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Translations: Gintama 690 by kewl0210 , One Piece 909 by cnet128

Gintama 650

Be Careful You Don't Drink Too Much Dom Perignon

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Sep 8, 2017 06:00 | Go to Gintama

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[Gintama 650 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Kamui: What's with those faces?
You guys lose something?
Oh, don't tell me, the thing you're looking for
is big-bro Gin here?
Or is it your actual big bro that's bright red with blood?
I'm just screwin' with ya.
Insert: After the fierce battle----
Title: Lesson 650
Be Careful You Don't Drink Too Much Dom Perignon
Author: Sorachi Hideaki

Page 2:
Kagura: Gin-chan!! Kamui!!
Thank goodness!! I knew you were still alive!!
Did you... save...
Kamui: And what if I did?
Would that change your opinion of your big brother at all?
I'd hope you wouldn't underrate me so much.
That Utsuro guy took my prey, Umibouzu, from me once.
I've got a debt to repay.
I just wanted to make him feel what I felt.
Shin: Uh, you were just trying to kill him before Utsuro could get to him, weren't you?!

Page 3:
Gin: I think getting hit by the out-of-control Altana might've been the more pleasant experience...
Kamui: If I were being serious, you'd be dead!
Gin: Yeah, well if I weren't serious, you'd be dead! ["I weren't" and "You" in italics]
Kamui: Well, if you've learned your lesson here, I'm hoping you'll act a little more prudently in the future.
I don't feel like losing anymore.
And if we lose a military asset like you, we won't be able to win against that thing.
Kagura: Kamui....
OKita: Sheesh...
You're getting lectured by the wild boar not to be impatient.
You must be really losin' your touch, Boss.
But he's got a point.
Whenever that thing's in front 'a you, ya lose track of everything else around ya.

Page 4:
Okita: And if ya do that, then the wild boar can't get his kicks ta land.
Kamui: Are you saying you could dodge that wild boar's kicks?
Okita: Sorry, but I'm not the type ta get riled up from cheap provocations like boars are.
Anyhow, we can't lose the precious military asset of a boar.
Kamui: Don't worry. I can fill a military deficit your size on my own.
Okita: Oh. That's some pretty big talk.
Kagura: Hey, knock it off! We are all sick of that vegeta and piccolo back and forth, yes?
Okita: Let's make this simple... Your little sister's uglyyy!! [Second sentence is big/bold]
Kamui: So's yours!
Kagura: What's that supposed to mean?! Correct him!!
Gin: ............
Gin: Geez. What a bunch of weirdos I've gotten in debt with.
Shin: Well, whatever it takes. As long as we survive this whole ordeal... I'm good.
Gin: What about the others?
Shin: I don't know. But all of Edo looks like this.
Just how many victims could there be at this point?
Someone: The damages aren't limited to humans.

Page 5:
Shin: Gengai-san! You're okay!!
Gen: Like hell I am!
When these guys came, they started treating me like I was a thing ta be hauled around!
Abuto: Sorry 'bout that.
I'd just heard that on this planet, if somethin's useless you can call it a person or a thing or a hunk 'a junk.
Gengai: Then drill this inta yer skulls! On this planet, the medals that get sent to the ones that carry out their duties and burn themselves out are what we call hunks 'a junk!!
Shin: Carry out their duties?
Gengai: Yeah. The nanomachine virus that this old geezer scattered all throughout Edo
all seem to have died off.
Shin: The bees?!!
Gengai: The Bees specialize in disabling mechanical weapons, so they're pretty unequipped to handle attacks.
All that happened before wasn't from a machine, so it ended up blowing them all ta bits.

Page 6:
Shin: Then right now Edo is...
Gen: Completely defenseless.
If the Liberation Army's fleet were to attack now,
we'd have no means of stopping them.
Shin: D... Dammit...
All we've struggled so hard to protect all this time...
that man
overturned it all in an instant.
Abuto: Protect?
You mean that
huge hunk 'a junk?
Looking at all this rubble this country's turned into,
I dunno who'd call it protected.

Page 7:
Abuto: Looks more like victory and defeat's been decided a long time ago.
And maybe the only people that haven't acknowledged that
are the people right around here.
Someone: ---No.
There are people like that here, too.
Up above your heads...
way up in space.
There's no need to pay any mind to anything going on up here.
We've got it all taken care of.

Page 8:
Taka: Ginoki.
it's your turn.

Page 9:
Someone: The Yellow Dragon Maidens
and the God Dog, Inugami.
They put the Dragon Veins to sleep. The ones which
have protected the Dragon Veins since ancient times

Page 10:
Someone: That genriki.
Someone: At times, it awakens the Dragon Vein
SOmeone: and activates the torrent.
Someone: And at times, that Genriki
T/N: A Genriki is phrase in the Shugendou religion meaning "the ability to bring about a miracle".

Page 11:
Someone: soothes an unruly Dragon Vein
and quiets that torrent.
Someone: In the shadows of history,
the ones that have fought those dragons
and brought about peace and balance to this land.
The clan that has conquered the dragon.
That is

Page 12:
Matsu: Yeah, yeah, the Cabaret Club shrine maiden Ane-chan, right?
's been a while~~
Sorryyy, thanks for the call and everything, but I don't think I'll have time to pop into the club today.
The worlds just a little on the verge of destruction right now, and I just can't pull myself away.
...Yeah, and on top of that the princess is off somewhere looking for a dog. This old man's really beat.
Ane: Aw, that's okay, no prob. I just wanted to hear your voice a bit.
Mhm. Okay, well, talk to you later~~
Who the hell would make a cabaret club sales call at a time like this?!!
Don't you listen to people when they talk?! Didn't you hear what our backstory is?! I told you we're fighting all out to protect Edo right now!!

Page 13:
Matsu: Hey, I'm listening. I knew without you even saying anything.
Basically you just want me to keep quiet at the club that you're running a second job of protecting the world alongside Cabaret Club girl.
Ane: Get your mind off the cabaret club thing, old man!!
Okay, now please listen!!
On our clan's name, we're going to go quiet down all of the places where the Dragon Veins are going crazy.
But that alone won't get them back under control.
Somebody is operating the gate that controls the Dragon Hole deep under the Terminal to act however they please.
While we're getting things under control up here on the surface,
Papa, you and the others need to attack that underground basement and get them under control.
If you can do that, then we can definitely get Edo back to normal!!
Matsu: Ane-chan...
Ane: Please... Let us work with you.
The reason all this happened in the first place
was because our clan couldn't protect the Dragon Hole from the Amanto.
We want to get it back.
The thing... we lost back then.
But... Do you have enough military forces left to do that...?
Matsu: Yeah... We might not.

Page 14:
Matsu: But compared to treating you to Dom Perignon at the victory party,
it'll be a lot easier on my bankbook.
Gin: I get ya.
I think I've got a good picture of the situation over there.
I dunno who these guys are, but they sure did a good job coming in from outer space to wipe our asses for us.
we didn't need that help.
Sure, this country doesn't exactly look the way it used to,
From an onlooker's perspective, it might just look like a mountain of junk.

Page 15:
Gin: But while this country may be burning,
not one person here
has burned out yet.
The things we're trying to protect haven't been hurt at all.
So it might be too early ta be handin' out medals.
Taka: ............
Gin: How about your end?
You may have stopped the Liberation Army,
but I'll bet that hasn't been enough to burn you guys out, right?
No way you guys've been reduced to hunks 'a junk.

Page 16:
Taka: ...Yeah.
We'll be ready... waiting for ya.
Mone: Sister,
Something seems off with Komako.
Ane: It's as I suspected... It was too much of a burden to give to just one.
I wonder how much longer she'll last... Both Komako and us...
Mone: If only that child were here...
That child is walking a different path from ours.
We couldn't have them suddenly come back and carry the fate of the clan on their back...

Page 17:
Ane: Do you not care what happens to Komako then, Mone...?
Mone: !!
Both: Komako...?!
Both: Th... That howl...?!
Hiji: Yo. You're late.
Hiji: We found a way ta stop those Dragon Veins.

Page 18:
Hiji: But you'd better hurry.
The dog disappeared.
That... rings a bell with you, right?

Page 19:
Sada: WAN!
Insert: The "God Children" for protecting the Dragon Hole have assembled.
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 650
/ End

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