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Translations: Gintama 690 (2) , One Piece 909 by cnet128

Gintama 651

When You Need a Hand, Ask A Beast With Paw Pads

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Sep 15, 2017 00:41 | Go to Gintama

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[Gintama 651 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Insert: What has appeared before Ane and Mone...?
Title: 'Gintama
Girls: Y...
You're saying you... called us?!
To fight
with you?

Page 2:
Someone: Inugami...?!
Hiji: Yeah.
Accoding to Tottsan, the reason Edo's able to just barely hang on right now
is because of that shady, occult-y group.
But it's not gonna last long.
While they're stopping the Dragon Veins from going wild,
unless we stop the group underneath the terminal occupying the gate and controlling the Dragon Veins...
Someone: ...Got it.
I'll scrounge up everybody still in okay shape and head right over.
Hiji: Can you do it?
Kon: I've got to.

Page 3:
Kon: If even a puppy got fed up with humans and decided to take a stand on its own,
then we humans
have gotta make a stand even if it means crawling on all fours.
Hiji: ...Hmph. So have humans gone back to being beasts,
or have the beasts become human?
Well, with our whole civilization in shambles,
there might not be much of a barrier anymore.
Someone: So humans and beasts
as fellow creatures living on the same planet
and as fellow creatures that will die on the same planet,
are fighting together?
Even that roaring dragon
seems to be pointing its fangs towards me.

Page 4:
Utsuro: It's almost as if the Earth itself
is resisting against me.
How about you show me, then?
Show me the Earth's true power.

Page 5:
Insert: After the climb up that hill---
Title: Lesson 651
When You Need a Hand, Ask A Beast With Paw Pads
Author: Sorachi Hideaki

Page 6:
Someone: That dumb dog!!
Gin: Reminding the readers of that old plot point they'd almost all forgotten like that!
What the hell does he think he can do when he's up against those Dragon Veins?!!
Shin: He shouldn't be off acting on his own at a time like this!!
I wish he wouldn't be so reckless...!!
Abuto: Geez,
I heard that there's a saying on this planet, if there aren't enough human hands around, then ask a cat for a hand.
T/N: There's a Japanese idiom like this. "Ask a cat for a hand" means "desperate for help". "So busy even one would welcome the hand of a cat".
Abuto: It might be finally time for asking a dog for help, too.
We're pretty driven into a corner at this point.
Gin: Don't worry! We sure as hell ain't desperate enough ta ask a rabbit for help!!
Abu: Don't worry about that, our hands don't come so cheap that we'd lend them to you.
But I've got no intention of letting the bone that puppy's been desperately chomping on go to waste.
Captain, we'll take the lead to draw out the enemy, then it's all yours!

Page 7:
Abuto: Rabbits only lend their hands to other rabbits.
So make sure you use your hands
to protect your other family, got that, Big Bro?
Kamui: Wait, Abuto!!
They're always being such a nuisance. Pushing me into things like this...
Gin: What?!!
Kamui: I toldja if you're too slow, I'll kick your ass again!
Gin: Whose fault it is you think I'm so slow?!! Just try and kick me, see how slow you end up!
Kagura: Sadaharu,
I am sure there is something you can do, yes?
Kagura: ---If I
had not opened my big mouth...
Someone: I'm sorry, Kagura-chan.
Kagura: !

Page 8:
Soyo: If I'd watched over Sadaharu-kun more carefully, this wouldn't have...
Kagura: It is not your fault, Soyo-chan!!
Anyhow, Edo is too dangerous for you right now, Soyo-chan!
Leave Sadaharu to us. You just hurry to a safe place.
Nobume: She's right.
There's nothing you can stop just by being here.
Both that dog and that man
decided what they wanted to do on their own.
When you look for something you can do,
no matter what is waiting for you, being told to stop and do nothing,
feels the same as being told to sit quietly and watch as the world is destroyed.
please don't make a face like that, Princess.
The reason they were able to move forward without hesitation

Page 9:
Nobu: is because behind them
there are people they can count on.
What you should do
is there.
Princess, please,
get as far away as you can, as fast as you can.
Soyo: !

Page 10:
Nobume: It looks like the enemy also took notice of our movements a while ago now.
Guys: !!
Nobu: You all, be careful as well.
Guys: Nobutasu?!
Nobu: Rest easy, I'll find a way to get the tail away from the princess.
Gin: Nobume, what're you gonna do with your body like that...?!!
Nobu: I'm... not going to apologize for not being able to stop them.
We're in this together.
I'm not letting anyone else die.
Guys: Nobutasu.
Nobu: Wait there. I'll be there soon...
Nobu: The enemy's presence...

Page 11:
Kagura: Nobutasu!!
Kamui: !!
Kamui: JUUUUMP!!

Page 12:
Somebody: TH... These guys are...
Gin: Looks like the groundwork for this was laid quite some time ago.

Page 13:

Page 14:
Kagura: We do not have time to waste with you!!

Page 15:
Gin: Kaguraaa!!
Don't be get a hot head!!
Did you forget?!! These guys are...!!

Page 16:
Someone: !
Kamui: So what if our enemies are immortal?
If they won't die,
then we just gotta crush them till they can't move anymore, right?
Kagura: Kamui!!

Page 17:
Kamui: My bad.
I may not be immortal,
Kamui: but I won't break down 'cause a something like this.
Kagura: Kamui... You...!!
Kamu: You're getting rash. Calm down a bit.
Rabbits only lend their hands to other rabbits.
So if we let you die,
the rabbit
won't come.

Page 18:
Kamui: Yo,
took you long enough.
The cute little rabbit's at the point of tears.
Umi: Hoh.
And where might this rabbit be?

Page 19:
Umi: All I see are a couple 'a ill-natured brats.
Insert: Poppa rabbit invades---!!
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 651
/ End

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