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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Gintama 639

Hell is More Close By Than Heaven

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jun 16, 2017 04:03 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 639

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[Gintama 639 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Top Right: ☆To celebrate the imminent release of the movie and the commencement of the (probably) final character poll, a center color page!! ["probably" is small]
For details on the character popularity poll, see page 142!!
gin: Which Gin-san is your favori~te?
Title: Gintama [Just the "n" is red]

Page 2:
Insert: Up in space where the battle is in absolute chaos...
Someone: What'd you say's happening to Earth?!
The Altana's gone nuts?!
What's that mean, Senapai?!!
Wh-What's happenin' down there to the people in Edo?!
Takechi: ..........
We've yet to determine the full extent of the damages.
What we do know...
is that the calamity which destroyed a number of planets
is now occurring on our planet as well.
And the one that caused it was...

Page 3:
Bansai: Utsuro?
what's he scheming?!
Take: to exterminate the Liberation Army on Earth and spark retaliation from the Liberation Army headquarters.
To better insure an attack on the Earth by Hinokagutsuchi.
that moment will be the last.
It seems that there is a point on the Earth, the Dragon HOle,
where all the Altana of the world is gathering.
Utsuro is likely intending to use that massive amount of energy
against Hinokagutsuchi.

Page 4:
Take: When those two massive bursts of energy clash, it won't just be the Earth that's damaged by it.
Of course, also the Liberation Army ships gathered from all over the universe, but we can't even imagine the destruction it could cause to the very galaxy.
Mata: So you're sayin' even if we stop Hinokagutsuchi,
that might not be enough?
Ban: So we must get the Altana back under control on Earth at the same time or nothing will be resolved?
But there's no longer power like that on...
Someone: No, it's not over.

Page 5:
Taka: The Earth
ain't gonna drop dead yet.
Taka: If this was all it took to end it,
we would've ended things ourselves a long time ago.

Page 6:
Taka: After all the trouble they've given us, they're not going to just die that easily.
But if it takes a turn for the worse and they get drawn up to heaven,
then I'll kick them down from heaven
along with the whole messed up heaven.
---When I despaired and looked up towards the heavens,
the thing reflected in those clouded eyes
was not some heaven where you rest peacefully.
It was simply the backs of my comrades
fighting there just like I was.

Page 7:
Taka: That's why we're fighting here.
No matter how covered in despair the living world is,
we have to fight.
Takechi: ---Without any means of giving aid or sending words that will reach Earth,
is the only thing we have that can reach them
Then I suppose we'll have to send that hope down
along with the corpses of the Liberation Army, won't we?

Page 8:
Take: We, the Kiheitai,
are more suited to hell than heaven.
Ban: Takechi,
I didn't expect some nebulous word like "hope" to be uttered from the mouth of a staff officer.
Matako: Well, JS or JC
are way better looks than the usual pervert for you, Senpai!!
Takechi: Is that not like me? ...I see.
If it were possible, I would like to be there and see it with you.
The face of that man
fighting for something like hope.

Page 9:
Someone: Heeey!
Come in!
You still alive,
gentlemen of the Kiheitai?
We successfully infiltrated the enemy mother ship, too.
Guy: Now
Guy: we got a real solid line-up of villains here.
Sorry I took so long, oh allies of justice.

Page 10:
Guy: Villains? The monkey must be mistaken.
Before you start playing pirate, get this job wrapped up.
Guy: You sure are a hardass fer somebody that's supposed ta be a pirate. 'Fraid that's not the type I get along with.
You take care of things over there, okay?! Hardest worker of the Three Ominous Stars!
Guy: Who are you calling Three Ominous Stars?
I am not in some chain of command as all of you.
I will of course look after the ape,
but I must flatly refuse the task
of escorting someone who does not even have their own body.
Guy: Got that,

Page 11:
Han: ...Batou.
The ones that stole my body were none other
than Earthlings.
Now you've brought me to this place and you wish me to lend my strength to that same enemy?
Take: That is correct. As the guru of trickery that can control any machine like it were his own arms and legs,
you should be able to stop Hinokagutsuchi.
Enough energy to partially destryo a planet is already gathered in Hinokagutsuchi.
It's too dangerous to destroy that from the outside.
As a computer life form that is without a body, you should be able to infiltrate the ship's systems meddle with the Hinokagutsuchi from the inside.
Hankai: I can already see evidence of multiple attempts to infiltrate it.
But there were all stopped in their tracks by the security.
Kuku... Is that all you earthlings can do?
Take: Yes, but regardless, this is the thirteenth time I've explained this to you.
Han: !
Take: You see, thanks to the twelve copies of you my comrades have scattered,
we are starting to collect data little by little. And the security wall is starting to come undone little by little as well.

Page 12:
Take: Your enemy is this ship, master of trickery.
Now please, get revenge for your twelve predecessors that laid the foundation for you.
Batou: .........
How many copies will we need until we destroy that weapon?
Take: No matter how many, it may not be enough.
The security wall is thick and many-layered. Breaking through all of them and gaining control of the system will be a Herculean task.
However, we were able to deduce from the data, the location of the central are that controls Hinokagutsuchi.
So no matter how many walls are in the way,
I know they'll overcome them all.
In the end, the only ones that can stop people are people.

Page 13:
Guy: There ain't no walls.
Sorry, but I ain't got the head for wrenching open invisible doors like Hankai does.
But if there's a wall I can see,
I've sure as hell got a head that can break it ta pieces!
Batou: Hmph. So it is an escort mission in the end.
But escorting the pilot to hell doesn't sound so bad.
We are the Three Ominous Stars.
If there are walls that Hankai cannot break, then we have the right to break some, too.
Takechi: .........
Shoukaku-san, Batou-san...
When it comes down to it, both of you
are quite the hard workers as well, aren't you?
Guys: Let's go, you bastaaards!!

Page 14:
[No text]

Page 15:
Batou: I can't see anything.
Someone: ...Batou?
Hey... What's wrong?!

Page 16:
Take: Shoukaku-donoo!!
What happened...?!
It-It couldn't be!!
En: So our true enemy
really was on Earth.
Before they can attempt a counterattack with the Altana,
we will destroy the Earth with Hinokagutsuchi.
Cut off all energy supplies outside the central facility.
Then we can send it to Hinokagutsuchi's energy containers and speed up the discharge.
Guy: B-But Prince!
There are units in various locations currently engaged with enemies.
If we even cut off their oxygen supplies, they'll...
Enshou: If they are able to use the Altana on us, the sacrifice will be incomparable.

Page 17:
En: Discard the areas the enemies have invaded.
Dispose of the enemy along with the entire facilities.
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 629
/ End

Page 18:
Insert: Despair draws toward them----!!

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