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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Gintama 689

Hot water calms the heart and soul.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jul 18, 2018 05:37 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 689

At least I can say I'm putting my bad decisions (staying up late) to good use (Catching up on Gintama.)

Hi wa mata noboru only

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

(Side text- He's seen it all....!!)
Lesson 689: Hot water calms the heart and soul.
{You've gotta been kidding.}
(Under panel text- The TV anime “Gintama” Silver Soul arc ares every Sunday at 1:35AM on TV Tokyo and it's affilates!)
(Bottom panel text- Volume 74 of the manga hits stores Friday August 3rd!!)
{I guess you have grown a little bit...}
{And you're stronger and more reliable than you were two years ago.}
{But it's like you're a IT company present now.}
{Bringing home ladies for casual 'lunch meetings'.}
(Middling text- The second beached ship –the 2nd LA movie is coming soon to theaters August 17th!!)
{Maybe he's getting close to beatin' Gin-san.}
{This is...}
{It's gotta be...}
{For sure...}

Kagura: Michiyuko-san?
Is the bathwater not yet warm?
Why am I naked?
Gintoki: You were about to take a bath, right?
Kagura: Ah right, that's what it was.
Gintoki: Okaaay, have a good one!
(Sfx- Garaaa clatter)
{Forget surpassing this Gin-san...}
{He's about to outdo a completely different Gin-san and Kin-san completely!!}

{Just what kind of reliable have you become, dude?! You've superexceeded everything at this point?? Is this what you consider a business lunch?!}
{Forget business, this you basically snacking on bread well into the night or the morning and have to drown down with hot water!!}
{How the hell did he even....}
???: Huh?
I was in the bathroom just a moment earlier...
So why am I back here again?
{That's a different voice?!}
Kagura: Ah right there was someone in the changing room earlier.
{What the hell is this? Does he have some kind of harem in there?}
{There's no way....}
Kagura: Is that you Shinpachi?
I didn't think you were home yet.
(Sfx- Bishaaaahh dsshshhh)

Kagura: Huh? Shinpachi?
Heeeeey Shinpachiii?
{Wait....is this....}
{The final chapter of the manga? Is this the last week?}
{Well shit. I had been wondering what direction this was going in, but I think it's becoming clear now.}
{So now that we've gone past the borderline of no return and are going to get arrested there's no choice but for it to be canceled....SCREW THAT NOISE.}
Kagura: Heeeey~
(Sfx- Don don thok thok)
{Listen, sip out of those doggy bags you take from your business lunches all you want Shinpachi, but please, please, PLEASE stay out of the early morning brunch Shinpachiiii!!!}
{Man it feels like ages ago when we were sipping that warm water....}
Kagura: Open the door would you?
{Those were the good old days. I wanna go back to those. More like, maybe there's hope for me to....}
Kagura: Huh?
Where are my underwear?
{Wait, that's another voice? Just how many lunch appointments and doggy bags does this dude have?}
Kagura: Where did they go?

{Dude if you don't stop this you're going to get locked up...}
(Sfx- Burraaann whifft)
(Sfx- Dooooon thoooom)
Kagura: I see...
This is how it it, yes?
(Sfx- Washihhh sfft)
(Sfx- Zuboooohh Thoooom)

{No way....!!}
Shinpachi: What's wrong Kagura-chan?
Did something...
(Sf- Dogaaaahhh thooooom)
Shinpachi: GUAHHHH
Shinpachi: What the heck are you doing Kagura-chan?!
(Sfx- Owwww)
(Handwritten- And why are you not dressed?)
Kagura: No, that guy....
(Sfx- Baahhh fwaaap)
Kagura: The Underwear thief is....

(Sfx- Dodooooon thoooom)
(Sfx- Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah roaaaar)
Katsura: This is quite surprising...
Here I didn't think you had a group under your control.
I thought you had severed your ties and started acting on your own.
Takasugi: Heh. Do I look like the sociable sort?
At least you should know I'm not the type to hang out with useless idiots...
I don't need a group like that to kill the likes of you.

Takasugi: One blade is all it takes.
Or would “Prime Minister” be more fitting?
Katsura: How droll, you took advantage of that ruckus outside to sneak in here, huh?
At least your treachery hasn't changed much.
However Takasugi...
This new country isn't weak enough to fall so easily.
(Sfx- Gigigi grinnnnd)
(Sfx- Doohhh wffft)

(Sfx- Dobaaaahh craaaash)
(Sfx- Gazaaahh ddsshhh)
(Sfx- Pashaaah click)
Katsura: What are you so flustered about?
It's nothing more than a photo.
(Sfx- Pashaahh click)
{Prime Minister Zuramp: I was almost assassinated today too.}
Katsura: This one is perfect for instagram. I'd expect no less from you Elizabeth.
Takasugi, what will change the world now isn't a piece of sharp wood like that...
but information---twitter.
{Zururmp @twitter}

Katsura: The one standing at the top of this country can broadcast his own news and share it with the civilians.
{Zurump: Had soba today –hoping to make this country long and chewy like soba.}
{Zurump: Nearly got assassinated today too.}
Katsura: It's throught his that people will pay attention to Politics and join in restoring the country.
{Zurump: Ate some Soba today. Hoping to make this country into something smooth and slimey as soba.}
Katsura: If you want to serve as the top of the country, this is what is necessary.
{Zurump: Nearly got assassinated again today.}
Katsura: Though I haven't gotten around to posting anything other than soba and assassinations.
Ah wait, this was different.
{Zurump: The soba was poisoned.}
Takasugi: It's pretty clear to me that people are using your twitter handle to get a handle on your activities, thus making assassination that much easier.
Katsura: Hmph, yes I get it. So I stumped them by changing up to ramen instead.
{Zurump: Jiro style isn't too bad.}
Takasugi: Nothing changed if you ask me.
Katsura: Takasugi if we're going to make this straight man act work you're going to be a little louder.
Takasugi: ...What's a straight man act.
Katsura: ….so you want to be the comic relief? Well...fine I suppose you can take the comic relief role and I'll be the straight man.
Takasugi: Being transparent in regard to your political aspirations is fine and dandy..
But have you actually explained to folks how you ended up here in the center of events in this country?
Want me to repeat that so you can tweet it?

Katsura: And what about you?
Doing all you can for the sake of one man.
No matter where I go in this country I've felt it...
Your glare.
You know all about them...
our enemies I mean.
And that goes without saying you know about me...
and everything in between.
Takasugi for the sake of saving our master you've....
put on blinders to everything else.
Katsura: Meanwhile I...
chose the path of opening my eyes and seeing everything.
Of course I want to save him too.
In that we share the same ambition.
However he is not the only thing I have my eyes on.
I also watch over...this country...
it's people...

Katsura: You all too.
Everything that man left behind...
Is what I want to protect.
And should he...
become something that would dare threaten these things...
Then perhaps destroying him to protect everything....
is what in turn will save him.
Taksugi I intend to....
crush that religion and sensei underfoot if need be.
With his heart being lost as it is now, there's no better chance than now.
I won't ask you for help....
but I request you stand aside.
You cannot save it along with everyone else.
And whether it is sensei or not....

Katsura: We can no longer...
Head back to those days.
That's what kind of existence that he has become...
What we have become.
Takasugi: It really was worth my time to haul myself over here.
I figured you'd say something like that.
(Sfx- Dogaashaaah ththoooom)

Takasugi: Now without any worries....
I can take you and the position of Prime Minister and use them.
(Sfx- Ooohhh whooooom)
Takasugi: For me, I strive for sensei's sake...
And for you it's for the sake of what he left behind.
(Sfx- Gashiiii ddshhh)
(Sfx- Gasshiuhh ddshhh)
Takasugi: What do you think it is...
for Gintoki..?

???: As usual we're completely splintered apart...
(Sfx- Buunnn wfhoom)
???: But after colliding
And coming to an answer in the end....
Sensei and...
all of us...
Will smile again...
like we did back then.

{Why did he come back?}
???: Are you going back to Earth to do that Yorozuya thing again?
Kagura: After I abandoned the Yorouzya like that....
I have no right to do so, yes.
???: Even then you can't help but think of them....
Then I'd advise you to give up.
It's unlikely you'd ever see them again.
Even for a family connected by blood, it's impossible for them to remain together once they drift apart.
Unless you are the one to reach out first...
you won't be able to take back the hands you let go of.

Kagura; Are you sure?
Shinpachi: I'm sure sister will be overjoyed to see you again, so by all means please stay here.
Kagura: That would be nice..I would like to stay over.
After we disbanded...
you were the only one to protect the Yorozuya.
And you stayed behind thinking Gin-chan would come back...
Shinpachi: No, not really.
I just...hesitated in walking forward like you all, no, everyone did.
So I ended up hanging around here unable to do anything else.
Gin-san said it himself, right?
The Yorozuya is simply a thing that people without anything else going on do.
So now that he found something he wanted to do,
Gin-san won't...

Kagura: Gin-chaaaaaaaaaaan!!
(Sfx- Futsuhhh Sffft)

(Sfx- Gakaaahhh fwfhooooom)
(Side text- A reunion in Edo and a flash of light that destroys all!!)
GINTAMA 689..................END.

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