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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Gintama 695

Back on that day...

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Sep 5, 2018 20:46 | Go to Gintama

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In the immortal words of a sage somewhere. "What?"

Hi wa mata noboru only

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(Side text- Jr runs wild!!)
(Sfx- Aaaauuuughhhh!!!)
(Side text- The Live Action Movie “Gintama 2” is a smash hit in theaters!! The TV Anime, “Gintama” Silver Soul arc is airing every late Sunday Night at 1:35 on TV Tokyo and it's affiliates!!)
Princess: Uho (Kondo....)
Uhouho (Hurry while they're distracted!)
Uho (Take a ship to earth!)
Uhouho (We cannot my liege!!)
Uhouhouho (Earth is in an abnormal state....it's too dangerous!!)
Queen: Uhohohoho! (I don't need my status or homeland...)
Uhouhohuho! (I'm going to live on earth with my family....)
(Sfx- Doooonn Thoooom)
(Sfx- Pihh beeep)

(Sfx- Viiii viiii viii)
Emergency system: Uhohoho (Emergency additional materials sold separately mode activated. Now switching to regular materials also sold separately mode.)
Uhouho (This second block has taken massive damage.)
Uhouho (To prevent other blocks from being damaged...)
Uhouho (The ship will separate and this block –block two will be cast aside.)
Gorilla: Uhouhouho!! (Kondo, what the hell did you do?!)
Kondo: What? Did something happen? Huuh?
Gorilla: Uhouho (IF we don't do something the second block is going to...)
Uhouhouho (Even the steering has been disabled!)
Uhouho (Quick! Take cover!!)

(Sfx- Dodododododo thththoooooom)
(Side text- An attack that hits out of nowhere...!!)
Lesson 695: Back on that day...
(Side text- Only four more chapters until the ending!)
Dude: We're being attacked from above!! What is this?!!
(Sfx- Dodododododo thtthhoooom)
Dude: Get a barrier set up! Prepare to counterattack!!
(Side text- There's an app for that! The Gintama official app is now availble! Check out the manga, the anime, and the light novels with a coin system! More details on page 401!!)
Anotherdude: This is....it can't be..
The attack from the anti-air weapon from before...
Shifted the special camouflage on the Kuyou so that we could defend on the attack launched below us...
Anotherdude: So the true aim of this trap is...

(Sfx- Dododododo thththoooom)
Anotherdude: To leave us open from an attack from above!!
What's that?!
???: Yo.
How you guys doin' down there?
Ya'll must have been real lonely without me...
But no need to worry.

Sakamoto: Because Sakamoto Tatsuma...
Has returned to the sky!
Katsura: Sakamoto?!
What on earth are you doing...
Wait, Shijaku...
Was this you??
Shijaku: I apologize Katsura.
I do realize your plan was to have countries who have animosity toward the sect take them down themselves....
But there weren't any countries willing to take up arms, and then these strange people found me...
If you need help then rather than asking other countries, you should first...

Shijaku: say “Hey buddy...we are buddies right”?
Can you...
Lend me some money?
Sakamoto: Load every bullet you got into that ship's carcass!!
Don't worry about the tab!
No matter what I got this tab...
And a friend who'll hook us up!!
Shijaku: Heh...
Just doing whatever you please huh?
However if it's able to clean up what those monsters of the last war left behind...
Then money is no object, my friend from earth.

Sakamoto: That's the score you trio of dumbasses!
Ya'll can't be hogging the spotlight to yourselves got it?
I'm not going to let....
you fight this alone!
You say only the students can clean up after the teacher?
The one who has to clean up after guys like you....
Is a friend like me.
Gintoki: Tatsuma, you...
(Sfx- Dodoooon ththooooom)
Someone: Sink 'em!!
Each and every one of those annoying flies will be scorched to hell!!
Mutsu: Sakamoto, that hugeass thing is covering the ship in a barrier.
You can fire peashooters at it all day long and it won't bring it down.
Sakamoto: Cease fire!!
Make a perimeter around the enemy ship to keep it from moving!!
Dudes: What the hell are they doing now!!?
Hey look at that!
{10 minutes earlier...}
???: Hurry!!
We've gotta book it for earth immediately!!
Edo's fate is in our hands...
Dude: Captain!!
There's a distress signal!!
Sakamoto: Distress?
Dude: Wait, we're receiving communication...!!
(Sfx- Zazaaahh dssshhh)

Kondo: Tha—nk good—ness it—connected.
(Sfx- Za za za za ssshhhhht)
Kondo: S—so—rry for this bue could you –save us.
Gorilladude: This is the Kairinmaru...who are you?
Kondo: A—nother G—rila? Uho uho uho....
(Sfx- Zazaaa sszzzzt)
Gorilladude: He started uho-ing all of a sudden....
Sakamoto: Seems like he's tryin' to communicate.
Gorilladude: Whatever language he's using is so primitive that the automatic translator can't make heads or tails of it.
Sakamoto: Then lower the translation a notch and use the one for lower life forms.
Kondo: (Uhohoho) Please save us!!
{Translation: We're going to save you.}
Kondo: Uho uho (The ship I'm riding on has been broken and we're going to crash land on earth.)
(Sfx- zazaaaa sszzzzzt)
{Translation: My ship is broken and it's going to crash into Earth, but I still have a trump card to use.}

Kondo: Uho uho (Please, is there anything you can do to help us escape?)
(Sfx- Doohhh whoooom)
{Translation: I'll find a means to ram this vessel into the enemy and sink them.}
Kondo: Uho uho (I know this is a lot to ask...)
Uho uho (But could you please help us get safely back to earth?)
{Translation: I understand we both have the same enemy.}
{Translation: So please allow me to use my life to protect the earth.}
Dudes: T—This is ridiculous!!
That Banana ship is...
Sakamoto: Heh...
I guess you guys didn't notice due to chasing small fry but...
But it seems your reputation proceeds ya to a point...
Where you've got enemies all over tha known universe

{Translation: EAT THIS, FINAL GORILLA....}
{Translation: CRASH!!!}
(Sfx- Dogoooooh BOOOOM)



Gintoki: He did it..
That guy...
Actually friggin' did it.
Jr(?): Uhoo
UHOOOOO!! (Daddy!!)
(Sfx- Nuh)

Jr: Uhho (Daddy)
Uhho (Daddy!)
(Sfx- Buunn whooom)
Queen: Uhoho (That isn't your father, Jr.)
(Sfx- Petchin snap)
Queen: Uho uho (He protected our family.)
Uhho (He is a treasured benefactor of ours.)
Uhouhouho (He is a gorilla among gorillas.)
Uhohhohoho (King of Gorillas.)
Dad: Uhohoho (Whatta guy.)
Uhoho (Even after we got you wrapped up in our personal matters, you still got us back to Earth.)
Uhoho (I'm a damn fool. I dunno how to even begin apologizing or thanking you, but..)
(I'm proud to know there are Gorillas like you out there in the universe.)
Queen: Uho (You are a fool, yes.)
Uhoho (He's not here for you to shower him with praise.)
Back then...
Your friends came to reclaim you from us.

Queen: But this time...
It is you who needs to reclaim something.
It's the people...
From back then –those days.
So I will..
Give this back to you.
(Sfx- Pasaah fwap)
(Sfx- Zubooooh bloop)
Queen: To the you...
of back then...
(Sfx- Do dooo blam blam)

Sakamoto: The path's been open!!
Leave the skies to us!
I'm leaving things to ya'll down there, dumbass trio!
Gintoki: Tatsuma...you...
Sakamoto: Two years ago...
Sure I was in this to save the world....
But more than that, I risked my life in battle...
To take back...
Those good old days once more.
However even after the war ended...
Those days didn't...
Return to Edo.

Sakamoto: That's the only reason I need to fight.
If you say yer fight ain't over yet...
if ya'll can't go back quite yet...
Then I've still got a fight ahead too.

Kondo: Um...well...
To be honest I'm not even sure where we should start this conversation..
But when it comes to times like this...
(Sfx- Pori pori scrtch scrtch)
Kondo: I picked up a pretty convenient saying...
(Sfx- Kuwaaaah)
Everyone: Uhooooooo!!
{Translation: Uhoooh}
(Side text- The Gorilla king has returned!!)
GINTAMA LESSON 695.............END.

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