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Gintama 695

Those Days

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Aug 24, 2018 06:51 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 695

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[Gintama 695 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Insert: ☆Junior goes on a rampage!!
Title: 'Gintama'
Left Insert: ☆The Live Action movie 'Gintama 2' is a big hit, now in theaters!!
☆The TV anime, 'Gintama' The Silver Soul Arc is now airing on TV Tokyo and affiliates every Sunday at 1:35AM!!
Gorilla: UHO... (Kondou...)
UHOUHO (Hurry!! While he's got them occupied!)
UHO!! (Get the ship to Earth!)
UHOUHO (I mustn't, Princess!!)
UHOUHO (Something strange is happening on Earth right now... It's too dangerous)
UHOHOH!! (I don't need status or a hometown...)
UHOHOH (I'm going to live down there on Earth with my famil-)

Page 2:
SOmeone: UHOUHO (Emergency Sold Separately Mode activated. The ship is now switching to regular Sold Separately Mode.)
Someone: UHOUHO (This block has undergone severe damage.)
UHOUHO (In order to prevent the damage from spreading to other blocs,)
UHOUHO (This ship will now partition, and this block, block 2, will be discarded.)
UHOUHO (Kondou!! You bastard, what did you do?!)
Kon: Uh, huh? What? Did something happen?
Gorillas: UHOUHO (If we don't do something, the block that we're on right now...)
UHOUHO (It won't even accept steering instructions.)
UHOUHO (It's no good! Hurry, take coveeeer!!)

Page 3:
Insert: ☆A sudden assualt out of nowhere...!!
Botton Left: 4 chapters left until the final chapter!!
Title: Chapter 695 Those Days
Guy: Incoming fire from above!! This is...
Setup a barrier!! Prepare to counter fire!!
Middle Insert: ☆The 'Gintama Official App' is now available!! Check out the manga, novels, and anime with a coin sysyem!! Details on page 401!!
Guy: What is this?!
The attack from the anti-air weapons from earlier
Forced the Kuyou to abandon its special camouflage and focus our defenses on attacks from below.
Box: Kuyou
Bottom: Terminal
Guys: The true goal of this trap is...

Page 4:
Guys: so a fleet can approach from above!!
Those are...!!
Someone: Yo!
You guys holdin' up okay?
Must be lonely down there without me around.
But your troubles are over now.

Page 5:
Saka: Because Sakamoto Tatsuma
has returned to your sky.
Guys: Sakamoto? What are...
you doing there...?!
No way, Shijaku?
Ku: My apologies, Katsura.
I know encouraging countries that hold a grudge against the religion to sink the Kuyou was your plan,
but not only did no country show any signs of acting, but as you can see, I got caught by these odd people.
If you're going to ask for help, before asking other countries or anything of that sort,

Page 6:
Ku: you say 'Hey, we're friends, right?
lend me some money, won't ya?'
Shoot every last bullet ya got inta that ship!!!
No need ta worry about costs here!
I'll pay the bill now matter how much you rack up!
My friend here will pay us back!
Ku: Hmph.
There you go, just saying whatever you please.
But if this cleans up the monsters leftover from that war,
then I'll lend you any amount of money, my Earth friend.

Page 7:
Saka: ---So there ya have it, idiot trio!
I can't let you guys do somethin' so interestin' all by yourselves.
I cant let ya
fight all by yerselves.
Only a master's disciples can wipe his ass for him?
In that case...
then the only one that can wipe the asses of some friends,
is another friend, like me.
Gin: Tatsuma, you...!!
Guys: Shoot them down!!
Reduce every last one of those meddlesome flies to ashes!!

Page 8:
Mu: Sakamoto, that huge thing is covering the whole ship in a barrier.
No matter how many peashooters you fire at it, it won't take it down.
Saka: Cease firrrre!!
Surround the enemy mothership to seal off its movement!!
Guys: What is this?! What are they doing now?!
Hey... Look over there!!
Narr: 10 minutes earlier.
SOmeone: Hurryyy!!!
We've gott get ta earth on the double!!
The fate of Edo's in our hands...
Guy: Captain!!
There's a distress beacon!!
Saka: Distress?
Someone: Ah, there's a communication...!!

Page 9:
Kon: Thank.... goodness, I got... through.
S...orr....y. Please... save... us.
Guy: This is the Kairinmaru. Who are you...?
Kon: Another... rilla...?
...UhoU...Ho Uho...
Guy: He started going UHOUHO all of a sudden!!
Saka: He's tryin' ta tell us somethin'.
Guy: His language is too primitive. Even the automatic translation functions won't work.
Saka: Use the translation function fer lower life forms.
Kon: UHOUHO (Please help us!)
Translation (We're gonna save you guys!)
UHOUHO (The ship we're on is broken, and at this rate it's going to crash-land on Earth.)
Kon: Translation (My ship is broken and it's in the process of crashing on Earth, but I've still got an ace up my sleeve.)

Page 10:
Kon: UHOUHO (Isn't there any way you can save us from this ship?)
Translation (I'm going to find a way to ram this ship into my enemy to sink them.)
Kon: UHOUHO (I totally understand how big a favor this is to be asking,)
UHOUHO (but please, is there any way you could safely land us on Earth?)
Translation (I totally understand that we have the same enemy.)
(Let me use this life of mine as a way to protect the Earth.)
Guy: M-Madness!!
That banana ship!!
Saka: Hmph.
Didja not notice it while you were chasing flies around?
I guess you guys are so well known
that you've got enemies all over the universe!

Page 11:
Kon: UHOoooooo!! (No, I said I need you to save meee!!!)
Translation (Take thiiiiiis! Final Gorilla...)

Page 12:

Page 13:
[No text]

Page 14:
SOmeone: He did it...
He actually
went and did it.
Gorilla: UHHO
UHOOOO!! (DADDY~~~~!!)

Page 15:
Gorilla: UHHO! (DA~~~DDY!)
Gor: UHOUHO (That man is not your Daddy, Junior.)
Princess: UHOUHO (He protected our familyt.)
UHHO (And for that, we owe him a great deal.)
UHOUHO (He is a gorilla among gorillas.)
UHHOHHOHHO (The king of gorillas.)
Guy: UHOHO (I can't believe that guy.)
UHOHO (Even after we got you roped into this and did all we did, you still really got us to Earth...)
UHOHO (I'm such an idiot. I dunno how to apologize er how to thank you,
but I feel proud as a fellow gorilla, knowing there's gorillas like you out there.)
UHO (Yeah, you sure are an idiot...)
UHOHO (That man didn't come here just so you could praise him.)
Back then
your comrades came to take you back from us.

Page 16:
Princess: But this time,
it's time for you to take something back, isn't it?
Those people
from those days.
I'm returning it.
Princess: The you
from back then.

Page 17:
Saka: Yer path is clear!!
Leave the skies to us!!
You take care of things there, three idiots!!
Gin: Tatsuma, you...
Saka: Two years ago,
more than to save the world,
what I was risking my life in battle for
was to take back
those days again.
But even after the war ended,
those days
didn't come back to Edo.

Page 18:
Saka: That's enough reason fer me ta fight.
If you say yer battle still ain't over,
if you guys say ya still can't go back yet,
then my battle ain't over either.

Page 19:
Kon: Umm... So uh, yeah.
I'm not sure... where either of us should start from really.
But for times like this,
there's a pretty convenient phrase I learned...
Kon: UHOH!!
Guys: UHOoooooo!!
Kon: Translation (UHOH!)
Insert: The king of gorillas is back!!
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 695
/ End

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