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Translations: One Piece 923 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Gintama 678

It's not just Donbee, but all food has Riho Yoshioka in it.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Apr 29, 2018 03:28 | Go to Gintama

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It's not just Hitoribocchi or Saike, but all of my translations seem to have stalled, and I can't really even blame Riho Yoshioka.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

(Side text- The seal of the Yatagarasu...)
Hijikata: The Naraku...
That organization should have been destroyed two years ago...
So how?
(Sfx- Bata bata tmptmpt)

(Sfx- Gogogogogo rmmmmble)
(Sfx- Kuwaaaah roaaar)
???: Third squad, lead the civilians to refuge...
While one and two hurry to the scene!!
Vice Chieeef!!
Yamazaki, what's the situation there?
Yamazaki: The damage to the city is critical, but the people around here noticed something was amiss and quickly took refuge.
Hijikata: Are you trying to add to the damage here?
(Sfx- Dododododdodo Thotmthomthoomthom)
Yamazaki: The only ones collapsed at the scene are Naraku who disguised themselves as the populace.
Some eye-witnesses say they think this is the handywork of two rounin seen fighting in the area.
Hijikata: Two rounin?!
{There's no mistaking it...}

{It's them.}
Gintoki: Heh, seems like we're both getting soft.
Usually it's the guy you have the most trust in that you fight back to back with on the battlefield.

Gintoki: Yet after wandering around for so long...
It's the guy I trust the least in this Godforsaken world that I've gotta entrust my back to.
(Side text- Fate has once again brought these two together...!!)
Lesson 678: It's not just Donbee, but all food has Riho Yoshioka in it.
(TN- Donbee is a brand of instant ramen, while Riho Yoshioka is a actress who appears in commercials for it.)
Takasugi: No worries Gintoki...
I'm always watching my back.

(Sfx- Doohhh fwhooom)
Takasugi: If we weren't against an opponent like that...
Or someone who acts on their own....
We wouldn't have to worry about being dragged into unnecessary shit like this.
It wouldn't bug me if you decided to take this chance in killing me...
Because it's our enemies that do whatever they want...
That we're standing here...
Back to back in the first place, yeah?
It appears the time has come.

Takasugi: So that annoyances wouldn't get in the way, and normal folk would keep their distance
I made sure to spread around the corpses of the Naraku around...
But it seems some noisy mutts came sniffing around here anyway.
Hijikata: There they are!!
Takasugi: Take a gander out at sea...
There's a ship prepared already.
If we can make it over there we can shake off the enemy and those mutts.

Takasugi: If you're coming then make it snappy.
It seems like our means are different but we're trying to do the same thing.
So then you'd better take every and anything and use it.
Or else....
You won't be able to protect this.
(Sfx- Doooh thokk)
Takasugi: Well....
That's depending on whether you can swim that far.

Some dude: Geez...
This always happens...Okita's such a pain.
More than half of the weapons we busted our asses to get are ruined.
Well, even without weapons, as long as we have Okita and that girl, we're fine.
That's assuming she'll even work with us, though.

Shinpachi: Kagura-chan..
Or, well...
Should I call you Kanna-chan?
I don't mind calling you either, really.
As long as you've returned to stay on Earth....
But well, I guess if you're going by Kanna-chan, then it'd be weird to say “coming back”, wouldn't it..
Kagura: Shinpachi, you are the same as always, yes?
You are always concerned with needless things.
You have always been like this....
I was being foolish, yes?
You do not need to call me Kanna anymore.

Kagura: Granny Kagura is fine.
Kagura-channnn what the hell is with you?! You're a kid one minute, and an elderly person the next?!
Kagura: I just used too much strength, Michyuko. Just need to rest these old bones for a bit.
(Handwritten- Down I go.)
Kagura: Well now, that's quite a bit of history you're asking me to go through there, sonny. Where shall I begin?
I think it was about 30 years ago....
Shinpachi: You haven't been alive that long, Granny Kagura!!
Kagura: Back then I was quite a hottie, and was so popular on Earth that I got sick of the place and left.
Shinpachi: Please don't make up memories Granny Kagura!!
Kagura: I reckon it's around that time that my beloved pup Rogers became a stone so I went off on a journey to turn him back.
Shinpachi: At the very least remember your beloved dog's name, Granny Kagura!!
Kagura: But I had a tough time of it, trying to turn Boronese back to normal...
Shinpachi: At least find a name and stick with it, Granny Kagura!!
Kagura: After traveling from planet to planet, my body started crying out in pain...
Every time I went to a new planet my body had to get used to new environments that'd change on the drop of a hat.

Kagura: And then...
That appeared before me....
Shinpachi: Huh? Wait, what's that? What are they saying?
Shinpachi: Wait, you can't speak anymore either Kagura-chan? What language is that?
Kagura: ZZ...
Shinpachi: Hey, old woman....
What's that coming out of your noise? Should I split it? If I split it will the story continue or come to an end?
Kagura: Z~ And so then my body ended up like this.
Kagura: I adapted to many kind of environments during my difficult journey so I learned to change my body at will.

Kagura: Ah, well an enemy I fought before was able to use the same kind of technique....
But I wouldn't have imagined...
That it would be that man who would teach this to me.
However, even learning that all of my efforts were in vain.
I left Earth behind to wander the universe for two years, and in the end...
I wasn't able to change anything.
So because of that....
I didn't know how I could bring myself to face you.

Kagura: I ran my mouth...
And then left Earth...
Causing the Yorozuya so disband.
And after all that I didn't accomplish anything.
I just broke a bunch of things, yes?
Just what am I supposed to say to the people of Earth?
What kind of expression should I have upon my return?
If you know, please tell me!!
(Sfx- Zuooooohhh)
Kagura: Ah, resting my face got it almost back to normal, yes?
Shinpachi: Uh, but you look like Baron Ashura?!
(TN- Baron Ashura is a character featured in Mazinger Z.)
Kagura: Well I am 16, which is a difficult time where one is neither child or adult.
Shinpachi: There is no where in the galaxy that a sixteen year old looks like you! Just what is your body made of!?
Man, I don't get it even after you explain it, but....
At the very least I get why you lied to us.
You don't need to be worried Kagura-chan.
We know you left because you wanted to save Sadaharu.

Shinpachi: You left with out feelings when you went to try and save Sadaharu, right?
And see, it's because you did so that we were able to stay behind and focus on reconstruction!
The Yorozuya didn't disband because of you.
Chances are...
Even if you had stayed....
That person would have...
Okita: Disappeared?
Then boss perhaps....
Knew all along...
That he was...
Still alive.

(Sfx- Dannn tmpt)
Dude: Sir!!
Are you okay?!
Takasugi: I'm sorry for making you wait.
Dude: No, to assist the great hero Shinsuke Takasugi this much is nothing.
Let's depart at full speed!
Takasugi: Wait.
I figured he wouldn't make it.
This might be how I say farewell to this life.
(Sfx- Bichaaah bloosh)
Gintoki: Hand it over.
Takasugi: How did you get here?
Gintoki: That's obvious, ain't it?
If I can't swim...
I'll walk.
Takasugi: Heheheeheh.....
I suppose you're walking a path paved with more carnage than I.

Takasugi: Then again, if you're going to walk around with something as dangerous as this...
Then you have to have this much resolve at least.
(Sfx- Pashiihhh tak)
Takasugi: Now I'll ask again.
Where did you get that?
Gintoki: I was looking for something else from the start...
And wandered around the country looking for it without finding anything.
(Sfx- Shuruhh wfiiind)
Gintoki: That's because I wasn't sure if the thing existed in the first place.
However, despite having no basis for thinking this...
I thought to myself that it had to be out there somewhere.
And that I had to get it before anyone else did.
This was something I found while looking for something else.

Gintoki: Ye olde sweet shop Enshichi's famed....
Sweet Bean jam wrapped mochi.
The shop was conncidentally empty so I managed to snag some. What, did you guys want them as bad as I did--
Takasugi: No.
(Sfx- Paaaan blooorsh)
Gintoki: What the hell was that for asshat?! You're supposed to savor these....ah, they're even tasty as shit when I indulge in them using my eyes.
Takasugi: You're the asshat. What the hell did you have me pick off of you?
Gintoki: So what, are you saying you didn't want these?
Then how about Kyouto's famous....
Takasugi: No.
(Sfx- Dofuuhhh tokkk)
Gintoki: And how the hell can you tell without seeing them, dumbass?
Takasugi: Do you think I tracked you down for souvenirs?!
Gintoki: So what, you don't like famous things? So If I said “Riho Yoshioka wrapped in yatsuhashi” then what? Would you have eaten her Yatsuhashi and all??
Takasugi: Get diarrhea and die.
I know you managed to get it some time ago....

Takasugi: The real thing you were looking for....
You knew it existed somewhere...
That it was...
Surely still alive somewhere...
Shoyou Yoshida's heart.
(Sfx- Dokunnnn throooob)
(Side text- He grasps the fate of everything in his hand....)
GINTAMA LESSON 678...................END.

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