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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Gintama 692

Lost Child

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jul 27, 2018 04:25 | Go to Gintama

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[Gintama 692 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Zura: Thinking about it now,
that's how it's always been, hasn't it?
Insert: Things they know after being friends for so long---
Title: 'Gintama'
Zura: Gintoki,
because you've always been a pure white that no one can dye with their own colors,
you've been able to turn any color.
Insert: ☆The newest, Jump Comics Volume 73 goes on sale August 3rd (Fri.)!!
☆The long awaited 2nd ship full of mud!! The live-action Movie 'Gintama 2' finally hits theaters August 17th (Fri.)!!
Zura: Sometimes, in order to protect your comrades,
you'll cut down your master.
And sometimes, in order to honor your master's will,
you'll cut down your comrades.

Page 2:
Zura: All of our scattered paths
led us here.
Insert: ☆The TV Anime, 'Gintama' the Silver Soul Arc airs every Sunday at 1:30AM on TV Tokyo and affiliates!!
Zura: The thing that connected us together despite being so scattered,
both now and back in the old days,
was your pure white.
So, what do you say
we bet on that white?
Let's believe
that we'll find a path
to save Sensei, this country, everything,

Page 3:
Zura: and go,
as scattered as ever.
Author: Sorachi HIdeaki
Title: Lesson 692 Lost Child
Zura: Just like back then.
Insert: Because it's this three, because of who they are----

Page 4:
Okita: ---It seems that for Katsura,
this country wasn't enough ta leave for the next generation.
What with this country having
a being that had to be defeated or the world could be destroyed
as well as a being that had to be saved.
Shin: So then
Gin-san is here, too, then?
Okita: Dunno...
Sure looks like they left us out of the main event though.
Not exactly a fairy-tale story, pretending to be villains together in order to create a new country.

Page 5:
Okita: At this point, we're not staying behind
to be the ones the country's entrusted to either.
Guys: You there!
What do you think you're doing?!
This is an evacuation zone!
Vacate the area immediately!
Okita: Yeah, yeah, sorry 'bout that officer.
Gotta go take me some refuge.
Guys: Not that way, the other way!!
Okita: My bad, I forgot that rakugo CD I like at my house.
Guy: This isn't the time for things like that!

Page 6:
Shin: Okita-san!
Guys: You bastard!!
Okita: What happen, didja trip on something? Hey maybe you're the ones that should be taking refuge?
Or maybe the reason you're clearing us out
is because there's something you don't want us ta see?
Guys: !!
Who are you people?!
Okita: Now, gooooo!!

Page 7:
Guys: O-
Okita-san, what is thiiiis?!
Okita: Dang, they have believers inside the government, too?
Even 'ol Katsura can't be too careless about using his pawns.
But I don't think we're gonna let even you guys push us out of the main event.

Page 8:
Someone: Hijikata-saaaan!!

Page 9:
Okita: You came back despite nobody calling for you, huh?
Hiji: Yeah, I'm back. A case called me.
Shin: Have you always been such an old-fashioned gumshoe?
Well I know the Prime Minister didn't call ya at least.
Hiji: Prime Minister? Who cares about that?
I just got sick of digging for sweet potatoes.
We Shinsengumi ain't really suited for a peaceful world, huh?
Actually, I think we've still got a role to play.
Okita: Yeah, me too. I'll tell you one thing, I'm real damn sick of babysitting lost children.
Shin: !!

Page 10:
Someone: You can relax. I found he guardians right over here.
Catching kids that've gotten lost
and bringin' 'em back to their parents is all in a day's work for the police.
Now let's make sure we see the job through.
Shin: Hijikata-san!
Don't tell me
you guys are gonna...
Someone: ---I've got to say, I'm surprised.
I never would've imagined everyone would've taken Katsura's suggestion.
Sign: Shinsengumi

Page 11:
Someone: A time when we could finally have a Shinsengumi again
and we dissolved it.
Sign: Special Police
Shinsengumi Station
Guys: Well if that's what the new country needs, not much we can do otherwise.
And it's true that in a peaceful world, there's not much for us to do.
Okita: You're too soft-hearted, Kondou-san. It gives me a bad feeling about this.
I'm disappointed in you.
I was sure you at least would be against abolishing the Shinsengumi.
Hiji: We ain't abolishing the Shinsengumi. We're just reorganizing it temporarily.
When the time comes, we'll be able to come out into the light of day again.
But I doubt those guys will be the same way.
Okita: ?
Hiji: Since I'm leaving Edo, this might be a good opportunity. There's something I wanna do.

Page 12:
Hiji: I'm gonna search for the Yorozuya.
You guys know why he disappeared from Edo,
and what's happening at the Yorozuya place now, right?
I wonder if
they'll be okay like that.
The ones that stopped the Shinsengumi,
stopped the world, from ending
just ending like this...

Page 13:
Hij: Even if they've accepted it,
The only reason we're standing here is because they saved us.
So we can't accept that, can we?
This time
it's our turn.

Page 14:
Kon: Sougo,
If you don't want to be the foundation for a new era,
that's fine.
If you don't want to swing your sword
for the next generation whose face you don't even know,

Page 15:
Kon: then what do you say we
swing these swords for those we've fought alongside all this time?

Page 16:
Car: Ooedo
Someone: We're not entrusting it to then,

Page 17:
Kon: we're going to live alongside them.
In order to cut open the path for that country, for that era,
we'll swing this sword
that is the Shinsengumi.

Page 18:
Shin: Okita-san... Hijikata-san...
From the beginning...
you were helping us...?!!

Page 19:
Someone: Well sharpened.
Those uniforms really do suit you guys better than anything else.
It may be different from back then, there's no shogun or bakufu, but...
there's still something
we need to protect.
Let's go to where the Yorozuya are!!
Our battlefield is by their side!!
Insert: To the place where they need to be...!!
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 692
/ End

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#1. by Tsukuyo ()
Posted on Jul 28, 2018
Finally. I want yorozuya together again.
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