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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Gintama 635

If it’s good it’s vintage. If it’s bad it’s trash.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on May 18, 2017 14:03 | Go to Gintama

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But then what is vintage trash?? Sorachi I need answers!

Hi wa mata noboru only.

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(Sfx- GOGOGOGO *Rmmmmble*)
(Side text- The one who appeared when Kagura was in a tight spot is…)
???: If it’s bretheren you need…
They’re right here.
You’re not the only idiot who…
Made a promise to
Come to this planet.

Kamui: There’s one more idiot…
Standing right here.
Lesson 635: If it’s good it’s vintage. If it’s bad it’s trash.
(Side text- Big brother has come to fight with her…!!)

Kagura: Ka…mui…
???: And along with that idiot are his poor, pathetic henchmen…
Don’t make us idiots work even harder than we need to, little lady…
Stubborn and reckless…
He’s juuuust like someone else wouldn’t you say?
That more than anything is the proof..

Abuto: that he’s kin to us yato.

Abuto: If it’s a fight you want then we of the seventh squad are willing to take you up on it.

Yato: A squadron of Yato in black?
I see…so you all are..
The lighting spear of the Harusame –the seventh squadron.
Why would a ragtag group of pirates…
Who look as if they’ve been annihilated be in a place like this?
Kamui: Annihilated?
We pirates haven’t been destroyed.
When law and order are born, then it goes without saying chaos soon follows.
If something –a power that tries to place the entire universe in order is born..
Then it’s certain that something –another power will be born to oppose it.

Enshou: All squadrons expand both wings!!
We have advantages in numbers! Surround the enemy and annihilate them in one go!!
(Sfx- Dogaaaan *thoooom*)
Enshou: An attack from the starboard!?
Prince, this is…
Kamui: If you liberation front guys are all trying to crush earth then…
We’re going to do…
The opposite.

(Sfx- Gogogogo *rmmmmble*)
Kamui: For the sake of that dinky little planet..
We’re going to run wild and make the entire universe our opponents.
That’s just what pirates do.

Takasugi: You kept me waiting for a surprisingly long time.
???: Consider it compensation.
We had some creative differences in regard to battle strategy.
What kind of idiot would go and give help to the general of a planet that might just be space dust in the immediate future?
Iforgothisname: Someone with a harder head than mine. There was no stopping ‘em.
Before that dumbass can frag earth with his hugeass weapon, we’ve gotta smash the liberation front flat, yeah?
Most of all that guy –Kamui was raring to go,
And more than the liberation front –I don’t want him as an enemy.
Takasugi: Yeah. I hate to have called you all here…
But the liberation front is simply the opening act.
Iforgothisname: Damn, and here I was thinking you guys were getting the good stuff over there.
Batou: Hmph no matter what you choose, they’re still both just places to die.
On a grand stage prepared for us.
Iforgothisname: It’s true we’ve done some pretty awful stuff up until now..
But something as terrible as this is something even I haven’t done before.

Iforgothisname: If we’re gonna do something evil…
Then what we should aim for is making a big show of conquering the whole damn world!!
Kamui: We’re leaving the universe to those guys…
Unfortunately more than you all, those guys up there have seen the truth.
Even if we crush you all –the liberation front completely we know not a damn thing will change.
We know that the real enemy…
That guy…Utsuro, unless we crush him that this will never end.
So that’s why..
You have to stand up.

Kamui: Are you planning to…
End this with your loss and defeat?
Would the daughter of that baldy…
And the son of that person let it end here?
I’m still standing.
Even after my “weakness” was dragged out of me by my sister who knew to quit while she was ahead defeated me.
Weren’t you the one who taught me the lesson that standing after each defeat means you haven’t been defeated….
And that this is what the “strongest” is?

Kagura: Geez…
Nothing has changed at all, yes?
I thought after being beaten up…
You’d have learned a little bit…
But I suppose a fool will always be a fool, yes?
Kamui: He said that too.
But even then…
I wonder why he silently pointed me…
In this direction?

(Sfx- Zazaaa *shshhh*)
Kagura: I have decided.
I already know full well…
I will not lose to the likes of you.
So between you who knows you won’t be defeated by anyone other than me,
And I who knows she will not be defeated…
By anyone..
We have an older brother who will not be defeated and a younger sister who won’t either..
So I have faith that we will not be defeated by anyone.

Kamui: At least for today try to live up to my expectations..
And don’t hold me back.
If you want to guarantee this planet’s safety…then do as you always do.
Kagura: Right back at you, yes?
Yato: You are fully aware of what will happen if two yato fight each other…
We do not have the time to waste on something like this.
This feeble old man is only useful right now..
As our one means of returning from this alive.
This country only has until dawn before it falls.
However the yato here have little time to waste.

Abuto: That’s some self-confidence you’ve got there…
So if we weren’t here you’d have done this already?
Yato: Oh and you would have?
I heard that the seventh squad was the strongest able to level whole planets…
But no…it would seem that was a tale of the previous leader –Housen’s time.
My apologies. Because I have lived so long I tend to group all of the younger generations together…
I’m sure that brat Housen was pretty strong.
Abuto: Brat?!
Yato: However, when I was born, Yato of his caliber were a dime a dozen.
How long has it been since the Yato left our home planet of Kouan?
It seems as time went by our blood has diluted…
And the Yato have become weaker as a result.
If I were to have a say…
(Sfx- Garaaan *clatter*)
Yato: It seems to me that the bad blood has stagnated…and the blood of you lot…
Has ceased being that of yato.
This is..
A true Yato.
(Sfx- Baaaan *riiiip*)

Yato: Within me is the blood…
(Sfx- Bari bari bari *rip rip rip*)
(Sfx- Meki meki *grinnd*)
Yato: Of a long ago ear where Yato were still yato.
Or I should say, in order to protect the thoroughbred nature of our clan..
I have suffered for a long period to stay alive.
(Sfx- Buchi buchi *csshhht*)
(Sfx- Meki meki *Grinnd*)
Yato: I stopped using this in order to preserve my lifespan…
But it appears I cannot get through this without some sacrifice.
Let me show you just what…
A true yato is.
(Sfx- Zuoooooh *fwhoooom*)

Dude: He—he got younger?!
Abuto: No..
But I’ve heard of this…a phantom unit known as the “elders”…
They’re able to use freely use their life energy to activate a state of apparent death in their bodies and as thus control their lifespans to an extent…
Doing that, they’re like monsters who are able to remain on the battle field for around 200 years…..
To think a senin type yato actually exists….
(TN- And it goes full circle. Yato are basically Saiyans already and here’s a Muten Roshi reference.)
(Sfx- Dooooon *thoooom*)
Yato: It’s a wretched thing…
You youngsters have tenacious bodies as containers…
However the blood that flows in them has already rotted.
That blood…
Cannot hope to win against the real thing!!

(Sfx- Kapaaaaannn *ddddssssh*)
(Sfx- Dooohhh *thoooom*)
(Sfx- Kashiiii *dsshhh*)
Kamui: Old man…
The yato blood that flows within you…
Might be a valuable 100 year old vintage resource or whatever…

Kamui: What is within us..
Is our homeland of many thousands of years….
The blood of us yato –the blood that our mother shed that watches over us.
(Sfx- Gokyaaashaa *dshhhhh*)
(Sfx- ooooohhhh)
Kamui: Let us show you what a real yato is.
(Side text- They won’t be defeated…!!)

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