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Gintama 692

Lost child.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Aug 19, 2018 00:13 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 692

For I was lost but the countdown has help me find (my motivation.)

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

Hi wa mata noboru scans only

(Side text- What they've discovered as old friends...)
Katsura: On retrospect.....
It's always been like this.
Gintoki because...
You're a white that's indelible by any other colors or people..
(Side text- The latest volume #74 will be in stores August 3rd (Friday)!!)
Katsura: That you can become any color you choose.
When the time calls for it to protect your allies...
you'll cut down your teacher.
When the time calls for it to protect that very same teacher's will...
you'll cut down your allies.

Katsura: Our paths, scattered as they are have...
brought us here.
(Side text- The TV anime, “Gintama: Silver Soul arc airs Sundays at 1:30am on TV Tokyo and it's affiliates!!)
Katsura: In both the old days and even now...
What kept us together as disparate as we were..
Was that whiteness of yours.
Then shall we wager...?
On that white of yours.
And believe in finding a path...
that will save this country...
and sensei, no, everything.

Katsura: Let us go...
disparate and all.
Lesson 692: Lost child.
Katsura: Just like we were back then.
(Side text- Because of who these three are and were...)

Okita: Seems that Katsura thought....
This country wasn't good enough to entrust to the next generation...
After all it still has...
Utsuro –a being that will destroy the planet if left unchecked...
And Shouyou a being that needed to be saved.
Shinpachi: Then...
Gin-san is waiting there too?
Okita: Beats me.
But it's pretty clear that the show is going to go on without us.
Pretty messed up that they left us holding the villain ball in order to create a new country, though.

Okita: Though it's not as if we're going to stick around...
And be the ones the country is entrusted to either from the look if it.
Dude: You all!!
What the heck are you doing there?!
This evacuation zone is off limits!!
So leave the premises at once!!
Okita: Yeah yeah, my bad dude.
Lemmie just mosey on out of here and refuge somewhere...
Dude: Not this way, that way!!
Okita: Sorry about this but there's this Rakugo CD I left at home that I juuuust can't go without...
Dude: This isn't the time to be talking about tha---
(Sfx- Gahh grab)
(Sfx- Doth doth thud thud)

Shinpachi: Okita-san!!
Dude: You bastard!!
Okita: “smatter? Fall down? I'd say it's you who needs to find a hidey-hole little buddy.
Or is it you're trying to shuffle us off because...
There's something you don't want us to see?
(Sfx- Dododooooh ththooooom)
Shinpachi: Who...
Who are you people?!
(Sfx- Kuwaaaaah roaaaaar)

(Sfx- Waahhh)
Shinpachi: O---
Okita-san what the hell is going ooooon!?
Okita: Wow, even the Government has a few believers in it?
Guess even Katsura's gotta watch who he's in bed with.
But you thugs aren't even worth stopping the main event for.
(Sfx- Dogaaaaaaah ththoooooom)
(Sfx- Oooooohhh vrmmmmm)

(Sfx- Donnnn booooom)
(Sfx- Gyarriiiiiii Screeeeeeee)
(Sfx- Gyararararaaa vrrrmmmmmm)
(Sfx- Dogagagaga ththtthoooom)
Shinpachi: Hijikata-saaaaaaaaannnnnn!!

Okita: Oh? Someone's here despite not being called.
Hijikata: Yeah I came, but I'll have you know it was a case that called me back.
Okita: Whoa, that's a blast from the past. Have you always spouted old cop one-liners?
At the very least I'm pretty sure the prime minister didn't call you.
Hijikata: Prime Minister? Who gives a shit about him?
I just got tired of playing hot potato in the country.
A peaceful world just doesn't suit us –suit the Shinsengumi does it?
Okita: Nah, I'd say we've still got plenty of headliners to play in this world.
Hijikata: Sure 'nuff. I'll say one thing, I've had enough of escorting wayward brats.

???: No need to sweat it, I found their guardians here.
Taking kids who have gotten lost...
And reuniting them with their folks is one of the many jobs of the friendly police department.
Now all we gotta do is finish things.
Shinpachi: Hijikata-san?!
No way...
You all aren't going to...
???: Well this is surprising...
wouldn't have thought that everyone would have agreed with Katsura's suggestion.

???: We finally got to a point where we could finally have a Shinsengumi...
And now we're disbanding.
(Sign- Special police –Shinsengumi headquarters.)
???: Well, If that's what the new country needs then we just gotta do it.
'Sides, there really isn't much for us to do in a peaceful world anyway.
Okita: Kondo-san, you're too soft. It worries me, honestly.
You've gone and disappointed me.
I figured you'd at least be against the idea of there not being a Shinsengumi...
Hijikata: Who said anything about there not being a Shinsengumi? We're just going through some structural changes is all.
When the time calls for it we'll be out on the front lines again.
I have to wonder if those guys will be down for it though.
Hijikata: I'm leaving Edo for a bit so maybe this is a good opportunity....

Hijikata: I'm going to look for the Yorozuya.
I'm sure you already know why he left Edo...
And what's going on with the Yorozuya now, yeah?
Is it really okay...
for things to end this way?
The ones who kept the Shinsengumi...
And the friggin' world itself from coming to an end...
in turn meets an end like this?

Hijikata: Assuming they are cool with this,
We're able to stand here because they saved us.
So there's no way we can just let this slide.
So this time...
It's our turn, yeah?

(Sfx- Oooooooohhhh fwhoooooom)
Kondo: Sogo...
If you don't want to be the stepping stone for a new era...
That's fine.
If you don't want to take up arms for an era....
and swing your blade for faces you may never see...

Kondo: Then how about doing it for those...
We've fought alongside all of this time?
(Sfx- Dodooooonn Babooooom)

(Sfx- Gaooshaaa baboooooom)
(Sfx- Bootsuhh thhhhdh)
(Sfx- Ohhhhhh whoooooom)
Kondo: We're not entrusting it to them...

Kondo: We're doing it to live alongside them.
To rip open a new country, a new age....
We're swinging these swords....
The swords of the Shinsengumi.

{Okita-san, Hijikata-san...}
{You all....}
{From the very beginning you did this for us...!!}
(Sfx- Zatssuhh dshhh)
(Sfx- Basaaah fwap)
(Sfx- Jyakii clack)

Hijikata: Well met.
You all look sharp –those uniforms really do look the best on you.
It's different then back then since we don't have a Shogun or Bakufu anymore...
But rejoice...
We still have something...
We need to protect.
Let's go to where the Yorozuya are!!
Our battlefield is at their side!!
(Side text- To where they need to be!!)
GINTAMA LESSON 692.....................END.

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