriots again?
It’s not strange to think that she might be considering a revolt if she’s got something as dangerous as a gun.
Everyone who’s got a bone to pick with the shogunate has become a patriot and we’ve gotta round them up.
It’s become a pretty shitty era to live in.
???: It’s a lamentable story, I daresay.
There are many people like that here who are innocent of any wrongdoing, but are imprisoned anyway.
Despite there being plenty of actual scoundrels who deserve to be tied down elsewhere.
For example I heard rumors…
That Takasugi Shinsuke one of the men feared as the patriot shitenou is hiding around here somewhere it seems..
And was seen at the same place with that girl recently.
Takasugi: Funny, what I heard was a little different.
As far as I know there’s a guy with a bigger reputation around these parts…
His name is...what was it again?

Takasugi: Ah right, Kawakami Bansai the manslayer.
Bansai: I’m afraid I don’t know that name.
In any case…if scoundrels such as them are in the area, then that little girl’s luck has run out.
At the very least I will give her a peaceful slumber..
And sing a lullaby for her sake.
(Sfx- pen pen pen pen pen *twang twang twang*)
Dude: Hey you guys…
What are you doing over there!
Bansai: I ask you be quiet. I am in the middle of a performance.
Guy: You’re the one who needs to knock off that racket!
(Sfx- Pen pen pen pen *twang twang twang*)
(Sfx- Bata bata *tok tok*)

(Sfx- Viii vieiii *weeooooh*)
Someone: Enemies have infiltrated the 17th division!!
The 50th battalion is currently engaged in combat!
We urgently need backup! Repeat! We urgently need backup!!
(Sfx- Doooooohh *fwhooooom*)
Someone: Prince!!

Someone: The seventh and twenty-second divisions
are being attacked one after another!!
(Sfx- Gogogogo *rmmmmble*)
(Sfx- Zusshiiiihhh *dishhhhh*)
(Sfx- Kuwaaaaah *rowaaaar*)
Bansai: My, my…
Who would have thought they’d mobilize this many men..
In retaliation of us kidnapping one little girl?
It would seem that we’ve been played.

Bansai: That girl was captured for the express purpose of being used as bait to lure you out, Takasugi Shinsuke.
So the shogunate dogs must have been watching when you and that lass made contact…
And to lure you out they used her.
Takasugi: I don’t recall being played by the likes of those bastards.
The one who played me like a fiddle was you, yeah?
Bansai: My apologies.
I simply had to see what kind of man the living legend was like.
Takasugi: So? What kind of guy is he?
Bansai: I’ve heard boasts about how he’s going to destroy the world and the like, but…
But because he couldn’t turn his back on one young lass, it seems his boast has been bluffed and he’s going to be ended here.
However, I can’t say I dislike such stupidity.
Takasugi: Me too.
Exaggerating about how this country which abandoned its samurai can’t be redeemed…
A man who schemes to save the samurai captured here on his own…
And meet up with someone like you in this prison using the pretense of one girl….
There isn’t an idiot like that anywhere.
It seems we have run into each other in a place like this.
Bansai: You’re….
Takasugi: If we’re going to be executed tomorrow anyway…
And this is our end, then…

Takasugi: Why not die for my sake..?
Bansai the manslayer.
Bansai: You’re trying to persuade me to join you in a place like this?
It seems stupidity runs rampant here.
Then what is it that you will die for?
Takasugi: I ain’t gonna die.
Even if I have to trod upon someone’s corpse…
until I crush this country underfoot,
I ain’t gonna die.
Bansai: That’s not something a man who’s going to be executed tomorrow would say, I daresay.
But let’s say that boast of yours manages to come to pass…
Then I wouldn’t mind striving with my life for an even bigger boast.
Takasugi: Is that so?
Then it’s been decided.

???: Let those people –Takasugi and the others go.
Henpeita: My, my…
You’d really let your life go to waste a second time?
You shouldn’t let that young, vibrant body of yours go to waste.
Are you doing this to be acknowledged by that man---by Takasugi?
???: It’s not like that.
Even if he won’t take me with him, even if he won’t acknowledge me…
I just…
Don’t want to see him –Takasugi die.
I think this country needs him….that all there is to it, lolicon.
Henpeita: Is that so?
Then don’t let this happen for a third time. Also I am not a lolicon,
At the very least I won’t treat you like a child any longer.
???: D—Don’t move!!
(Sfx- kachaa *clack*)
(Sfx- Zazaaah *dsssh*)

Henpeita: I’m returning this to you.
What you should be doing…
Isn’t pointing a dagger at me, correct?
Someone: We’ve sighted Takasugi Shinsuke and Kawakami Bansai and have made preparations.
Henpeita: Get your revenge…
Bansai: R—Ridiculous..!!
The captured patriots were already freed….

Bansai: Takasugi you couldn’t have…
Even involved the shogunate as well?
Henpeita: Well,
I was invited to be his strategist, and until now I hadn’t intended to, but…
A moment ago I made my decision…
He and I are the same…
We’re feminists.
Look at how we are…
We hate this world..
We curse it..

Henpeita: Yet we of the Kiheitai who gathered to destroy it…
It’s almost as if…
We’re acting now in its best interest –like we want to save it.
Matako: Nah,
Nothing’s changed senpai..
I know that…
Whether the kihetai was born in order to destroy the world.

Takasugi: Let’s go.
Matako: Or whether it was created to save the life of a little girl…
That both of those are us---the Kiheitai.
That’s why no matter how it breaks down it doesn’t matter to us either way.
Whether the opponent is a country…
Or the universe…
(Sfx- Dodododododo *thoooooom*)

Matako: We’ll completely crush those who have rotted away.

Matako: That is Takasugi Shinsuke’s kiheitai.
(Bottom text- The name that roars around the world….)

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