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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Gintama 684

The trick to dieting isn't to constantly push yourself, but to give treats every so often.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 8, 2018 22:09 | Go to Gintama

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Why end your series when you could do the opposite of that instead?

Hi wa mata noboru

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(Side text- In the midst of shopping, Otae-san finds...)
Tae: Oh my!
What a nice bathing suit!
Perhaps I'll get one for Shin-chan.
Gran: You've got quite a discerning eye, ma'am.
And we have a smashing summer sale that'll make it easy on your wallet.
But you should be mindful that some of these designs are ahead of the current trends.
Tae: Really? Well it's true, I do see many new designs here..
Like these....
Appear to be underpants...
And this...
Well there appears to be something poking out.

Tae: And this is....
Clearly Hentai Kamen.
Lesson 684: The trick to dieting isn't to constantly push yourself, but to give treats every so often.
(Side text- And now the avant-garde fashion show begins.)
(Upper text- Volume 73 and the Light Novel “Ginpachi Sensei” are both in stores!!)
Gran: If you ask me, it's more style that's on sale here than the bathing suits themselves, no?
I'm pretty sure you'd get all sorts of attention if you came to a beach in this.
Tae: Surely you mean all sorts of police attention?
{The police...}
{Aren't able to move either!}
{Why'd you...}
{Become a mannequin too?!}

Zaki: Hijikata-san...
That's Shinpachi-kun's older sister.
(Bottom text- Mob Cop Yamazaki who's posing as Hijikata.)
Zaki: It appears to me that Boss Yorozuya probably doesn't want her to notice him.
Hijikata: But why?
Zaki: I dunno, but it's likely he's got stuff he wants to get done without her knowing he's in Edo.
Hijikata: Nooo, I mean why the hell is he standing out so friggin much?
Zaki: Honestly? I don't care to know myself.
Like, we're tailing him but now we're all here in a display case showing off by the shop manager.
Furthermore we've still gotta keep an eye on Takasugi.
But we can't move from here!
If we screw up here he'll get away!

Hijikata: What!? Whhhhhy?! What in God's name is he doing!?
Has he always done shit like this with a arrogant ass expression so we'd have trouble figuring him out?
Just what the hell have we actually been dealing with this whole time?

Zaki: I'd appear hanging around Boss Yorozuya for so long has rubbed off on him in all the wrong ways.
Hijikata: Look at him keeping his face down! Hes probably embarrassed as hell right now!
Zaki: Um Hijikata-san, pot, kettle? You get my drift? We should probably drop the whole thing.
Tae: Well, these certainly look easy to swim in.
Miss, do you mind if I take a closer look at these?
Woman: Oh, sure, just slip 'em right off.
Tae: Um, hmm...this is...well.
Gran: Oh that thing poking out? They certainly spare no detail in designing mannequin nowadays.
I could take 'em off for you then? I've grown used to looking at my husband's.
Ah it appears to be stuck on something...I can't get it off.
It's not like my husband at all. Whenever he sees my face his gets smaller.
Hey calm down there, buddy.
Tae: Perhaps breaking it...
Would be faster.
{J—Just hang in there Yamazaki!!}
???: That didn't work at all, huh? Get me that hammer right there, would you?
Tae: Sure, but I'm still not sure I want to buy them.
Gran: No need to hold back, we've got mannequins and te*ticles for days.
Tae: It's not that I'm holding back exactly...

Tae: HNGH!!
(Sfx- Bakiii CRACK)
Tae: What I wanted to see...
Was this hat!
Gran: It was the hat huh?
Tae: However now that I get a look at it, this color isn't quite what I wanted...
Do you have this in black?
Gran: Ah, sorry not in black, no.
Tae: That's a shame.
I guess I'll put this back on the neck then.
(Sfx- Gossuhhh thok)
Gran: Hm? Was that how it was before?
Seems like it's a little off.
Tae: Wasn't this where it was?
Gran: No, I think it was here?
Tae: No, that's now how it was before...
(Sfx- Zugah dossuh dosshhh thok thok whack)

Tae: I think that's how it was before.
Gran: Yeah that's how I remember seeing it.
{Where'd Yamazaki gooooo?!}
{How the hell did you end up like this?!}
Gran: Now that is looking nice and crispy.
{No, that's the dude who makes other things nice and crispy!!}
{Holy crap this woman...!!}
{Even after two years she's still a walking disaster!!}
Tae: Ooh! I like those sunglasses...
May I remove them?
{Looks like my ass is the one that's deep fried now...}
Gran: Ah! The wind is blowing the merch away!!

{What the hell? You think you can get away alone!?}
{Then I'm going to....}
(Sfx- Gashihh grab)
Tae: HNGH!!
(Sfx- Buoooonn fwhooom)
(Sfx- Dogooooo thuuuud)
Tae: Thank goodness!
(Sfx- Para para clatter clatter)
Tae: You almost lost your merchandise!!
Gran: Sure, but I did lose in a way...

Tae: Right...
So since she couldn't remember where she got those mannequins in the first place,
She asked me if I wanted to take them and the merchandise on them as thanks.
(Sfx- Ei, ei, ei, ei!)
Tae: But in all honesty I wasn't sure what I could even use them for.
So I thought about it for a while, and...
Yes, right there!
Put a bit more oomph into those swings!
Ladies: Understood!
Tae: Okay, next up on the menu....
???: So then what'd you do in the end?

Tae: Take a look.
(Sfx- Kiiieeeeeh!!!)
(Sfx- Paaaan thud)
Tae: I decided to use them as striking practice dummies.
(Sfx- Paaann thuuud*)
(Sfx- Kieeeeeeeh)
(Sfx- Dodododododo)
Tae: The mannequins made nowadays are pretty great, don't you think?
They accurately recreate what it's like to hit a real person!
(Sfx- Pan pan pann thok thok thok)
{Why did this happen...}
{More than mannequins...}
{We're sandbags here, dammit!!}
{How long are we going to have to keep this crap up?!}
{Stop being so good at standing still dammit! If you don't move I can't either!!}
{More like it's pretty obvious that she's well aware of who we are by now!}
{She's just being an asshole to annoy us on purpose, dammit!}

{In the first place didn't this used to be some shitty little dojo?!}
{Who are these ladies?!}
{What the heck...}
{is TAEZAP?!}
(Sfx- Duuuru duuruuu)
(Sfx- Duruuuuh)
(Sfx- Paparapaapraaa tadadadaaa)
(Sfx- Duruuuh ruurhh duruhhhh)
(Sfx- Parapaparaparpaa tatdaadaadaaah)

Tae: All right everyone, that's enough for today!
{Uh, isn't this just a bunch of fatties on revolving tables?}
Tae: You're all incredible!
Despite not having any results to speak of yet, you're still able to spin around with those looks of superiority on your faces.
To get an ideal body, the first and most important thing is a spirit that doesn't yield....not even to oneself!
As long as you have a strong mind, you'll be fine. The TAEZAP dojo will help you to lose weight.
{Swordsmanship diet?!}
Tae: Let's do our best tomorrow too!!
Ah, and please take a Haagen-Dazs as a reward on your way out!
{My ass she's trying to help them lose weight! She's going to kill them at this rate!!}
Tae: Sorry to keep you waiting.
???: Hmph, Tae-chan...
Your strong will is incredible.
This is an age where swordsmanship is on the decline, but you've built a business that targets women and includes dieting.
From the standpoint of a woman..
The one who stands up to protect the sowrd may be someone like you.

Kyuubee: But I won't lose to you.
Kyuubee: Are you sure about this?
I thought that it would be Shinpachi who would inherit the dojo?
Is the one still running the Yorozuya, is he not?
Two years have past since then...
So is what Shinpachi intends to inherit not the dojo, but....him?

Tae: That's fine by me, really.
Kyuubee: Hm?
Tae: If it's truly what Shin-chan wants.
But it's likely he's....
Ah, no, forget about it...sorry.
That's enough for now.
Everyone: Thank you!!
Tae: Right now I'm enjoying what I'm doing too.
Kyuubee: I see, then perhaps our dojos can set up some kind of joint training session.
Tae: That sounds fun, but my pupils are quite strong.
Kyuubee: I look forward to it.
Tae: And how are things on your end?
Kyuubee: The same as usual, really.
We've been through quite a bit over the last two years as well.
But all things said and done, we're only good for swinging swords around.
Well, no...

Kyuubee: If a time comes where we should rot away with our swords...
Then what we'll have is the dignity our clan had while with the sword.
I believe it's time for me to have an arranged marriage interview.
Binbokusai: Kyuubee...
You mean...
Kyuubee: In order to protect this sword of the Yagyuu style...
It will be necessary to have children and pass down the techniques....this is the most efficent way.
Binbokusai: Kyuubee...
Kyuubee: There's no need to worry...
I won't bring home women anymore.

Kyuubee: In that war...
I learned the pride of being a Yagyuu...
And the pride of...
being born a woman.
If there is a person who will live alongside this sword...
Then I will gladly die along with that person.
Binbokusai: I see....
Kyuubee: He really wanted to...
see him again.
He loved swinging his sword on a major stage like that one, even if it was for the last time...
but what really brought him joy was...
that time he fought him.

Kyuubee: That's why....
I'm glad he never came back.
One wrong move,
and I might have ended up in an arranged union with him.
If that had happened....
then the Yagyuu family would have been ruined in a single night.
Tae: Probably.
But I'm sure he would have liked to see it...
Kyuu-chan as a bride...
In a beautiful wedding dress...
As well as...
How Edo looks now.
Kyuubee: Perhaps....
Tae: W-well let's get going.
We don't want to be late to the meeting for your marriage kimono today, do we?
Kyuubee: That's right.
Ah but before that, we should clean up the mannequins.
Tae: Oh just leave them there.
Kyuubee: We can't do that Tae-chan! If you keep being like that you'll never make a good wife.

(Sfx- Zawa touch)
(Sfx- Dogaaaaah Thuuuuud)
(Sfx- Gopaaaahhh smasssh)
Tae: What's wrong Kyuu-chan?
Kyuubee: N—nothing...
I just got a strange feeling now.
Well the trash has been taken out now I suppose...
Tae: True, true..
Then shall we be going?

{She still completely hates men though?!}
(Sfx- gara gara clatter clatter)
Tae: So...
What was the cause?
Kyuubee: Food poisoning.
He promised to stop collecting trash and dumpster diving for food...
but then he went missing a year ago.
(Sfx- Gara gara clatter clatter)
Kyuubee: I'm sure....
He's probably still out there somewhere collecting trash.
(Side text- The mannequin tour continues...)
GINTAMA LESSON 684..................END.

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