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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Gintama 650

Be careful not to drink too much Don Perignon.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Sep 7, 2017 18:50 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 650

Although all of the chapters since the SA arc have been really well drawn, this one in particular had some of the best art in the series.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

???: Why the long faces?
Looking for something?
Could it be the thing you’re looking for is…
This silver big bro?
Or this red blood soaked big bro?
Juuuuust kidding.
Lesson 650: Be careful not to drink too much Don Perignon.
(Side text- Beyond the fierce battle…)

Kagura: Gin-chan!! Kamui!!
Shinpachi: Thank goodness! I had faith that you’d come back alive!!
Kagura: Kamui…!!
Did you save Gin-chan…?
Kamui: And if I did…?
Would you have a better opinion of your big bro?
He really shouldn’t have underrated that guy…
After all Utsuro was the one who stole my prey –Umibozu from me…
So I had to repay him for that.
So I figured we should combine efforts…

Gintoki: I kinda feel like I would have rather been done in by the berserk altana…
Kamui: C’mon, if I had been serious you would have died.
Gintoki: If I hadn’t been serious I would have died.
Kamui: Well..I hope from this experience you learned why we need to proceed with caution.
I’m tired of losing things.
Even you can’t defeat that thing –Utsuro unless we chip away at his fighting power.
Kagura: Kamui…
???: Man oh man…
Getting lectured by a wild boar now?
You’ve really lost your touch, boss.
Okita: Though…he’s got a point.
You’re normally a cool customer until that guy…Utsuro is around, and then you lose sense of what’s around you.

Okita: Otherwise there’s no way a wild boar would have been able to land a kick on you like that.
Kamui: Oh? Are you saying you could avoid that wild boar’s kick then?
Okita: Sorry bro, I’m not the type who’ll easily be provoked by a wild boar.
Moreover even if’s a pig, I can’t go shavin’ off the remaining and very precious fighting strength we have.
Kamui: Aw, you don’t need to worry about that. Let’s say a hole –you were to open in our resources, I could fill it in myself.
Okita: Ohh? You don’t say?
Kagura: Hey, stop that! This boring Vegita and Piccolo back and forth has gone far enough, yes?
Okita: Then let’s make it simple! YOUR SISTER IS UGLY.
Kamui Back at you!
(Sfx- Gasu gosu gasu *thok thok thok*)
Gintoki: Geez, Now I owe that weird bunch a favor….
Shinpachi: It’s all good…in this situation just being alive is good enough.
Gintoki: What about everyone else?
Shinpachi: We’re not sure, but Edo’s been reduced to this.
Just how many people were sacrificed…
???: It wasn’t just people who were sacrificed…

Shinpachi: Gengai-san!! You’re okay?!
(Sfx- Dosaaahh *thuuuud*)
Gengai: Like Hell I’m okay!
Those damned Yato used me like I’m some sorta object!!
Abuto: Sorry about that.
I just heard that in this country, things and people who are useless are called junk.
Gengai: Oh?! Then you’ll do good to remember when they’re rewarded for fulfilling their duty until the very end for this country and see if you’re calllin’ ‘em junk then!
Shinpachi: Fulfilled their duty until the end?
Abuto(?): Yeah, the nanomachine virus this old codger spread around Edo…
Seems like they’re all dead and gone.
Shinpachi: The bees are dead?!
Gengai: The “bees” that render mechanical weapons useless was attacked by something similar and basically became useless.
If a power aside from machinery attacks them then they’ll all be blown apart.

Shinpachi: Then what about Edo?
Gengai: It’s totally defenseless.
If the Liberation front’s armada attacks now….
There’s nothing we can do to stop it.
Shinpachi: D—dammit…
Then everything we’ve struggled so hard to protect….
It’ll take Utsuro only an instant…
To overthrow it all.
Abuto: What did you protect?
That giant piece of trash?
No one looking around at this country reduced to rubble…
Would think it’s been protected.

Abuto: It looks like this battle was lost some time ago.
And the only peeps who haven’t acknowledged this…
Are the ones right here.
???: Nah…
There are some guys like that here too.
Even up here…
Above you in the reaches of space.
If you’re worried about what’s going on up here, there’s no need.
We’ve already taken care of things.

Takasugi: Gintoki..
It’s your turn, yeah?

(Sfx- Doohhh *tokh*)
(Sfx- Sharaan *clang*)
???: The Priestesses of the Yellow dragon…
And the Inugami.
This land where the dragon sleeps…
The clan that has protected this dragon since olden times….
(Sfx- Biri biri biri *zzzt zzzt zzzt*)
(Sfx- DOuuuhh *fhwoooom*)

(Sshuuuraann *claaang*)
(Sfx- Dohh doohh *Thoooom*)
???: That spiritual power….
(Sfx- Shuuurannn *jinnngle*)
???: Will –when the time comes awaken the dragon.
That throb will…
At the time of that spiritual power...
(Sfx- Shuuran shuuran rhuuran *glaaan glaaang*)
(Sfx- Gakaaaahhh *sheeeen*)

???: Will be what will quell the ranging dragon…
And suppress the main current.
Within the shadows of history…
They are the ones who fight with the dragon…
And maintain the balance and peace of this land.
The clan that controls the dragon…
That is…

Matsudaira: Oh yo, it’s the priestess from the bar, Ane-chan, yeah?
Been a minute~
Soooory, I know you went out of your way to call me up, but I just can’t make it out to the club today.
Seems the world is about to be destroyed or something, y’know?
Plus the princess has got me looking for her dog, and this old guy’s just at a loss.
Ane: Ah, it’s fine, just hearing your voice for a little while is fine…
Okay, well talk to you again.
Who the blue hell would be calling to pimp a cabaret club at a time like this?!
Are you not hearing the words coming out of my mouth? Do you really think this is some sort of bit? We’re fighting our damned hardest to fight to protect Edo right now!!

Matsudaira: I heard you, and even without you saying it I get it.
So in short, you want me to keep the fact that you have a side gig saving the world from the people at the cabaret club, yeah?
Fine, forget it!
We’re running around everywhere to quell the dragon with our clan’s name hanging in the balance!
But that’s not enough to stop the energy from going berserk.
Someone somehow got control of the Dragon hole deep underneath the terminal and is doing whatever they want with it!
While we’re doing our best to subjugate it above ground,
You guys have got to do something about those guys underground.
If you can do that, Edo will return to normal!
Matsudaira: Ane-chan….
Ane: We’re begging you to please help us.
The original reason why the country has become like this…
Is because our clan couldn’t do anything to protect the dragon hole from the amanto.
We want to take things back too…
Including what we lost back then.
However do we have the strength remaining to do even that?
Matsudaira: Yeah…we probably don’t.

Matsudaira: But passing the don perry around as a celebration of our victory…
That much is easy enough to do.
Gintoki: I get it…
I get the situation up there crystal clear.
I don’t know who it was, but good work going all the way up to space to cover our asses.
There’s no need to worry about us.
Sure this country has changed so much that it’s hard to recognize it anymore…
And glancing around all one can see is mountains of trash, yeah….

Gintoki: But even if you burn this country….
And there’s not a single person left here…
It won’t be completely burned away…
Nor will it ever completely become scrap.
Because what it is we seek to protect hasn’t been scratched…
So it’s too soon to be hanging out medals.
How are things there?
I dunno if you’ve stopped the Liberation Front…
But something like that ain’t enough to burn you guys out.
You aren’t gonna get scrapped.

Takasugi: Yeah….
So wash your neck and wait.
Mone: Sister…
Komako is looking unwell…
Ane: I thought it would be too reckless to place this burden on her alone…
How long do we have until we and Komako can’t….
If she too were to be lost…
Mone: Sister…
She’s been on a different path than us…
Up until we’ve simply dragged her along to restore our clan’s fate and heaped this burden upon her..

Ane: Then are you saying you don’t care about what happens to Komako, Mone?!
(Sfx- Waooooooon *hoooooowl*)
(Sfx- DOooh *thooom*)
(Sfx- Datsuhh *dash*)
Mone: Komako…?!
(Sfx- waooooooon *hooooowl*)
Mone(?): What’s that faraway cry?
(Sfx- Zatsuhhh *dsshh*)
Hijikata: ‘Sup? You’re late.
We’ve found a means to stop that thing….the altana.

Hijikata: But we’ve gotta move now.
The dog has disappeared.
Gintoki: I have an idea of where…

Sadaharu: Woof!
(Side text- It is time for the “gods” who can protect the dragon hole to gather…)

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