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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Gintama 632

Those That Do Good Things While Doing Bad Things

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Apr 21, 2017 04:40 | Go to Gintama

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[Gintama 632 Translation by Kewl0210]
Yonkoma Page:
Top: Gintama
Sorachi Hideaki
Adult's Day
Gin: If there's a Children's Day, then we should be able ta have an Adult's Day, too, right?
Handwritten: Hyahaaa
Shin: What about Labor Thanksgiving Day?
Gin: Well there are adults out there that don't do 'labor', too, ya know.
Gin: Probably around February 10th would be good.
Shin: What is this, NEET day?!
Gin: It's even got decorations like the dolls for May.
Shin: If that doesn't get moving, it's not gonna be a doll, it's gonna be a living corpse!
T/N: Children's Day is a holiday in Japan celebrated June 1st. Labor Thanksgiving Day is November 23rd. May Dolls are special samurai dolls given to young boys on Children's Day. Carp Streamers (Koinobori) are traditional Children's Day decorations.
Gin: We can put up some carps streamers, too.
Shin: Uh, I'm thinking no?! That carp is bungee-jumping to hell!
Handwritten: I'm moving on to looking for work
Gin: Hey, you want an Adult's Day, right?
Hase: Not really... I have the day off every day already.
Shin: I sure don't see any adults around here!!

Page 1:
Title: 'Gintama'
Someone: -----I...
Matako: Will you bring me with you?
Insert: A girl pleads---
Matako: I know who you are
and what you're trying to do.
I'm the same way.
I lost everything in the war.
My father, a man that fought despite misigivings, was captured and killed by this country.
Judged to be the wife of a criminal, my mother was persecuted and died.
Now that I'm the only one left,
the only thing I can do is avenge my family with this gun my father left me...

Page 2:
Mata: W-Wait, please!!
Mata: You lost... everything, too, didn't you?
To the Bakufu and the Amanto...
Please, let me take revenge on this country, with you!
Let's avenge everyone...!!!
Taka: With me?
Do you think your revenge is the same as mine?
In that case,
why don't you blow your own head in with that gun?
Because that's what
I'm trying to do.
That's what destroying a country is.
You can still make it. Focus your energy on living a wise life.

Page 3:
Mata: That's what he said back then.
That man's eyes
were those of a man that was not trying to crush a country,
they were the sad eyes
of a man continually destroying himself.
Taka: A weapon to destroy the earth?
Sorry, but it's not your place to do that.
The one who's going to destroy this world
is me.

Page 4:
Taka: And there's no way in hell
I'm handing it over to some low-lives like you.
Big Insert: With a smile of evil on his face.
Insert: ☆Jump Comics Volume 68 is now on sale with great fanfare!!
Title: Lesson 632
Those That Do Good Things While Doing Bad Things
Author: Sorachi Hideaki
Mata: The eyes of the man that said that
were the fearless eyes of someone that wouldn't back down to anyone.

Page 5:
Guys: Wh-What?!
Who is
this man?
Stay right there!!
Taka: No need to be so frightened.
Be at ease.
Taka: I'm not allied with anyone here.
Nor do I plan to take any sides.
I'm simply

Page 6:
Taka: the enemy of the entire universe.

Page 7:
Guys: More Joui Patriot hunters?
Apparently they heard she had some dangerous weapons on her and when they tried to confiscate them, she resisted.
When those Bakufu officials come, they always call anybody they don't like a Joui Patriot and tie them up.
This is quite a troubling time.
Taka: ..........
Bansai: Quite a pitiable story, I daresay.
I've heard that quite a few innocent people have been imprisoned just like her.
Meanwhile there are scoundrels out there that would be far more appropriate to tie up...
like... Takasugi Shinsuke.
There are rumors that that man of the Four Joui Patriot Heavenly Kings is hiding out in these parts.
Taka: That's not what I heard.
From what I heard, an even bigger figure is here.
I believe his name is

Page 8:
Taka: Kawakami Bansai, the manslayer.
Ban: I'm afraid I don't recall that name.
Regardless, it would seem that girl's luck ran out when she approached such scoundrels.
The least I can do is play her a lullaby
so she can sleep soundly.
Guys: Hey, you!
Guys: What are you doing there?!!
Ban: Perhaps if you quieted down and listened, you'd hear I'm performing.
Guy: You're the one that should be quiet!
Guys: Hm?! Aren't those katana you're carrying?!
Are you Joui Patriots?!

Page 9:
Someone: Enemy breech in Section 17!!
They're in combat with unit 501!
Emergency backup needed, I repeat...
Guys: !!

Page 10:
Somebody: Section 7 and Section 22 as well...
Attack ships keep coming one after another!!
Taka: Honestly
who'd have thought they would bring in that much personnel
just because we took one girl?
It would seem we were setup.

Page 11:
Ban: That girl was bait to capture you,
Takasugi Shinsuke.
The dogs that saw her meeting with you
used her in order to hook you.
Taka: I don't recall being setup by people like them.
The one who instigated me into doing it was you.
Bansai: Apologies.
I just wanted to see what kind of man the living legend was.
Taka: So, what kind of man is he?
Bansai: He may have been boasting about some grandiose things like destroying the world,
but since he couldn't abandon one girl, it seems talk is all it was.
Still, I can't say I dislike idiots like that.
Taka: Me, too.
A man that bragged about how this country abandoned the samurai so they're abandoning it, [last "it" in italics]
and planned to break out all of the Joui Patriots imprisoned here all by himself,
got himself imprisoned for the sake of one girl, of all things.
There are few people out there that are much of an idiot.
there may be a boon for having stuck with me thus far.
Ban: What now...?
Taka: We'll be executed tomorrow.
If we're going to be judged by the country and meet our ends here anyhow,

Page 12:
Taka: why don't you die for me,
Bansai the manslayer?
Ban: You're trying to solicit me in a place like this?
Even for an idiot, that's pretty dumb.
In that case, what would you die for?
Taka: I won't die.
No matter whose corpse I have to use as a stepping stone,
I won't die
until I've crushed this country.
Ban: That doesn't sound like the words of a man who's going to be executed tomorrow, I daresay.
But if that boasting actually turns out to be the truth, I wouldn't mind using this life for such a grand lie.
Taka: Is that right?
Then, that settles it.

Page 13:
Mata: Release those people.
Takechi: .........
he's already saved your life twice.
You should not waste that pale young body of yours.
Is it that you want Takasugi to acknowledge you?
Mata: No, that's not it.
Even if he won't acknowledge me or take me with him,
I just...
don't want that man to die.
This country needs him. That's all I thought, you pedophile.
Take: .........
I see.
Well, then there will not be a third time. And I am not a pedophile.
Therefore I will not treat you like a child any longer.
Mata: D-Don't move!

Page 14:
Take: I'm returning this to you.
The thing you should be doing right now
is not pointing that dagger at me.
Observe Takasugi Shinsuke-dono
and Kawakami Bansai-dono.
Preparations are complete.
You would do well
to take your revenge yourself.
Guys: How can this be...?!!
The imprisoned Joui Patriots are already free...?

Page 15:
Ban: Takasugi, it can't be, do you...
have a Bakufu official on your side...?
Taka: No.
I was invited to become an advisor, but I've never had any intention to up until now...
But a moment ago, I made up my mind.
Because just like them,
I am a feminist.
What a disgraceful sight.
We, the Kiheitai,
the group that assembled to begrudge, curse,

Page 16:
and destroy the world,
are now
trying to save it, are we not?
Mata: No, Senpai.
Nothin's changed.
'Cause we know,
the fact that the Kiheitai
was born to destroy the world,

Page 17:
Taka: Let's go.
Mata: that the Kiheitai
was born in order to save one girl,
and that both of those are who we are.
So we don't really mind whichever way it falls.
Mata: Whether our opponent is the world
or the universe,

Page 18-19:
Mata: we'll crush rotten pieces of shit.
That is Takasugi Shinsuke's Kiheitai.
Insert: That name resounds throughout the universe---
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 632
/ End

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