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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Gintama 639

Hell is closer than heaven.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 15, 2017 14:35 | Go to Gintama

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I like the Gin-san who likes me.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

(Top yellow bubble- A center color page commemorating the soon to open movie and the (Probably?) last character popularity poll! Information is on the next page and page 142!!)
Gintoki: Which Gin-san do you like?

Lesson 639: Hell is closer than heaven.
(Side text- In space the free for all reaches its end…)
Matako: The Altana’s going berserk?!
What d’ya mean by that Senpai?!
Wh—What’s gonna happen to everyone in Edo?!
Henpeita: We cannot ascertain the full extent of the damages…
The only thing that is clear…
The tragedy that befell several planets and destroyed them…
Is now happening on our home world
And the one causing this is…

Bansai: Utsuro, huh?
What is he scheming?
Henpeita: This is most likely a bid to exterminate the members of the liberation front still on Earth and press the H.Q. into taking decisive action.
It is certain now that they will attack the Earth using the Hinokagutsuchi.
In that final moment…
Apparently all of the Altana on earth will gather…
Into one point…the Dragon hole.
It is my guess that Utsuro intends to have that mass of energy…
Collide with the Hinokagutsuchi.

Henpeita: Should that massive energy signature collide, Earth will not be the only victim…
The gathered members of the Liberation front and of course this entire universe’s fate would be in question.
Matako: So even if we stop things here…
It ain’t enough to just put the kibosh on the Hinokagutsuchi…
Bansai: Unless we’re able to simultaneously stop the berserk Altana on Earth, nothing will be resolved.
Bansai: But Earth no longer has that much strength---
(Sfx- Dooohh *fwoooom*)
???: Not yet.

(Sfx- Dododoooh *boboooom*)
Takasugi: Earth hasn’t…
Bit the dust yet.
(Sfx- Kuwaaaah *roaaaar*)
Takasugi: If this was all it took to end things…
Then we –the Kiheitai would have finished Earth off long ago.

(Sfx- Zazaaah *ssshhh*)
Takasugi: After all the trouble’s it’s been through there’ no way it’d croak so easily.
If there’s an idiot here who’s under the mistaken impression that they’ll die and go to heaven..
Then they can settle up with me and I’ll drop kick them from the ceiling---
Of that shitty heaven myself.
When I looked up at heaven from the depths of despair…
The one thing reflected in my hazy vision…
Wasn’t some cheap Elysian field where I could rest easy…
But the back of my friends who were…
Fighting in the same war I was.

Takasugi: That’s why we have to keep fighting.
No matter how much the earth’s surface is covered with despair…
We have no choice but to fight.
Takechi: That is….the one thing that will reach earth….
In place of our weapons and words that cannot…
It is hope.
Then, are we offering that hope along with the corpses of the liberation front…
As kickbacks to the earth’s surface?

Takechi: In that case Hell is more suited to us of the Kiheitai…
Than heaven.
Bansai: Takechi..
I never thought I’d hear one of our officers mutter something as ineffectual and uncertain as hope.
You being a pervert is much more suited to you, senpai!
Takechi: I suppose this isn’t like me…
If I could I’d be there with everyone so I could see it for myself.
That so-called-thing called hope….
That those people fight for with those strange expressions.

(Sfx- DOooon *booom*)
???: Heeeey!
Give us response here!
You Kiheitai gents…
Still alive?
We’ve successfully invaded an enemy ship here too.
With this…
(Sfx- Zaaahh *Sfft*)
Shoukaku: We’ve assembled a whole force of evil…
Sorry to keep you waiting, Liberation Front –or should I say the allies of justice?

Batou: Evil? I think you’ve misunderstood something, monkey.
(Sfx- Dooodoohh *fwhooom*)
Batou: Before you run off to play pirates, we’ve got work to finish.
Shoukaku: You’re awfully tight-assed for a pirate. Too bad I don’t quite agree with you there.
(Sfx- Bushiiii *Blorsh*)
Shoukaku: Leavin’ the rest over there to you, hardest working of the Sankyousei!!
Batou: What’s this about the Sankyousei?
I’m not your leader or anything.
Babysitting a monkey is per the course…
As well as escorting the one without a body of his own…
Is nothing but suffering till doomsday…
(Sfx- Jiji *zzzt*)

Hankai: Batou…
The one who stole my body was none other than…
An Earthing.
And you’re saying you brought me to this place to lend aid to my enemy?
Henpeita: That is exactly right. It is none other than a master manipulator able to manipulate machines like his own limbs….
That can put a stop to the Hinokagutsuchi.
The Hinokagutsuchi has already gathered enough energy to destroy half the planet.
As such it would be dangerous to try and destroy it directly.
You who is a completely digital existence who lacks a body should be able to infiltrate this ship’s system from the inside and prevent the Hinokagutsuchi from firing, correct?
Hankai: I’ve already infiltrated this system many time over without leaving a trace.
However I am prevented from taking it over in its entirety by the security system.
Heheh…it seems that this is your limit, earthlings.
Henpeita: Yes, yes, we’ve heard that very same explanation from you thirteen times.
However thanks to my allies separating and creating twelve copies of you…
We’ve slowly been able to line up the data and begin to chip away at the security wall.

Henpeita: Your enemy is that ship, master manipulator.
Using the twelve of yourself as a foundation, take down our enemy if you would.
Batou: How many more copies do we need to take down that weapon?
Henpeita: We don’t have the manpower for that.
The security wall is multi-layered and thick. Asking to completely conquer that system is a herculean task –or simply put asking for the impossible.
However we were able to use the data to find out where the center of the Hinokagutsuchi is.
Even if the wall is several times thick…
If it’s them they will overcome it.
In the end, only people can stop people.

Shoukaku: Walls huh?
Sorry, but I ain’t got the brain power to break down walls that can’t be seen like Hankai…
But if it’s a wall—or an enemy we can see…
I’ve got a headbutt that’ll bust ‘em wide open.
Batou: Heh…so in the end this is an escort job…
However being the escort straight to hell isn’t too bad.
We are the Sankyousei.
If there’s a wall that Hankai needs to bust through, then we’ve got the right to crash it too.
Takechi: Shoukaku-san, Batou-san..
You two are actually…
Quite hard working aren’t you?


Batou: I can’t see anything…
(Sfx-Kaahhh *sheen*)
(Sfx- Zazaaa *shhhh*)
Shoukaku: Batou?
Hey! What’s wrong?
(Sfx- Katsuhhh *sheen*)

(Sfx- Dooooon *boooom*)
Henpeita: Shoukaku-dono?!
{Did something happen?!}
{N—no way…}
Enshou: It appears our true enemy…
Really is Earth after all.
Before they can use altana to try and attack us…
We will use the Hinokagutsuchi to end them.
Cut all energy resources to everything aside from the main engine.
Redirect all the energy to the Hinokagutsuchi to hasten the time where it can be fired.
Dude: B—But prince!
There are units still engaged in battle in various places…
If we cut off their oxygen supply then…
Enshou: That is not much of a sacrifice if we are to use altana.

Enshou: Discard the areas where the enemies have invaded…
And eliminate the ones in each of the facilities.
(Sfx- DOoooon *thoooom*)

(Side text- Despair closes in!!)

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