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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Gintama 635

To Put It Nicely, It's Vintage. To Put it Badly, It's Trash.

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on May 19, 2017 04:35 | Go to Gintama

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[Gintama 635 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Insert: Kagura is in dire straits. But then, appearing on the scene, is...
Title: 'Gintama'
Kamui: She has brethren
right here.
"We'll go to that planet someday".
It's not just one idiot
that promised that.

Page 2:
Kamui: There's one more
Title: Lesson 635
To Put It Nicely, It's Vintage. To Put it Badly, It's Trash.
Author: Sorachi Hideaki
Kamui: idiot here.
Insert: Big Brother is here to fight alongside her...!!

Page 3:
Kagura: Kamu...i...
Abu: And his band of pathetic subordinates, too.
...Don't go through the trouble of having an idiot for a companion, little lady.
Abu: Stubborn and reckless.
You remind me quite a bit of a certain someone.
Abu: But
there's no better way to prove it.

Page 4-5:
Abu: This little bunny is our brethren.
So if you wanna pick a fight, then the Seventh Division will take you on.

Page 6:
Son: A Yato unit clad in black.
I see now. You're Harusame's the Seventh Division,
the ones they call the Lightning Spear.
What are a bunch of pirates that were supposed to have died off doing
at a place like this?
Kamu: Died off?
Pirates don't die off.
Wherever order is born, you can bet chaos will be born there, too.
Whenever there's a force born that tries to unite the entire universe,
there will be a counter-force born to resist against it.

Page 7:
Enshou: All ships, expand both flanks!
We have the superior numbers! Surround the enemy and wipe them out in one assault!!
En: !!
Someone: An attack on the starboard side?!
Prince, this is...!!
Prince, this is...!!
Kamui: While you guys were all ganging up on this planet to try to destroy it,
were doing the opposite.

Page 8:
Kamu: Going on a rampage against the entire universe
all for this teensy little planet
is just the kinda thing pirates do.

Page 9:
Taka: You sure took your time getting here.
Kamu: I'll make up for it.
Guy: I've got to say, I disagree with his strategic policy.
What kind of idiots send their general to a planet that could be blown up any second?
Monkey: He's got a head harder 'n mine. There's no stoppin' him.
Just means we gotta crush the Liberation Army before that giant weapon blows the Earth up.
He was dead set on goin'.
There's an enemy down there even crazier than the Liberation Army, ain't that right?
Taka: Yeah, sorry I called you here.
These guys are just the opening performers.
Guy: Darn. I knew I should 'a went down there, too.
Guy: Hmph. No doubt both are deadly battlefields.
Though I must say I approve of this massive stage you've prepared for us.
Monkey: Yeah, I gotta admit, we've done some bad shit before,
but even I've never done an evil deed this huge.

Page 10:
Monkey: I guess every villain goes after it sooner or later,
world domination!! Now how 'bout we put on a show?!!
Someone: ----We can leave space to those guys.
Sorry, but we've got a better view of the truth than you guys.
We know that even if you beat those Liberation Army guys, nothin's gonna change.
The real enemy...
We know if we don't crush him, nothing is going to end.
get up already.

Page 11:
Kamui: Are you just gonna let this end
with you just constantly losing and getting beaten?
Is this how that baldy
and that person's daughter ends?
I'll stand up.
I'll beat the guy that tore the title of 'strongest' away from that baldy.
I'll beat my little sister that dragged out my 'weakness' and quit while she was ahead.
No matter how many times you lose, as long as you keep getting back up, you haven't lost.
The one that taught me that that is what makes someone the 'strongest'... was you, wasn't it? [Second "that" in italics]

Page 12:
Kagu: ...Sheesh.
You never change, yes?
Even after I beat you to a pulp like that,
I thought you might have learned your lesson.
But it seems that it's once an idiot, always an idiot.
Kamu: .........
That guy told me the same thing.
So why do you think
he just sent me here
without saying another word?

Page 13:
Kagura: Is it not obvious?
Because he knows there is no way
I would lose to somebody like you.
Kagura: And he also knows that now since you have known defeat,
you will not lose
to anyone besides me.
He trusts that the undefeatable big brother and undefeatable little sister
will not lose.

Page 14:
Kamu: For the time being, I should be able to live up to those expectations.
As long as you don't drag me down.
Once this planet's safe, I'll be able to beat you any time.
Kagura: Same to you.
Son: We both know what will come of Yato fighting other Yato.
I don't believe either of us wants to waste time like that.
Now that this old dotard is no longer of any use,
we only have one means of getting back home alive.
Taking this country down before dawn.
But with Yato here, we'll end up missing that deadline by a tiny bit.

Page 15:
Abuto: You sure are confident.
Do you think you could beat that guy if it weren't for us?
Son: Can you not?
I've heard the Seventh Division was the mightiest division, capable of felling entire planets.
Oh, my mistake, that was back in the days of the previous captain, Housen.
Sorry. I've lived for so long, every era that came after me feels like a blur.
Indeed, that Housen was strong.
Abuto: Are you a kid or somethin'?
Son: But when I was born, Yato of that level of strength were a dime a dozen.
Just how long has it been since we Yato left our home world of Kouan?
With the passing of time, the bloodline thins,
and the Yato become weaker.
If you ask me,
that blood that has mixed and stagnated,
Son: is no longer that of the Yato.
is a Yato.

Page 16:
Guys: !!
Son: In my veins runs old blood from long ago
when Yato were Yato.
Son: No, in order to preserve that purity,
I have long gone through great pains in order to keep living.
Son: I didn't want to use this because it shrinks my lifespan,
but necessity knows no law.
Son: Now allow me to show you
a real Yato.

Page 17:
Guy: H... He regained his youth?!
Abu: No.
I've heard of this. He's a phantasmal mercenary they call the 'Eldest'.
By mastering qigong breathing techniques, he was able to manipulate his body between states of activity and apparent death to the point where he could even manipulate his life span.
They say he's a monster that's been seeing battlefields for nearly 200 years.
But I sure as hell never thought a hermit sage-like Yato like that actually existed...
Son: It is truly deplorable.
Son: You possess these young, tenacious vessels,
but the blood running through them has already rotted.
That blood
cannot defeat the real thing!!

Page 18:
Kamu: Gramps,
I don't care if the Yato blood running through your veins
is some precious vintage stuff from hundreds of years ago.
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 635
/ End

Page 19:
Kamui: Running through our veins
is the blood of our mother
that watched over that planet and us since thousands of years ago.
Kamui: Now we'll show you what real Yato are. ["we'll" in italics]
Insert: They will not lose---!!

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