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Gintama 697

A myriad of threads.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Sep 10, 2018 02:04 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 697

Man between this and Hitoribocchi ending in the same month, it's like someone out there is telling me to get a move on with all these stalled projects of mine.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

(Side text- Two more chapters left until the finale!)
Lesson 697: A myriad of threads.
(Side text- Two years ago the Yorozuya trio...)
Shinpachi: I was lying.
{To begin with do you know why I started the Yorozuya?}
(Middling text- The Gintama app is now being distributed!! Enjoy the Manga, LN's and Anime using a coin system!!)
{To cut to the chase, it's because I had nothing better to do.}
{I didn't reel like doing anything so I just did anything. Screwed up, huh?}
{We've all decided that we've got things to do, things that we want.}
{And things that we absolutely cannot avoid doing.}
{So it's about time to...}
{Take down that screwed up signboard.}
(Middling text- It's a super hit beyond our wildest expectations!! The LA movie “Gintama 2” is in theaters everywhere!)
{Even I found something...}
{That I absolutely have to do.}
{Shinpachi, what do you...}
{Want to do?}
{The choice is yours...}
{As to what you want.}

Shinpachi: He didn't have anything he wanted to do....
And now he had found something.
Upon hearing that I was kind of happy.
A little lonesome.
(Middling text- The TV anime “Gintama: Silver soul arc” Airs every Sunday night at 1:35 am on TV Tokyo and it's affiliates!!)
Shinpachi: I just didn't want to...
get in his way.
{There's plenty I have to do.}
{So I'll be fine.}
{So go on ahead...}
Shinpachi: I said that, but...
when everyone left.
{I didn't want to forget them...}
{I wanted to keep them in my memories..}
{That person...}
{And all of us, the Yorozuya.}

Shinpachi: It was nothing but …
a lie.
I wanted to look cool and show off.
And make up excuses for my own inability to choose.
In all honesty there was nothing I wanted to do.
It didn't really matter what I did...
As long as Gin-san and..
Everyone else was there.
Everyone's found something they want to do,
And was making moves toward their goals,
meanwhile all I did was sit back for two years waiting for something to happen.
Pretty awful, huh.

Kagura: But we were not doing anything major, nope.
I just went off to try and find a means to save Sadaharu alone.
It was because of me the Yorozuya broke up and yet I could not do anything alone.
I thought if I could return Sadaharu to normal then everything would go back to how it was.
I believed that.
But by the time I had realized it, I had even destroyed the place where Sadaharu would return to.
What we really wanted was always right in front of us.
So then what was so important that we ended up...
throwing what we had away to take it back?
We cannot move forward...
Because to begin with we have forgotten where we should be.
So there's no choice but to once again take a step forward.

Kagura: From the place...
We started from, yes?
Once again.
Otose: Thank goodness...
It appears you're still kicking.
Shinpachi, that's a fine girl you have with you. Going on a date before the planet is no more?

Shinpachi: Otose-san!! Why are you stil here?!
You're aware of what's going on right!! You should take shelter and get away from this dangerous place!
Otose: And what kind of place do you two think this is?
It's at times like these that I really want nothing more than to knock one back.
It's idiots who think like this that populate this town.
So unless I open my doors they'll have nowhere to go.
I thought it was about time for you to come back here...

(Sfx- Gogogogogo rmmmmmble)
Hanano: Uh...
Um, it's looking pretty bad here. How are things there at the studio, Kusano-san?
Kusano: Uh, Hanano Ana, is that you? Yeah, um, we just started a 10 minute cooking segment so if you could just wait a moment...
(Sign- Ten minute cooking)
The hero Madao got injured in an explosion....
And the one who's been defeating the enemies was in fact not Madao.
That is...
???: You may be at ease now Citizens of Edo.
There's nothing to fear.
Everything is going to be fine.
Why you ask?
(Sfx- Zattshh shfft)
(Sfx- Jyakkii clang)
Hata: Because I am here.

{We're having problems with the live footage so while we address the issue please enjoy these rice balls kneaded by Kusano Ana.}
Hata: Heeeey! Are you getting my heroic side?!
Wha? I think something weird's going on here.
Jii: They're using mosaics on us?!
Dammit these aren't THOSE, for craps sake!!
Hata: For what reason are you people treating our heads like X-rated material?!
Jii: Damn straight! If anything the Prince's entire being should be moasaic'd!
Hata: That's not what I meant and you know it! Geez, we shouldn't have come to help these stupid earthlings in the first place!
(Sfx- Dodododdo thtohtthooom)
(Sfx- Goshaaaaa dsshhhhh)
(Sfx- Aauuuughhhhh!!!)
Hata: Help meeeeeee!!!
(Sfx- Pipipip bebebebeeeep)
Shijaku: Hata...
How are things on that end?
Shijaku: Quite the war cry you have there. I knew leaving things to my little brother would be the right choice.

Shijaku: I know how you love the Earth, so I thought I could depend on you.
(Sfx- Dododdodododo thtohthohthothom)
Shijaku: The planet still bears may scars from the last war and has yet to recover.
As we are the reason why it went to war in the first place, we must protect it now.
There are brave heroes who protected the Earth there as well.
Oh right...
(Sfx- Baaahh fwhooom)
(Sfx- Gashiiii vvreeeeen)
Shijaku: Your dearest friend Hasegawa is there too.
I'm sure they'll lend you a hand.
Shijaku: And I'm sure you will be able to keep the world safe from harm.
Jii: Hang in there your highness while I kick this bastard off!!!
(Sfx- Gasu gasu thok thok)

Hata: Um, it it just me or has this ship been moving around strangely for a bit...
(Sfx- Moku moku puffpfff)
(Sfx- Gogogoggogo rmmmmmble)
Hata: Wait, this couldn't be..
Shijaku: Oh yes, before I forget, here's a little tip...
There have been several reports of a ship of which has no known allies.
(Sfx- Doooooon boooom)
Shijaku: On this battlefield...
Lurking about is an element that is neither friend nor foe.
I'd watch my back if I were you.
(Sfx- Baaah booom)
Hata: W—wait--
(Sfx- Oooooohh Whoooom)
(Sfx- Dohhh Thooom)

Kagura: Another bowl please.
Otose: Yes, yes, I'm aware. I already made eight helpings because I knew this would happen.
Kagura: And the side dishes?
Otose: Pickled radish, right?
Kagura: That makes things quick, yes.
Shinpachi: Otose-san, we...
Otose: Time is a scary thing wouldn't you say?
In just a blink of an eye, the two brats Gintoki brought here to eat...
are full grown nuisances now.
Kagura: Michiyuko-san is dinner ready yet?
Otose: There's food in your mouth now, dear.
Catherine: I think this one's grown up TOO fast!!
Wasn't being a lolicon good enough for you?!
Are older women your thing too?! Don't even THINK of getting anywhere near my territory, got it?!
Gengai: I'm sure he has no intention of encroaching between the two telephone poles you peed on, ya fossil.
Catherine: Look who's talking! There's a grave-site calling, and they'd like you to return asap!
Gengai: I don't wanna hear that from you, old bat!
Catherine: And which old bat are you referring to, asshole?!
Take a look around, there are nothing but old bats as far as the eye can see!!
(Sfx- puhh pffft)

Shinpachi: Please, just stop. At a time like this...
You've gone and wrecked all of the tension!
(Sfx- Gera gera gera hee hee hee)
(Sfx- Hahaahahahaah)
Otose: It's a strange thing, no?
You, me, and all of these fools are here connected to each other through one thread.
A man who had absolutely nothing to do...
And me who picked him up on a whim...
Just kept connecting threads until he had a myriad of them.

Otose: Even without him present those threads...
are still forged together in a tight bond like this.
Shinpachi: Otose-san...
We as the Yorozuya along with him...
Rushed along to many people and granted their wishes.
That's because it was our wish to be with him.
To be connected to....
Gin-san and everyone else.

Kagura: He really was...
granting all of our wishes constantly, yes?
Yet he never once told us what he wanted...
And without a word...
I am not saying we should try to keep that thread connected...
Or that we should continue where we left off and continue granting wishes...
But now this time..
It's our turn, yes?
We have to make...
Gin-chan's wish come true.

Both: For Sakata Gintoki...
We will become the Yorozuya once more.
And the wish of the man who granted everyone else's wishes...
Will be the final job of the Yorozuya.
Otose: So it's your desire to make his desire come true...
No matter how hard you have to work for it?
???: That's right.
But I know what we have to do now.

Tae: We may not know what it is he desires...
But we know what kinds of desires he's granted for all of us until now.
We know what kind of feelings he's saved,
And what kind of people he's protected,
And the kind of heart he's had when he's fought.

Tae: We know Sakata Gintoki...
of the Yorozuya.
So no matter what it is he wishes for...
We ask you allow us...
To fight alongside you for his sake.

Tae: It's because of the Yorozuya that we're here...
It's because of the threads you wove that we are all here...
bonded together.

We are...
Your Yorozuya.
(Side text- Bonds tied together!! Next issue the final chapter and a center color page!!)
GINTAMA LESSON 697..............END.

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