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Translations: One Piece 923 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Gintama 687

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+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jun 22, 2018 04:27 | Go to Gintama

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[Gintama 687 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Someone: -----So,
what pray tell were you doing at a place like this, Hijikata-san?
Insert: After Gin-san fled...
Title: 'Gintama'
Someone: Are you trying to find Gin-san's whereabouts, too?
No, I'll bet you already know something.
Would you mind just telling us?
Hiji: I'll take all the mayonnaise you can dish out.
But let me warn you, if you continue with this messed-up little play investigation of yours, I'm arresting every one of you.
Real investigations are pretty nasty business. I doubt any of you all could handle one.
Ain't that right, Yamazaki?
And why are you in the lineup with the heroines, you crispy old man?!!
Hyakka: Hey, cool it down.
Hiji: You're wasting your time. We're pros at investigations.
Hiji: Getting people to talk's my specialty, but I'm plenty good at being on the other side of things, too.
Hiji: So no matter how you try to torture me,
Hiji: You can bet your ass
my lips are gonna stay sealed!

Page 2:
Hiji: What was it about mayonnaise
that was tasty again?
Where the Yorozuya is?
What're you talking about? He was right in front of you a minute ago...
Girls: We need to tell him.
We need
to tell Shin-chan!

Page 3:
Kyuubei: Shinpachi-kun is still running the Yorozuya, right?
So is what he intends to succeed not this dojo... but him? ["him" in italics]
Tae: I wouldn't mind if that's the case.
If that's what Shin-chan
really wants to do.

Page 4:
Tae: most likely
Shin-chan is...
Insert: After two years, that boy is...
Title: Lesson 687
Buy Extra Copies of Number 61
Author: Sorachi Hideaki

Page 5:
Gin: Sh-

Page 6:
Gin: Naraku...?!
At a time like this...?!!
I can't let him get roped into my...
Wait, did Shinpachi...

Page 7:
Shin: Hold up right there.
I don't know what the exact circumstances are here,
but one against a whole bunch isn't a great look.
But on top of that,
starting something so dangerous in the middle of town
is something I can't just let slide.
If you won't withdraw, I'll have to take that ronin's side.
Are you okay with that?
Gin: I don't need your help. (Fake voice)
Get lost.
Shin: I see.
Well that's quite reassuring.

Page 8:
Shin: No one who can say something like that in a situation like this can be a bad person.
Then I have no reservations
about joining in.
Gin: Darn.
Do people these days don't know the difference between meddling and disrupting?
Shin: I'm fine with disrupting as long as things quiet down.
And also butting our noses into other people's business to get work
is how we at the Yorozuya have done things since its founder.
Gin: ...Keh.

Page 9:
Gin: I guess I'm getting my just deserts.
this guy....
Gin: has he
gotten taller...?

Page 10:
Shin: Um,
say, have we met before?
I know this
might sound a little strange, but...
I feel like
this isn't the first time you've had my back.
Shin: You're...
Gin: Loincloth Mask.
T/N: This is a reference to the 80's-90's manga Kyou kara Ore wa!!
Shin: Maybe I
picked the wrong side to join?
Gin: You only just realized that now?

Page 11:
What're you doing?!
Gin: Now the enemy will go after me...!!!
Guy: No~~~!!
Not hiiiim!!
Gin: !!
Shachi: Your target
is that one with the glasses!!
Gin: !!
Are they...
not Naraku...?!!
Shachi: Yo.
I finally caught ya,
Mr. fake.

Page 12:
Shachi: You thieving little mongrel! Taking the Yorozuya name and besmirching Abiki's name like that!!
I, Shachi, Sakata Gintoki's number-one underling, will take the place of the heavens to bring down punishmeny on-
Shachi: I'M SORRYYYY!!
Sha: I'm sorry for taking place of the heavens.
I never imagined you were succeeding Aniki.
Shin: Uh, no, that's also wrong.
Sha: I was sure you were just a thievin' bastard that ripped off the Yorozuya name without permission...
Shin: If I'm the one you were after,
then it looks like Loincloth Mask-san is the one that helped me.
Handwritten: Now that I get a good look, these are bamboo swords, aren't they?

Page 13:
Gin: Hey, ain't you Shachi of Tenma-chou prison?
Shachi: How'd you know?
Gin: Why's a guy who should be in lockup doing here? Did ya break out?
Sha: Shachi, the scoundrel that might do somethin' like that, is gone.
When I met that guy while I was locked up, I changed.
That guy taught me that even a guy like me could have a dream.
I felt like even while being locked up, that dream was still within reach.
Me 'n Aniki set off on that journey together.
But that was when
the war two years ago happened.
The flames 'a war that destroyed stuff all over Edo reached our prison, too.
Heeeey! Somebody open this thiiiing!!
This ain't good! The guards just up and abandoned the prison!!
If we don't find a way out, we're gonna get burnt to a crisp!!
Aniki!! Shachi Aniki!!
What the hell should we-
Now ain't the time for that!!
Just a little more. Just a little...
Why's this gotta happen now...?!!

Page 14:
Sha: I just don't have any screen tones for the nipplllllllles!!
Page: Oh no~~~~!!!
Sha: The tones I've got left are too dark.
I'd be making my heroine into a bitch with burnt-black nipples!
Number 61!! I need tone number 61!!
Guy: Uh, Aniki!! Forget the nipples, we're gonna end up burnt black!! ["we're" in italics]
Guys: !!
Guys: Wh-What happened...
to the cell...?!!
Someone: Only humans can judge humans.
the one to judge you will not be those flames of war.
So if you're going to run, do it now.

Page 15:
Asae: you should use your lives to atone for your crimes.
And when this gaol that has judged you is back to normal, you must come back.
If you do not honor this promise,
if you commit further crimes on the outside,
then it will not be humans
or flames that judge you.
It will be me, the Shinigami, that will pass judgement on you.
Shin: Shinigami...
You're saying a shinigami saved the prisoners?
Say, that Shinigami
didn't happen to have a skull mask, did it?
And was maybe a girl?

Page 16:
Sha: I dunno.
But when that Shinigami saved us and the prisoners were shovin' each other over to get out, I thought.
Is it okay for me to run?
Right now, there are people out there fighting under this sky to protect Edo.
I'm sure Aniki's out there fighting, too.
But here I am, always just running, just living.
Is that really making up for what I did wrong?
I ran.
There's a battle
that only I can fight.
I'm fighting too.
Alongside Aniki and his comrades.
And before I knew it,
the Shinigami was running right after me.
Shin: Oh, I remember this!! Shachi-san, the guy with the jagged shoulder sleeves.
So the one with the black cape in the panel before that is the Shinigami? So then...
they did come running to where we were... But I didn't see either of them. Where on earth were they fighting...?
Asterisk: See volume 68

Page 17:
Shachi: Yes, my battle
Number 61!
I'm going to scrounge up every last nipple in Edooooo!!
Shin: Wait, he was just going to buy screen tones for his nippllllllles?!!
So that scene with you in it was of you running to buy screen tones?! While everybody was off fighting?!
So you never would've shown up no matter how long the fighting went on!!
Yae: It seems I may have released quite a monster.
But I will not let you.
I told you, didn't I? Two years ago.
If you commit further crimes, if you break our deal, then the Shinigami would pass judgement on you.
I've finally found you, Shachi.
I, Ikeda Yaemon, will not let you have your way with the nipples of the people of Edo!
Shin: What the hell have the two of you been doing for the past two yeaaaars?!!
Insert: Foreshadowing followed-through with!!
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 687
/ End

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