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Translations: One Piece 917 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Gintama 654

It's easier to keep compact pets.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 6, 2017 12:17 | Go to Gintama

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Didn't forget to TL this week at least, but man do I really need to get back to translating other series instead.

Hi wa mata noboru only

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

(Side text: Volume 70 of the manga is out to huge fanfare! The Anime “Porori Arc” is airing on TV Tokyo and it's affiliates late night at 1:35 every Sunday, and airs on TV Oosaka late night every Monday at 1:05!!)
Lesson 654: It's easier to keep compact pets.
???: Unbelievable...
Despite having this many battleships...
To think the Liberation Front would sail the white flag of surrender...
(Side text- After the deathmatch...)
Hata: What decides a battle's outcome is not numbers but resolve.
A single soldier with just a dollup of resolve can emerge victorious against a thousand who fear death.
It would appear they saw just how determined I was and fled from battle.
Jii: Say, Prince of “Deathly-resolve-while-hiding-in-the-bathroom”. May I ask where you got those scars?
Hawegawa: Resolution to die is it? Sounds like the type of stuff that runs through my brain daily.
There's no way that those who stare death down and don't blink would be beaten by those who turn tail and run from it.
(Note: I couldn't find work so I'll try again in the next life –To Hatsu)
Jii: And then there's you, dammit. You do realize that giving up on your own life isn't the same as being prepared to die on the battlefield, much less winning, right?!

Jii: In the end the war ended while you asshats went to great lengths to avoid engaging the enemy.
Hata: What are you babbling on about? If I hadn't played decoy and got their attention we wouldn't have been able to win!
Jii: After being forced, no?
Hasegawa: Yeah that did sort of happen.
Though to give you props, if it weren't for you helping out we wouldn't have been able to stop this war.
Never would have thought someone like you who did nothing but stir up trouble would be the one to save the world.
It's actually fortunate I lost my job working for you, otherwise I wouldn't be able to express my thanks as a representative of earth.
Hata: Hmph. I didn't do it for humans, at any rate.
You can thank the rare creatures on Earth for that.
Jii: You sure you don't wanna thank the Soap girls and their queen, m'lord?
Hata: You wanna shut up, old man?!
Anyway how are the ones who got on the mothership faring?
Jii: The communication has been spotty at best since it was cut....wait, do you think they split from us to get all the glory for themselves...?
Dude: M'lord, The enemy's mothership has begun to move!!
Hata: Seriously?! You think they're trying to abscond with our merits of war?!
Pursue them!!
I don't care if you have to use the main cannon to blast them a new one –just keep them from getting away!
(Sfx- Dooooon whoooom)

(Sfx- Gogogogogo rmmmmmbl)
Mone: How many areas does this make?
(Sfx- Haah hahh)
Ane: I can't say. I just stopped counting along the way as it seems endless...

Mone: However....
IT does seem that they've calmed down for the most part...
What's left now is...
The Dragon hole over there.
The shogunate army should be launching their offensive in the terminal's underground by now.
We should make our way there as well –the finale of this whole thing is coming.
Before that I need to thank you.
Had you not come to assist us...
We and Komako's spiritual energy would have dried up from overuse long ago.
We were the ones who threw you out and left....
Yet you never did the same to us.

(Box- Please adopt me.)
Mone: No, that's not it...
Perhaps the people you truly wanted to protect...
So I promise that this time...
We will not abandon you.
And for sure...
we'll return to where your family is waiting...
So please for just a little longer keep fighting with us...

Mone: Huh.
Hold that thought for a moment...
Huh? I...I'm pretty sure....wait, were you always this size?
Ane: What's the matter sister?
Mone: N—nothing.
I think I might have overdone it with the spiritual energy. Larges look like Mediums now...
Ane: Sister you are not imagining things...
But he didn't shrink.
It is you who has grown.
I think I may have to reevaluate you. You were nothing but a shrine girl at a cabaret, but seeing you out here fighting to fulfill our family's duty has change my opinion.
You've really become something impressive.
To me you've become as big as Motoko Ohbyashi.
Right, Komako?
Komako: Woof.
(TN- So, Motoko Ohbayashi is a volleyball player who's about six feet tall hence the joke here. Though I guess incidentally the “Oh” in her name can be read as big, and the bayashi as “trees” So there's another joke.)

Mone: Let me put this delicately...your brain is the thing that shrunk here!
Komako's become palm sized?!
What the heck is this?!
How could this be happening...
No way it couldn't be...
(Sfx- Doooon thoooom)
(Sfx- Doododododo toktoktok)
Ane: Moneeee!!!!

(Sfx- Zuhhh shhht)
Ane: Sisteeeeeeeeeeeeer!!!
???: This was quite the slip-up,
drawing so much unnecessary attention to themselves,
while trying to stop the dragon pulse.
When that is...
not the only enemy.

Ane(?): RUUUUUNN!!

(Sfx- Zugogogogo rmmmmmble)
???: Earthquake!!
I thought the Dragon pulse was calmed!
Are they beginning to flare up again?!
Kagura: What is going on? Sadaharu and the others were calming these, yes?!
Did something happen to him....?!
Nobume: They were only able to suppress the branch-offs of the main pulse...
which still remains active.
This tremor...
Could it be that man---Utsuro...
(Sfx- Gogogogogo rmmmmble)
Someone: Utsuro-sama.

Dude: It cannot bear any more of this load.
We've lost control of the gate already,
and it's at it's limit.
Utsuro: Really now?
You've done well.
You all...
And those ladies.
You've fulfilled your missions beautifully.
I believe that enemies and allies alike should be adulated for a job well done.
Considering those feelings....
I'm sure before long they will arrive here to take the gate.
Then we in kind must...
Return their feelings, no?

Utsuro: And the dragon long since controlled by humans...
will be freed....
from it's shackles.

Nobume: The gate....
was destroyed.
And with it any means of controlling the dragon pulse are gone too.
Now there is nothing that can stop this...
Not Utsuro...
Or anyone else.

Utsuro: The preparations for our meeting are now complete.
I'm waiting....
You disciples of Shoyou.
For you to return here to Earth along with your “demise”.

Shijaku: It's as if we're staring into the dragon's maw as it opens...
in an attempt to devour the entire world.
Shoukaku: Looks like avoidin' a head on collision with Earth ain't happening.
We did everything we could possibly do, however...
But it looks like this ship has done had it.
The machinery is falling apart all over...
So far from being able to stop this thing...
We can't even steer it.
And if that ain't shit enough, the heroes tetherin' us down...
are beat from fighting.
(TN- Hah, Sorachi remembered eyebrows from like chapter five. I love that.)
Shoukaku: All of them are a step away from pushing up daisies.
Talk about being between a rock and a hard place.

Shijaku: The Amenotori fune can't be self regulated to stop on it's own.
And the energy from the Hinokagutsuchi is leaking within the ship's innards, destroying it.
If we've lost control of it too, then we've got nothing but a fireball on a beeline toward Earth.
I don't want to think about what'll happen when this mass of energy collides with Earth's berserk altana.
Beyond annihilating the planet completely, the fate of the galaxy is an engima.
If we want to stop it...
Before the ship collides with Earth, we'll need to destroy it with power from the outside,
So that the energy will disperse into the reaches of the universe.
But there's no time to do that and...
evacuate everyone.
In short.....if we want to save earth...
Then we're going to have to go down with this ship.

Shijaku: And right now the one with the military might
and is in the right position to do this..
Is you and only you...
Hata: Commodore...
Are you requesting that I save people?
Or...kill them?
Shijaku: Even I am not sure of this, but one thing I can say...
Is that unless you kill us, we will die along with earth.

Shijaku: But by killing us...
You would have saved earth.
Though it is not my intention to strong-arm you into making a decision....
You may choose whichever one you want.
Ane: Sister!!
Please hang on!!
Mone: Quit bellyaching, I'm fine –this is nothing.
Pipe down and keep your eyes on the road before you bite your tongue.

Ane: Sister, you can't push yourself when your body is like that...
Furthermore your spiritual energy has been all but used up...
Mone: What are you going on about? The gate's been destroyed, so we're the only ones who can stop that thing.
Ane: I'll take up your side of things...
Are you trying to ask “What can a sheltered shut in do”?!
Mone: But sister...
Ane: I said keep it moving!
Please, don't make me stop here...
If one of us is out of action, the burden on those two will be more than they can handle.
While it's true the inugami have bodies, they also take on a huge amount of spiritual energy.
Their spiritual energy is beginning to fade after expending so much of it,
in greater quantities than they ever have before.
If we force them to bear any more of a burden, they won't just get smaller...
it's possible their very existence will be erased.
(Side text- A decisive moment draws closer....!!)
GINTAMA LESSON 654................END.

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