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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Gintama 651

If extra helping hands are needed, let the beasts lend a paw.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Sep 13, 2017 18:58 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 651

I'd need a helping hand to take care of the pet who was meant to be my helping hand, so I guess no puppies for BDR.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Sfx- Kyaan kyan *whiiine*)
(Side text- The one who appeared before Ane and Mone is…)
???: Y---
You’re the one who called us?
So you could join us….
And fight together?

???: An Inugami?
Hijikata: Yeah..
From what pops was saying, Edo was on the brink of disaster,
But thanks to those folks who reek of the occult, we were saved.
However, we don’t have long.
While they’re holding the dragon’s pulse back…
We’ve gotta head under the terminal and stomp the guys controlling the dragon’s pulse flat, or else.
???: Gotcha.
We’ll gather the guys who are able and head your way.
Hijikata: You good to go?
???: I gotta be.

Kondo: If humans are to shocked that the dogs are the ones making a stand for ‘em…
Then humans too…
Will end up standing on four legs before long.
Heh…so men would go back to being beasts…
And beasts would become people?
Well, with the way that civilization has been blasted away right now…
There may not be a line separating the two anymore.
???: People and beasts…
Fighting for this’s stars sake…
Are all just creatures who live on the same planet…
And will die on the same planet.
Even this roaring dragon has seen it fit to…
Bear it’s fangs at me.

???: It’s as if the planet itself…
Seeks to struggle against me.
How interesting.
Show it to me then….
This planet’s latent power.

(Side text- At the top of that hill is…)
Lesson 651: If extra helping hands are needed, let the beasts lend a paw.

Gintoki: That stupid dog…
Even the readers forgot about that ancient plot element until now….
What the hell does he think he’s gonna do remembering that and going there?!
Shinpachi: If it was going to come to this, then we shouldn’t have acted separately!!
Even if it is reckless to do so….!!
Abuto: Maan…
I know it’s a saying on this planet that if you don’t got enough folks to help then try asking a cat, but…
Now the time’s here where we’re busting our asses for the sake of asking a dog for a hand, er paw?
We really must be at the end of our rope here.
Gintoki: No need to worry bro, we’re not so hard up for help that we’d turn to rabbits!!
Abuto: Oh no need to worry, our help doesn’t come easily.
However we’re also not gonna let you guys work yourselves to the bone in vain for the sake of a pup.
Hey Boss, we’re going on ahead to drag the enemies at the gate out into the open! Leave the preshow to us.

Abuto: Only rabbits can help out rabbits, y’know?
So use those hands of yours….
To protect your other family, big bro.
(Sfx- Gasasaaaa *dssshhh*)
Kamui: Wait, Abuto!!
These guys aren’t going to be able to do anything but hold me back!
Gintoki: WHAT’D YOU SAY?!
Kamui: I said if you hold me back, I’ll kick your ass.
Gintoki: And who’s fault do you think it is that my body is a drag now?! Go ahead, kick me, I dare you! Though next time you do it’ll be a corpse that’ll be holding you back!
{You have to do what you can do, yes?}
Kagura: If I had not…
Said such unnecessary things…
???: I’m sorry Kagura-chan!

Soyo: For this to happen to Sadaharu-kun when I was supposed to be watching out for him…
Kagura: It is not your fault Soyo-chan!
More importantly it is too dangerous for you to stay in Edo, Soyo-chan.
Leave Sadaharu to us and go somewhere safe quickly…!
Nobume: She’s right.
You won’t be able to stop anything staying behind here…
Sadaharu and that man…Nobunobu…
Made up their minds and went where they needed to.
Find what it is you can do....
Because stopping and waiting just because there’s nothing ahead…
Is the same as standing silently by and watching the world being destroyed.
Please stop making that face Princess.
They were able to unflinchingly move forward…

Nobume: Because behind them are…
People they trust.
What you should be doing…
Is there.
Maizou: Princess, I beg of you…
We must get far from here as fast as we can.
Soyo(?): Nobume-san?
(Sfx- Zaaahhh *sffft*)

Nobume(?): It seems the enemy has noticed our movements.
You should be careful over there as well.
Kagura(?): Nobutasu?!
Nobume: Don’t worry, I’ll find some way to lead them away from the Princess.
Gintoki: Nobume, with your body like that you’ll….
Nobume: I’m not going to apologize for not being able to stop them.
We’re going to go together….
Because I won’t let anyone else die.
Kagura: Nobutasu…
Nobume: Just wait, I’ll be there in just a bit…
{The enemy’s presence…}
{It disappeared…}
(Sfx- Baaasaaah *fwaaaap*)

(Sfx- Zazazaaah *zzzzzzt*)
Kagura: Nobutasu!!
(Sfx- Karaaahhh *clatter*)
(Sfx- Dodododo *thooooom*)
(Sfx-Zazaaaah *sssssht*)

(Sfx- DOfudooohhh *thothooooom*)
(Sfx- Zuoooooh *fwhooooom*)
???: Th—they’re….
Gintoki: So they were prepped for this a while back….?

(Sfx- Godooooh *THOOOM*)


Gintoki: Kaguraaaa!!
Don’t do anything reckless!!
Did you forget?! These guys are…!!
(Sfx- Mishihhh *ddsssh*)
(Sfx- Meki meki *grinnnd*)
(Sfx- Waaaah *roaaaar*)
(Sfx- Dododooohhh *Ththoooom*)

Kamui: So what if the enemy is immortal?
If they won’t die, then we just need to break them until they can’t move, right?
(Sfx- Dohhhh *fwooom*)
Kagura: KAMUI!!

Kamui: Sorry…
But I’m not immortal.
(Sfx- Sutshhh *sfft*)
Kamui: I can’t possibly break this many of ‘em.
Kagura: Kamui, you…!
Kamui: Calm down….don’t rush.
Rabbits only lend a hand to their to their family….
If you go and die then..
The rabbit…
Won’t come.

(Sfx- Goooooaaahhh *boooooom*)
Kamui: Yo…
You’re a bit late ain’t ya?
Your cute little kiddy rabbit was about to cry.
???: Oh?
And where is this cute kiddy rabbit?

Umibozu: From here all I can see are ill-mannered brats.
(Side text- Papa rabbit attacks!!)

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