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Translations: Gintama 690 (2) , One Piece 909 by cnet128

Gintama 654

Compact Pets are Easier to Keep

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 6, 2017 05:40 | Go to Gintama

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[Gintama 654 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Title: Lesson 654
Compact Pets are Easier to Keep
Author: Sorachi Hideaki
Insert: ☆Jump Comics Volume 70 is now on sale with great fanfare!!
☆The 'Slip Arc' Anime is now airing on TV Tokyo and affiliates every Sunday at 1:35 AM and TV Osaka every Monday at 1:05 AM!!
Somebody: Completely unbelievable.
Even with all these battleships,
the Liberation Army still hoisted the white flag.
Insert: After the deadly battle---
Hata: It's not numbers that determine the outcome of a battle, it's resolve.
One soldier that dives in ready to do or die can overcome a thousand soldiers that are afraid of death.
It seems they learned of their defeat when they saw my resolve.
Old: Say, Prince that was prepared for death hiding in the bathroom, where did you get those scars?
T/N: He's meant to look like Guts from Berserk.
Hase: Do or die, huh...? That's certainly something going through my head every day.
Those that spend their days staring death square in the face won't lose to those that run from death.
Paper: I couldn't get a new job, so I'll try again with a new life.
Someone: How are you facing death exactly, you weirdo?! Ya think people that raised the white flag on life can win on the battlefield?!

Page 2:
Old: All that happened was the war ended while you were running around trying to avoid the enemy.
Hata: What're you talking about?! If I hadn't drawn the enemy fleet's attention, we would never have achieved this victory!!
Old: Didn't they force you to do that?
Hase: Yeah, I think we did.
But it's still true that if it weren't for your cooperation, we wouldn't have been able to stop the war.
Who'd a thunk it that you, somebody that caused earth crises all those times, would end up saving it.
I'm glad I got fired from working for you. Otherwise I wouldn't be in a place to thank you as a representative of the earth.
Hata: Hmph. It wasn't for the humans.
It was thanks to all the rare creatures that live on Earth.
Old: My prince, are you all right not thanking the soapland girls or queen?
Hata: Shut up you shit old man!!
Anyhow, how are those guys that boarded the enemy mother ship doing?
Old: The signal was interrupted so communication has been... You don't think they split us up in order to get all the glory for themselves, do you...?
Guy: My price! The ship that appears to be the enemy mother ship is moving!
Hata: What?! Are they trying to nab all the spoils of war and run?!!
Follow it at full speed!!
If they even look like they might escape, feel free to fire the main cannon at them!!

Page 3:
Anemone: How many spots does that make?
HandwritteN: HAA HAA
Anemone: Not sure. I quit counting somewhere along the way. There's just no end to them.

Page 4:
Anemone: But
it looks like most of them have calmed down.
All that's left
is the Dragon Hole over there.
The Bakufu Army should be attacking the terminal basement around now.
We should head there, too... It's finally time for the big finale.
We've got to thank you.
If you hadn't shown up when you did,
both we and Komako would've ran dry of genriki a long time ago.
We abandoned you and cast you out,
but you... never abandoned us.

Page 5:
Box: Please adopt me
Anemone: No... maybe that's not quite right.
The ones you really wanted to protect
were surely...
...So let's promise.
We swear not to abandon you,
and we'll make sure
to return you to your family.
So please keep fighting just a little lon-

Page 6:
Ane: Huh?
Hold on, hold on.
...Uh, were you... always this size?
What's wrong, Sister?
Uh, nothing...
I probably just used too much genriki... Everything large-size looks medium-size.
Sister, it is not your imagination.
But that puppy did not shrink.
You became larger, Sister.
I see you in a new light now. Though you had once fallen to being a shrine maiden at a cabaret club, now I see you out here carrying out our clan's duty.
You've really grown up.
From my perspective, you are as big as Oobayasahi Motoko.
Isn't that right, Komako?
Koma: WAN
T/N: Oobayashi Motoko is a volleyball player that competed in the 1996 Olympics.

Page 7:
Anemone: Sorry, but I think it's your brain that shrunk...
Even Komako is handheld size now!!
What's going on?!!
How did this...
Wait, could this be because...
Someone: MONEEEE!!

Page 8:
Utsuro: They blundered.
They drew too much attention to themselves
Utsuro: stopping the Dragon Veins like that.
Utsuro: Those were not
the only enemy.

Page 9:
Anemone: RUUUUUN!!

Page 10:
Somene: Earthquake!
Are the Dragon Veins that started calming down
starting to flare up again?!
Kagura: What is going on here?! Did Sadaharu and the others not just calm those down...?
Do you think something was done to him...?!!
Nobume: All they calmed were the tributary branch Dragon Veins.
The main current still remains.
Someone: This tremor...
could it be, that man, Utsuro...
Someone: Utsuro-sama.

Page 11:
Guys: It cannot endure any further load.
We have already lost control of the gate.
It is at its limit.
Utsuro: Is it?
A job well done.
Both you
and those girls.
You all carried out your orders quite splendidly.
Whether ally or enemy, that work is worthy of praise.
So taking those feelings into account,
I am sure they will soon come to take back the gate.
So then we must also let go of this
and go return those feelings, shouldn't we?

Page 12:
Utsuro: And now that dragon that has been manipulated by humans for so long
will be
freed from its shackles.

Page 13:
Nobume: ...The gate
was destroyed.
With the means of controlling the dragon veins gone,
stopping it is...
Not Utsuro,
not anyone can stop it....

Page 14:
Utsuro: The preparations to meet you are all set.
I'm waiting,
disciples of Shouyou.
For you to arrive here
along with the 'demise'.

Page 15:
Shi: It's like the mouth of a dragon has opened
and it's trying to devour the entire world.
Guy: Looks like we're not gonna be able to avoid a collision with the earth.
We might've done every last thing we could,
but the damage to this ship might be just too much.
Devices are goin' nuts all over.
Not only can we not stop the ship,
we can't even steer the thing.
On top 'a that, our anchor, the heroes
got worn out in all the fighting.
Every one of them's on their last legs.
We're really up against a brick wall here.

Page 16:
Kujaku: .........
The Amenotori Ship can no longer be stopped autonomously.
Hinokagutsuchi's energy is already leaking inside and destroying the ship's internals.
Now that we've lost control, this ship is nothing but a fireball careening towards earth.
And if this massive ball of energy collides with the Earth's out-of-control Altana,
not only will it blow the Earth away, I don't even know what sort of shape the galaxy will end up in.
To stop it
we'll need to destroy the ship with power from the outside before it falls to Earth
so the energy disperses into space.
But we don't have time left
to evacuate the personnel from this ship.
In other words, in order to save the Earth,
our only choice is to die along with this ship.

Page 17:
Kujaku: And the only ones left in this universe that have the power to do that
that also is in a position where they can do it,
is you,
Someone: ...Admiral, that's...
Are you... telling me to save people?
or are you... telling me to kill people?
Kujaku: ...Even I do not know. But the one thing I can tell you
is unless you kill us, we will die
along with the Earth.

Page 18:
Kujaku: But if you kill us,
the Earth will be saved.
I don't intend to force you into a choice.
Please choose whichever you prefer.
Anemone: Sister!
Sister, please get a hold of yourself!!
Whaat? Pipe down. I'm fine, this is nothin'.
Just be quiet and drive. You'll bite your tongue if you talk.

Page 19:
Anemone: Sister, you're pushing yourself too far with your body in that state.
Even before that, you had just exhausted all your genriki...
What're you talking about? Now that the gate's destroyed, we're the only ones that can stop that.
I will take up your slack, Sister...
Are you trying to say "What can that shut-in frail child do anyway"?
But Sister...
I said go!!
...Please, let me go.
If one of us is missing, then the burden on these two will be too much.
While the Inugami has a body, it also acquires a powerful spirituality.
After exhausting that amount of genriki, much larger than any before, these puppies' spirituality is fading
and they are starting to become unable to maintain their bodies.
If any further burden is put on them, they won't just get smaller,
their entire existences may be snuffed out.
Insert: The approaching decisive moment...!!
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 654
/ End

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