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Translations: One Piece 923 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Gintama 687

Be sure to buy plenty of #61.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 22, 2018 22:55 | Go to Gintama

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By spurning my friends I was able to get Gintama out on time. Says a lot about this rotten jailhouse of a world we live in.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

???: Well?
Why are in a place like this, Hijikata-san?
(Side text- After Gin-san escaped...)
???: Were you looking for Gin-san's whereabouts too?
No, it's more likely you already know where he is.
Why not be a good boy and spit it out already?
Hijikata: If it's about Mayo, I'll take all you've got.
But let me warn you, if you keep up this weird means of interrogation, then I'm slamming the cuffs on all of you.
A real investigation isn't for the faint of heart, and I don't think any of you could handle it.
Right Yamazaki?
….And what the hell are you doing with the heroines, you deep fried traitor?
(Sfx- Guuun grnnd)
Hijikata: Hey, knock it off.
I'm telling you it's useless, we're pro investgators.
(Sfx- Puhaaah fwaaah)
Hijikata: Cracking people is my specialty, but I'm pretty damn good at being on the opposite side of things.
So even if you torture me,
(Sfx- Zooohhhh fwhoooom)
Hijikata: I'm not going to say...
a goddamn thing!

(Sfx- Viiiiiin veeeeen)
(Sfx- Uuuiiiiin wheeeeen)
Hijikata: What was so great....
about mayonnaise again?
You wanna know about where the Yorozuya is?
What the hell are you people talking about? He was just here.
{I have to tell him....}
{I have to let...}
{Shin-chan know!!}

{He's still at the Yorozuya now right?}
{Then rather than inheriting the dojo, he's inheriting his work?}
{If that's the case then I don't mind.}
{If that's really what he...}
{Wants to do...}

{Shin-chan is...}
{Most likely...}
(Side text- After two years a boy is....}
Lesson 687: Be sure to buy plenty of #61.

Gintoki: Shi...

{Now of all times?!}
{I don't want him –Shinpachi involved in my...}
{Where did he go?!}

Shinpachi: Hold on.
I can't say I understand what's going on here...
But one against many doesn't look so hot.
More importantly....
Starting dangerous matters in the middle of town like this...
Isn't something I can let slide.
So if you don't leave, I'll be supporting that rounin there.
Sound good?
Gintoki: Mind your own business (fake voice)
And get the hell out of here.
Shinpachi: Is that so?
That's a load off.

Shinpachi: There isn't anyone who'd say that in a situation like this who's a bad person...
So I can back you up...
without any worries.
Gintoki: Dammitall....
Do you folks nowadays have trouble distinguishing between meddling and just being in the way?
Shinpachi: I'm cool with getting involved as long as it solves problems.
More importnatly....
Putting our noses where they don't belong is exactly how we at the Yorozuya...
Have gotten our jobs since our founder started the business.
Gintoki: ...Heh.

{I guess this is what I deserve, huh.}
{More importantly...}
{Has he...}
(Sfx- Dododoooon Ththooooom)
(Sfx- Zazaaaaah sshsssht)
{A little?}

Shinpachi: ….Say?
Have we met somewhere before?
Perhaps it might be weird for me...
to say something like this...
But I feel like...
We've fought back to back together before?
(Sfx- Gaaahh Sffft)
Shinpachi: You're...
Gintok: Loincloth Mask.
(Sfx- Ueeepuhhh Urgh)
Shinpachi: ….I think...
I picked the wrong side in this fight.
Gintoki: You just realizing that now?
(Sfx- Gooohh fwhom)

(Sfx- Dopppaaan blooorsh)
Shinpachi: Buwaha!
What the heck was that for?!
Gintoki: And now the enemy will be after me.
???: No!
Not that guy!!
Your target....
Is the dude with glasses!!
{So wait....}
{They aren't Naraku?}
???: Hey.
Seems I've finally caught up with you...
Ya phony.

Sachi: How dare you steal Gintoki-aniki's name as “Yorozuya” and dirty it up, ya theving mutt!!
I, Sachi as Sakata Gintoki's number one henchman will punish you in the place of the heavens to---
(Sfx- Jakiii clannnng)
(Sfx- Doooonn thooooom)
I shouldn't have acted in the place of the heavens....
I didn't think you were just succeeding aniki...
Shinpachi: Well....that's not quite right either...
Sachi: Here I was thinking you were a bastard who stole the Yorozuya's name....
Shinpachi: So you were coming after me then....
Then it was Loincloth Mask who came to my rescue in the end...
(Handwritten- Upon closer look these are bamboo swords...)

Gintoki: Hold up, you're Sachi from Tenma chou's prison, right?
Sachi: How'd you figure...
Gintoki: What's a dude who should be behind bars doing out here? Did you break out?
Sachi: The Sachi who would'a done something awful like that is gone.
When I was in the joint and met that guy, I was changed.
He was the one who taught me that even I could have dreams.
Even serving time, that dream felt like something that was within reach...
So aniki and I took off running towards it.
However it was then...
that the war of two years ago happened.
And the flames of war ripped Edo a new one, even drawing near the prisons.
Shit, the guards just abandoned us to die in here!!
If we don't figure out something then we're barbecue!!
This ain't the time to bitch about that!
I just needed a little more, just a bit!!
Why now of all times?!

Girl: Nooooo!!
Sachi:I don't have any tones for her nipplessssss!!!
The tones I have left are all too dark!!
If I use 'em, the heroine is nothing more than a slutty bitch with pitch black nipples!!
Dammit I need 61!! Someone get me tone 61!!!
Dude: Uh Bro, forget about the nipples for a minute and think about how we're going to be pitch black literally!!
(Sfx- Fuutshhh sshhhin)
(Sfx- Gabaaaah fwaaaah)
(Sfx- Gogaahahhh whoooom)
Prisoners: Wh—what the....
the bars are....
???: The ones who can judge humans are humans.
The flames of war cannot and will not be your judges.
So if you want to escape do it now.

???: Use your new-found freedom to live atoning for your sins.
And should this prison be restored to it's normal shape, then you should return.
Should you fail to keep this promise....
And commit more crimes outside...
It will not be humans...
Nor the flames
but I –a Shinigami who will pass judgement on you.
Shinpachi: Shinigami?
Wait, a Shinigami saved the prisoners?
Did that Shinigami....
Have a skull mask on?
And were they actually a woman?

Sachi: Beats me.
But that Shinigami saved us, and while the other prisoners were in a rush to escape I got to thinking...
Is it really okay for me to run away?
There are people out there underneath the very same Edo sky risking their lives to fight to protect everyone.
Aniki's probably doing his best out there and fighting th good fight too.
But all I do is run and survive.
Is that really atoning for what I did wrong?
I just started running.
There's a fight...
only I can wage.
I can fight too...
Along Aniki and his buddies.
And before I realized what was going on,
that Shinigami was running right behind me.
Shinpachi: I thought this was familiar!! So this guy with the ragged shoulders is you, Sachi-san?
And thus the one in the black cape must be the Shinigami, huh?
Though they came running, I don't think I actually saw them...where were they fighting?
{Check out Volume 68.}

{Yes my fight is....}
Sachi: #61!!
I'm going to gather up every nipple in EdooooooO!!!
So wait what we were seeing in your scene was your mad dash to go buy screen tones while everyone was busy fighting for their friggin lives?!
Then no matter how fast you ran you'd never show up!!
???: It seems I've unleashed one hell of a monster upon everyone...
But I won't allow it.
I said it two years ago...
If you commit other crimes or break our promise, then the Shinigami would be the one to judge you.
I've found you at last Sachi.
I, Ikeda Yaemon will not allow you to take the nipples of the people in Edo.
(Side text- And there's your foreshadowing!)
GINTAMA LESSON 687..................END.

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